Two million warned over blood pressur...

Two million warned over blood pressure tablets

There are 48 comments on the Daily Mail story from Jun 27, 2006, titled Two million warned over blood pressure tablets. In it, Daily Mail reports that:

Two million Britons are to be taken off blood pressure drugs after studies showed they increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks and diabetes.

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Scottsdale, AZ

#23 Aug 22, 2007


Lisa D

United States

#24 Aug 31, 2007
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at age 30. I started taking Hydrochlorathiazide, which worked for a while. My blood pressure went up again so they added Atenolol. I did gain weight (not sure if from meds) but developed scalp psoriasis soon after starting the Atenolol. I have had it ever since and at age 37 am switching to a Enalapril.

Sewickley, PA

#25 Sep 3, 2007
Jennife3r wrote:
I've been taking blood pressure tablets for 9 months now. I had a little arthritis in one knee, after six months on tablets the pain was so bad I had to take constant pain killers. Was x rayed and because the xrays showed arthritis, the doctor didn't think my tablets were contributing, but changed them. Pain was no better so I stopped taking them and after 2 weeks knee felt better, but unfortunately blood pressure back up so back on (different) tablets. I walk with a limp and cannot run any more. It is terrible. My sister in law also uses blood pressure tablets and has excruciating pain in her hip.(She too had pain before but never so bad). What to do?
Jenif3r ------ Plese contact me at [email protected] as I, too, took Beta blockers for a short while and am in nasty pain in both hips. It started after taking the pills for 5 days and I've been off them for well over 2 years and am still stopped cold by the hip pain whenever I walk ------ no evidence of arthritis in x-rays. Thanks ---- this needs to be addressed!
Joe Salinas WauwatosaWI

Greendale, WI

#26 Sep 4, 2007
I have recently been prescribed atenolol for high blood pressure. My mother also takes it for high blood pressure. Her doctor recently changed her medication because of some studies that were conducted on atenolol. Can anyone tell me where I can find these studies so i can give them to my doctor?

Malden, MA

#27 Sep 6, 2007
Atenolol, Interesting. I wondered why I all of a sudden suffered from ED. I never had this problem until Atenolol. I wonder why none of the MD's could figure it out. Of course once you reach a certain age say 40 they blame everything on age. Another thing about atenolol is if you forget to take it at night the next day your heart is beating all over the place- not a comfortable feeling.

Minneapolis, MN

#28 Sep 7, 2007
are they talking about atenolol?

Qualicum Beach, Canada

#29 Mar 4, 2008
Anne Grimsby England wrote:
Hi, yes live a healthier life style and you wont kneed tablets...plenty of exercise,walking is good... good healthy food,cod liver oil ,plenty of garlic/ginger in your food,and stop worrying about any thing....Enjoy life .I am speaking from my own expearence..Anne
You got my vote.


#30 Apr 21, 2008
Three years ago under stress from two months of continuous daily work of over 20 hours daily I one day started bleeding from my nose. After a few hours of it, the household shoed me to emergency in the middle of the night. A little rest and a wick stuck in my nose plus a tablet of atenolol and some injection and the bleeding eventually stopped. But I still had to attend to that work for another week. I'm a freelancer. So when I do get work, it's an opportunity for me that I can't go slack on and what I had my biggest job in the 8 years of freelancing until then. So I got back to work and the bleeding came back the second evening. A phone call to my brother in law, a doctor, suggested atenolol and Vicks. So I got the stuff and started using it on the hope of stopping it once that freelance job was over with. It was a frightening experience until one finds out that it's blood clots and not pieces of meat from inside ones' nose that were coming out of ones nose with the bleeding. When my brother in law finally visited us a week later I asked him what he meant by Vicks, Vaporub or Lozenges. It turned out that he meant lozenges. At above 60 then Vicks meant the ointment to me and not the lozenges unless specified. The lozenges did not come out on the market until we were above 15 years old. Though he's slightly younger than me, but I thought he meant the ointment. He said that of course I'd remain bleeding if I had used the ointment (I was stuffing my nose with the stuff the whole day that whole previous week). So I stopped that and the bleeding stopped a few hours later. When I asked him what about the atenolol, he said that now I had started taking the stuff it would be safer if I remained on it at my age. What "at your age" means, I don't know. But I was put in scares the whole week by the family and so decided to follow doctor's orders.

Daily smoking 60 cigarettes previous to that I found myself soon able to go up to 100 daily without much effect on that blood pressure wrist contraption that I was pushed to buy. That went on for nearly 3 years until I forgot one day to take my daily late at night 50 mg atenolol dose. I did not remember until the 2nd afternoon. So I decided to miss it until the night time came. But I again forgot that 2nd night and ended up choking with a breathless fit the 2nd morning about 45 minutes after I woke up. It, the choking, was one of the most frightening hours of my life. I got my son-in-law to drive me off to emergency entry into the nearest hospital. Once out of his car I could not change my stature without feeling further choked. It was as if I were going to finally die standing up. When the hospital staff finally got me to lay down, I suddenly and uncontrollably shot up and coughed and spewed up some seeming liquids and my breath finally got back to me. They put me in under supervision and monitoring and told me 2 days later that they'd keep me in for angio after the holidays. My mother in law passed away on the 3rd morning and that gave me the excuse to leave during those holidays to attend her funeral. But I was now put on 4 more medicines and told that these were what would keep me alive plus the necessary angio, which I was to go back for, later.

Contd. below


#31 Apr 21, 2008
Continued from above:
I'm not one for digesting medicines and the atenolol stuff was psychologically bothering me for the previous 3 years. The bothering was furthered by that angio suggestion. But then the choking experience was also terrorizing. I went for a check up a month later but insisted on no angio. So I was told to continue with the medicaments for another 2 months and come back for another check up. A few days later I got tingly at my finger tips and toe tips and got pains in the heel and ankles whenever I stood up from sitting or from bed. I noticed that I'd become lazier and lazier and needed loads of naps daily. I was also getting cramped after every 100-150 yard walk, more so, lately. Being an engineer cum freelance translator, changing to the latter about 10 years ago I've always had loads of free time to read about all sorts of scams and myths off the Internet pre my first being put on atenolol. But the terror each time made me put all my reading aside at the time. I've been daily on the Internet for an average of 10-15 hours daily since my first Internet connection in 2000. As a freelance translator I only get around 50-70 hours of work monthly. So I have loads of free time to read off the Internet. I only need to add a word like "myth" to find out if my suspicions about a medicine are right and I'm very suspicious about medicines amongst other things I've found such searches being useful for. That was how I got here. I just searched "atenolol myth" and got this forum today as first result on the yahoo search.

The tingling and laziness now got its way to me and I finally decided to plan my own schedule on withdrawing from those 4 new medicines they put me on. After all I choked because I did not take my atenolol doses for two days. It wasn't because I had been needing those 4 extra tablets that were pushed on me after choking. So I reduced my doses by 25% every 10-15 days according to my own schedules because no doctor agreed to schedule that for me. They are all nowadays taught that once a patient is put on any medicine it's because they are chronic and hence never able to again live without that medicine. To me that's pharmaceutical industry BS. With every industry nowadays designed to make you a customer for life, I have not found the medical profession being any different. I've worked as a electro medical engineer in my earlier days and owned a wholesale drug store for ver 10 years in later years. So I'm not all that alien from what they get up to, to maintain custom and clientele.

Continued below


#32 Apr 21, 2008
Continued from above.
Well the tingling of extremities ceased on the day following my first decrease in dosage. The cramps also disappeared. I noticed that they come back when I smoke during walking. So I decided to never smoke again while walking. Now no cramps any more. Well I'm now down to about 1/3 to 1/4 on the doses of those 4 new medicaments and I feel great. The lower blood pressure is always below 80 and even below 70 most times of the day. I guess I don't need to take those 4 medicines at the fractions that I've now driven them down to, but I'll keep snapping off those tablets until I can't control the snaps at around 10% of what they originally prescribed them at. I don't need another withdrawal effect done on me, though I guess that maybe at the low proportions that I'm now taking I might as well stop them .
Next on my list will be atenolol once I'm rid of those 4 tablets. I however now might need to cut down on my smoking to ensure that I no longer have any blood pressure riser intakes. Though I'd never thought about stopping smoking since I started it in 1961, but I was in later years just before being put on atenolol. The worry about its, the atenolol, side effects kept me smoking and in a way got me to go from 60 cigarettes a day up to 100 a day. I'm now down to 20, but I now hope to kick the habit soon too. I want to be careful that I don't get another shocking and terrorizing withdrawal symptom if I suddenly stop the drugging effect of cigarettes also. The pharmaceutical industry is very aware of what any drug can do and what any withdrawal can shock one into. They've been making a grand living out of it since before I was born and have gone into full speed over the past 50 years.
No one in any business wants to lose a client once a good client is gained. But is it right to hook them? But that's another topic called ethics. For the time being I'm happy and healthy to think that the medical industry is not much different than other forms of drug industries, legalized or illegal being not much different. The only difference being how you look upon your clients being fish or human beings and what your definition of "human being" is.
That's my two bits on that.

Surrey, Canada

#33 Apr 29, 2008
I too have high blood pressure and angina too. Everytime I went back to the doctor more hp pills. I kept telling him the side effect but he wont listen to me or my wife. I was dizz and I couldnt handle it. I stopped going to this dr. Went on garlic and other herbs, and they are working but my angina came back.........

Gainesboro, TN

#34 Apr 30, 2008
I have been on Atenolol for a year now. When I first started I had long beautiful curly THICK hair. Now after a year my hair is thinning and I have bald spots on the top of my head. Is anyone else having this problem?

Eugene, OR

#35 May 5, 2008
Marcia wrote:
I would like to speak with you about the Atenolol. I am trying to gather information to prove to sicence and my doctors what Atenolol has done so that they can help me to correct the damage.
I have a solution to your hypertension. I found a vitamin drink that is controlling my blood pressure. If you will email me at [email protected] I can help you.

WRITE ME HERE [email protected] thank you, geo

Westmoreland, TN

#36 May 12, 2008
ive been taking atenolol, ive got blurrred vision
no energy bone pain dizzy chest pain shortness of breath, but my worse problem is loss or my eyes wont focus lasts for about 5 minutes.
tell me would you still take this med.
once a chef

Kirkland, WA

#37 Jul 15, 2008
Do what Carol says...DON"T mess with your BP're not doctors...(neither am I)...but that's why we go to them...better living through science, as they say...the human body is a mystery, even for doctors, but they are immersed in trying to discover new ways to take care of people...everyone's different so maybe you just need to go back to your doctor and DISCUSS your symptoms...I suggest keeping a daily journal - how you feel when you wake up, what you eat, exercise routine, etc...after a while a pattern might emerge that helps the doctor (and you) figure out an alternative to your current med regimen...don't just STOP taking might ernd up badly if you do. By the way, I take atenolol, atacand and a whole garden variety of cholesterol meds (crestor among them)...I'm 55, a bit overweight, arthritic in places, constantly sore...but hey, that's life! At least I am alive.
once a chef

Kirkland, WA

#38 Jul 15, 2008
Barry...I also have blurred vision...not sure it's the atenolol, though.
once a chef

Kirkland, WA

#39 Jul 15, 2008
I also have bad leg cramps...calves mostly...but that could also be a potassium or water shortage...drink LOTS of water.

It sounds like most of you (not all) blame your meds for everything that's happening to you...try considering other aspects of your lifestyle...lolatenolo above is a smoker...sorry, but that's a key indicator that you don't care about your health...I don't care how much you've cut down (to 20 a day?..that's a pack!!!) Actually I do care, but 20 a day is still WAY TOO MANY! The interaction of the nicotine and the drugs may be what's causing your issues, not the drug itself.
Also try considering the alternative...I believe my doctor (even though I'm not crazy about him) that I could die or have much more serious complications if I DON"T take my meds...I've adjusted other aspects of my life (better diet, less drinking, exercise) and that has helped as well. Besides, my wife would kill me if I didn't take them, so either way I would lose (lol)!
Bottom line...we're not doctors...intelligent, aware maybe, but not doctors...when you have a legal problem, you get a lawyer, a plumbing problem (a major one anyway) a get the idea...there are a lot of doctors and just have to be aggressive & tenacious enough to find the right one for you.
marilyn barrington

Warlingham, UK

#40 Jul 23, 2008
I have been taking indapamide and ramipril for 8 years and I feel tired all the time and I think it is to do with the medecation I am on put my doctor said it is nothing to do wih the tablets. I want to come off them but she will not let me to tell you the truth I thing my blood pressure is fine without them.


#41 Jul 24, 2008
Jennife3r wrote:
I've been taking blood pressure tablets for 9 months now. I had a little arthritis in one knee, after six months on tablets the pain was so bad I had to take constant pain killers. Was x rayed and because the xrays showed arthritis, the doctor didn't think my tablets were contributing, but changed them. Pain was no better so I stopped taking them and after 2 weeks knee felt better, but unfortunately blood pressure back up so back on (different) tablets. I walk with a limp and cannot run any more. It is terrible. My sister in law also uses blood pressure tablets and has excruciating pain in her hip.(She too had pain before but never so bad). What to do?
To remove arthritis take a non-poisonous dietary supplement called, CMO, you can order it on the Web. I know 8 people who took it and it totally cured their arthritis. One of them had sat in a chair most of the day for 12 years because the pain was that bad and had to use a zimmer frame to move about. 48 hours after taking the capsules the pain was gone and on the third day she was walking normally. The only people who didn't benefit from CMO had stomach problems which stopped the capsules being digested. The developer, Dr.Sands, wrote a book, "Arthritis beaten today": it can be ordered from Amazon.


#42 Jan 16, 2009
barry wrote:
ive been taking atenolol, ive got blurrred vision
no energy bone pain dizzy chest pain shortness of breath, but my worse problem is loss or my eyes wont focus lasts for about 5 minutes.
tell me would you still take this med.
I too am having the same problems you describe with atenolol. See doc today. Trying apple cider vinegar & apple juice. All these BP meds make me so sick I don't know which is worse. Feel like i'm suffocating. Interesting.....Britain has removed atenolol as a BP treatment.....causes more strokes and heart attacks....going to ace inhibitors or channel blockers??

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