CARAO FRUIT!!!! Anemia Cure?

CARAO FRUIT!!!! Anemia Cure?

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Orlando, FL

#1 Oct 22, 2007
I'm a physiology major at UCF. While I was doing some research on the metabolic processes, i came upon a fruit that allegedly increases hemoglobin protein count in blood cells. I've since compiled a few helpful sites on the subject. If this has already been touched on, or is an old subject then let me know, haha. I just thought i'd help out, I don't have anemia and haven't had that much exposure to the entire experience with it, but I wanted to inform, and if i could, get some responses and info about this fruit/product.

Here are links for information about it:
-An anemia board that raised some questions on it

-A Profiteer website that is giving info about it.
and info about product -

-Only person i've found who has distributing "promise"

-A distribution center for Carao extract.

-The tree the plant grows off of

Personal Notes: A a personal fitness nut, this stuff looks really promising. I've read articles about dNa's role in Anemia and long term effects of external cell induction, and I have to say that if the best possible way to get this out is to start making Carao plantations in the states and getting the actual "fruit". The extract/honey is all we got for now unfortunately.
Good luck to you all
decoy boy

Orlando, FL

#2 Nov 15, 2007
Lloyd Standish

San Josť, Costa Rica

#3 Mar 21, 2008
I am the author of , a site which promotes carao fruit for anemia. I am also responsible for production of carao fruit essence in Costa Rica ( ). I have a few comments/corrections to your post:

1. promotes carao fruit for anemia. However, sales are done at , which markets carao fruit as a natural food, with no health claims. My company, CR Natural, Inc., provides an excellent product and service, as well as making many donations of carao fruit to poor hospitals in India and Africa. I therefore wonder why you elected to label the website as "profiteering."

2. CR Natural, Inc., is the only producer and exporter of pure raw carao essence. We originated the low temperature evaporation process for carao fruit. All other sources of carao are to my knowledge cooked, and far more dilute than our pure essence. I think our position as industry leader qualifies us as having "distributing 'promise'."

3. Carao is more than "allegedly" effective for anemia. There is scientific proof that carao does indeed raise both hemoglobin and RBC.( ) In addition, we are steadily accumulating more and more reports of wonderful results from around the world.

4. Carao is the fruit of a wild tropical tree which will not grow in the United States, except Hawaii. The "actual fruit" is a woody pod which cannot be consumed by human beings. The pure extract of the pod is the only form in which it can be used.

London, UK

#4 May 17, 2008
Good for you for coming back on this one. Profiteering suggests improper conduct. Making a profit and profiteering are two entirely different things. I didn't like the tone of the comment either.


#5 May 19, 2008
Does anyone know whether carao fruit syrup is in Australia?
Lloyd Standish

San Josť, Costa Rica

#7 Jun 12, 2008
To gbo: Sorry for the delay in answering. To my knowledge, the only source of pure carao fruit is the website at . Shipment (by airmail) can be made to Australia with no difficulties.
Asgar Ali


#8 Nov 23, 2008
Hi I have seen the Tree "Carao fruit" but want to know how to take or how to use it as am a Anemic having Hb 6.6%. Suggest me is there any alternate way to take this fruit?

Far Rockaway, NY

#10 Dec 28, 2008
I just ordered two bottles from your website. I am anemic due to not eating right and taking care of myself due to a lot of stress. It got to the point that my hair started to thin out and I used to have very thick, beautiful hair. I don't want to take chemicals and have been looking for an organic alternative. I'm hoping this will work since I have gotten rid of some of the major stress...not all...and have gone back to a healthier way of eating. I start my exercising next month. I'll be happy to post how I'm feeling after I start taking the Carao. Thanks.

San Francisco, CA

#11 Jan 12, 2009
It's too bad that Gabe used the word "profiteering" as it seems so emotionally charged. I rather doubt he meant it that way, but probably just wanted to point out that the site's purpose is to promote the sale of a product. Yes, Lloyd, I know you have two separate web sites, but that's because the law requires you to separate your product information/claims from your product sales (at least in the USA).

I, for one, will be checking out both sites, as I am up for trying just about anything to help with anemia.


Lake Butler, FL

#12 Jan 14, 2009
I have ordered Carao fruit syrup from Lloyd Standish,
and found him to be a professional, respectful, and quite knowledgeable person in regards to anemia.
I found relief, health, when I first took it, and, am
now, taking it again with history of my own that it will help me with out hurting me.
I have told friends about it who also have anemia
and I hope they will have as much help as me.

Islamabad, Pakistan

#13 Jan 23, 2009
im 34 weeks pregnant and my hb dropped from 11.5 to 10.6 now do i am taking chelated iron tablets 25mg daily plus folic acid 2mg daily but hb didnt increase.i live in pakistan , do i need to take this carao fruit product?please reply lloyd

Belfast, UK

#15 Feb 27, 2009
Dear Sir/Madam,
I'd love to buy 100% pure carao in London. I'm 7 month pregnant and have anemia and thalassaemia. But I just found one website which sells carao and is about £95.00 which is too much for me. Do you any place or website in the UK that I can buy it from?
Please let me know through my email


Selmer, TN

#16 Mar 13, 2009
This definitely cured my anemia five years ago. I just ordered another bottle today because I am tired much of the time and it gives me energy.

I admit that I absolutely hate the taste and smell; but I take it straight from the bottle instead of mixing it.

When it cured my anemia, my doctor perscribed iron pills for me. I've been perscribed those off and on through the years and iron only makes my stomach hurt.

When I first started taking it, I felt a burst of energy and told my doctor at the next appointment that I was cured. She did a blood count and said it was up but not out of the anemic range just yet.

By the time I returned 2 weeks later, my blood count was officially above the anemic range. I bought some about 2 years later but I still hate the taste. So my athelic son started taking it in soy milk and actually liked the taste and loved the energy and especially physical performance it gave him.

I LOVE THIS EXTRACT. It really works!

East Providence, RI

#17 Apr 21, 2009
Hello everyone,
I was ready this posts and I think maybe I have some information that will help you. I have a 8 mo old baby boy who was diagnostic with Sickle Cell Disease, his hgb have been very low since he was 4 mo.The doctor was up to give him a transfusion when I found Mr. Lloyd web site. Now we are up to complete 2 mo that my little one is taking Carao. You can't believe how good he looks and actually is right now. Before his hands, feet and lips was very pale, now sometimes I think he has fever, because is too red. He makes me tired because he is a very active boy. Another important point is because of his anemia he was not eat much and was always tired, in less than one mo he start to eat normally. His hematologist couldn't believe how good he looks when we saw him 2 weeks after my baby start to take Carao.
I stronger recommend you to give a try. I'm sure that you will not regret. It's amazing.
By the way is very easy to deal and buy the Carao from the web site and the shipment is right on time.
Good luck everybody.

Shawnee, OK

#18 May 1, 2009
if your above anemic level does it continue to increase red blood cell.
Anil India Delhi

Delhi, India

#19 Jun 26, 2009
I want to buy this product in india, delhi so could u help me to get it here.
Sonia Young

Hull, UK

#20 Jul 22, 2009
Help please i'm very distrate
Very recently a very close special friend of mine has been dignosed with sickle cell anemia
He is 44 yrs old From mixed race family his farther was Banglidesh his mums with english.
He has suffered with reflux wich affected his lungs and is on medication for the pain only can brought in from the states wich he under professor morice (UK).
My friends been told by his gp that blood transfusions will be bought all that will help....
My friend at this time is choosing he dont want to do that...
This fruit how affective is it too helping were can it be got and how much cost is it...
any one who can help give me any answers, support would be appriciated
just wish i could stop crying i just dont know what i expect...
I read and understand what it is thats happening to his bloods...
but how common is it for it not to be picked up till now or if stuffs been there like the probs with his chest but not know???
what life expectancy ect has he with out the tranfusions how quickly may it affect his organs if not already
The reflux started from he was been really sick and his chest got rustly, crackly said him been sick was leaving rubbish up in his lungs....
sorry for the above essay but lost and worried
trying not to stress my friend out and not been angry at him for his dission even i want to say no to him...
any one whom has any answer are welcome to e-mail me please on:
Pissed off

Birmingham, UK

#21 Oct 1, 2009
Take everything said about cacao with a pinch of salt!!!!! if its so magical, why is there only information from one source? its not even listed in the encyclopedia!!!!
Pissed off

Birmingham, UK

#22 Oct 1, 2009
Sorry I meant carao!!!!! I hate that people would want to take advantage of peoples real problems for profiteering!!!!

Edmonton, Canada

#23 Oct 3, 2009
this fruit is safe for pregnat woman?

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