Makeup causing allergic reaction??

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#44 Jan 7, 2012
My skin always flares up if i use make-up. I put a bit of concealer on my jaw to cover up a few spots on Christmas day and the next day my jaw had a huge scab on it and was bleeding. I washed the make-up off throughly before i went to bed so i don't know how this happened. The bleeding has stopped but there is a massive scab on my jaw. My skin is now peeling off in flakes (a lot like dandruff) where i put the make-up on.(i also put on some eye-make up, powder and lipgloss) This happened before on my nose and it literelly looked like my nose had exploded. My eyes are exactly how red eyes suck described. I always use make-up that is designed for sensitive skin and i never normally get spots. I didn't want to wear make-up in the first place but my mum forced me to. I always wash my face with simple mostruriser and spot treatments. any body got any ideas to what caused this?

Sparta, WI

#46 Jan 26, 2012
I've been using make-up for years with no problem.
Recently, I decided to try Maybelline eyeliner, mascara, and eye makeup remover cloths, which I've never used before. I've tried using these products 3 times. After a few hours, my eyes are covered in goop, including my eyelashes! The whites of my eyes turn red and very painful! My vision gets blurred. This lasts for days after I tried the new makeup on. I wasn't sure if it was the makeup or something else, so I tried it again. Then I tried using different brands, but using the makeup removal cloths. Yuck!!

I am never using Maybelline again!!!! Now I'm afraid other products might cause problems as well.

Does anyone have any safe makeup suggestions?


Redmond, WA

#47 Feb 9, 2012
I used Prescriptives for years then one day, I had a severe reaction where my eyes puffed up, got pussy blisters on my face, etc. Since then I have not been able to use sunscreen, anti aging serums or anything anti aging. I tried Bare Minerals - but watch out SO MANY mineral foundations have Bismuth oxychloride in them and the size of the minterals themselves matters too - they are NOT all safe and the sane - I switched to Suncat minerals and have never had any issues with any of her products (you can only get online at ). They melt into your skin so you dont see wrinkles. I tried premier minerals and that irritated me and had to throw it away. As for mascara, almay never gave me any issues. I only wash and moisturize with Cerave now and neutrogena eye cream.

Redmond, WA

#48 Feb 9, 2012
I need to add that it's really important that you stop all makeup once you have a flare up, because everything will irritate it until it calms down. Then like someone else posted you can slowly start introducing makeup back in, and it will help determine what it is that is causing the issue. I have had a reaction to Mary Kay eyehshadows and foundations before as well, I feel like the only thing that never irritates me is that Suncat foundation. I'd love to find a liquid b/c mineral powders are so messy. I heard Jane Iredale is good but pretty expensive.


#49 May 10, 2012
i have itchy and inflammation in my thighs. can this be the effect of wearing makeup

London, UK

#50 Jul 31, 2012
Hi to al,don't waste your time in creams and tubes,just stop using all face product,on wet face just use vesseline,it works

San Jose, CA

#51 Dec 3, 2012
I am allergic to all Covergirl foundations. If you have an allergic reaction, wash your face and resist the urge to scratch. You can apply cortisone cream to reduce the itchiness, but don't use it for more than a day. Take benadryl to calm your skin and reduce the itch. Arnica skin cream is really good once the rash has calmed down. It reduces puffiness, takes the redness away and moisturizes the skin.
Kimmy Jo

Antioch, TN

#53 Mar 22, 2013
Jenn wrote:
I have been using cover girl for years and all of the sudden one day I wake up and my eyes have a terrible rash, itchy and swollen, same as all of these other examples. I have not been wearing foundation, liquid or powder but last night I went out so I wore some, came home and took it off b/c it was itching slightly, I wake up this morning and I look like someone hit me with a baseball bat in both eyes that is how swollen it is, I took a Benadryl and I have medication from the Dermatologist so I am waiting for that to kick in, I am almost positive now that it is the make up I have been wearing, my eyes are swollen, and they looked chapped the next day after a reaction....
I had the EXACT same thing happen to me after wearing Rimmel London. I've always worn Cover Girl but decided to try something new. My eyes won't seem to heal. I've tried everything. My eyes look horrible. I work at night so I don't get to wear sunglasses to cover my eyes.

Pula, Croatia

#54 Mar 23, 2013
Three weeks ago I started getting these red burning spots on my face and I just neglected it and put a really strong creme (belosalic, which was really not good for it) on my face which made it go away for a few days, then i came back. Then i bought a new liquid 3 in 1 foundation by maxfactor and it started getting worse. One day i just woke up and the places where i personally used the biggest amount of foundation were burning hot and tomato red. It was like i came out of a fire. My eyes were extremly swollen and also red. I went to my homeopath (i reccomend you to see one, they are amazing) and she told me that it's the foundation that im allergic to.

HOW TO GET RID OF IT: boil some water and then let it cool down a bit, room temprature. Take any kind of cloth (i used napkins, simple) and dip it in then put it on your face for about 20 minutes. You can do that all day if you want to. Then,it would be great to buy any neutral creme (bepanthen is great, you can apply it as mich as you want to), the more neutral the better, and also buy aloe vera gel (im using 99,9%) first few days use the neutral creme - it will cool your skin down. Then when you see that your skin has changed and is better start applying aloe vera gel. But have in mind that it will dry your skin A LOT and also tighten it up, sort of like a mask. And its all normal. You will see a big change after using it.
When youre done and your allergies are gone consider buying a mineral foundation, even though it would be best if you stop using it.

Hope this helped anyone with the same problem as mine.:-)

Saint Catharines, Canada

#55 Apr 1, 2013
I have always has sensitive skin but make up never bothered me. I have always wore Covergirl foundation but a certain kind that says dermatologist tested.(I never knew the container said this until trying this other type. Well I decided to try a different one that was on sale but it still was cover girl...huge mistake!!!! My skin, after using my face wash I always use, went all red. My face than stared burning, eyes burning, lip super dry. I woke up the next day my skin felt like sand paper, my eyes were all puffy, etc. I try to put hypo cream on it an it burned my skin even more. I now have a face that is flaking like looks and feels so gross!! I will never change what works for me sale is worth looking or feeling like this!!!

Dunstable, UK

#56 Apr 4, 2013
Hi, well I don't really use powdered make-up only on an odd occasion. But the other day I applied some powder foundation that's been sitting in my drawer for years, I later then took it off with some make up removal wipes and their seemed to be no problem. The next morning I then woke up to find my face red raw covered in a horrible rash and tiny little spots and its been like this for about 3 days! Please help

Silver Spring, MD

#57 Apr 25, 2013
Burning eyes due to makeup foundation. I have tried several things to include bare minerals, almay, covergirl and maybelline - none work. I am using a spray bronzer right now, but can't stand it either
cj shin


#58 Jul 2, 2013
I think I'm allergic to one of the products that I use on my face. but I'm using some of them before and they don't give me this rash and they don't give me breakouts. but just recently I started having this itchy rashes and lots of pimples on my face. I'm not sure yet which one gives me allergies. but my prime suspect is the Maybelline face powder that comes in a small pink container. it's a small version of the Maybelline clear smooth all in one powder. do u have any tips for me??

Edmonton, Canada

#59 Sep 3, 2013
I used this Rimmel 2 in 1 concealer yesterday once and this morning tiny bumps grew on the area i placed it under my eye. I think im allergic to it help what should i do?? D: is this pimple or rash??

United States

#60 Sep 15, 2013
Hi I'm 9 years old and I have a foundation and its the maybelline newyork rewind one and it turns my face light red and it makes my face ich and I get a red spot on my chin and I kind of hurts whats wrong

Ticonderoga, NY

#61 Dec 31, 2013
I have never been able to wear make up ot use a lot of different kinds of face washes. I just recently found out that i am allergic to a chemical found in allot of products and to watch for it. Lodopropynl butylcarbamate.

Golden, CO

#62 Jan 1, 2014
My mom & I both have severe allergies & have a real hard time with makeup. Here's some things we have discovered over the years & I hope this helps someone. ALWAYS clean your makeup brushes! I use dish soap & suds until water runs clear. Then dip in a solution of half white vinegar & half water with a few drops of tea tree oil added. Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant! Then lay flat to dry. Also eliminate as much loose powder makeup as possible! Use pressed powders instead. MAC blot powder has never bothered me. Mist all your cosmetics with 70% rubbing alcohol once a month! Even the creams & powders. Turn upside & allow to dry over night. Wipe everything down with rubbing alcohol, all containers. Also if your eyes do swell then soak cotton rounds in witch hazel then squeeze out excess, lay on eye lids (eyes closed) for half an hour. Repeat several times a day until swelling goes down. This helps more than anything! Also you can wet ice tea bags & do the same for redness! Works wonders! Hope that helps! Oh! The only foundation I've ever been able to use is MAC studio fluid!

Golden, CO

#63 Jan 1, 2014
I forgot one more thing! You should NEVER SCRUB your face! Your facial skn is very thin. Use a mild soap and water & if you have to wash several times to remove makeup then do so. But don't scrub! All your doing is irritating your skins protective layer! Try Camay bar soap. Its hard to find but is great! Also when I have episodes of eczema I use Apple Valley Natural Calendula bar soap only! They also have an acne bar if your prone to break outs! Good luck!

Pune, India

#64 Jan 23, 2014
allergic because of cosmetic products are common in every third person in earth.The main reason behind the cosmetic allergy is Certain ingredients used in cosmetics, such as fragrances and preservatives, can act as antigens, substances that trigger an allergic reaction.

Hyattsville, MD

#66 Mar 19, 2014
Mina wrote:
For the first time..I'm having an allergic reaction under my eyes. I've been using Proactiv...three step for yrs. now and never had this problem. So, the only thing I can think of is either the Bare Escentiuals or Application brush...when I apply the powder..under my eyes. I haven't cleaned the brush since I got it...long ago and always wet it before using it. Also, I was thinking it could be one of the small eye brushes...which I never we all should. However, my under eyes itch, burn, are swollen and the skin looks infected. I got some benadryl cream and have been applying it for the past two days...but it's not doing much. PlEASE HELP!!! WHAT CAN I DO TO GET RID OF THIS? IT'S REALLY ANNYONING & UNCOMFORTABLE. TKS
It sounds like you really need to clean your brushes. Check out Michelle Phan's YouTube videos on brush cleaning and storage. You should also try a patch test before purchasing any makeup.

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