I am allergic to Red Dye #5 Found in Big Red the Gum and Drink And We found this out when I Was Little my sister gave me the gum I started swelling face turned brighter than a Firetruck then later we found after the doc that I had the Allergy I think I have grown out of it mostly I chew the gum and drink the drink I also have a bad allergic reaction to store bought guacamole When I ate it with chips my face changed bright red and I started getting sick but same with the Big red I grew out of it I think My mom never buys store bought anyways so I may not be I could still have it Now The Biggest Allergy Of All I am allergic to anything that stings such as (Wasps, Bees, Hornets, Mosquitoes,Mud Dobbers)I would go into anaphylactic shock when I get stung or bit except Mosquitoes I break out into Rashes and Itchy Bites and then Pain in my skin so thanks for reading this hope this helps MOMS!