Allergic to silver Jewellery

Allergic to silver Jewellery

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Metal allergy

Los Angeles, CA

#2 Oct 8, 2007
Did you stop wearing the necklace? I have not used Egocort. Sounds like a cortizone to help with itching. Suggest calling your doctor back ASAP.

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Since: Jun 07

Atlanta, GA

#3 Oct 10, 2007
Hi Melinda! Are you sure that you're allergic to silver? Were you tested for silver allergy?

I'm asking because nickel allergy is much more common, and nickel is typically found in silver jewelry.

If you are indeed allergic to nickel instead of silver, you can test for the presence of nickel and even wear jewelry containing nickel (after applying a protective coating) with the Nickel Solution kit.

Check it out:

United States

#4 May 12, 2008
Umm... I don't know if anybody knows this, but there isn't any nickel in sterling silver. I am very allergic to sterling silver and I've looked it up. There is a componant in sterling silver that causes the allergy, but it's a very long name that I cannot spell.


#5 Sep 16, 2008
im elergic to silver and its my birthdayon friday and i want my belly button perced would it go infectid
Point 925 Jewellery

London, UK

#6 Oct 24, 2008
If you get your belly button Pierced, make sure that you have it done by a reputable registered piercer. They should not be piercing with silver, make sure that they use sterilised disposable equiptment and that the piercing jewellery is surgical steel. Ask about after care and you should be ok. silver is usually only used in the ornamental parts of body jewellery and not the part that goes in the piercing. look after it and you will be fine.
Point 925 silver jewellery Sheffield

Brisbane, Australia

#7 Nov 2, 2008
I could only wear gold. I saw this free recipe at .au and I am back wearing my old silver jewells. Cheers. Will

Pune, India

#8 Dec 19, 2008
Hey I have the similar kind of allergy.I am not sure whether its silver or nickel allergy. But I tried Plain Betnovate with a combination of a cold creame- Nivea and it worked. The rashes disppeared and the tching gone . But th ebad part is the allergy was developed permanently. I dont know why. And since then every alternate day i need to apply the combo of the two cremes at night . It appears only on the face.

Raleigh, NC

#9 Aug 7, 2009
Is there any silver i can buy that mite not brake me out

Texas City, TX

#10 Aug 25, 2009
ATTENTION SILVER ALLERGY PEOPLE: if you have an allergy to sliver, make sure you tell your Dr or the hospital if you have surgery or you are admitted. certain meds they use, IV's/heplocks, foley catheters and other things that can be inserted contain silver because it is an antimicrobial agent to prevent infection. I have learned the hard way and my 2 yrs old son has been suffering with ear infections and itching for a yr. i just discovered his ear tubes contain silver and after a year and 2nd set of tubes, he is still scratching them. He is going to have the 2nd set of tubes removed and replaced with silver free next wk.

Quang Nam, Vietnam

#11 Sep 2, 2009
CNK wrote:
Umm... I don't know if anybody knows this, but there isn't any nickel in sterling silver. I am very allergic to sterling silver and I've looked it up. There is a componant in sterling silver that causes the allergy, but it's a very long name that I cannot spell.
Some Sterling Silver certainly does contain nickel.. Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5 % other metals.. it is the other metals that sometimes includes nickel in the mix. I own a jewellery shop and in the past we've been offered sterling silver jewellery containing nickel and refused it.. I've also been told that it is illegal to sell such sterling silver in Europe but I have no confirmation of this.

Katy, TX

#12 Sep 28, 2009
chad wrote:
Is there any silver i can buy that mite not brake me out
I have been alergic to silver my whole life, it runs in the family, but silver is all i like to wear. So, I buy "sergical steel" jewlry. It looks just like silver, but you wont break out whether you are alergic to silver or nickle. You can find it at most jewlry stores, even some at walmart.

Long Beach, CA

#14 Oct 31, 2009
I could only wear gold. I saw this free recipe at .au and I am back wearing my old silver jewells. Cheers. Will <<<<< WHAT AN IDIOT INSTEAD YOU PUT THE EXACT LINK THE FOOL ONLY PUTS THE WEBSITE NAME I HATE IDIOTS.


#15 May 1, 2010
Hi there. Just wanted to offer advice to other people out there who have nickel allergies. Instead of constantly worrying about sweating, buying hypo-allergenic jewelry and putting barrier creams on, you can create a barrier on the jewelry itself. Iíve heard that a lot of people use the old clear nail polish technique. This is so unfortunate, as Iím sure it ruins the jewelry. Kind of a shame, esp if youíre using it on wedding rings or family heirlooms. Anyway thereís a product out there now called Super Surface Eco and it was developed in Japan. It was now recently made available on the internet and you can purchase it using PayPal and have it shipped to North America. The price is more than youíd pay for a product in North America but the components in the product is what makes the difference. It contains quartz, not cheap resins, like a lot of those $5.00 products out there on the internet. It will last much much longer and you wonít have to worry about ruining your nice jewelry. Hereís the website for any of those interested:
Hope it works for you too!

Neidenstein, Germany

#16 Jun 2, 2010
im am allergic to silver i have been tested all my doctor said is not to wear silver.An alternative option for jewlery is to were white gold you cant really tell the difference either. I got my lips peirced with silver major in fection thats how i found out and later got tested.Again wear jewlery that wont bother you.LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GOOD!;)

Las Vegas, NV

#17 Jun 13, 2010
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#18 Dec 31, 2010
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Plymouth, MI

#21 Aug 22, 2012
This item is discontinued on the website you listed. Thanks just the same.
Braden Stewart

Regina, Canada

#22 Nov 7, 2012
Just got back from the doctors after getting a bad breakout from my silver necklace, at first I thought it was my pewter necklace, took it off, it is a rash going straight around the back of my neck, neck was swollen and still is, I got tested, don't know the results just yet, but I'm allergic to my cat, I've never felt such pain, like I have a torch constantly on my neck indents of my chain as if someone pulled on it and held it there and cracked dry skin, it just feels and looks like a sore mess. Do hopefully I figure out wtf is wrong with me, I looooove silver but not at this cost.

Union, NJ

#23 May 10, 2013
I know I'm allergic to silver because that's when the blisters come only when I wear it and its usually right on the same half way mark where the necklace lays around my neck

Pasadena, TX

#24 Jun 4, 2013
If I am allergic to sliver can I wear white metal?

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