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#25 May 2, 2007
This is killing me. My nose won't stop running so now my throat hurts as well.(my throats killing me, actually) My eyes are itching like crazy. This is just crazy. Claritin doesn't help. Singulair doesn't help. Allegra-D won't help. Any suggestions?

Riverside, RI

#26 May 7, 2007

do you notice that your allergy symptoms are worse during a certain time of the day? Do you make up stuffed up with itchy eyes? If so, you may be suffering from dust mite allergies. Take a look at the healty sleep tips at . There are several things you can do to relive the symptoms you are suffering from.

Oakland, CA

#27 May 8, 2007
i'm dying from these allergies
i cant breath or sleep
please HELP!

Edenton, NC

#28 May 21, 2007
This is not an advertisement, but rather a true story from a friend of mine. Her little kid had a serious problem with indoor allergies and was 13 years old. The little girl hadn't gotten a single solid night of sleep and had a co-worker lend her an air-purifier. After the first night her child was feeling better and had actually slept the entire night for the first time in her life. This lady ended up keeping the air-purifier and hasn't looked back since for her kid's sake. I can ask my friend for the lady's information if you would like. Just drop an email to [email protected]

Tucson, AZ

#29 May 26, 2007
I know what you mean. I'm guilty of OD'ing every day on allergy meds, i.e. 3 Claritins, 3 Zyrtecs, 3 phenylephrines (new fake Sudafed)and real pseudophedrine at max dose. I'm better with all that on bad allergy days but, I'm going to talk to the doctor and see if there is something else besides antihistamines and decongestants. Allegra did not help much at all, steroid nasal sprays help very minimally but I havn't tried Nasarel yet, tried Nasonex and Naxocort but will try Nasarel and see if it works better than the other 2. Also got a strong homeopathic remedy with multiple things in it to cover multiple symptoms and this does help some but I usually take an extra half pill. I go to the doc in early June and will see what she says. I was typing medical reports for a clinic and one patient was using his Atrovent nasal spray for his allergies. Maybe I'd have to go that far, but not likely to get it because is supposed to be for asthma other obstructive lung breathing problems.
R- Sparkman wrote:
I've taken Allegra for about 6 years now throughout Spring and Summer. Every year my allergies get worse. I've tried saline sprays, claritin, and almost every other over the counter allergy medicine. My eyes feel like they're full of sand and my nose runs constantly. Some of my sneezing fits leave me on the floor on my hands and knees exhausted from sneezing. I'm at my wits end... Hoping to make it through another pollen filled summer.

San Francisco, CA

#30 Jun 5, 2007
Luke L wrote:
ok these allergies are unbearable.. i have a stuffed up nose SO BAD.. like the worst you can get it.. cant breathe out of my nose at all.. sometimes i get watery/ichy eyes but not much at all.. runny nose alot.. constantly actually.. NO medicine works for me.. iv tried SO MANY medicines to get me better but nothing works.. but last week my dad bought me some new medicine.. Benadryl: maximum strength.. and it worked!!! like 30 mins later my nose wasnt stuffy anymore.. i was so happy.. but from using it for a week iv noticed everytime i take the pill.. i cant breathe good.. its heavy breathing and i cough like crazy.. and i cant stand not breathing.. my worst fear dying wise.. is not breathing till i die.. like drowning or something but anyways.. does anyways does anything know what i can do?.. what medicine i should take?.. the only probably with Benadryl is the heavy breathing and coughing after i take it, other then that.. it works good.. but yeah.. can anyone help me PLEASE?
Have you tried an air purifier??? Not a filter, but an actual purifier? I know of a line that actually does drop particulates out of the air that cause the kinds of symptoms that you describe. If you are interested in learning more reply please.

San Francisco, CA

#31 Jun 5, 2007
There is a line of air purifiers on the market that may help you and you can try them in your home or office without any obligation.

Orange, CA

#33 Jun 25, 2007
I have the same plugged up nose when I go to bed every night. I got interested in one post here that uses 10/1 turmeric /black pepper. Researching further, I found that a substance named curcumin is derived from turmeric. It is the part of turneric that gives it it's color and seems to be the curitive element in the turmeric. It is in use by MD Anderson as a cancer deterrant. Also has many other curitive qualities: anti-inflamatory (which should cure my breathing problem),and cholersterol lowering.
It almost seems to be too good to be true, but I'm convinced and have just placed an order for this product in capsule form at 866-245-8575. According to all available research, there are no adverse side effects. MD Anderson comments are that no drug company will get involved with it as it is a natural product and can not be patented.
If you are interested, you can google curcumin and get plenty of good information.

Mexicali, Mexico

#34 Jun 26, 2007
for those of you with nasal congestion go to your local pharmacy or drug store and buy a little pot made for cleansing the sinus. 14.00 put warm water in it with approx. 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of SEA salt, dissolve it and go over the sink, breath in and out your mouth. with your head down but forehead higher then your nose. Now put the kettle up to your nose and make a good seal and lest the water run in. It will start to come out the other nostril. Just make sure you breath open mouthed. then do the other nostril. This Dr. on Oprah was saying how it helps lots of people because it washes out the allergens we breath in. My husband now swears by it. He does it twice a day. I do it once a day and it does help with the breathing thing. Although I still have itchy eyes, ears and throat.

Hollywood, FL

#35 Jul 6, 2007
Have you been tested for dust mite allergies. They are at their worst at night when you are in bed. It is where they live.

Grand Blanc, MI

#37 Jul 22, 2007
My allergies are absolutely unbareable this year! I finally started taking Allegra D 24 hr but I actually think I've become immune to it because it's no longer helping. I was on Claritin before but that no longer works either. My allergies are so bad this year that often I feel like I can't catch my breath and it feels like my lungs are collapsing. Often times I'm so desperate that I double-dose on the Allegra or take Benadryl on top of that...which I actually think is a horrible idea because that makes me feel really out of it. My allergies get particularly bad when I'm at my boyfriends since he has a dog and no central a.c. But what am I supposed to do, put my life on hold and not go over to his house anymore?!?! I don't know what to do anymore...are there any allergy medicines out there (perscription or non) that are miracle-workers???...because honestly that's what I need at the moment...a miracle medicine.

Decatur, GA

#38 Aug 10, 2007
We moved into our new house about two months ago. I found myself waking up every morning barely able to breathe, due to all of the fumes from the new carpet and the fresh paint. That is when my husband saw a commercial on television about the Pionair unit. My husband ordered the unit and since we bought the unit I can finally breathe. The fumes are gone and now there is a fresh, clean smell in the air. You can find this air unit at .

Medford, MA

#39 Aug 28, 2007
I was allergic to everything. Cats, dogs, pollen, grass, mold, dust, etc. My symptoms were sneezing to the point I couldn't stand up, my nose would drip constantly (had to hold a cloth to it to prevent dripping on the floor). As they got worse I would be in bed all day with sore muscles, then aching teeth with tooth/gum infections and had 3 teeth die and had them pulled, earaches, itchy watery eyes and finally migraines. The only time I felt good enough to get out of bed is when I wouldn't eat for 3 days. When I didn't eat the symptoms cleared up and disappeared as if they never happened! And no matter what time of year it was I was allergic to nothing!! When I didn't eat I was not allergic to my cat or dog, not pollen, not a room filled with mold! On the days I didn't eat and felt good enough to read....I read everything. I read close to 70 books and the book that "cured" me is called 'The Cure for all Diseases' by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. It was the section on aflatoxin (a by product of mold) in food that was killing me. To this day when I eat foods without mold I am fine and when I eat foods (unknowingly) with mold, and you will be amazed to discover just how many foods are filled with mold,all my symptoms (and allergies) reappear within 12 hours. If you want your life back read this book (brace first it appears to be a very, very far out book. As a matter of fact it was the 3rd book I read when trying to get healthy and I pushed it aside as being ridiculous.) If you are interested in this book I think it is even published on line so you don't even have to buy it. In my book the material on aflatoxin begins on page 348. If any of you try this and want to share your story with me or if you want to ask me questions about my situation you can reach me at [email protected]

Since: Aug 07

Charlottesville, VA

#40 Aug 30, 2007
butterbur has really worked for several people. It contains active compounds called "petasins". Go for a mixture, since each petasin has a different function. Additionally, look for one that is "PA-free". "PA" stands for Pyrizzoladine Alkaloids. Butterbur extract actually doubles up as a natural antihistamine and also can ellicit hormonal responses that steer your system away from an allergic response. I've also found omega-3 fatty acid supplementation to be extremely helpful. Even more than butterbur, these actually "rewire" your immune system away from a hypersensitive allergic response. Try taking two tablets, of an omega3 mixture of fish oil, 2 times a day. Also, I've found green tea to work well, as EGCG, a key ingredient acts as a natural antihistamine. The omega-3 and green tea combination actually stopped my allergies dead in their tracks, and this was right in the middle of pollen season! It's worth a try. Good luck!

Decatur, GA

#41 Sep 5, 2007
Last year I got married & not only did I gain a husband, but I gained his black lab, Sham. Not even a month after we were married I was having a severe allergic reaction to Sham. My husband was devastated at the thought of having to get rid of Sham whom hed had for years. That is when my mother- in- law saw an ad in the newspaper for the Pionair Air Unit. She purchased the unit for us and I can happily say that I have not had a problem with my allergies since plus we got to keep Sham.

Beaverton, OR

#42 Oct 2, 2007
I have taken every prescription and non-prescription drug out there, and now constantly take pill cocktails to take care of my supposed season allergies. I am so unbearably pissed off, and in so much agony I just want to constantly scream.

My nose becomes a useless thing on my face MOST OF THE TIME. Toilet paper is making it worse, and I never have any bloody kleenex around! The only thing I ever found to work was a very high dosage of some type of allergy shot my doctor used to give me. But now they claim it will give me long term damage and I no longer have health insurance.

Does any one actually know of something that will work for such terrible allergies that could easily kill me if they wanted to?

“Retired Natural Therapist.”

Since: Jun 07


#43 Oct 23, 2007
Hi Luke,
Scott Smith has the right idea. Identify the food or drink you are allergic to, and avoid them or, if mild, desensitise from them.
You can find free help and advice on this at And if you think I can help further, please contact me.
Regards, Don Moody
wwwDrop Your Allergiescom

Highland Park, IL

#44 Nov 1, 2007
Not to Sound Harsh... So here Goes...
ALLERGY is a Progressive, Chronic Disease. Allergy / Allergic Asthma Med's Only Mask your Allergy Symptoms. UnTreated Mild to Severe Allergy Continues / Exacerbates... Leading to unabated Disease Progression and a LifeTime Slippery Slope of further recalcitrant Diseases and Health Complications. ACTION: Visit DropyourAllergies then visit your Primary Dr. for an IgE Allergy Blood Test for Seasonal & Year-round Allergens specific to Your Geo-Region. Then once offending Allergens are Identified.. Dr. prescribes Under-the-Tongue Allergy ImmunoTherapy DROPs. DROPs are Custom Formulated based on YOUR Allergy Profile. They contain FDA Extract of What U R Allergic To. Over Time your Immune System is ReCaliberated..Producing Lasting, If not LifeTime Allergy Disease source Neutralization/Relief.
Today's Allergy could be Tomorrow's Allergic ASTHMA.
Allergy is Nothng To SNEEZE AT !

Mabank, TX

#45 Nov 1, 2007
I know this sounds odd, but please do the research yourself. You'll be amazed at how well this works. Take 1 Tbsp of local honey every day and your allergies will disappear. My grandmother always told me this would work, but like most things she told me when I was younger, I promptly ignored. So thousands of doctors and dollars later, I read something about the honey solution again. I decided to try it because my I was in so much pain. Every step I took cause a searing pain in my head. This is no magic cure. It took a week or so before it worked. But my family hasn't had a bad allergy season since. No more shots, pills, sprays, or long doctor visits. Local honey = within a 200 mile radius from where you live. We just put a spoonful on toast or in our tea. You can get creative. Just try it taking a month before YOUR worst allergy season and see if you don't surprise yourself as you sail through it without being miserable. The worst that could happen is one of your local bee handlers will make a couple of extra dollars this year, the best is it works for you.

Seattle, WA

#46 Nov 3, 2007
Do you have airborn allergies? I have found this product and it is not cheap but it helps me a great deal. It helped so many people with allergies that are not food related. If you wake up stuffy in mornings and get sick in certain rooms or places it is most likely airborn. I love this product and can not live without it and other people feel the same. You can save a lots of problems for yourself and money on ongoing meds
contact me if you like :[email protected]

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