Toccoa, GA

#43 Mar 25, 2010
Stephanie Jacques wrote:
Sadly, I just found out my 16 month old son has horse allergies. I have 2 that we keep on our property. I'm not yet sure what will have to change but I'm very sad about finding this out. It was one of my biggest hopes that my children wouldn't have pet allergies, esp horses.
Have you tried the breed of curly coated horses with hyoallergenic qualities? Please check this site for more information about this breed. www.bashcurlfarm-2.com

Toccoa, GA

#44 Mar 25, 2010
Have you looked at any informaion on the hypoallergenic curly coated horses ? Try this site for more info. Best of luck.

Toccoa, GA

#45 Mar 25, 2010
Chris wrote:
Hey, cool read. I like the idea of trying out a curly horse. Growing up around a farm I had been placed on a horse a few times as a child. It wasnt until I was around 8 that I had a reaction - spent 2 days in hospital. My mates father races horses which meant, every time I got in there car I had fits of sneezing, rashes, bledding nose etc. What I am more interested in at the moment is, and I do appologise for being a scaremonger, what goes into antivenoms (all antivenoms) is generally produced using horse blood and doctors from what I have read, don't recommended giving antivenoms to people allergic to horses. Has anyone out there ever experienced this?
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Toccoa, GA

#46 Mar 25, 2010
TRY CURLY HORSES, HAVE A LOOK AT THIS SITE: www.bashcurlfarm-2.com

Toccoa, GA

#47 Mar 25, 2010
Have you tried HYPOALLERGANIC CURLY HORSES, have a look at this site: www.bashcurlfarm-2.com

Washington, DC

#48 Mar 29, 2010
Does anyone on this post know about allergy shots for people with horse allergy?

Vineland, NJ

#49 Jun 14, 2010
try wearing a mask when grooming.
Noeline Brisbane

Ryde, Australia

#50 Jul 13, 2010
I am allergic to horses and any form of food, gelatine, make up, paint, soap, medicines etc that contains parts of a horse. This includes the old Tetanus injection which was derived from Horses. Ialways knew I was allergic to some paints,soap,makeup and tetanus injections but it wasn't until I was on Hormone Replacement Therapy, made from pregnant mares urine, that it hit the fan. Most people just think I am crazy when I say I am allgeric to horses and only think of the actual animal and not horse derived products. I think they they of the furry, cute animal. Took 62 years to find out what I was allergic to. Looked on the net for information about horse use in products, its a secret. No Info.

Carbondale, IL

#51 Jul 24, 2010
I am 17 years old, and I've been riding for 9 years. I'm extremely allergic to horses, but I still ride. After about 20 minutes of arriving to the farm, I break out in hives, my nose starts running, and my eyes start itching. I'll have to shower right away and take a Benadryl once I get home, and the marks from the hives will last for another day or two.

It's a pain to deal with, but I deal with it. I looked up a forum like this to see if anyone had found any miracle solution, but it seems like there really isn't...I have to suffer! It's definitely very hard to deal with but I don't want to give up my favorite hobby because of it. I'm thinking of going to an allergist to see if they can give me any drugs stronger than my nightly Singulair..
If anyone has any more suggestions or comments, my email is zzeeuusss@gmail.com

Thanks and good luck!

Dubuque, IA

#52 Jul 28, 2010
im 15 and going to see the budwieser clidesdales today, and i am allergic, but i am sorta outgrowin it, but i take claritin melting tablet, i think they work really well, and i think i would try anything before giving up my love for horses. when i am near i am fine, butif i touch them and touch my face and arms, i get hives and feel sick, but that hasnt happened for a while, so good luck!
Pureza Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

#53 Oct 24, 2010
I was riding horses with no problem until i was 12, now i am very allergic to horses, i thought i was the only one in the world until now, i would love to ride again. It seems Kate Middleton is also allergic. Thats funny! I am going to find out more about this hypoallergenic breed. I usually take zyrtec but it doesnt stop the allergy!

Monterey Park, CA

#54 Nov 30, 2010
I own a horse. But a month ago my eyes started swelling and I got a horrible eye infection. Now every time I visit her my eyes begin to swell .. I guess I'm allergic to her because it only happens when I go see her. Is there any eye medication?? I love my horse don't want to be away from her.
Allergy God

Centreville, VA

#55 Nov 30, 2010
The best allergy eye drops for this situation is Astepro. This is a prescription medication which is a LONG ACTING topical antihistamine. See an allergist for an evaluation and treatment.
Patricia Clare south Aus

Perth, Australia

#56 Jan 1, 2011
Was so servely allergic to horses anaphalatic shock started with tetanus toxoid injectionm created from horse serum My troubles started at 16 Im now 58. I couldnt breath if I went into stable with them, I perservered had desensitization shots along with Claratyne tabs and kept on with the horses,that allergy was not going to stop me . Along with the Allergy my blood flowed with genes of horse passsion that could not be quelled and over powered this challenge . Today no wheeze sneeze itch. I perservered and won ! I groom and ride every day. Part of my self treatment was to make sure I keep the horses clean including their stables msaddlery ect. If I get a new horse it gets washed immediately sounds over the top but it works Good Luck and soldier on!

Edmonton, Canada

#57 Apr 6, 2011
kathleen wrote:
My eyes always water and my nose tickles when im around horses. Does this mean im allergic to them?
You might not be allergic to horses, but to the dust/dirt or hay. Dirty horses will usually cause stronger reactions.

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New York

#58 Apr 22, 2011
PST wrote:
Is anyone here allergic to Horses? I am severly alergic, but i love the animals. What is the best medication to take?
I am. But thankfully there are no horses here where I live in N.Y :) Maybe in zoos or other parks but I stay away.

Try taking antihistamines. Maybe that would help.

Aberdeen, UK

#59 Jun 13, 2011
I love horses.They are my life but Im allergic to them. I used to take tablets but they didn't help

Fort Worth, TX

#60 Jul 10, 2011
ProfKeith wrote:
<quoted text>
This may not be the horse at all! I'm an allergy MD of 35 years experience. I have found that sometimes the person is allergic to the feed, the tack, mold in the stables or other things, not the horse!
I have an Appaloosa web I ride her feed her or clean her stall I become short of breath is it because I'm allergic to d horse or way can it be i do not want to get rid of my horse way can I take ordo to keep it

United States

#61 Jul 23, 2011
WinterAires wrote:
<quoted text>
I am anaphylactic to horses and the desentizing shots didnt work for me, I take Zyrtec, I still get hives, short of breath, itchy eyes and runny nose, but I havent had an anaphylactic reaction in 5 years
My daughter is almost 11 and we sent her to horse camp, she has reacted exactly like you. I don't know what to do. Is there anything besides keeping her away from the horses? Also, have you ever reacted to the horse clothing of others? All of the other girls are still going riding but she is stuck:(

Carmichaels, PA

#62 Aug 3, 2011
kathleen wrote:
My eyes always water and my nose tickles when im around horses. Does this mean im allergic to them?
you might just be allergic to hay or grass

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