Allergic to Horses Anyone?????
Stephanie Jacques


#22 May 28, 2009
Sadly, I just found out my 16 month old son has horse allergies. I have 2 that we keep on our property. I'm not yet sure what will have to change but I'm very sad about finding this out. It was one of my biggest hopes that my children wouldn't have pet allergies, esp horses.

United States

#23 Jun 15, 2009
i am allergic to my horse chance and he is an Appaloosa every time i smell or get near him i sneeze until my inside would come up too.I have to sell him soon too and i've tried all the allergy medicine there is but it makes me drowse or doesn't work!!! and i need to know if its something on our land or if im allergic to any other horse cause i want a paint horse but i don't know iy im allergic or not what do i do?!?!?!?!?!

Centereach, NY

#24 Jun 16, 2009
I am interested in discussing the WHY behind horse allergies.....I suspect it has to do with ancestral warnings outdoors..........ivorywoman64

Centereach, NY

#25 Jun 16, 2009
WinterAires wrote:
<quoted text>
I am anaphylactic to horses and the desentizing shots didnt work for me, I take Zyrtec, I still get hives, short of breath, itchy eyes and runny nose, but I havent had an anaphylactic reaction in 5 years
I am so sorry......please email me at [email protected]
Charlotte UK


#26 Jul 7, 2009
My 3 year old had her first ride last week and loved it. but after she had got down and stroked the horse her face started to itch all over and she came our in hives and swollen eyes. She didn't seem to have any breathing problems.
I gave her some antihistamine syrup she has for her egg and nut allegy as soon as we were home. It took a couple of days to go down. It's strange as she has stroked horses before without any problems.
Curly Foxtrotter

Cross Timbers, MO

#27 Jul 23, 2009
PST wrote:
Is anyone here allergic to Horses? I am severly alergic, but i love the animals. What is the best medication to take?
We have horses that can be hypo-allergenic to people allergic to horse hair. You can check out our website:

Torrance, CA

#28 Aug 5, 2009
kathleen wrote:
My eyes always water and my nose tickles when im around horses. Does this mean im allergic to them?
This may not be the horse at all! I'm an allergy MD of 35 years experience. I have found that sometimes the person is allergic to the feed, the tack, mold in the stables or other things, not the horse!

Enterprise, MS

#29 Aug 13, 2009
im not sure if im alergic or not to horses im visiting my girlfriends family and they have horses we went riding yesterday and i couldnt stop sneezing however i am allergic to cats someone said its likely im allergic to horses as well any info
Vet Student

United States

#30 Sep 24, 2009
Everyone, including me who suffers with or from allergy trouble has what many doctors call "Compromised Immune Systems." What needs to take place is a boosting of it. You can take pills that block histamines, or build your body back up naturally. Vitamins, Herbs, many things. But the Mental part of it all is a big issue for sure. I have to watch out for what I might be thinking about. If I expect an allergy attack, I'll have one sure. I can't think about it, and that is challenging. I take Supplements called USANA. In Greek that stands for True Health. For me its, a lot of Vitamin C and Proflavonal, 2 Fish Oils, Mega Antioxidant, Body Rox, and Vitamin B. I'm also Prayed Up!!!
I used to feel retchid around cats, and now I own one. If any of you are interested in feeling better, check out WWWW.USANA.COM . I can't promise it will work for you, but I'll you can do is try it. MAY JESUS CHRIST BLESS YOU ALL!! I WILL PRAY FOR YOUR HEALING.

Southgate, MI

#31 Oct 4, 2009
I sent my 8 y.o. daughter to horse camp this summer and found out after a few hours that she was very allergic to horses. Picked her up early and gave her antihistimines but she still looked a little rough, so I took her to clinic and the Dr. gave her 2 shots... one was epi something and the other was cortisone. She was in severe pain for about 30 minutes at the site of the cortisone shot.
I didn't think she was bad off enough to warrant 2 shots, and I would not recommend giving this shot to children.

Warner, Australia

#33 Jan 1, 2010
Stephanie Jacques wrote:
Sadly, I just found out my 16 month old son has horse allergies. I have 2 that we keep on our property. I'm not yet sure what will have to change but I'm very sad about finding this out. It was one of my biggest hopes that my children wouldn't have pet allergies, esp horses.

I understand completly - I too have horses, have always ridden and when I had children I just assumed they wld ride and enjoy animals as I had - they were part of my life. Two of my children are allergic to cats, horses and dogs.....I was, still am devistated. They adore animals especially my daughter. My youngest daughter has not been tested yet, and has not had exposure so we dont know about her. The others have antihistamines and short exposure seems OK. I am trying to locate a curly in Australia so I can see if that is any better. All the best - I know how you feel - It is a huge change I dont ride anymore because of the allergys.

Fayetteville, NC

#34 Jan 1, 2010
I am sad because I seem to have developed an allergy to my two horses. It is worse when I groom them. Has anyone had the allergy shots? Do they help?

Sorrento, Canada

#35 Jan 29, 2010
I have extremely severe horse allergies... but as everyone else around here, I love them! I take my allergy meds a couple hours before I know I'm gonna be riding, it usually helps. Don't touch your face while you're riding, no matter what! Also make sure you wash your clothes right after and take a shower. I still wind up a bit wheezy with my asthma but at least I'm not ichy and sick the day after. My allergist despises me for not just plainly avoiding the trigger, but I don't believe anything should hold you back from the things you love.

United States

#36 Feb 9, 2010
Anybody try accupuncture?! I've been told to google "NAET treatment". It appears there is help out there.

Brisbane, Australia

#37 Feb 27, 2010
i am severly allergic to horses. i only patted one yesterday and i had swollen eyes, tongue, face and throat. I'm scared as I am still getting over the symptoms over 30 hour after the initial contact with the horse. we were going to live with friend's who had horses but I'm not sure I can take anything to stop my reaction??

Lynnwood, WA

#38 Mar 5, 2010
Yes I too am very, very allergic to horses and also cat. Horses are worse then cats. I take Zertec and nasal spray. That always works wounders.

Potts Point, Australia

#39 Mar 18, 2010
Hey, cool read. I like the idea of trying out a curly horse. Growing up around a farm I had been placed on a horse a few times as a child. It wasnt until I was around 8 that I had a reaction - spent 2 days in hospital. My mates father races horses which meant, every time I got in there car I had fits of sneezing, rashes, bledding nose etc. What I am more interested in at the moment is, and I do appologise for being a scaremonger, what goes into antivenoms (all antivenoms) is generally produced using horse blood and doctors from what I have read, don't recommended giving antivenoms to people allergic to horses. Has anyone out there ever experienced this?

Potts Point, Australia

#40 Mar 18, 2010
Check out this Wikapedia search result ...My girlfriend overheard the news that with the recent spikes in spider bites, that antivenom should not be given to people with horse allergens. From my research I beleive it really depends on what you have been bitten by and how badly you are reacting to the bite, i.e. if the patient could die from the bite, it makes sense to use the antivenom and then treat the horse allergy...sorry about these posts, I was almost bitten by a red back a few minutes ago.

Los Angeles, CA

#41 Mar 23, 2010
i'm allergic to pepper.
but i love pepper so much.
well,you have to accept it and keep away from horse.
i think that's the best for you ,offers you all kinds of tea services

Rochester, MN

#42 Mar 24, 2010
My dad breeds curly horses. There is more information at his website,

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