Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome

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Exeter, UK

#1 May 3, 2011
Im in my early 30s and for over the last 10+ years have I been suffering bouts of fatigue, depression and muscular aches.
These bouts are triggered by an orgasm (which is somewhat embarrassing to admit).
It takes me about 5-7 days to recover from one, during which I feel tired or achy and miserable. The second and third day after an orgasm is the worst, where often I can feel ill or sometimes get a migraine. A week or two after one I feel good again.
Ive tried many different medications.
Abstinence is still the only preventative for me.
My symptoms seem identical to what is called ‘Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome’
POIS was first described in 2002 by Dr.Marcel Waldinger a professor of sexual psychopharmacology at Utrecht University in Holland.
Finally at start of 2011, Dr.Waldinger’s long-awaited study into POIS was published.It pointed to a semen allergy being the cause.
From press reports of the study:
For these studies, Waldinger and colleagues analyzed 45 Dutch men who were diagnosed with the illness.
33 of them agreed to undergo a standard skin-prick allergy test using a diluted form of their own semen. Of those, 29, or 88 percent, had a positive skin reaction indicating an auto-immune response, or allergic reaction.
[i]In a second study in the same journal, Waldinger’s team decided to try treating two of the volunteers with hyposensitization therapy—a well-known technique for treating allergies, also called allergen immunotherapy, which repeatedly exposes the body to small but gradually increasing amounts of the allergen over several years. the men were given skin injections containing their own semen, at first in an extremely dilute form, and then in gradually less diluted forms. The study’s results showed that after one and three years respectively, the men showed a significant reduction in their POIS symptoms.[/i]
some of the POIS sufferers on the POIS forum have already tested positive to the Skin Prick test.
Women, of course, who are allergic to their partner’s semen, have been treated with immunotherapy for years this way.
One of the leading doctors on semen allergies, Dr. Jonathan Bernstein University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, has taken interest in this study and condition. He agrees men can be allergic to their own semen as semen is a foreign substance that can cause an immune system response in either the man's or woman's body.
He is not sure about the reliability of the skinprick test, he instead does a bloodtest to find which specific proteins his patients are allergic to, and produces a serum based on the specific protein. For women, he has had 90% success with a one-day desensitization treatment of 30 injections.
With his first male POIS patient, they are currently waiting results of a comprehensive test of the patient's human immune system including all mediators - IgE, IgM, IgG, and T-Cells
to see if theres a semen link, with the plans to have the one-day injection treatment done on the patient.
I am looking to find an open, willing allergist to discuss my options,(but theres no semen allergy experts in UK that I am aware of.)
1) Simply, do you know how much a "comprehensive test of the patient's human immune system including all mediators - IgE, IgM, IgG, and T-Cells" costs in UK? It costs $2000 in america appararently
2) Is it possible to simply get this "comprehensive test" done and then getting going Sublingual Immunotherapy for ALL the proteins/allergens you prove to be allergic to? i.e can you get "SLIT" for multi-allergens?
This was an idea I had, sounds good to me, a UK doctor might not be able tell which is related to semen and which isnt, so surely dealing with them all is the best idea, assuming I am allergic to multi proteins. Even if Im not allergic to my semen then surely doing this would still boost my immune system, prehaps enough so the POIS will fade?
Sublingual therapy would be alot cheaper and practical for me
3) any ideas/thoughts what avenue i should go..
many thanks
Vincent Marcus

Copake Falls, NY

#2 May 5, 2011
Hang in there man. I've had POIS for about 4 years now and it is tough. I've been going on the POIS forums and have learned about some treatments that are giving me some relief such as fenugreek and garlic.

Mumbai, India

#3 Jul 25, 2011
i think iam suffering from the same symptoms but how exactly fenugreek and garlic to be used

Birmingham, UK

#4 Aug 5, 2011
I have been facing almost the same symptoms for last 4 years now. To aadition to symptoms mentioned above, I see my hair falling fast in those 4-6 days and I have now started looking overaged than what I should look like at 27. Also I feel dry mouth and skin.

Can anyone highlight Dos and Donts and any specific cure, treatment or prevention to POIS.

Kanpur, India

#5 May 6, 2013
Here are some of the symptoms that i m experience:

Severe depression and fatigue
Intense heat in head and Achy body
No or Low energy and Sluggishness
Diarrhoea, Restless, Agitation
Anxiety/Nervousness and reduced ability to focus

Isenburg, Germany

#6 Apr 13, 2014
A bit late, but anyway, I hope someone will find it interesting.
I am now 53. At the age of 36 I started having problems after ejaculation. All I can say is that I have a mild form of POTS, it lasts exactly one day. I am good in research. So, I can confirm it must be either related to the immune system, to the brain, to hormones or a combination of all of them. When I once travelled to Paris, I had to move my suitcase and that of my girl friend to another track. I did it and 12 minutes after the train departed I thought I was going to die. My breathing was very short for 3 hours, I was pale and I though I was going to die. Most probably my blood pressure skyrocketed. However, I was very quiet, since I was extremely weak. Three hours later, all was back to normal. The day before that happend I had sex with my girl friend. I always sleep very badly the night I have had sex. The cardiologist could not find anything abnormal. So, the next day after sex, I should not make any efforts, it is dangerous. After many years triying to find out a solution, I have discovered that "cortisol, dopamine and metatanephrine" are high after sex. Actually dopamine should fall. This means the CNS is affected by orgasm. And this comes from the immune system. I have improved my situation through hard personal research and testing. Conclusion: I onced went to the allergologist and told him "I am allergic to wheat". How do you know, he said. Because I do not have a symtom after orgasm that I always had. I had quit eating bread for 2 months and the problem was gone. And it was true. However, there was another culprit: yogourth. Bifidus Bacterium in the yogourth had turn my gut very nervous over the past 17 years. After removing it from the diet, everything improved. After all, our gut contains more neurones than our brain. Just protect and handle your gut well. Therefore, everybody should check for allergies, intolerances and perform tests eliminating some foods the days they have sex. They may notice an improvement, because this way their immune system may be quieter. If a food is eaten frequently, simply remove it for quite a few days or even weeks. Good luck!!

Brooklyn, NY

#8 Sep 30, 2014
Hi I have POIS and have tried many alternatives that haven't really worked. Recently though a good friend of mine told me about something called Jamaican roots tonic. He told me about it and said it gives him nut power. Which Is what we call regaining our sperm count/sanity after not ejaculating and feeling strong and confident and not weak. I get it from a company called Roots Man and it contains a lot of different herb roots that aren't common to America. I tried it right before sex and it lessened my symptoms of POIS drastically and also drank it after. The best it to make it on your own though. It includes Sarsaparilla, strong back root, chaney root, search mi heart root, medina, cherry bark, man back root, blood wisp root. There are a few more too. Just look up Jamaican roots tonic recipes, or order it bottled. Try it, and if it dosen't work then at least you know you tried. It works wonders for me as well as calms my nerves down and helps me sleep better.

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