Adderall side effects

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#65 Nov 13, 2011
Omegacharm wrote:
I actually was just googeling if anyone else had this blurred vision problem. I know exactly what you are talking about. When I try to look at the board in the front of my classroom in college I sometimes cannot see because it is blurry, and I otherwise have perfect vision, infact have never had a problem with it. Does anyone know why?
Hey there- For the past 3 years I have been taking a considerably high dose of Concerta (another stimulant medication used to treat ADD) 2 x 54 mg per day. About 6 months after I began taking it, I noticed my vision blurring and I had an especially hard time seeing at night. I saw an optomitrist, who gave me a perscription for glasses (but quite weak glasses). I mentioned the Concerta and he said this kind of side affect is possible when you take stimulants to treat ADD for 2 reasons: the stimulant increases your blood pressure, even if just slightly and since you have a whole bunch of blood vessels in your eyes, continued regular use can end up changing the shape of your eyes slightly. The second reason is that if you really have ADD and you begin taking medication that works, then you end up doing far more reading/studying for continued amounts of time without looking away. He assured me that it wasnt a huge danger, and the glasses have made me feel more comfortable in class or driving.

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#66 Nov 26, 2011
This is interesting:
According to Wikipedia, the manufacturer of Adderall, Shire Pharmaceuticals linked the drug to 12 sudden deaths in American children. Further research found data suggesting use of Adderall resulted in an increased risk of cardiac defect.

Prolonged high doses of amphetamines followed by an abrupt cessation can result in extreme fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and mental depression. Chronic abuse of amphetamines can result in the manifestation of amphetamine psychosis.


I believe that we should stop taking risks by using dangerous drugs like Adderall for ADHD, I think we should find more natural foods that prevent or reverse the effects of ADHD.

I found out a while ago about a super green food called Midori Greens.

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I would much rather trust natural foods for my son than a drug like Adderall that causes so many side effects.

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#67 Dec 20, 2011
Hey There,
I wanted to let you know that I have had similar issues since being on Adderall as a 26yo female. However, it is because I also have bipolar II. My doctor explained to me that my bipolar "manias" occur because of seizures in my brain. I do not have physical seizures, but bipolar disorder is essentially a product of that part of my brain "seizing" up. So I take a medication called trileptal to manage my bipolar.
I'm telling you all of this because my doctor did not allow me to get on Adderall until we had settled on a bipolar medication, as the Adderall can aggravate my bipolar manias. I also have friends with anxiety and depression issues, and their conditions worsen if they take Adderall.
You may want to get your son tested for other emotional disorders/conditions, so that he can be successful in treating his ADHD. It's taken me a full year to get comfortable with the right mix of drugs, and I was strongly averse to taking them in the first place (my doc is also very conservative when is comes to prescribing), but I am so much happier now that I have my conditions more or less under control.
I think it's important to not write off these drugs completely, as they can help your son be successful in school and eventually as an adult. I know I would be much further in life had I taken care of this earlier.
Good luck with your son!
bgr wrote:
Adderal was prescribed for my (then) 12 year old son about 2 years ago and slowly but consistently, it made him angrier and more out of control. It got to the point that he was destroying doors hiding kitchen knives. When we finally realized the adderall had this type of side effect, we discontinued the use. Later my son indicated to us that it not only helped fuel anger he had but it made him "not care".
moral: Be very careful of this drug.

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#69 Jan 1, 2012
I also have blurred vision, mostly in my right eye, and sometimes its worse and soemtimes its better. When its bad I get a headache also, and feel a pressure in my right ear, so I think its not just about the vision but overall pressure in that area as a result from the adderall's chemical effect on the part of the brain that governs those areas and processes vision. Though I also have noticed my right eye more dialated than my left eye at times, which i'm sure is part of it.
I also had a long long terrible history with a severe eating disorder before being diagnosed with ADD, and even after half a year in an inpatient facility and years of outpatient treatment, it wasnt until I was diagnosed with ADD and put on adderall that my eating disorder stopped interfering with my daily life. So for me, I can deal with the blurry vision since without the adderall life is a pretty tremendous struggle, as my urges come back as ways to cope with my inability to focus and follow through on tasks. I've heard of adderall helping with others in this way, and I think ADD or ADHD are often overlooked in people with eating disorders because
I think that its important to talk to your doctor or psychiatrist about this, follow up with an optimpologist if its a great concern, and then decide for yourself if the benefits of the drug outweigh the unwanted side effects. No medication is going to be perfect, unless you are very lucky, so its just about finding the one that helps you the most to feel functional and satisfied with your life experience.
adderall side effects

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#71 Jan 20, 2012
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#72 Mar 7, 2012
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#73 Mar 17, 2012
bgr wrote:
Adderal was prescribed for my (then) 12 year old son about 2 years ago and slowly but consistently, it made him angrier and more out of control. It got to the point that he was destroying doors hiding kitchen knives. When we finally realized the adderall had this type of side effect, we discontinued the use. Later my son indicated to us that it not only helped fuel anger he had but it made him "not care".
moral: Be very careful of this drug.
....I'm sorry to say that your son is not diagnosed with the symptoms of add/hd cause that is what's called a opposite effect.
ADHD Adult

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#74 Apr 25, 2012
I have been on adderall for about 9 months. All the side effects have stopped except the blurry vision and now my eyes are turning yellow. My doctor said I don't need to take it every day but when I skip a day or two I find the up and down swings—coming on and off—the medication seem to be severe. It causes me to become very aggressive and have no patience. I am thinking about stopping the medication all together but I desperately need it to function.

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#75 Oct 11, 2012
I was on Adderall for one year and now got back on it. Immediately my left eye seemed more dialated than my right eye. I had frequent urination and then major headaches.
To answer a post from above, yes anger and irritability is a big side effect of Adderall and in my case it destroyed my relationship.
Does anyone know how to deal with the dry mouth? It makes eating very difficult.

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#76 Nov 30, 2012
To nocole o starde taking adderall not the rx vut the short acting and i cant be inside alOne i get PERAnnpyed it help when i qm around people or outside this might help you or just go dor a walk i have a history of drug use i follow my medication orders strictly im on tgis site because ive used stimulants in the past self medicating i fear im having pre stroke symptoms but i dont lile going to the hospital i with i could hust schedule a free mri or cat scan and i need adderall discount or im thinking about switching to daytrana patch

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#77 Dec 3, 2012
I know that adderal, like any stimulant, causes dilated pupils. The eye naturally does this when it's dark so more light can reach the retina. Consequently, during the daytime, or in well lit settings too much light is being taken in and Causes blury vision. When driving at night the headlights of oncoming cars may be very distracting as well.

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#79 Mar 20, 2013
Andi wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow, I realize this post is old, but just had to comment. I developed a wiggly big toe on Adderall, too! It's been several months since I started Adderall and this hasn't stopped happening. I rub my big toe against the inside of my shoe. At first I developed a blister, but it's becoming a callous. I also notice that the index finger on my left hand is always pointed and flexed. Weird.
I also realize this is really old...but I have "odd" physical symptoms as well. I wiggle my toes constantly!! Or grip my shoes with my big to so tight i get blisters. I also feel like I hold all of my muscles so tight throught the day, even in my face! Sometimes resulting in spasms or twitches. And when I get home from the office and try to relax my body it almost feels like my muscles are vibrating especially my eyes and my jaw feels like its chattering but no one can see it moving. Weird. And its only when I take it, weekends I I think I'll pull through. But damnit its annoying...yet a small price to pay for focus and keeping my coworkers/friends from strangling me. Ha
Sherry lynn

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#80 Aug 31, 2013
Has anyone had trouble with bruising while taking adderall ? Also has anyone had trouble with skin sores.... I can scratch my leg because I have an itch and the top layer of my skin looks like I slid into home plate on a softball field ( like a "strawberry") it has been 9 days and it is still not completely healed. I have been applying prescribed antibiotic cream to the area also. Any feedback will be appreciated.
Sherry lynn

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#81 Aug 31, 2013
anonymous reader wrote:
I was interested to stumble upon the side effect of "Dermatoses," a generic term for infected or diseased skin. After being on Adderral for a number of years, I developed an unsightly skin disease known as granuloma annulare. Unfortunately this condition is chronic and there is no effective treatment for it, perhaps because they *beleive* it to be largely benign. I've since stopped taking Adderall since I fouind that over the years it was worsening my anxiety levels, slowly but surely. I did develop a depression in response to withdrawal but that has since subsided. Unfortunately I'm stuck with the skin condition it would seem, no dermatological websites have anything all that useful to say and there is little research into it. I'm wondering if anyone else has developed Granuloma Annulare while on Adderall ?
I have had problems with sores and bruising . I can scratch my leg and it looks like a big "strawberry" like ball players get when sliding onto a base .
#82 Sep 24, 2013
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#85 Jan 10, 2014
Whoareyoupeople wrote:
Holy S***, how dumb are you people?! The amount of spelling errors, horrendous sentence structure, and worthless comments [for example (and I'm paraphrasing; "I'm not qualified to respond to your question, therefore i recommend you see a doctor, but I really want to reply anyway because I'm a retard, so I'm going to have everyone waste their time reading how unqualified I am, just so I can feel special and recommend you ask your doctor instead of me") blows my mind! Have you ever heard the phrase "if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all"?! Please reread that quote and try to understand it this time.
Why are you on this site if you are only going to make fun of people? You said it yourself, "if you don't have anything nice to say, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!" And by the way the use of the word retard is not only grammatically incorrect, but also very offensive. Maybe you shouldn't be on here if you are unable to help. Thank you for your useless comment.

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#86 Feb 20, 2014
I recently started taking adderall maybe two weeks now? My body us slowly adjusting to it. I'm supposed to take 2 10 mg a day. So far I have only taking 1 10 mg a day. My questions is why do I get this weird pain in my left temple and I clench my jaws a lot. Will this eventually go away. In scared to even try the other 10 mg bc of this!

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#87 Apr 9, 2014
Nini wrote:
I've been taking adderall for over a year. For about the period of time I;ve had really tight chest, and increased mucus production. Iv taken antibiotics and had chest xrays and it doesnt seem to do anything.
I was taking the 30 mg for most of that time. I found that aorund 6pm my eyes started aching in behind and i would feel sooo tired, but then it would pass. I stopped taking pills a couple weeks ago for a couple days, then only took little bits. Today I took a 30mg again and i've had the most awful migranes all day. And the eye pain came back. One of the major benefits of adderall is my stabalized eating habits. Before meds, i would binge and purge for stimulation (i was naturally thin, and never understood why I did it until my ADHD was diagnosed at 18). When i stopped takin the meds just for two days, I found urges to repeat my old behaviour. I found this really strange as I am very self-confident and not into image. It made me wonder if perhaps bulimia is a symptom of ADHD? I never understood why I did it, and after receiving treatment for ADHD, my 5 years of disordered eating just went away...
hey all. I've been taking adderal for just months now and it has changed my life in a very positive way. I have also noticed blurred vision at night. Understand that in the sunlight of day, the dilated pupil effect of adderal would be negligible, due to the effects of sunlight greatly contracting your pupils, even if its cloudy.The same goes for any source of bright light that is in direct line of you vision. It makes sense that vision problems due to dilated pupils caused by adderal would be worse at night.

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#90 May 20, 2014
ivan wrote:
Hello, I am an MD, the problem with adderall is that it causes the accommodation (focusing on an object that is close and then switching to one that is far and vice-versa) of the eye to be slower than usual, this will go away if you stop the medication, adderall will not cause glaucoma but can make it worse if it's preexisting.
I hope that helps

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