Seminary, MS

#162 Nov 25, 2007
does anyone have a child w/ just add not adhd that has started synaptol? i was wondering how it helped.

Seattle, WA

#163 Nov 26, 2007
Might want to read this about this Las Vegas based company putting out all kinds of "miracle" cures.

FDA is not real happy with the makers of Synaptol.

Albuquerque, NM

#164 Nov 28, 2007
Hello Andrea, My son has adhd and a few people have told me to have him take fish oil pills. I do believe you that this works for your daughter. Every individual is different but you made me have more hope to use the natural medicine for my son.
Andrea wrote:
My daughter doesn't have adhd nor does she have bad behaviour problems but she is the youngest in her class and has always struggled with keeping up with the other children. I explained all this in full to the synaptol people they said the synaptol would be the perfect answer to her problems and would help her gain confidence. I just wish i had done my home work on synaptol first instead i got carried away with the synaptol site.As i said they told me to take her off the fish oil which had always worked for her. They said it was better for her to be just on synaptol.I didn't see any improvement at all. Now that she is back on the eye q fish oil she is back to her normal self. And in fact she is doing very well at school now and according to the teacher she isn't struggling and is exactly where the other children are in the class. Which is the very first time.I put it down to the fish oil and not synaptol.When i have posted my experiences on this post there always seems to be people to run me down and make me out to be a liar and all i am doing is to try and help parents not to make the same mistake as i did.

Albuquerque, NM

#165 Nov 28, 2007
Hello Mike, I read all of your posting and have noticed that you seem to be against synaptol. I was wondering if you have found any information about synaptol or web sites I can look on to find out about this medicine. I'm really looking for another alternative for my son and daughter and looked into synaptol but want to learn more. I'd appreciate your help.
Mike wrote:
Might want to read this about this Las Vegas based company putting out all kinds of "miracle" cures.
FDA is not real happy with the makers of Synaptol.

Albuquerque, NM

#166 Nov 28, 2007
I noticed your add today and I've read a lot of comments tonight. Well I've noticed that a lot of "People" respond to the adds with good comments but couldn't help but noticed individual such as yourself have made comments about people that are posting may be working for synaptol. Well I agree with you because I have keyed into comments such as yours and have taken it seriously and if you notice on other postings, they just ignore your comments. I do believe you are right. If this is true, that some people that are posting comments are working for Synaptol well then they are just cruel. They are trying to take advandge of people such as myself. That is so cruel because I have a son with this problem and I'm looking for other alternatives and I'm getting desperate to help him. If the people that work for synaptol are that cruel to take advantage of people like me, the truth will come out some how. We're talking about people's health here and mostly young children! This is just cruel if you are correct and sad because of the greed for money. Thank you for your research and God Bless. You've been really helpful.
Chris wrote:
Okay, I just did a more thorough search through this entire topic and this person "Mindy" from "AOL" seems most likely an employee of Synaptol. Below, I have compiled all of her posts. Just some notes before you read: All of the comments were in response to a post someone else made. Most of the comments were made within a close time frame to one another. Post order is from newest to oldest.
My daughter had the same great response and has been on it for over 3 months now. Cut and paste the link and put chatdave in the coupon code for free shipping or you can use 10off07 for a 10% discount. ...
Ditto, I have had my 15 year old daughter on it for 3 months now and her mood and focus have improved dramatically. I am going to try the Refluxamine to see if I can get off nexium. The beautiful thing is they have a money back guarentee! I would highly recommend. Here is a direct link to the product.http://www.micronutra. com/synaptol.html...
Try this , It has really helped my 15 year old daughter with her mood and focus. Click on the link below ...
I have used this product for the past 3 months and it ahs really helped my 15 year old daughter with her focus and mood. Click on the link and decide for yourself. ...
My daughter has been on it for 3months and I and extended family members have seen a huge difference in her mood and focus. Hope that helps. Feel free to email me directly if you would like.
[email protected]
I also did a google search for the email address listed above and only a couple of links came back. Both of them were located on this site.
I'm going to continue researching this product before I put in in my body. I suggest everyone else does the same. Good luck.

Torrington, WY

#167 Dec 1, 2007
I have written on this site before and thought that Synaptol was helping. I really thought it might be for a while but wasn't real sure...then my son started getting stomach aches every day almost so I took him off of it. It made no difference whatsoever as far as behavior and his stomach aches ended almost immediately. So I think it was probably just high hopes that made us think he was maybe being helped. I also am really questioning this company and their integrity but I'm just not sure. Sometimes dishonest companies prey on people like us who are desperate for something to help.

Carshalton, UK

#168 Dec 7, 2007
hi everyone.i 've used so many different antidepresants and ritalin b4.i just wanted to try addreall couse it looks the best for now but there is no adderall in uk.i couldnt try it but 2 weeks ago i found synaptol from somewebsites and decided to try it.i ve been using it since last week and thats the best adhd medicine i ever makes me focus makes me stop moving so much and clear think.i really feel my brain works much not sure what'll happen later couse wen i tried other medicines they were good wen begining then they been shite.hope its gonna be alright please lord!!
Desperate Mom

London, UK

#169 Dec 14, 2007
My 10 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD/ODD at the age of 4. He has been on a variety of Meds, Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera and back on Ritalin ever since. I have always felt so guilty about it and wanted to cry every time I gave him his meds, but we really had no choice. His behaviour was unbearable. When I saw the programme on the TV recently about children with ADHD and Synaptol, I cried with relief. I thought "Thank God" something finally to help my son. I immediately ordered 3 months supply and started the day it arrived. I have to say, I didn't research it first, because it was on the tv on a reputable UK programme, not just an advert. He has been on it 1 month now and there have been slight changes in his behaviour and does seem to cope with his homework better, although he is still very reluctant to actually do it as he has struggled with schoolwork ever since he started school. But he is getting 10/10 in spelling tests and is reading level has increased. His age doesn't help though, he is at the age where, I think all boys are argumentative because they want some freedom etc. He has not had any side-effects whatsoever from this product, so I pray that this isn't a fake product. I have read all of the posts and I felt justified reading some and scared stiff reading others, saying it was a scam. Please don't let it be a scam product as this is the only hope our family have got. My son is almost at the end of the first container and I will continue to give to him as long as he doesn't develop any health problems and will keep you all posted with developments. Good Luck to all you genuine parents and lets hope this is the answer to all our prayers.

Peru, IN

#170 Dec 17, 2007
Sharon wrote:
I had to share this with all of you that have a child with adhd. My son is 12 and has been on synaptol for 2 weeks now, and I have to say that this product is remarkable! He was diagnosed when he was 4 and has had difficulty in school right up till this school year. He was put on ritalin at age 6 and two years ago took him off because of side effects. This product has answered all my prayers. He is doing so well. He was getting C's and D's and sometimes B's. All of you that are going through all the stress and other problems with your child or children, please take it from me to try this product. I am so glad I ordered it. There is hope for us and I know the struggles first hand like so many of you do. I have tried many products like Attend, Becalmed, Native Remedies products. I have always prayed for something out there and this is it for my son. Go to their website. Look up synaptol on a google search or go to . Just wanted to share with the rest of you. God Bless you all!
Is your son still on synaptol and if so, is it still working and has he had any side effects? Thanks, Maria


Since: Dec 07


#171 Dec 23, 2007
Hi all,

I would just add to the comments that it is important you discuss your options with a specialist before trying any new treatment. I'm not necessarily referring to a medical physician or therapist - there are many avenues of treatment - neurofeedback, biofeedback, nutritional therapy, etc. But, as with any disorder, best to seek professional recommendation.
Kelly from Arizona

Prescott, AZ

#172 Dec 26, 2007
Joan Western Australia wrote:
I had no idea what ADD or ADHD was, and did not really believe there was such problems. My daughter and her 6 year old son came to live with my husband and me and our grandson had real behavoural problems. After year 2 at our local primary school he was not doing so well again this year and the school requested we come for an evalution for ADHD. I thought I had better look up this ADD and ADHD thing so I had a better grip on it prior to the meeting. Up came Synaptol in the "Google" search and I started to read. My daughter had previously said she would not put her son on any drugs. Our grandson commenced on Synaptol mid August and we have just ordered our second lot. Although he did miss a few (with very slight set back symptoms) his school and we at home have noticed a great improvement. Last week he bought home 2 projects he had done this year. One in first term and the other just last month. We could not read any of his writing from the first project and the second was so neat and tidy with letters formed correctly. WOW we could not get over the change. I do not work for Synaptol, just a very concerned Grandmother that has found something that has given us some hope. I have read all the postings this evening and for those it did not work for I am sorry to hear that, but don't knock it for those it does work for. Not all drugs work for the same people. This obviously is the same. Our grandson does not have any problem take his capsules each morning and night. He calls them his memory pills as his memory was nonexistent prior to starting on Synaptol. We can see that he is trying harder and eager to learn now. If any of you wish to contact me my email is [email protected] and I live in Western Australia. Great to hear about the 2 x 10 that ladies boy has got this year in Maths. I had to really smile when I read that as I know how she must be feeling right now. Good on ya. Joan
Hello My son was diagnosed with adhd when he was 4 and the problems we face everyday with him are so hard. He has 3 older sisters who know fisrt hand at what it takes. Just getting him ready for school in the morning, getting dressed, eating, and brushing his teeth can take two hours with both me and my husband helping. So I know how you feel. My husband first read about synaptaol and wanted us to try it but i was afraid of any side effects. Im so thankful for this forum because you get real people giving there opinion. I would like to know if you watch for preservatives,dyes or additives also in your grandsons diet? I've heard alot about wathing your childs diet to so if any one can comment on that please do so. Please keep writing on the progess of your grandson. My email is [email protected] if anyone has more to share. God Bless

Vancouver, Canada

#173 Jan 4, 2008
annonymous wrote:
i am 12 years old and i was diagnosed with adhd when i was 7 i just started to use synaptol, and it worked for alittle while, but then it got worse and i started to get angry and sad and slightly depressed. it all started when i forgot to take it. i was only i hour passed recomende time, and i felt miserable, please, think about using it. for ur kids sake
I have a 15 year old son, his been diagnosed to ADHD, on the borderline. He has a hard time focusing in school. how long have yu been taking this medication, have you consulted your family doctor about the side effects, how does your parents feel about your health.

Vancouver, Canada

#174 Jan 4, 2008
I Have a 15 year old with focusing problems at school, everytime he gets homework he tends to stare at it for hours and is not able to concerntrate on it. I know that he is not stupid, he is very smart but lately he seems to be forgetting alot, not interested in sports, doesn't like school, feels sick everytime he thinks about school. There are many changes in a 15 year boy, i am very worried about him and don't know what to do. Can anyone suggest anything for us. The doctors say that he has ADHD, his on the borderline at 50%.

Clonbur, Ireland

#175 Jan 5, 2008
Anyone know how long it takes to mail this stuff to UK/IRL ? As in, from time of ordering, how long would I have to wait to recieve it...

Edinburgh, UK

#176 Jan 6, 2008
2-3 weeks

Since: Jan 08


#177 Jan 6, 2008
Hi Sharon --

Please let me know how synaptol is working. We are wanting to order it this week. Thank you.

Since: Jan 08


#178 Jan 6, 2008
did you start using the synaptol and is it working?
Desperate Mom

London, UK

#179 Jan 8, 2008
Hi Everyone
My son is is midway through his second bottle of Synaptol and I have got to say, he is a lot calmer, I have managed to get through the Xmas school holiday without feeling suicidal - something I never thought I would feel. I am really hoping this is the start of him slowing down and wanting to learn. I will keep you all updated with his progress.
Desperate Mom

London, UK

#180 Jan 8, 2008
MikeIRL wrote:
Anyone know how long it takes to mail this stuff to UK/IRL ? As in, from time of ordering, how long would I have to wait to recieve it...
Hi Mike I ordered Synaptol from within the UK and it took 2 days to get it - not 2-3 weeks. Good luck.

Edmonton, Canada

#181 Jan 9, 2008
Hi All,

I’d like to say respect to all the people on this forum that actual come back and give feed back. Good and bad its all good and helps a lot, even if some can’t get over it.we need more forums like this.

My Son was having difficulties when he 1st started school in the UK he was fine to me, a little cranky and over emotional but fine to me. Since moving to Canada and over the course of the last 2 years at a new Canadian school the ADD subject has been raised once again, so my wife and I had to seek additional help from a pediatrician. She said everything points to ADD. After reading a few books & websites its only then I found out that ADD it is in fact hereditary and coupled with the many arguments with my wife over the 10 years and the crumble of my marriage, I decided to seek help myself. The shame killed me but it had to be done. My idea not hers BTW)

4 - 6 months on, I have been diagnosed I having Adult ADD, after the doctors diagnosis, all I can say to my wife is I’m sorry. Poor woman having an ADD son and ADD husband must be hard to deal with.!! I feel for all you women in the same situation.

Anyway.. with my son, we decided to try natural stuff 1st. We tried, Focus. it didn’t work. Now were trying BriteSpark. This doesn’t not look like it works either but we have a week or so to make a decision. My sons a very bright kid but just can focus for longer that 10 mins, then he off in a dream world until he finds something he’s really interested in like Video games (don’t worry I police that outlet, and I’m a gamer myself.)

For me I decided to try the pharmaceutical Chemical drugs before I would even consider trying them on my boy. I tried Adderall XR- Its not me. It just zonks you out!. I did the rave thing when I was young, Amphetamines never did sit well with me and me pet monster shrunk to the size of a pea.<nudge.nudge.wink.wink > I’m trying Concerta now. Its better but I just still don’t like it idea on more chemicals in my body , or the price tag $100 for 30. I do feel calmer and a more focused. Lastly I’m just not doing Ritalin, full stop, way to much bad press and I don’t need to.

I’m a 37 year old Black male who does not work for synaptol in anyway but after reading all 177 post (which took me all morning by the way), I’m going to try it anyway i would also feel safer on it some how.( I’ve checked out the ingredients, look ok to me.) Having ADD is not so bad (were not boring people I can tell ya!!) and not so good either. I did have the classic symptoms when I was a kid but in those days we were considered just bad. But I did turn out ok.. I guess. I now understand my childhood a bit more.

On righting this post I’m not looking for the sympathy vote or, or trouble just adding my bit in the hope that have a chance to fell better especially the young ones. Hopefully the flamers will leave me alone. I’m just and guy with ADD problems acting as a guinea pig for my boy. And for all the people out there who are doubtful.. all I can say is try it. A money back guarantee can’t be bad , weight up against the potential of a better life can’t be bad. What have you got to lose?

I WILL be back to let you know how it goes.

Sorry about the grammar..(lol people get real up set about this)
Anyway Love peace and hair grease.


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