Chicago, IL

#453 Oct 30, 2011
I started my 8 year old son on Synaptol one week ago today. I have not noticed any major changes. He continued to get in trouble at school for the same problems, fidgitng, talking out loud, moving around, playing in his desk, not paying attention. Hoping to see some results soon. Is anyone using this now?? How long before you seen results?

United States

#454 Nov 1, 2011
I'm in the same boat. It's been a week and a half and no improvement.
Jillian wrote:
I started my 8 year old son on Synaptol one week ago today. I have not noticed any major changes. He continued to get in trouble at school for the same problems, fidgitng, talking out loud, moving around, playing in his desk, not paying attention. Hoping to see some results soon. Is anyone using this now?? How long before you seen results?
Amra Melkich

Arlington, VA

#455 Nov 2, 2011
Silvia Buniardi wrote:
I have a 7 yr old son who just started on concerta 2 weeks ago, it didn't work on him, he still moves around the class alot, he also has emotional problem. His psychologist wants to add the small dose of risperidone. Actually my husband and I againts all these medication since last time, but no choice have to give him since he just started schooling at public school 2 weeks ago...I have reading all good things about this synaptol, is it really work? how long must he take than you can see the result? since he needs something that is quick to help him with his school.
My nice has a 7 yr old son recently diagnosed as ADHD, she was in denial, did not want to put him on medication,and he was terible in school, at home,with kids ,so I told her to check and to try Synaptol.She did researched a lot and boy is since may this year on Synaptol. She is super happy,he has changed 95 percent, different boy. I know that every individual is different but but for my nefew did work good. She checked with his MD and he did not have anything against,he said she may try. I hope this may help you.
Kayte in PA

Washington, DC

#456 Nov 2, 2011
Hi everyone. My 4yr old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. It is a severe case. I am against mainstream perscriptions, but am considering Synoptol due to the natural ingredients. Can anyone email me with your reviews of this product? Pros and cons on giving it to children? I suspect that a lot of these posts are actually composed by Synoptol representatives. [email protected] Thank you all!
Kayte in PA

Washington, DC

#457 Nov 3, 2011
vanessa wrote:
i just got synaptol in the mail today and am going to start my eleven year old daughter and myself on it i will let you know how it works
Please do, Vanessa. Good luck. I sincerely hope it works for you.

Shakopee, MN

#458 Nov 3, 2011
meg wrote:
<quoted text>I hope you are not pushing non-fda approved DRUGS!!!!!!!!
and you really think FDA drugs are safe???? I wish you could have just a glimpe of what we went through with FDA approved adderall!

Maple, Canada

#459 Nov 16, 2011
Hi everyone, not working.
I tried so many "natural" productsfor my son...non of them worked.
I get an infrared I heard that children with Autism have a high toxic level in their body...especially mercury...I got one with the chromotherapy light.
I send him for 10-15 min utes in the morning...and 1/2 hour at night....and he is much calmer...he can focus...and we are not using any medications!!!!

Watch this video,please!!!
Matt Sydney Australia

Fairy Meadow, Australia

#460 Nov 29, 2011
I am a 34yo old with Attention Deficit Disorder. Here are the results I've ahd with the following treatments. 1. Ritalin - Immediately effective and simply amazing. ADD gone whilst on it. Results tapered off over the course of four weeks. Now when I take it I get about twenty to thirty minutes of laser like focus but this is followed by a dramatic withdrawl resulting in agresion, irritability and a complete INability to focus. I've also tried the long acting version and get subtle version of both the before and after. 2. Dexamphetamine/Dexadrine - had a clearing and caming affect on me not unline Ritalin. However it left me neither as 'laser like' as Ritalin OR suffering from major side effects like ritalin. I found it improved my focus and attention span, but was overpowered by the effects of the 'speed comedown'. 3. Strattera - this had mild subtle effects that were noticed more by other people than by me. Personally I found it useless. It helped a tad with hyperactivity but not at all with attention. Eventually it made me withdrawn and rather dark. 4. Wellbutrin/Zyban/Bupropion - prescribed in Australia as a smoking cessation aid, this also works on ADHD as a dopamin re-uptake inhibitor. I had great success with this drug in the beginning. It was like Ritalin without the major side effects. However the effects slowly wore off leaving me slightly less restless but mostly unable to focus. Still the best of all I've tried long term though. Finally... 5. Synaptol - It did not work. It did absolutely nothing. Not a thing. I believe I wasted my money.

Portland, OR

#461 Dec 23, 2011
hi id like to state that i understand you guys have different opinions just because this product (synaptol) didnt work for you doesnt mean it spam/scam. everything works differently for each indivifual. some it works for and some it doesnt just like stimulants... my ason has been on meds for 3 years and due to so many med changes and side affecxts i have chosen to stop and find him somethimg more natural
Melanie from Pretoria

Centurion, South Africa

#462 Jan 5, 2012
lisa from South Africa wrote:
Has anyone tried Concerta? And what was the outcome of this drug?
Hi there Lisa, yes my daughter is 8, and she has been on Ritalin but the side effects was horrible (mood swings, anger, homework was a desaster).She is on Concerta now, but it makes her sleepy although she is only taking it for 3 days now and 3 weeks before the schools closed. I have been reading up on the dosage which is very important, but doubt if a higher dose will talk away the tiredness/sleepyness. I really want to try Synaptol. I have tried natural meds previously but it really did not work, as everyday at school they loses makes them fall behind tremendously.I am really so depressed over this whole ADD thing and will try anything to don't have to give her the medication. It makes her another person, and it's not good for her nor the other family members. I'm going to order the Synaptol today!!

Good luck for you too, i hope you find something that works.
young mother

Pompano Beach, FL

#463 Jan 10, 2012
my son is 8 yrs old & has been diagnosed with adhd 4yrs ago & is currently taking medication.. I only like to give it to him when he is going to school to keep him calm & to focus... BUT the side affects are making me p*ssed off! he is so emotional & in some cases not friendly.. which on average he is so sweet & loving. i been researching SYNAPTOL & idk if its worth a try or not! ive also googled home remedies..... any1 hav any advice theyd like to share... please feel free to email me @ [email protected]. thank you!!!

Columbus, OH

#464 Jan 12, 2012
Well, to be honest, the way you phrased your original quote was a bit out of line and judgmental. Maybe a less intrusive way of stating it could have been, "I am glad that you have found a great result for your son. However, I thought I would share that I haven't found any proof that the medication is approved for safe use. But thank you for sharing your results for us to learn from." "How could you bring yourself to" judge another parent who is trying to do the best that they can and sharing it with others in the same position?
Mark wrote:
<quoted text>
Well......Actually I would NOT try anything. I just don't view my child as something to experiment on. Given that you know nothing about me or my child, I think your comments are out of line. There is a popular misconception out there that "if it's natural it can't hurt you". You still need to be careful even with Natural products.
Yes…. Pharmaceutical drugs and the side affects are less than desirable to say the least, and I never suggested taking them. I personally think they do more harm than good. My child was on them for three years after being misdiagnosed. Not by my doing I might ad. He will never take them again. Nor will I give him anything else without first knowing any, and all potential problems that might occur.
Concernedforthec hildren

Salem, NH

#466 Jan 25, 2012
Synaptol® for ADHD - Safe, Effective, Zero Side Effects. Synaptol® Works for ADHD Guaranteed
No side effects? Everything has side effects.
add and getting MS

Phoenix, AZ

#467 Jan 30, 2012
annonymous wrote:
i am 12 years old and i was diagnosed with adhd when i was 7 i just started to use synaptol, and it worked for alittle while, but then it got worse and i started to get angry and sad and slightly depressed. it all started when i forgot to take it. i was only i hour passed recomende time, and i felt miserable, please, think about using it. for ur kids sake
well be careful, drugs cannot cure any problems you may have, they only contain the symptoms and control the chemicals. long term, add and adhd are problems rooted in a child's lack of motivation, desire for youthful play, and feelings of being caged-in, controlled, and denied their animalism within 'functioning society'. With the drugs, you may feel motivated, or able to 'function', but later in life the person may realize that it was not 'add' that they had, but rather, their 'disorder' was simply a reaction to their ever-more restricted freedom. I would know, I have lived with add/adhd for 22 years, and only medicated myself upon entering college. any inability to care about schoolwork should be taken as a sign of frustration and desire to be uncaged, not necessarily a brain dysfunction.

Destin, FL

#468 Feb 2, 2012
Just started my 6yr son on synaptol today. We wil see how it works! Fingers crossed! I don't want to have to put him on prescription if there is another way to help him.

La Mesa, CA

#470 Feb 3, 2012
I too have a son like you describe. I found public school to be a very hard environment for my son. If you can get therapy, PCIT, parent child interaction therapy, and a private school that will accomodate your child. We have used adderall, concerta, vyvance, reperidone, tenex, and now we are trying stattera. I am going to try synaptol along with strattera and pray that this will help my son have the ability to enjoy social relationships. Hang in there and don't stop being the advocate for your child. From what I understand the synaptol feeds the brain the nutrients that it is missing and the ressults happen quickly whereas the strattera takes weeks to stabalize in the body. I wish you well!

Wyckoff, NJ

#471 Feb 3, 2012
Ok, I know people REALLY want to beleive that there is a miracle pill out there. As a concerned parent I do as well.. it seems to me that there are a TON of posts with questions that don't have any answers (from legitimate people).

If it doesnt work, PLEASE get your money back and put these liars out of service.

Troy, MI

#472 Feb 10, 2012
Woah, when did this forum become a sounding board for conspiracy theorists?(i.e. two pages ago) I thought it was supposed to be about an herbal remedy, not about big Pharma's political alliances.

Anyways... We just ordered Synaptol for our 7 year old. He has not been formally diagnosed as ADD, but we and his teacher see behaviors in him that tend to suggest some attention problems. There is a history of it in my family, so it wouldn't be a surprise. I hadn't seen this thread before we ordered, or I might have been a bit more skeptical, but the stuff has already shipped to us, so we will give it a whirl. I'll try to remember to report back to this thread, but I can't promise anything. I myself suffer from CRS (can't remember sh**).

Got my fingers crossed.

Newport, KY

#473 Feb 11, 2012
Ellen wrote:
Hello Everyone,
Thank you Sharon for your post. I just started my 5-year-old son (almost 6 in 2 weeks) on Synaptol. I only give him half a capsule 2x daily since he is under 75 pounds. I will share with the group how things are going. We only just started 2 days ago. He is also taking enzymes from the same company.
Thank you for your post. Could you please update it as to would you recommend this product? Thanks

Muskego, WI

#474 Feb 15, 2012
Ellen wrote:
Hello Everyone,
Thank you Sharon for your post. I just started my 5-year-old son (almost 6 in 2 weeks) on Synaptol. I only give him half a capsule 2x daily since he is under 75 pounds. I will share with the group how things are going. We only just started 2 days ago. He is also taking enzymes from the same company.
DOES this product Synaptol really wrk?? I'm @ my wits end with my 4 1/2 yr old! Help!!

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