concerned momma

Sacramento, CA

#311 Oct 26, 2010
I just ordered the product for my 10 year old son. I hope this works! please email me if this works for your child.

Elkhart, IN

#312 Oct 29, 2010
Well it hasn't been quite a full week yet but it is the end of this week. We have seen significant changes in our granddaughters behavior. When I talked to her about how she feels she told me that she does not feel angry like she use to. She also said she feels like she is starting to be able to focus more. I guess that is something we will find out for sure from the teachers.
It's been refreshing not to start the day and end it with arguments. Now when asked to do something she just says okay and does it.
The great thing is that she is more loving,doesn't say "whatever" and actually hugs us!! Her attitude is really different. I will keep you posted after next week. I like this liquid form, there is no hassle because you put it in water and it has no taste that way :-)

Saint John, IN

#313 Nov 1, 2010
I purchased the product synaptol today for my daughter whom is 7 years of age and having trouble with focusing,sittining still for long periods of time,completeing class assignment she takes a long time completeing homework assingments because she is easly distracted. My oldest child was diagnosed with ADD in the 3rd grade he is now 21 the symtoms has subsided,but he has just recently told me he still has trouble concentrating. I hope that synaptol works because I don't want to use it for my daughter I tried it for awhile with my son I did not like the side affects. I'll pray and hope for the best.
Stressed mom against drug

Rosedale, NY

#314 Nov 7, 2010
Im at my wits end my son is 8 he has been diagnossed with adhd but i refused to put him on meds. Of course the dr have no other help 4 me. I have tried lot of natural stuff that didnt help. He plays football but has no friends which breaks my heart coaches are always sitting him out. I want to help him im willing to try anything at this point. I took him to this "eye think series " have any1 heard of this it suppose to help him concentrate and do better at school.

Indianapolis, IN

#315 Nov 7, 2010
This does not work. I have two unopened completely sealed bottles of this. If anyone wants to purchase them for me at a very small fee, you can. I have tried this for over 3 months, no changes at school. Don't waste your time or money playing around with this. I've spend 3 months, spinning my wheels waiting for this to kick in. Over $150 later, no changes in my daughter.

I know we all want to try something but this is not the answer. The ones that reported this working, never consistently came back. How do you know they are not representatives getting money for posting favorable reply's.

I bet this post won't last long on this thread.

If you insist on trying this, buy only one bottle at time. As I said, I have 2 unopened completely sealed bottles if someone wants to make me an offer.

I'm posting this because I am a desperate mom willing to try anything to avoid the medicines. My willingess to try other things leaves me vulnerable to scams. This will be last post on this thread


Flossmoor, IL

#316 Nov 10, 2010
I'm a 37 year old with ADHD. So far, meds don't work, or don't work well for long I should say. Tolerence to meds build FAST. Now, I'm trying all natural, and synaptol reviews here are SO conflicting. I understand that different folks have different chemistry's, BUT, I would like to know from REAL ADHD users ONLY, did the product work for you.
Concerned Dad

Bellevue, WA

#317 Nov 11, 2010
Meds have had bad side effect for our daughter. We have gone natural using pH 9.5 alkaline water. It seems to be helping!

Maybrook, NY

#318 Nov 13, 2010
Me too wrote:
<quoted text>
Have you had a response? I am in a similar situation, having been diagnosed with ADD a few years ago. I have been struggling with figuring out the appropriate dosing for Strattera, Adderall (regular and then XR) and now Concerta. The doctor seems to think I will figure out on my own the correct dose based on my ability to deal with various side effects. Lately, I have developed a tic (peeling/licking lips) that is driving me crazy. I have read about SYNAPTOL and wondered if it might help. The depression when changing doses is awful and I was only able to sleep well on the Adderall XR (which started the tic). Has anyone responded to you about SYNAPTOL?
Hi, My 7 year old son just started using synaptol. After the first day on it, he told me he hated me & that he wanted to kill himself after being told to clean up his toys before bed time. My son is a very happy boy 99.9 % of the time. I believe synaptol does not work and I'm afraid to continue it for the 30 day trial.All it did was mess with his brain.

Saint Simons Island, GA

#319 Nov 19, 2010
Donna wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi, My 7 year old son just started using synaptol. After the first day on it, he told me he hated me & that he wanted to kill himself after being told to clean up his toys before bed time. My son is a very happy boy 99.9 % of the time. I believe synaptol does not work and I'm afraid to continue it for the 30 day trial.All it did was mess with his brain.
He was a very happy boy 99.9% of the time, why did you try the synaptol?

Lake George, NY

#320 Nov 20, 2010
I just ordered Synaptol for my son, although I will probably take it too. Is there anyone who has been using this medication for a year+ and are you still seeing the same results? Or...if you used this.product for a period of time, and then it stopped working. I am looking for feedback of long term use.

Lake George, NY

#321 Nov 20, 2010
Amen Sister!
Elizabeth New York wrote:
<quoted text>
Shut up Mark. If it works for the woman's son, then mind your own business!

Lake George, NY

#322 Nov 20, 2010
Why would you give your child a medication for confidence? This medication is for the treatment of adhd. I think your child will build confidence from her family and friends not a pill. Im sorry she became ill, but that is noy the case for everyone.
Andrea wrote:
You are missing the point here. It's not about getting a refund or about how much money I may have lost but the fact that these capsules could do some damage to a child and also I feel it is very unfare to give parents with children who have adhd or add false hope.
<quoted text>

Plano, TX

#323 Nov 20, 2010
It is FDA approved!

Plano, TX

#324 Nov 20, 2010
Andrea wrote:
Merle don't give synaptol to your son.
I had my little girl on it. All the time she was taking it she complained of feeling sick and having head aches, when I stopped giving it to her the sickness went away and she was back to her old self. I was giving it to her for her confidence but There wasn't any change in her at all. When you read the post's on this forum they appear very phony I think that maybe they are people who work for synaptol Please don't give it to your son as i wouldn't want him to suffer as my little girl has.
<quoted text>
You should never have given it to your daughter to begin with. It is for ADD/ADHD in which there are biochemical differences in the brain (particularly w/ neurotransmitters like Seratonin). It may very well make someone who doesn't need it sick.
Just another mom

Miami, FL

#325 Nov 28, 2010
My son is 7 years old recently diag with ADHD the doctor put him on Vyvanse 30mg, we were very concerned to say the least but decided to go with the doctor's adviced. the first week everything was great but during the second week he started to show signs of anger and he did not wanted to be around us anymore it was like turning off a light, for short periods of time and then after 20 mins it was him again my happy little boy was back so I took him immediately off the medicine, I know he needs all the help that I can give him but I wont put him on anymore meds, I was reading about this Dr. Perlmutter he has good suggetions like special diets and supplements like the Omega 3, I dont know if this is going to work but I will try anything and then I read about this synaptol, but there is just not enough information yet at least for me, I dont want to see my child changing personalities like that I think I will pass this time.

United States

#326 Dec 2, 2010
Mindy wrote:
I just bought Synaptol have not received it yet. Has anyone used this on a child really hyper who cannot focus?
My son is 16 and has been taking Synaptol since we didn't want to put him on a prescription med. It hasn't worked at all, and has given him severe insomnia. He stopped taking it and is sleeping like a baby. Off to the doctor we go to find if there is anything out there that will help him (though I have done a great deal of research and all meds have side effects I am not happy about). I don't know if it will work for your child or not. I wish you luck.

United States

#327 Dec 2, 2010
Try high alkaline water. This has helped our daughter a great deal.
Nana Karen

Elkhart, IN

#328 Dec 3, 2010
We are over a month now using the Synaptol and as far as attitude goes it has been good. Even the teachers have said there is a big difference. I don't know if it's because we took our granddaughter off the Adderal or because we started using Synaptol. After we are done with the second bottle I plan on just putting water in it and using it as a placebo and see if there is a difference. I do have to say we have added a natural alternative for her focus problems which she says she feels like it helps her. It is Acetyl L-Carnitine 250 mg. It's suppose to be taken 4x a day but we are only doing 2x. It is the Nature's Bounty Brand. If you read up on it you will be surprised. Older folks use it for their memory and have written good things about it. Any of this is better than the drugs.

Moorestown, NJ

#329 Dec 22, 2010
I have been reasearching everything I can on Synaptol. The only real negative feedback out of all the things I have read are on here! I recieved mine in the mail yesterday and plan on giving it to my 7 year old adhd son over christmas break. I am a REAL mother, with REAL problems and I wanted REAL feedback. But no matter what I read.... I know deep down that I wont know it until I try it. EVERYONE reacts to things differently. I am hoping and praying this works, and I will post if It did for me.
Nana Karen

Elkhart, IN

#330 Dec 22, 2010
We had used up our first bottle of Synaptol and I decided to fill it with water and see if there was any difference in our granddaughters behavior. As I said before, this doesn't help her focus or help her attention span directly but it helps her behavior tremendously which I believe indirectly helps the focus. After 2 weeks of being on nothing (she did not know it)I was more than happy to get her back on Synaptol. She has been back to her happy self this week. I am convinced it does work for her. She is 13.
It was a very stressful 2 weeks to say the least. For us it does work. But I think with all things, it is different for every person. I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

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