Andrea Liverpool uk

Edinburgh, UK

#202 Feb 6, 2008
Shelda wrote:
I read the comment from the annonymous 12 year-old. This is a bit disturbing. I have an 8 year old son that was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 4. We have tried Adderall, Concerta, and now he takes Focalin. He's doing ok, but still has some attentional issues...behavior is fine, academics are fair. We were thinking of trying synaptol, but after hearing this, who would risk it?
my daughter was 8 years old when i tried her on synaptol please look very deeply into it before you put your son on it because my child was not well at all while she was taking it and i really don't think it works. To put your child through that and still no positive outcome at the end believe me it just isn't worth it your sons health is more important.

Houston, TX

#203 Feb 6, 2008
Reyna in Tucson Arizona wrote:
<quoted text>Thank you for your comment, this is what I was looking for, my son is 19 and he will be starting college this year, and I needed to know if this stuff was working on adults such as mine. I hope everything turns out great for your son.
Thanks a whole bunch and dont pay any attention to the nasty remarks.
I have a 22 old son, attending college, any comments on which company has the best price on this natural herb? please give website.

Houston, TX

#204 Feb 6, 2008
please help with website with most reasonable price for this natural herb medicine. I have a 22 year old in college. tried of all other prescribed medications.

Saint Helens, UK

#205 Feb 7, 2008
Andrea Liverpool uk wrote:
I find it very strange that every time i put up a post here you always put up a post up too I am begining to think like others that you do have ssomethimg to do with synaptol

Saint Helens, UK

#206 Feb 7, 2008
MikeIRL wrote:
Anyone know how long it takes to mail this stuff to UK/IRL ? As in, from time of ordering, how long would I have to wait to recieve it...


#207 Feb 7, 2008
I have a son with adhd and i have a question. Has anyone tried Attend? I have my son on strattera we just took him off of Concerta another form of ritalin it is suppose to be smoother. Any way with strattera he is eating well and he is doing better in school ..but i will say my husband and i do thing differently. We Spend a crazy amount of time with him and we talk to him differently. He is 9 getting ready to turn 10. I personally don't mind his activity level but i would like him to work on focusing. He is doing very well. We are now in the process of going organtic. You know what guys..i think adhd or add comes from the foods we ingest or do not eat any more. With everything big and suppose to be better..they lack filling and taste. Who knows..i just hate that this has happened to all of our children. My son wants to be a surgen...and i have got to help him achieve that. ;) The Future Looks Bright... So therefore it is!

Edinburgh, UK

#208 Feb 9, 2008
yeah i think you are right about the food Angelina
we are all so much in a hurry to eat we want our food on the table in a few minutes and its just as easy to give it a bit of thought first what were putting into it, all the fast food we eat now is just full of salt and sugar no wonder these kids are the way they are today. Its not the whole story but it does play apart in it.
I give my 9 year old daughter fish oil and i find it helps her a lot.

San Diego, CA

#209 Feb 11, 2008
meg wrote:
<quoted text>I hope you are not pushing non-fda approved DRUGS!!!!!!!!
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve or disapprove of any kind of dietary supplements, such as Synaptol™, since it is not within their responsibility. The FDA only approves or disapproves of pharmaceutical drugs, which Synaptol™ is not.
L Rotey

Washington, DC

#210 Feb 18, 2008
Has anybody tried Synaptol and does it work?
It did not work for me

Englewood, CO

#216 Feb 19, 2008
Part 1 of 2

Sorry this is long. Since I got a lot out of this message board, I wanted to contribute something meaningful back to it.


-1- Synaptol did not work for me
-2- My experience with the money back guarantee
-3- Why my son doesn't take it
-4- My early experience with Dexedrine
-5- A book recommendation for you


I bought Synaptol about a month ago, after reading all of the posts on this board. I thought I would share my experiences. I'm a 40-yr old adult recently diagnosed with ADHD. A psychiatrist has made the official diagnosis and has tried me on Adderall, Concerta, and Focalin.(Adderall was effective, Concerta and Focalin were not, and all three had undesirable side effects.) My next medication to try was Dexedrine. I found Synaptol while researching ADD meds to find out what Dexedrine was all about. Notably, the "Synaptol" information was not a return on Google search, but a "Google Advertisement" at the top of the results list. In other words, Micronutra pays Google to return their Synaptol ad when someone puts certain keywords into the Google search engine.

Since there was a general lack of information on Synaptol, other than what I was seeing on boards like this, I figured the only way I would know for sure was to give it a try. I did get suckered in by their effective advertising, and I did feel that "just trying it" was somewhat risky to my health, but I was prepared to take the risk. If I could believe their web site, I had no financial risk, as they would guarantee a refund up to 90 days.

I ordered a single bottle (60 capsules) for $67 plus $9.95 shipping. It came within 2-3 days, and I started taking it the following day, 3 capsules per day, per the instructions on the bottle (one per meal).

One thing I have to note: Micronutra "recommends" people stay on Synaptol for 30 days before deciding it doesn't work and asking for a refund. Interestingly, a single bottle is only 60 capsules, and won't last for 30 days if you follow their printed dosing instructions. If you want to stay on it for a full month, it'll cost you $134 (not including shipping) on your initial order; that's for 2 bottles, but they have a promotion that gives you "one free". I'd love to know how much it actually costs them to make it; not much, I'd guess.

Anyway, I wish I had something climactic to say about the product itself, but really, nothing. I noticed not a single thing, good or bad. No improvement whatsoever in my inattentiveness, no mood changes, no discomfort of other health changes. The capsules may as well have been filled with flour (that's what it kind of looks like). I was sitting in meetings at work thinking to myself, "this stuff [Synaptol] is a joke -- it has no effect." Oh well.

After just shy of 3 weeks on the pills, I did get sick, but I have no idea if that was because of the pills or if I just caught a bug. Either way, I have stopped the pills due to being ineffective or worse. They're certainly not worth the $$$ from my perspective.


I called the number on the Micronutra site to get a refund. A gentleman answered the phone very politely, until I told him the reason I was calling was to get a refund. Then he got curt and said I called the wrong number, I should have called customer service. When I asked for that number, he told me he'd have to look it up, and then he said he'd just transfer me. Click, he was gone. Then, I was on hold for 15 minutes. I actually anticipated it might take a lot longer, so I wasn't too upset when they finally picked up the phone after "only" 15 minutes.

The lady asked for my name, found my order, asked me why I was returning it, and told me to copy down an address to send the pills back. I told her I only had a few pills left, should I just put them in an envelope and mail them? NO, YOU MUST RETURN THE BOTTLE.

Englewood, CO

#217 Feb 19, 2008
My comments containing criticism of Synaptol are being erased from this Topix site.

Edinburgh, UK

#218 Feb 20, 2008
WHY ??????
does Synaptol have something to hide.???
I think so !!!
carol UK

Manchester, UK

#219 Feb 20, 2008
My 14 year old son has been on Synaptol for just over 2 weeks. He says he feels calmer but to be honest, we think his ADHD symptoms are worse plus he has had episodes of feeling very low and anxious. I think we're going to stop....didn't want to 'throw in the towel' too soon but don't like what I'm seeing.
joe smidt

Earlwood, Australia

#220 Feb 20, 2008
hello AGAIN -micronutra still will not return my emails [thats weird] ive sent them 5 emails---------synaptol is still working well for my son----if the productis working you would think they would be keen to reply to my emails??--maybe they are receiving hundreds of emails and just dont have the time to reply to them?? maybe it takes them mths to reply because theres so many?? maybe they dont want to pay someone to handle emails??maybe they just dont care??maybe they dont understand how important it is to have good customer relations?? maybe they have read the bad comments about synaptol on this website and are to scared to answer the phone??----i do know that everyone is geneticaly different and synaptol might not work for eveybody--but its definately working for my son---i just wish they would hurry up an answer my emails--STRANGE WORLD WE LIVE IN
joe smidt

Earlwood, Australia

#221 Feb 20, 2008
QUESTION FOR JAMES--why are your comments being erased?? are you erasing them or are they just not been shown??

Since: Feb 08

Gilbert, AZ

#222 Feb 21, 2008
I ordered Synaptol a couple days ago for my daughter.

We shall see how it goes.

I did email a few people that had left their email addresses in their posts and have gotten two replies so far.

And so... I do believe this product is worth trying. Just as tylenol doesn't work for me, this may not work for my daughter.

As we do not know who is "real" and who is not I take everything I read here seriously. Since I am an adult with brains, I will try the products and make up my own mind.

People who keep pushing the product are questionable, just as the people who insist that others do not try it.

Anyway.... feel free to email me, if you would like.

I will keep anyone who wishes updated on the progress my daughter may make.

And to everyone who is on a true search for something that will work... Only you know what is best for YOUR child. If you don't try something, it won't help for sure.

Good luck to everyone. My heart truly goes out to all the people with ADD/ADHD. I do not have it, but as one poster described it... it's like a war in your head. And because of that comment, I will try Synaptol to either eliminate it from my search for something that works or to finish that search if it does work.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#223 Feb 24, 2008
desparate Parent wrote:
I have a son with all the signs of ADHD/ADD. At present he is being assessed for it, but unlike the USA this process in the UK can take years to diagnose. We have just started him on Synaptol this morning. I'll keep you posted if we see any improvement. Fingers crossed
My son was just diagnosed with ADHD. Of course, I don't want to give him meds. I am looking into alternatives, did Synaptol work for your son?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#224 Feb 24, 2008
My son was just diagnosed with ADHD. Of course, I don't want to give him meds. I am looking into alternatives, did Synaptol work for your son?
Australia RickM


#225 Feb 25, 2008
I am interested to read everyones input.

I intend to try Synaptol myself, if you have gone through marriages, jobs, friends, etc. you would understand the willingness to try anything.
What ever your credentials, does it matter! If you think you understand all the effects of what you buy of the shelf and put in your mouth you probably require a reality check. We make informed decesions on how we treat ourselves, and thats the best we can do. Please open your eyes.
Australia RickM


#226 Feb 25, 2008
PS Interested to read..........

Thanks for posting these accounts of your dealings

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