Currently, my grandfather is fighting a loosing battle with bone marrow cancer.

ll his life until he was probably fifty something, he has used tobacco products; Cigars, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco.

I'm sure lifestyle has something to do with it, but his tobacco use couldn't have helped.

Now my boyfriend, 19, wants to chew tobacco, and has been since he was sixteen off and on behind his parents' backs.

He argues there are no health risks, especially with the pouches, and won't stop no matter how much I beg him.

Recently, we adopted a don't ask don't tell policy about it. But just yesterday I found some in his car, conveniently when we were leaving the hospital after visiting my grandfather who doesn't even know who his own wife is anymore due to the cancer treatment medication.

I guess it shattered my false assumption he really had stopped, and scared me.

I am here asking for ways to express my concer to my boyfriend (again) about his chewing, without upsetting him.