Topamax Reduces Number Of Monthly Mig...

Topamax Reduces Number Of Monthly Migraine Days In Chronic Migr...

There are 257 comments on the story from Apr 30, 2006, titled Topamax Reduces Number Of Monthly Migraine Days In Chronic Migr.... In it, reports that:

A study presented today at the annual meeting of the 8th European Headache Federation demonstrated that chronic migraine sufferers treated preventively with TOPAMAX experienced fewer migraine -related days per ...

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Canterbury, Australia

#237 Oct 16, 2011
Jenni wrote:
<quoted text>I am up to week 3, 75 mg heading towards 100mg of topomax for migraines and have had insomnia from day one. Since starting the med I have had 4 migraines that needed ER attention, but I think the lack of sleep is adding to it. Not sure whether to keep going?
this is why you need to take topamax in the morning and not at night. Also get on endep, this helps as weell when used in conjunctions with topamax. you take endep at night though because it makes you fall asleep so you need it at night to counter topamax, and you don't want it in the morning in case you fall asleep while driving or something like that.

Canterbury, Australia

#238 Oct 16, 2011
Cathy Rizzo wrote:
50mg. is no longer working for me after taking Topamax for 3 months -so I need to increase my dose to 75mg. I'm afraid I'll get stupid(dopo-max)I know someone on 100 mg who can hardly get her words out-but shes headache free!!!I have a job -I need a clear head!!I can work taking imitrex have been for a zillion years-botox helps--running out of things to do-I'm always in pain --but some how life goes on-----
that can't be topamx, not that sort of drug, i have used 150mg for 5 years and it has never ever done that


#239 Oct 26, 2011
I have been takeing Topamax for 1 mounth.I still have my migraines. Now my doctor prescribed me NSAIDs for my migraines....I am curious how i will feel. I find some information about NSAIDs here :

New York, NY

#240 Nov 21, 2011
luke wrote:
<quoted text>
that can't be topamx, not that sort of drug, i have used 150mg for 5 years and it has never ever done that
Unfortunately, it IS the Topamax! I've been on it for 4 years and couldn't stand the slow mind and absentmindedness any longer. I just stopped (one week now) and I'm also taking a herbal supplement to focus better. The supplement works for me, but I wish it could repair the damage the Topamax had done so I could only take it for so long. I'm tired of pill popping!!!

New York, NY

#241 Nov 21, 2011
The link in my previous post is not mine and I do nit endorse it!

Palo Alto, CA

#242 Nov 28, 2011
To ALL Topamax takers I experienced severe, and i mean very severe cognitive side effects on Topamax,This was on a dose ranging from 75mg to over 300.

Loss of memory, repeating my self and not aware of it, unable to find words, my ability to write using the proper grammer, punctuation etc deteriorated. My husband had to review and edit all important emails.

On the higher dose I began to fall asleep driving and twice was only woken from a nap by being yelled at and shaken, I was under so deep.

Finally I had stroke like symtoms, dropping things with my right hand.

If you notice any of these symptoms, the cognitive ones being fairly common, Reconsider other meds, be very careful with Topamax

Birmingham, AL

#243 Nov 29, 2011
I feel topamax doesn't work at night. My Doc said it would help my headaches for morning. But I still have headache when I wake. Wonder if I should take during morning when I wake up. Don't have a job right now so being sleepy isn't a problem. Should I try it?

United States

#244 Dec 21, 2011
Shari wrote:
I feel topamax doesn't work at night. My Doc said it would help my headaches for morning. But I still have headache when I wake. Wonder if I should take during morning when I wake up. Don't have a job right now so being sleepy isn't a problem. Should I try it?
Hi Shari: I switched my Topomax from evening to morning - I've been on the Topomax since May, 2011 and just started taking it in the morning about two months ago and it's made a huge difference. I think anything is worth a shot - it's your body - listen to it. I am also on 25 mgs - not the amounts I've seen in this blog so see if less is more for you. Also, taking it in the morning I've found I do not get sleepy and work 8-10 hours a day just fine. Good luck!

United States

#245 Dec 21, 2011
sylvia wrote:
has anyone ever had eye issues? pain? I have been taking topamax only 25 mg for 1 month and it so far it seems to work for me. Now, because of the eye pain I had my Dr. wants to take me off and I dont want to HELP... what should I tell him
Sylvia, I read (from Topamax's own literature) that if you have eye pain and continue to take Topamax, it can end up causing blindness. You should definitely listen to your doctor, so you don't permanantly damage your vision. Maybe he can recommend another medication to try instead that might work for you.

Elyria, OH

#246 Feb 15, 2012
Sandy Howell wrote:
I was started on Topamax for migraine headaches. I took it for approx 3 weeks. I did not have headaches, but I did wake up at 1 o'clock in the morning after approx 3 weeks and found myself paralyzed full body and I could not speak. This lasted quite some time. I was checked out for any heart problems, seisures etc. It was concluded I had a reaction to the Topamax. I have never been so frightened in my life. I thought I was dieing. Also I might add that from the time I started using the drug I felt myself go down physically in every way. I felt awful and didn't know why. Being off the topamax for two weeks I am finally starting to feel normal again. I hate to think what it could have done to me had I continued with the drug any longer.
Are you usually sensitive to drugs? I am, I have been prescribed this medication and am hesitant to take it. Just wondering?

Elyria, OH

#247 Feb 15, 2012
Are you usually sensative to drugs?
Brad Mansfield

Adelaide, Australia

#248 Mar 20, 2012
I took topamax for a while and had what must be the worst effect, which sounds like it has happened to a few people. I have read through this chat and I have had all the worst symptoms and more. At one stage I could not hold myself up for a period of about 4 days and was not able to get in contact with anyone for help even when ringing the hospital. They told me I would have to wait another two days for my neurologist. I only kept taking it because I was told I would get used to the symptoms. This is an awful drug and should be treated with care. Stay away from it if possible.
Brad Mansfield

Adelaide, Australia

#249 Mar 20, 2012
I do believe this drug has hurt my brain in an irreparable way.

Union, NJ

#250 Apr 13, 2012
Just started taking topamax.... Side effect have been tingling hands, insomnia, and nervousness. I am sensitive to medication. Really hope this stuff work because i'm exhausted and frustrated other wise
Shari DePriest

Alexandria, VA

#251 May 28, 2012
I've had migraines since I was a child, they've ruined more life experiences than I could ever remember, never found a magic bullet, just whatever relief I could get each time. I tried Topamax for the first time 3 years ago. The side effects for the first 3 months were nearly insufferable. Tingling in my hands & feet (feels asleep), memory loss, couldn't find words, felt stupid, like I was wearing a lead suit, exhausted, tired, couldn't sleep, diet coke tasted like ear wax, probably 3-4 months ... so why would I keep taking it?
Because I stopped having migraines. It didn't reduce them, it annihilated them. I'm 50 now, could have stood to lose a pound or two but never really did. 10-15 maybe over the years, the drug symptoms have all but subsided. I still blame it when I forget things though. Most important, I never get headaches now, EVER! now I'm scared to ever stop this drug for fear they'll come back. I'm free for the first time to enjoy my days. I started on 50 mg. and stopped at 100mg. It was as high as I was willing go due to side effects. I never needed more, but if I ever do, I'll take it. It was the best decision I've ever made. This is my personal experience, but if you are truly suffering, give it a chance and don't judge too harshly too soon. Maybe for the very young and those with low weight, stay with a low dose. Do what your migraines dictate, not your doctor, build slowly, eat and stay hydrated!

Birmingham, AL

#252 Jul 12, 2012 sounds like you have tmj problems
That's what I have..and Botox injections really help me.
Debbie M


#253 Jul 31, 2012
Pap wrote: sounds like you have tmj problems
That's what I have..and Botox injections really help me.
I take 100mg Topamax, I came on here only because my prescription said to take one daily. It had always said to take at bedtime. Was wondering if there was a difference. But I can honestly say I haven't had the side effects I'm reading and have lost 40 pounds. I've been on Topamax since my second accident 7 years ago, been in 4 altogether. I see someone used Botox. My neurologist wanted to try that for my headaches, and my lawyer straight up said NO WAY!!!!
Debbie M


#254 Jul 31, 2012
I too am sensitive to meds, but not tompamax I also have TMJ and other problems being in 4 accidents lol...

Baldwin Park, CA

#255 Oct 8, 2012
My son has had a chronic migraine for 28 days now. We had never even heard of such a thing, until it happened. He has been in the hospital where he had a terrible reaction to DHE. We taken him to acupuncture specialist chiropractors and herbalists. Neurologists seem to be the wackiest of them all.

Now we are with a pain specialist that recommends Topamax. My wife is freaking out from all of these responses. The Doctor is saying to use Topamax for just two weeks to stop the pain. She is concerned that all of the side effects that you have all mentioned are going to leave him damaged.

Any thoughts?

Portsmouth, UK

#256 Nov 1, 2012
Hi.. I've had migrains/tension headaches etc 4/6 times a week for the last 3 or 4 years..I was given a few different things to try but nothings helped.. I'm 3 days into topamax now and its early days... I go to work-out classes 3 x a week and worried if I tottally lose my appitite I'll struggle at these :s has anyone lost weight but eat normally still?(I could stand to loose some weight tbh,but that would only be a plus)
I can deal with fuzzy brain because when I have my migraines I can bearly function anyway,so can't be any worse than not functioning at all ;)
Thanks ;) x

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