New chiropractic tool allows less pai...

New chiropractic tool allows less painful back adjustments

There are 149 comments on the Whittier Daily News story from Sep 1, 2008, titled New chiropractic tool allows less painful back adjustments. In it, Whittier Daily News reports that:

Friends Chiropractic's Dr. Yani Feliciano uses the PROADJUSTER on patient Norm De Vilbiss, 63, of Downey, in Whittier.

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Chiropractor Scott

Ridgecrest, CA

#1 Sep 1, 2008
Those who have talent, adjust patients without any pain. Those who can"t use tools like this.

Since: Aug 08

Pasadena, CA

#2 Sep 1, 2008
Back injuries are the worst.
Could imagine living like that.
Glenn Czulada DC

Highland, MI

#3 Sep 1, 2008
Hi, I'm a Chiropractor but don't use the Pro Adjuster, instead I use the traditional manipulation techniques that have been so valuable to so many. But I am not against it. The inventor is in my home state of Pennsylvania. Each person is unique and what may help one may not help another.
Dr. Glenn Czulada, Chiropractor
health alert

Panama City, FL

#4 Sep 6, 2008
The notion that "aligning the bones in the spine and other places in the body correctly" will "maintain optimal health" has no plausible basis in science, which is perhaps why it has never been shown to be effective for anything. Anyone contemplating chiropractic treatment should first read about chiropractic on , which has won multifple awards for its reporting and carries an "HON" (Health on the Net) certification, insuring the scientific accuracy of it's information.

Since: Jul 07

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

#5 Sep 6, 2008
LOL @ Health Alert ... and what awards are those?? The ones that Barrett gives himself?

quackwatch is an anti-chiropractic propaganda website, and Stephen Barrett, M.D. who runs and owns the site is a non-practicing psychiatrist who has lost every court case he has been a part of in regards to quackwatch and the claims/truthfulness of his claims.

Yeah - that's really a top notch source for information there ... NOT!
NJ Chiropractor

Stockholm, NJ

#6 Oct 13, 2008
Chiropractor Scott wrote:
Those who have talent, adjust patients without any pain. Those who can"t use tools like this.
Chiropractor Scott lighten up - I have been in full time practice for 27 years family practice with patient ages from a few days to 98 years. For 24 of those 27 years I practice full spine hands on adjustments. Initially I considered the ProAdjuster primarily for the elderly portion of my practice. When I found out the price I thought "Well that is an expensive toy for Chiropractors who don't know how to adjust". Few years later I ran into a friend and fellow Chiro who I know is an excellent adjuster and he told me has been using the ProAdjuster with great results. I purchase one and it is one of the few itmes that have exceeded my expectations. Initially I thought it would fit a niche for maybe 20% of my practice - without trying my practice is now 90% ProAdjuster and the results are outstanding - had my doubts it would work on the "hot disc cases" and radiculopathies but I have sold off my Hill Traction table and my Leander table because I was not using them anymore. And no I do not work for have stock in ProAdjuster - in fact you might say I have a few issues with the company but not the instrument.

Brooklyn, NY

#7 Oct 13, 2008
Ha Ha...."proadjuster" is just another bizarre chiropractic technique, among the hundred or so already out there. You'd think they'd find one that "worked". Ha ha

truly bizarre...."proadjuster " is just a glorified "activator" (a spring loaded dental instrument used by 1/2 of all quackers) with absolutely no double blind/random controlled studies to support the crazy claims these chiropractors make.

The chiropractic diaper is full.

Stick to generic manipulation for simple non-radiculopathic conditions.

Anything else is voodoo.
Dr P

Davenport, IA

#8 Oct 13, 2008
Wisdom you’re helpless, you’re making these allegations without any proof that they do not work, rather we have supplied you with research and you failed to recognize. For instance you fail to recognize that Iowa university(a highly regarded establishment) in collaboration with Palmer has studied the Activator, the most studied tool of chiropractic. The research is out there… look it up

Here is the link to Palmers ongoing research…

Check it out and I am thrilled to hear your insight on this research!!

Brooklyn, NY

#9 Oct 13, 2008
The chiropractors that have posted here have claimed that they can help regenerate a pancreas, cure bedwetting, allergies, high blood pressure etc etc etc.

They have also posted their activator "research". I looked at some. None were legitimate double blind random controlled. One "study" involved two patients. ha ha Another was a "survey" received from chiropractors.

You're embarrassing yourself.

Like I said, you have NO "proadjuster" double blind and random controlled research. NONE. Stop your BS.

Here are simple questions for you. You claim you've practiced for many years.

Which chiriopractic technique has been shown to be most effective at curing allergies? Which, of the hundred or so chiropractic techniques, currently being used and taught by chiropractors nationwide, have been shown to be ineffective or less effective and have been dismissed by the profession at large? Please show me where chiropractors have any standards at all as to when to use which technique for a particular condition.

There are no standards.

The chiropractic diaper is full....empty it.
Dr P

Davenport, IA

#10 Oct 13, 2008
same is said to you wisdom, we have givin you research about activator, just one example, there are double blind research for this tool. What is better than 110 years of individual case studies?? Where would these patients be without chiro care? I have 100's of individual patients that would be worse off without chiropractic care... just because my title has DC behind my name does not mean my advice to my patients is not sound or scienctific. Not all healthcare needs to be supported by the effects of drugs. By the way most of the drugs on the market do not have double blind,,,,,,,
Dr P

Davenport, IA

#11 Oct 13, 2008
enough with the diaper crap,, not very professional
Dr P

Davenport, IA

#12 Oct 13, 2008
did you go to chiropractic school???? really answer the question??? actually some techniques have been proven to be more effective for LBP or Cervical pain and so forth. Chiropractic as a profession is working on addressing all of those topics, research takes time and money... and there is some out there for your viewing

Brooklyn, NY

#13 Oct 14, 2008
Whenever you're ready to answer my questions.......?

Anyway, drp said, " What is better than 110 years of individual case studies?? Where would these patients be without chiro care? I have 100's of individual patients that would be worse off without chiropractic care... just because my title has DC behind my name does not mean my advice to my patients is not sound or scienctific. Not all healthcare needs to be supported by the effects of drugs. By the way most of the drugs on the market do not have double blind,,,,,,,"

Oh please. Who told you that "most drugs do not have double blind studies? The "chiropractic journal"? Get real.

110 years of individual case studies?

Are you for real? What kind of critical thinking is that? Where did you learn this rationale for evidenced based practice? In chiropractic school or at your "proadjuster" seminars that you counted as continuing education?

Was harvey lillard your first individual
case study. You remember, the deaf janitor that was "cured" by your founder. A case study never reproduced and never rejected by the chiropractic community.

And you claim 100% of your patients get better? How incredibly arrogant you are. Typical chiropractor. I guess all are getting better better now that you discovered "proadjuster".

Again, the "proadjuster" has no valid research behid it. What a scam. But how nice it must be not to have to exert any more energy while you click away, instead of actually manipulating those few people that might benefit from mobilization. What a scammer.

Read "chirotalk.proboards.3 " for all you ever wanted to know about chiropractic. This field has been exposed like never before. Its a website made up of current and former chiropractors, PTs, PAs, MDs and others.

Hey drp, why don't you go there and tell them that you have "individual case studies". Ha Ha

The chiropractic diaper is over empty it. Start denouncing the quacks in your field. Denounce those that use hio, activator, network, AK, sot and the like. This huge scam must be stopped. Be a man drp and get on board.

Or continue to be a weasle.....most of your colleagues are.

Pompano Beach, FL

#14 Oct 14, 2008
Wisdom is once again putting words into people's mouth... I don't recall him saying that "100% of your patients get better". I'm sure you don't either.

Hey Wisdom, who is it that funds the double-blinded studies on drugs. If I remember correctly it is the drug companies. The drug companies can make the people conducting the "study" say anything that they want them to with a little money.

Which is exactly what they do...
Dr P

Davenport, IA

#15 Oct 14, 2008
Never said I use proadjustor nor said 100% of my patients get better.

anyways I can see the usefulness of activator of elderly and for other reasons.

Why would i go to chirotalk.. look at the individuals posting there, ex...Nemo who has nothing helpful to say other than to add insults and personal attacks. Seems like ppl get kicked off every time they have anything pro-chiro to talk about. Nothing productive will ever come out of that website, with their demeanor the health field will never improve...

Garland, TX

#16 Oct 14, 2008
Hey, Nemo's not the worst (he does admit to having failed the chiro national boards though).

There is one dude there that if you are pro-chiro he will attack with such ferocity you'll be looking for him to show up at your house.

Truly scary boys over there.

And Wisdumb's leader of the pack.

Brooklyn, NY

#17 Oct 15, 2008
Ahhh, Nemo. He has exposed chiropractic as never before. He has exposed the NBCE for the charlatans that they are. Quacks like you can't imagine exist. Quacks like you idiots just nod your heads in agreemnet.

Yeah, you wouldn't dare go to chirotalk and try to defend your idiocy. They know too much. There are thousands of posts at chirotalk, from current and former chiropractors and MDs.

Nemo exposed the chiropractic "boards" as being fraudulant. Regarding his take on the "testing boards", which part did you not agree with?

Hmmmmmm. You idiots have no idea what you're talking about.

The diaper is've been exposed.

"Anything goes" in the land of chiropractic.
Dr E

Atlanta, GA

#18 Oct 15, 2008
Ahh.. Nemo too stupid to pass National Boards..what a joke!!..Your right wisdumb I cant imagine being that ignorant to not be able to pass National Boards...To Nemo the numbnut..

Have been to your skeptical site once in a while for a good laugh. The 4 or 5 of you losers on that site are quite boring to say the least..just a bunch of failures whining like little OPINION after another.

Hey Wisdump with all those "thousands" of post yet not one peer-reviewed research article disproving chiropractic. If you want to educate Doctors shouldn't you do it in the professional manner expected.Some opinions from 5 or 6 people is hardly "research" and has no credibility to the medical profession.Are you meatballs to stupid to realize that.I guess as you say "anything goes in chirotalker land". No standards. Just a bunch of opinions with no research to back it up. You have been exposed wisdump.Time to fantasize about men in diapers..

And how about answering the question on your degrees and credentials. Or are you like Nemo the numbnut and failed those big, bad, evil national boards...maybe you can give one of your diapers for Nemo to wipe his tears...You Frauds!!

Brooklyn, NY

#20 Oct 16, 2008
dre attempts to defend chiropractic by saying, "No standards. Just a bunch of opinions with no research to back it up"

Oh yeah, its just my "opinion" that there are more than a hundred ways quackers treat patients and quackers claim they all work to treat everything.

And you say that's just my opinion? HA HA

What a lying quack you are. you know the truth about the quack world in which you scam patients.

All you quacks treat however you like.

The diaper is full.

But keep asking for proof that something does not exist......classic chiropractic logic.

Brooklyn, NY

#21 Oct 16, 2008
dre, chirotalk is still waiting for you to post your "research" showing that hio cures bedwetting.

Ha Ha

I ain't holding my breath.

Actually I should ..... your diaper is full.

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