Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Sy...

Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are 7086 comments on the BellaOnline story from Jun 23, 2007, titled Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy. In it, BellaOnline reports that:

Looking for early pregnancy symptoms? You've come to the right place. These 12 very early symptoms of pregnancy are the main early pregnancy symptoms. via BellaOnline

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New York, NY

#1839 Oct 3, 2012
I had my period at September 2 and stay at me for 8 days and wright know i didn't get my period and it's October 3 so I most be preganant? Through september 8 and 30 I did pregnancy test and it says Ian not but I feel dizzy and I feel like throw up but I don't and the dizzy is getting strong every day
mom of 3

Goodfellow Afb, TX

#1840 Oct 3, 2012
I am so confused, back in July I had spotting 2 weeks after m period lasted a few days a weeks later same thing, then i eventually got m period in aug about 2 weeks after it ended I began spotting alot it lasted to weeks it was everytime I wiped and it was bright red mixed with discharge I know tmi im sorry. Well on sept 7 2012 still spotting I ha my copper iud removed after having it for 5 years on the 8th I had what i thought may have been my period very heavy but decresed day by day and only lasted 3 to 4 days which it usually last 7 very heavy. well my husband and I had unprotected sex about 2 weeks after removal, i have been feeling crampy and pressure sharp pains oing through my "area" my nipples are a bit sore took test came back neg, today oct 3 2012 i have light pink spotting a sharp pain lower left side. what could this be pregnant or period???????
young and worried

Sparta, MO

#1842 Oct 3, 2012
im 17 years old and over a month ago while i was on my period i had sex we didnt use protection but he pulled out i had my period for this month but now for 2-3 weeks my breast have been really sore and heavy feeling and my back hurts and my shoulders i took a pregnancy test after i had my period and it was negative could i be pregnant

Dillingham, AK

#1843 Oct 3, 2012
Ok. So i had gotten my mirena iud taken out on july 10, 2012. Had a regular period july 27th, and have been having unprotected sex, while my boyfriend was ejaculating inside me almost everyday. Last intercourse was a day ago OCTOBER 2,2012. A month after my period on July 27th, i have had 2 days of bleeding. Is that a period?? My periods last up to 6 days.One more month after bleeding for 2 days i bled for 4 days. Before both of these times bleeding, my right breast had gotten A LOT bigger than my left breast.I was thinking i was pregnant. I went to the clinic and got a urine test which came out negative. A couple weeks after that i went to the hospital and got a blood test which also was negative. It has been almost a month and a half since i got checked for pregnancy. And since then i have been feeling very tired, nauseated sometimes throwing up in the evening(but have not thrown up), having kind of like that nervous feeling in my tummy(lower abdomen), pain like a period cramp around my pelvic bone, one of my toes "falling asleep" or my butt. I have also noticed paleness in my face while more pimples are popping up. Pain in my Knees, fingers, and wrists which is not normal. Aching feet after a little walking around(never happened before), breasts both a lot heavier while the right breast is still larger then the left. I also have been crying over little things. Having headaches, neck aches, and my shoulder muscle has been cramping up(i dont do anything for my back to cramp)I want to have a baby but for some reason, every test i take says negative while I'm having all these symptoms. Can i get some feedback from mothers who have had all or at least some of these symptoms while pregnant??? OR WHAT ELSE IT CAN BE BESIDES PREGNANCY? PLEASE I NEED FEEDBACK FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS GONE THROUGH WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH NOW:) THANK YOU.


#1846 Oct 4, 2012
I had my last period just September 26, then 6 days past I have my period again. October 2 I noticed blood on my underwear, I disregard because I thought it was just because of my UTI, then October 3 there it is, I have my period. Is that normal? My boyfriend and I had sex October 3 -_________ Pls reply.


#1847 Oct 4, 2012
i had my period on 3rd sept, am supposed to have another one on 30th but it dȋ̊dn't come until 2nd of the next month! Inbetween i have been having symotn of pregnancy,sore α̲̅ πϑ enlarged breast, nusea,weakness, bloated tommy, temperature swing, mood swing...... Now my period came with crampings which i d☺n't have usually wen i have my period! Someone help am trying to get pregnant bfore my wedding aniversary. Am i pregnant?

Since: Oct 12

Khanna, India

#1848 Oct 4, 2012
Frequent urination
pain in lower abdomen
nausea feeling
lost of hunger or becomes too hungry
hormonal changes like growth
back ache sometimes

Since: Oct 08

Location hidden

#1849 Oct 4, 2012
smgurl wrote:
cramping in your lower abdominal and on one the side of ur hip ...the pain can also shoot down to ur leg at times...excessive saliva in ur mouth espically when u talk...may also have gas
This is how I been feeling. And the crazy part is its only been 2 weeks or more since my miscarriage. I'm kind of worried because I don't want it to happen again.:-/

United States

#1850 Oct 4, 2012
my period was sept 10,2012 end on the sept 13,2012 had unprotected sex sept 20,2012 and September 26,2012... have been feeling bad back pains nausea peeing alot .. an craving foods also gasy ... can i be pregant???? or is it to soon to find out??
kierra _michigan_

Warren, MI

#1851 Oct 4, 2012
I came on my period the 12th of sep lasted 3 to 5 days. went to get my 1st pepsmere the morning of the 27,few hours later had terrible pain in my bottom portion of my stomach and private area then came on my period the next day. its been 5 days and im still bleeding heavy, what is goin on? oh and me and my boyfriend been having unprotected sex for about a year now but this is the first time this has happend.

Baltimore, MD

#1852 Oct 4, 2012
Hey I got my perdi august 4th for like 5 days like I always do then I got it again in the same month like a week later because I got a stress when someone egged my house n I took 3 tested and it said I wasn't prego and didn't get it for last month can you help me

Since: Oct 08

Location hidden

#1853 Oct 5, 2012
Destiny wrote:
Hey I got my perdi august 4th for like 5 days like I always do then I got it again in the same month like a week later because I got a stress when someone egged my house n I took 3 tested and it said I wasn't prego and didn't get it for last month can you help me
Stress can take a toll on your body. I say go to your doctor and find out. I thought unwashed pregnant because my period was late and I was just stressed out. Had a blood test done and everything it hit me soon after. That was about 4 years ago. But then again you never no. Go to the doctor.


#1854 Oct 5, 2012
I had unprotected sex with my fiance on the 29th&30th of august.the 1st of september i had my regular period.Then the 1st,2nd and 3d of October we had unprotected sex again.two days after i had my period wich lasted four days.I've been peeing a lot since,loss of appetite and my urine has a burning sensation.I feel bloated and as if i am aboit to start my period.I also have flu.and I have to mention that i use anti depressants.Could I be pregnant?????I NEED OPINIONS!!#desperate

Lithonia, GA

#1855 Oct 5, 2012
Hi I'm 30 I always have a normal 28 day period from july this way it came 2 days early then in august it came a week late and now in september no I started to bleed since yesterday am I pregnant .I am trying to get pregnant fast but really scared.someone help me

Dublin, OH

#1856 Oct 5, 2012
I had sex 4 days ago and the next day I started bleeding red not bad but just like my period. Now I had my period like 14 days ago. Im also on the pill and forgot to take it one day but im spotting brown still and its been 4 days? I never usually miss my pills but I had sex a lot with my ex and he cums in me. I feel nauseous at times abdominal pain, cramping,back pain, and acid reflex every morning heartburn couldn't sleep well last few nights is this a sign of pregnancy or not? Cuz im not trying to buy a test till I have more symptoms. Someone write back please.


#1857 Oct 5, 2012
I finished my period on Sunday and its now Friday,I've had aches,few pains and a 'fullness' feeling in my lower abdomen aswell as feeling bloated.I am really good with my contraception pill and haven't missed one in months but I don't feel normal,I feel tired all the time,headaches and mood swings,Is it possible i could be pregnant or am I just reading into things too much?

United States

#1860 Oct 5, 2012
Could I be pregnant? What do y'all think is going on

Rochdale, UK

#1861 Oct 5, 2012
hi guys.. so me and my boyfriend have been using the pull out method and so far it's worked well (touch wood) however, for the past few days or even couple of weeks since my last period ive been feeling rather weird. i feel as though im gaining weight and so on. however today ive been experiencing back ache and on off cramps.. im due to start on the 10th - 14th. any chance these may be pregnancy symptoms? im extremely worried as ive not had the best experience with pregnancy due to the fact ive miscarried once last december. help would be very much appreciated. thankyou in advance x
Wendy T

Riverside, CA

#1862 Oct 5, 2012
Hi, I'm Wendy and I had question last month my period came two weeks late, I took a pregnancy test and is was negative. This month it came two weeks early and it only lasted one night,!!!!???? I just took another pregnancy test and it was negative again, I don't know what's wrong I feel so tired and my back hurts as well as my breast.... What should I do, I did had sex but only once last month. I already have a two year old and with him i was a day late took a test an it was positive... Pls help me!!?

Kolkata, India

#1864 Oct 5, 2012
i hd my cycle on 26th of aug. & still i didnt hv my periods. I nearly dnt yv any of d symptons till nw. Is thr a chance of me being pregnant?

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