Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

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Looking for early pregnancy symptoms? You've come to the right place. These 12 very early symptoms of pregnancy are the main early pregnancy symptoms. via BellaOnline

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Carrollton, TX

#6265 Jul 22, 2014
Iv been having unprotected Sex. We have been using the pull out method.
Iv been kind of worried.
I have had NO symptoms. But I figured it's to early. But my nipples are sore and kind of bigger. What should I do??
Iv worried and scared.


#6266 Jul 22, 2014
U cud b preg jst use two dffrnt pregnancy test den go see a doctor
That right there is

Beverly, MA

#6267 Jul 22, 2014
Worried wrote:
Iv been having unprotected Sex. We have been using the pull out method.
Iv been kind of worried.
I have had NO symptoms. But I figured it's to early. But my nipples are sore and kind of bigger. What should I do??
Iv worried and scared.
... Stupid. That is NOT birth control.

Scrape together some pennies, nickels and dimes and buy some condoms.

And if he will not use Condoms, then dump his sorry ass.

When you get pregnant, he is going to dump you.

Condoms are cheaper than babies.

If you do not have enough money for birth control, then you do not have enough money to enjoy a sexual relationship.

Get an education, get a job and learn to take care of yourself before you cling to some loser guy who just wants to get off and ditch you when things get tough.

Since: Feb 14

Location hidden

#6268 Jul 22, 2014
I think I might be pregnant

Chicago, IL

#6269 Jul 22, 2014
I've been having unprotected sex for 3 weeks with my boyfriend. And now my nipples are peeling the skin a little. Mg left foot is swollen and I'm sleeping atleast 16 hrs a day. There has also been a thick white discharge now. I also have been feeling really bloated,Moody and horny lately. Is it possible that I could be pregnant this fast?

United States

#6271 Jul 23, 2014
Ok so all that I am about to say please don't laugh I am not trying to be funny ,I'm just being honest ! Usually me and my fiancÚ don't pull out nor use protection while having intercourse all because,yes we want a baby. So lately I have been feeling very lazy lately like I can't sleep at knight and when I do fall asleep and have to get up early in the morning it's hard for me to wake up and when I do wake up I fall back asleep also I have been extremely gassy and it smells worse then usual. I could never tell when my period is going to come because there's times I miss a month there's times I don't miss at all,although my doctor said my periods are doing that because I'm over weight so I literally have no clue about what's going on with me also there's times where I feel light headed and my vision goes bad for a little bit. Someone please help 😔

Yukon, OK

#6272 Jul 24, 2014
My husband been throwing up on and off for 3 to 4 weeks and my period came early. I started last month 16 than this month it came early I surpose start on 17 or 18 but I started right after we had sex on 13 th do u know what means
Not Friendly

Beverly, MA

#6273 Jul 24, 2014
Everybody posting on here is too ignorant to raise a child.

They also probably do not have an income level that will pay the bills.

All of you need to get sterilized and stop breeding irresponsibly.
123 I wanna know

Meridian, MS

#6275 Jul 25, 2014
Can't really say when I started my period but I was on it for almost 2 weeks well it stopped Monday July 21st well Thursday and today (Friday) I have been having these sharp pains in my upper stomach what's that mean

Johannesburg, South Africa

#6276 Jul 25, 2014
I had sex without condom last week fridae ND satardae nw I suppose to have ma periods nothng happen jst experiencin hadache its been todays nw am I pregnent

Baltimore, MD

#6278 Jul 25, 2014
Okay so me and my girlfriend have been wondering if she is pregnant. Her last period a couple weeks ago was delayed and came in the middle of the day the day she was due for it. Latley for a month or so shes been getting freqent headaches, dizziness, is feeling a lot more tired then usual in the mornings and the nights. Shes been hungry a lot more then usual. She'll eat then say a half hour later shes hungry agian even after a big meal and her cravings have been at the top. She has had nauseous latley especially if she were to stand up or at night. She said cheese latley has tasted weird and the same thing with boloni. She said the last couple days she has this crampy adominal feeling in her stomach/ovarie area. Its not frequent it comes and goes. But her period isnt for another 2 weeks. Should we wait to take a test or take one now? And do you think shes pregnant?

Southfield, MI

#6279 Jul 25, 2014
Hello me and my husband had sex about five days ago. I am feeling kinda nauseous wanting to throw up, boobs hurt, sleepy, peeing and pooping a lot. Never had this kinda feeling. I am irregular.

Lakeport, CA

#6281 Jul 25, 2014
Okay well me and my husband been trying to have a baby for almost two years, and sadly we never even got close.We never use protection. And well I recently had my period. Lond story short I've been have the worst possible cramps since 5 in the morning amd it woke me up it hirt so bad and I still have cramps and I feel hella bloated. I never had this before and it doesn't feel like going away And I know for a fact it's not a UTI because I had one already so I would know.... HELP!!!!

Lakeport, CA

#6282 Jul 25, 2014
And just for people to know I don't use protection because me and my HUSBAND ARE TRYING TO HAVE A BABY!!!! Uhg excuse the words that are not spelled correctly on my first post.

South Africa

#6283 Jul 26, 2014
Hey I'm 17years old! If had a lot of unprotected sex with my bf! I had my periods last time for like 2day and it was very strange! A week after that I started getting very tired! A had headaches! At night I felt sick but didn't vomit! Some days I was hungry and other days I didn't want to eat!!! But then it just went away! But then my boobs(nipples) started itching and then a while it went away! Like everything! Now I'm on the pill!!!! And I just had my periods again! Like usuale! But it enden 3days to early! I have a hell lot of pain in my lower tummy!! But none symptoms??? All my test that I took with the first weird period came out negative!!!! I haven't taken one again!!! But I really feel very weird!!! Is it possible that I might be pregnant!!****btw my bf had the pull out method***

South Africa

#6284 Jul 26, 2014
Oooh just so that its clear! I have been on the pill for 8months now!!!! Help please


#6285 Jul 26, 2014
Hi I'm 19 I had sex with my boyfriend a week ago we used a condom though I've been having tummy craps and back aches there are sounds in my tummy as well I believe that the condom broke please help could I be pregnant?
Birth Control Rules

Rochester, NY

#6287 Jul 26, 2014
Kid Free is the way to go. Don't ruin your lives, babies are overrated and they will make your life miserable.

Your boyfriends will bail on you.

Don't do it.

Travel the world and do something more useful with your life.

Middlesbrough, UK

#6288 Jul 27, 2014
I had sex yesterday and this morning I throw up , it was unprotected and his penis didn't go straight in side me ?
Am I

Marietta, OH

#6289 Jul 27, 2014
Okay my partner and i are trying to have a baby, we had sex on the day of ovulation and after. 10 DPO I spotted, once that's all, couple days after a few days before my period ibe been cramping. Today my period is suppose to start. What wre my chances of beimg pregnant and when is the best time to take a test.

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