Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Sy...

Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are 7236 comments on the BellaOnline story from Jun 23, 2007, titled Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy. In it, BellaOnline reports that:

Looking for early pregnancy symptoms? You've come to the right place. These 12 very early symptoms of pregnancy are the main early pregnancy symptoms. via BellaOnline

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#554 Dec 8, 2011
Hey guys I'm 17 and today I've been getting period like pains, and lower bach ach, I've also noticed when I went to pee recently that I had white gloopy stuff floating on the water after I urinated......could I be pregnant? Are these any early symptoms its only been a week




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Chennai, India

#555 Dec 9, 2011
i ve pain in abdomen. we ve tried for baby this month. i am very nervous because of this. vaginal fluid discharge is happened and it has a smell like the discahrge that after the sex. sorry to discribe like this. is thia a sign of pregnancy?

Dillingham, AK

#556 Dec 9, 2011
I have irritable bowel syndrome and can have slightly weird symptoms due to that. However, the last week or two I have been more nauseaus that usually, and my I didn't get my period, instead only had 2 days of light brown spotting? I only had a super light period last month too. I have never had a light period like these before ever. Could I be pregnant?
Any info would be great.


#557 Dec 9, 2011
My periods went 2 pot,wasn't havin em when I was supposed 2 n when I was Ít was really heavy,painless n cud last wks so the doctor gave me norethisterone tablets 2try n regulate me,I took em for bout 2/3mnths,had a period in october(which was around a wk late) which lasted around 5days and was painless and very very light,then I had another 5day period in november which again was late by at least 2wks,prior 2that bleed my boobs were very tender and my mam said its due 2me bein due my period,I've been off that last period 2wks and my boobs are still tender,I recently lost 4 stone but in the last month I've ate like a pig,become tired and lazy and waking during the nite 4 a wee,I did 3pregnancy tests 2 ov which didn't work and 1 said negative,I recall that happening just b4 I found out I was preg with my youngest who is now husband and I had yrs ov problems and not conceiving.getting headaches a lot lately 2.I no its not something I should say but my partner has commented on me being tight down below!!! Any 1 share some light on this 1 plz?

United States

#558 Dec 10, 2011
hey ive been having back pain and lower belly pain n everytime i eat i get nasous i had my period startin oct.31 and ending the 7th then me and my bf had unprotected intercourse nov.11 n starting on nov.23 i had bleeding but it wasnt my regular period it was dark brown n it filled up a panty linner a day i was suppose to get my period on the dec.4 but it never came can i be pregnant ?
freaking myself out

Palm Bay, FL

#559 Dec 10, 2011
My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, a couple times weeks ago, I know its not the smartest thing but this is besides the point. I feel a light cramping in the lower left of my stomach and then it moved up a little bit. I have been peeing a lot more lately, its actually really annoying now. Also, little things are very very irritating to me and I find myself crying over nothing. I haven't had any spotting or bleeding or anything. My back hasn't been sore and I haven't had any morning sickness or anything. But, I read online that your mucus glands are an early pregnancy symptom and I have recently found myself very congested. I'm not sick, its just my nasal passages. I feel like I am freaking myself out that I might be pregnant and I don't know what to do. I feel like it'd be too early for me to take a home pregnancy test but I think about it all day and it has me very worried. Thoughts?
Just curious

Uttoxeter, UK

#560 Dec 11, 2011
I am 21 years old, I had unprotected sex with my new boyfriend. We had sex 3 days before my period was due. My period came very late (10days late) and lasted 3days. I don't think I'm pregnant or maybe I'm assuming? Would appreciate it very much if someone could tell me/help me. Thanks

Greenville, PA

#561 Dec 11, 2011
well I just started the patch in November and when the fourth week came I took it off waiting for my period. it came 5 days later and the blood was bright red and I had severe stomach cramps but later on that night when I went to bathroom I peed twice and when I got up I seen something in toliet but didn't look like blood clot and period lasted for five days and usually only last three so I don't know what to think also legs have been hurting and get pain in chest every now and then don't know what to think

Farmington, MI

#562 Dec 12, 2011

Dont think to much about the pregnancy symptoms and signs you might be having, just go to

the author makes all the signs very easy to understand.
Good writting too...

Good luck.
takeoliverclothe soff

United States

#563 Dec 12, 2011
ya i dont really know, so there you go

Huntington, IN

#564 Dec 13, 2011
Ok I had sex November 26 nd I got my period December 5 I was suppose to Cum on on November 29..nd now my period was ovaa December 11th ah regular period its December 14th nd I still got lower pain by my belly botton.I haven't thru UP..bhudd mood swings hair gowninq haven't been really hungry ganeinq a lot of weight nd my stomach area.can I be pregnant.

please help meh I'm on 15

Saint Paul, MN

#565 Dec 14, 2011
Well I havent had a period in three years last week I spotted light red but not enough for a pad. I got cramps and thought maybe my period came back,the spotting lasted for 2days my bf has six kids and im hoping im peggo I get sharp pains,gas I feel hungry all the time nauseous but never throw up and pressure on my lower abs and peeing a whole lot feels like water runs right through me! I also get sharp pains up my sides and had a cramp in my left leg one night! I took two hpt both said negative but since im not normal with periods I still fell pregnant! What do you ladies think?

Johannesburg, South Africa

#566 Dec 14, 2011
my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex on the 23rd Nov and 4 days later i started my period but it wasnt as normal and only lasted 2 days. I have tender breasts, lower back pain, abdominal cramps, fatigue, peeing alot and vivid dreams. Could i be pregnant?

London, UK

#567 Dec 16, 2011
for the past three months my periods have been a little irregualr... getting lighter. last month's was light, and lasted about 5days, this month's started yesterday and is barely there! wore a pad over night, woke up to nothing this morning! In between periods (for the past three months) I have noticed some light brown discharge ) mid cycle - this has never happened before. Last time I had any type of sexual activity was about 3-4months ago.....
I'm 30, 74kg, and 5'4. Any advice would be helpful, as i'm freaking out!! Thank You.
ps - my usual flow is quite heavy for the first few days, getting lighter as period ends.

Teaneck, NJ

#568 Dec 16, 2011
I had stopped taking my birth control ..theN a couple days later had unprotected sex (during the time of my ovulating) a couple days after that i started bleeding a little..more like pinkk/brownish ..well that only lasted a couple days..and i'm not due for my period until the 31st of this monthh..ive been recently having bad headaches, feeling nauseated, feeling bloated, bad cramps (more then i would have if i were to start my period)/abdominal pain, and my hips started hurting earlier...could this be a sign of pregnancy? If so, it's my first...i'm confusedd & would appreciate any help/advicee !

United States

#569 Dec 16, 2011
Question: my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 yrs and we've always used the pull out method (which has been working thus far) I get me period every 28 days. My pd was due Dec 12th but it came Dec 9th (three days early) it lasted about 4 dAys (only needed 1 tampon a day) since then I have been having white discharge, frequent urination, and crAmps (almost like gas cramps) I have a 3 year old and 1 year old daughter and never experienced this. Could I be pregnant?


#570 Dec 17, 2011
Am 21 I did d&c on d 19th of nov then had unprotected sex on d 5th of dec but took pills immediately..... I am expecting my period 2day but its a little brown discharge dat is coming I do hpt everyday and its always negative... Could I be pregg cos am so scared..... Pls reply me asap its urgent... Thanx

Since: Dec 11

Suri, India

#571 Dec 17, 2011
kandace wrote:
what are hte earliest signs of pregnancy?
Nausea is the most earliest symptom of pregnancy.

United States

#573 Dec 17, 2011
OK I've been experiencing every pregnancy symptoms there r but I had a light period that started the 7th but light hvy when had sex & Med 1 day but I didn't have change pad any if I didn't want I wish I wldve had pantyliners but I'm normally hvy bleeder anyways even with all the symptoms my 1st test had a faint pos rest been neg & nothing on some others I've been business clear blue digital my 1st ones use was equate but I'm so sick of getting neg tests when I feel pregnant anybody else out there experiencing this any answers b greatly apperiacted I got a 6yr old but
alyssa minjarez

United States

#574 Dec 18, 2011
Scared Teenager wrote:
Alright well i had a yeast infection it lasted for about two weeks it was my first one ever while i was having the infection i was spotting and i was still taking birth control. After the infection was gone i noticed that i kept feeling tired and week and my breasts are really sore. I haven't taken a test yet because everytime we have had sex it was always protected but the last time the condom was really dry and it might have broken and at the time i had just changed my birth control. I'm really scared that i might be pregnant, so today i'm going to the doctor to geta test don't because i want to know.... i'm so scared my paretns are going to kill me...
hey its going to be ok just do the test I am a teen mom

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