Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

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Looking for early pregnancy symptoms? You've come to the right place. These 12 very early symptoms of pregnancy are the main early pregnancy symptoms. via BellaOnline

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Ashford, UK

#5440 Sep 21, 2013
Hey i have had heart burn for like 2 weeks now on and off all day everyday, me and my partner have had intercourse (without protection) a number of times threw the past 2 weeks too, then i had my period or what i thought was my period for like 2 days and now have stopped bleeding...... could it mean im me please !!!

Male, Maldives

#5441 Sep 21, 2013
I am having a very seviour cramp pain in my lower abdomen, feeling nausea, and also giddy, could i be preg??

Lancaster, WI

#5442 Sep 22, 2013
I have a ? I haven't had my period over a year but I had sex with my husband and he came in me like 4 times so today I have little just little bleeding
Princess McMillan

Durham, NC

#5443 Sep 22, 2013
Monayy13 wrote:
Hello ,im confuse abt if im pregnant r not , my breast r heavy nf it,hurts if i poke thm , ibeen eatn alot , being tierd , nd my stomach been feeling upset , like it wnted throw up , my body temperature been extremely high for abt ah week , someone plz help ,!!!
were u pregnant?

Bayonne, NJ

#5444 Sep 22, 2013
Well I'm kind of worried . My boyfriend and I had sex about 5 days ago n my period came a day late . But da bext day I got pinkish blood so I though it was my period but my period was normally really heavy . I got spotting pinkish blood on and off . But my boyfriend and I used protection which was a condom and we both know for sure he didn't nutt . Plus da condom didn't brake or anything . I doubt I'm pregnant but normally my period anit like dus so its weird . Iim really young to be having sex I'm only 15 but I always use protection and very careful about it . But I've been reading dat around the time of your period if your pregnant its light pinkish that's implantion bleeding but also I wondering if its just my body changing but I don't have any other symtons of pregnancy . So I'm confused . Can u help?

Alexandria, VA

#5445 Sep 22, 2013
If you have lower back pains and peeing a lot and throwing up. and sore on ur boobs could it be possible that am prego

Brunswick, MD

#5446 Sep 22, 2013
I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years he's now my fiancÚ. We had unprotected sex right after my period which only lasted 3 days. He came inside of me and I experienced the worst cramps. I've been experiencing a lot of discharge, cramps, back pain. I haven't got pregnant any other time and I don't have money for pregnancy test at the moment. Has anyone else had these symptoms and been pregnant?

Longview, WA

#5447 Sep 23, 2013
I had unsafe sex a few weeks ago, but im on birthcontrol i havent had aperiod for almost a year and now i have really bad cramps and am bleeding what should i do anyone know whats going on

United States

#5448 Sep 23, 2013
Hello well I should be getting my period tomorrow on the 24 of September but I'm on birth control pills but I have a weird feeling I might be pregnant I feel nauses I know being in birth control makes u wanna throw up but I have been on birth control for barley 1 month I'm scared/ happy at the same time I wanna be pregnant but then again Im not ready yet j need some answers I've been noticing blue veins on my boobs lower abdomen pain boobs hurt they feel a little fuller then usual any one wanna tell me what's going on I took a test about a week ago it was negative can u get a negative test on birth control

South Africa

#5449 Sep 23, 2013
Hey everyone I'm new 2 dis so I don't actully understand what's popping...anyways I'm 16 years of age & I'm sexual active I had sex few weeks ago.& started my period last week but before I got my period the was light pink spotting on my pantie & my nipple's is sore & I get sharp pains in my belly & my back hurts if stand long & can sleep on my belly#I really need help is there anyway I could be pregnant?????...

South Africa

#5450 Sep 23, 2013
Hey I'm jeslin & also experince the same thing I also got pink spotting & have sharp pains in my belly & in my back & can't stand long....I was also wondering if I could be pregnant I don't have money 4 a pregnancy test any adive????? Plz I'm only 16 years

London, UK

#5451 Sep 23, 2013
I need help please, me and my partner are trying for a baby my periods are really irregular so bit confusing to know when I ovulate, I came of my period the 16th september had sex the 17th 19th 21st and the 22nd, my discharge has gone frm thickish to watery I've been going to the loo more feeling abit sick tired and headaches also a lil more hungry, It should be to early for pregnancy signs right? But does it sound like pregnancy?
Please help

United States

#5452 Sep 24, 2013
I had my period two weeks ago and since there ive been having unprotected sex and my under belly has been hurting like if my period is coming AGAIN am i pregnant? Someone help please:/

Pasadena, TX

#5453 Sep 25, 2013
I stared my period on sept 22 and i just have cramps the first day of it. Now while on my period im having sharp pains in my stomach the last couple of days. Could i be pregnant even if my tubes are tied.

Pasadena, TX

#5454 Sep 25, 2013
[]Hey jeslin U can try going to hospital or to any clinic to get a pregnancy test done for free, also have you talk to your parents.

Kissimmee, FL

#5455 Sep 25, 2013
I am feeling nausea, abdominal discomfort, lethargic and it's only been a week since I had unprotected sex can I be pregnant

Los Angeles, CA

#5456 Sep 25, 2013
Jenna wrote:
Hi my name is jenna okay lets start off i had sex twoday with no condom and he didnt cum insside me and after i had sex i was bleeding but it is light and its not my period cause i strt in a week i need two no if i am pero can some one please help me
if you lost it too him he popped your cherry.

Paterson, NJ

#5457 Sep 26, 2013
I miss my depo shot last month and had unprotected sex with my fiance and I've been having cramps lower right side of my stomach and sometimes it moves to the left my breast are very tender sometimes dont want to touch them and I find myself spitting alot. Could I be pregnant???

Olive Branch, MS

#5458 Sep 26, 2013
Okay so me and my boyfriend had sex and he nutted in me like three times the next day I started my period now I have stopped I need help could I be pregnant!!!?
Iris 4-24-98

Holly, MI

#5459 Sep 26, 2013
My period always come on the 16th, and last month it only lasted a day and it still hasnt come this month , i have been nauseous and vomiting a lot and my cervix is very low my breast are sore and tender and the color is changing and when i took a test this morning the first one came out positive but to be sure i took another and it came out negative , any advice????

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