Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Sy...

Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are 7205 comments on the BellaOnline story from Jun 23, 2007, titled Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy. In it, BellaOnline reports that:

Looking for early pregnancy symptoms? You've come to the right place. These 12 very early symptoms of pregnancy are the main early pregnancy symptoms. via BellaOnline

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Seabrook, TX

#4806 Apr 29, 2013
Okay so my husband and I use condoms and I am on birth control. I missed one day on the 2nd week in (bad I know) and I am really bad about taking it at the same time every time. Anyways, we had a lot of sex (we've only been married for 3months so its still fun), and I missed my period. I took 2 tests and they both came back neg. I was extremely tired, had little to no cramps (and they weren't my usual ones, these were brief and infrequent), but I also have been nauseous in the evenings and even threw up after dinner. I do have a b12 issue so nausea is fairly routine but not like this. The other day (first day after my missed pd) we had sex and when I went to clean up there were a few spots of red/brown mucus. And last night I was "leaking" clear discharge. I heard that people can have a very slow rising hcg level and sometimes do not show a positive on just urine. I am very confused since my body is sending so many mixed signals. Anybody have any ideas? Or is my body just annoying as hell?

Plymouth, UK

#4807 Apr 29, 2013
..... Are you serious? If he had no condom on and he squirted his manly love juice then the chances are pretty high.

Browns Plains, Australia

#4808 Apr 29, 2013
YoungConfused-NotReady wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey Hope, my friend had the implant taken out a few weeks ago too. It made her feel sick and she got really bloaded and threw up alot! You could be pregnant but then again, it could be the removal of the implant. I wouldnt do the implant because they told me it could make me sick to have it in or taken out and I get sick with most b.c's as it is. Wait a few weeks and try a test or go see a dr for a blood test. I hope you are too!!! You seem happy and ready. GoodLuck :)
Thank you that makes me feel a little better

Greer, SC

#4809 Apr 29, 2013
I have been trying to get pregnant for months now. I had a light period that only lasted two days an i didnt have to wear a pad or anything at the begining of april. An all of a sudden yesterday i started having these stomach pains but i didnt have to go to the bathroom. I ha also been nauseated alot lately an have been craving a certain things. Could i finally be pregnant?

Greer, SC

#4810 Apr 29, 2013
I forgt to add but my boobs are incredibely sore to the touch which is very unusual

Since: Apr 13

Omaha, NE

#4811 Apr 29, 2013
chris wrote:
..... Are you serious? If he had no condom on and he squirted his manly love juice then the chances are pretty high.
Can I ask who you are refurring to? Lol

Since: Apr 13

Omaha, NE

#4812 Apr 29, 2013
Treacle wrote:
Hi missed a pill 7th of April and I have had unprotected sex quite a few times. I'm getting cramps and bloated and very tender boobs and nipples and have been sleep at lot and had very bad mood swings crying n snapping at my boyfriend and pets I had a light spotting after I missed my pill but should of had a period by now all test have Been negative but I feel so ill all the time I'm starting to think am pregnant. Could it just be to early to tell? It's been about 3 weeks n iv done loads of tests and don't know what to do and am scared to tell my boyfriend. Pleas help.
Its been 3weeks for me aswell and ive done lots of tests too. all negative, but that doesnt go with how we are feeling.:/ ill give you the same advice I got, go to the dr.for a blood test. Some peoples hormone levels arent high enough for a while so even confirmed pregnancy by a dr can have a negitive urine tests

United States

#4813 Apr 30, 2013
I had unprottected sex on the 4 of april and on the 16 i got my period but now that its over i have a tight stomach sometime nause no other signs but i belch alot could i be pregnant

Since: Apr 13

United States

#4814 Apr 30, 2013
Lakeisha wrote:
I had sex when i was ovulating which was eith december 31st or january 1st. I had sex both of those days and he ejaculated in side me. M yperiod is due the 15th of january. I started spotting 7th,8th, and 9th of january? The spotting was bright red almost pink and it showed after i wiped when i pee. I have been peeing ALOT, i also had cramping along with the spotting, i have been very fatigue, and my boobs get sharp pains every now and then and certain times i can feel it more than other times. COuld i be pregnant?

Montgomery, AL

#4815 May 1, 2013
I'm 24 and my period comes on when it want to but since I've gain a lil it have been coming on without skipping months but now I've missed it again and I'm not the type that like sex but I've been horny like crazy I'm wondering am I about to have my first kid I would be happy but I can't deal with my body needing sex like this when my husband works at night hate it but have anybody felt this way could anybody answer my ????s I would be happy if so

Since: Apr 13

Omaha, NE

#4817 May 1, 2013
My cervix is really high and to the left...? Really hard to reach. Its really soft and wet. It doesnt really feel open yet. Ovulatiin or early pregnancy...? Me and my bf had sex 3weeks ago unprotected and havent started my period yet...4 days late now. I dont see how it could be ovulation since im 4days late for period. Confused still but kind of hoping now that me and him talked things out about this. Any opinions or knowledge would be apreciated.:)

Since: Apr 13

Omaha, NE

#4818 May 1, 2013
Adri wrote:
I'm 24 and my period comes on when it want to but since I've gain a lil it have been coming on without skipping months but now I've missed it again and I'm not the type that like sex but I've been horny like crazy I'm wondering am I about to have my first kid I would be happy but I can't deal with my body needing sex like this when my husband works at night hate it but have anybody felt this way could anybody answer my ????s I would be happy if so
My cousin amd I lived together while she was pregnant with both her children. I know she likes sex but when she was pregnant it was like she needed it and craved it.! Its not something u can say is a definate pregnancy sign so ive seen and heard. Take a test and good luck. If not...maybe your ovulating and fertile right around now. That is how I get.:) hope I helped a little.

Austell, GA

#4819 May 2, 2013
I've just had sex last night with my boyfriend and he came in me twice. I've been feeling tired and my period is suppose to come on around the 8-10 will I miss it or will it come on regular?? he really wants a baby but I'm scared to take a test this soon. what should I do?

Edmonton, Canada

#4820 May 2, 2013
ketchup wrote:
I'm 19 me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex yesterday when he went all the way in me I felt a warm feeling he went faster then he pulled out right after he pulled out he came does that mean he came in me
Yes, this means that he came inside of you. If he does not pull out before he ejaculates it means he came inside of you, yes. Having unprotected sex will increase your risk of unwanted pregnancy and STI, condoms can decrease your risk of contracting an STI or getting pregnant.

Talladega, AL

#4821 May 2, 2013
its use protection since you're young and I know you want to finish college before you have a child? Just try to be more careful and see what your bf has planned, see if he wants a baby or not and think about how you are going to take care of a baby. my parents told me I couldn't do it and I've proven them wrong. Take care of yourself girl.

Gladewater, TX

#4822 May 2, 2013
I have had a baby before but she came very early and was still born. Back in February me and my husband found out I was pregnant again but I lost that baby shortly after. We did not follow the rules on no sex for a few weeks and had sex just 2 days later. Now I have not had a single period and I'm having vaginal cramping and nauseas all day. I've fainted at work and just have no energy but my appetite is bigger. I even eat things I hate like ranch! Can vaginal cramping be a sign of pregnancy?

Greer, SC

#4823 May 3, 2013
Im 19 me an my boyfriend of 5+ years have been tryn to have a baby. I had a miscarriage two years ago. He does cum in me each time we have sex which is every other day. My last period was march 16. Thought i wuz having one in april but it wuz real light an went away within the next two days. Wasnt even enough to wear a tamp. Lately i have been feeling nauseas wen i wake up, after i eat certain things, an throughout the day. Even wen i smell certain things. My stomach feels a little tight which is not normal an my boobs are very sore. Could i be pregnant??

Singapore, Singapore

#4824 May 4, 2013
Hi everyone..i dont know if i am being paranoid but i keep saying to myself i am pregnant. I ovulate on 24th of april and came may 3rd..while i was wiping myself after peeing..i noticed a brown discharge and a very tiny spot of pinkish blood and i thought that it has to be implantation bleeding. My expected af is this coming 8th may..all i am feeling right now is breathing difficulties and slight abdominal cramp..oh ya slightly frequent urination too. Anyone have the same experience? Am im pregnant? I dont wanna test till i missed my period. Please advise..thanks a lot..

Phoenix, AZ

#4825 May 4, 2013
I had unprotected sex, almost 2 weeks ago. My period is supposed to come on the 27th, but I still haven't got anything. For a few days I felt my self cramping and I was also discharging as if I was on my period but there was no blood? I haven't been able to keep any food down for the last 3 days. Could I be pregnant?

Memphis, TN

#4826 May 4, 2013
Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on the 21 the first day of my ovulation . & I think I might be pregnant we've had unprotected sex more than 10 times . And everything's been okay bit this time it feels different . It feels like I've been eating and sleeping more , my period is a week away . I really don't want to be pregnant .am I pregnant ? I need help

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