Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

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Looking for early pregnancy symptoms? You've come to the right place. These 12 very early symptoms of pregnancy are the main early pregnancy symptoms. via BellaOnline

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Cape Coral, FL

#344 Jan 20, 2011
i have white creamy discharge, headaches maybe 3 times out of the week, i sometimes get nauseous in the mornings. i have only vomitted once. but it was unusual because i had very sharp pains in my upper stomach followed by vommiting. im always tired but i figured that was because i go to high school and have to wake up at real early. my last period only lasted 3 days and was unusually light. i wore a pad for almost the whole day and barely any blood. i do not have tender breasts, they dont hurt at all. i look in the mirror, and it looks like im gaining weight, but could it be my mind just playing tricks on me? i havent taken a pregnancy test yet. im scared. im only 17. i dont know what to do and im confused.

Cape Coral, FL

#345 Jan 20, 2011
oh and my belly button is leaking. idk what that is all about and if its normal? i was asking my mom about her pregnancies the other day(i havent told her i think i might be pregnant) and she said that her belly button leaked when she was pregnant. is it normal?

Cape Coral, FL

#346 Jan 20, 2011
my email is
advice would be great!

United States

#347 Jan 20, 2011
i constantly keep peeing and now im bleeding well spotting...should i take a test or just wait a little longer???

Dallas, TX

#348 Jan 21, 2011
Hi my name is jenna okay lets start off i had sex twoday with no condom and he didnt cum insside me and after i had sex i was bleeding but it is light and its not my period cause i strt in a week i need two no if i am pero can some one please help me

United States

#349 Jan 27, 2011
Hi I'm tyesha and I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend last weekend and I've been feeling movement in my stomach and spotting brown stuff what does that mean I need help please
Super confused

El Monte, CA

#350 Feb 27, 2011
Im 14 and sexually active with only one guy( my buyfriend) i kind of never use protection I. Know that's really bad anyway I got my period on feb. 7 and finished on tha 14 everything was normal until i got my period again five days later..i had my period again but for like 3 days only then i started getting really bad cramps and sometimes tha crams shoot down to my leg i also have back pain when i get the cramps ive had them for almost five days now and at first i had white then green and now yellow discharge (with no odor)whats happening to me somebody HELP! Can i be pregnant?!





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dont know

Chicago, IL

#352 Mar 6, 2011
I'm 21 years old never had normal periods with out the pill, so I can't say when my last period was. I have recently been feeling dizzy, cramping like I'm going to start. But not, I spotted twice but only when I wiped. It was red. I have puked a couple times in the past few weeks. it was bright yellow and I hadn't ate anything. I have been more tired than normal and my stomache feels like its stretching... my books also fill more heavy. Any insite? Also I have taken several test all negative...

United States

#353 Mar 8, 2011
I was on birthcontrol the depo shot I haven't goten my pearioud after that it been 3 months I had sex 6 days ago and my boyfriend nuted in me I woke up with stomach pain at 5 in the morning and its on and off could this mean I'm pregnate plz help

Jersey City, NJ

#354 Mar 23, 2011
I just came off my period on the 18th of this month.I have an irregular period so wheni do come on I stay on for abt 2weeks. My nipples have been feeling so soar and very sensitive to otuch..when I take my bra off they feel so heavy..I have been havin abdominal pains and cramps..and have been using the bathroom more frequently..what is going on?

Owatonna, MN

#355 Mar 24, 2011
katt wrote:
I just had sex for the first time. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex but used the pull out method. Later on today I started to bleed like it's the begining of my period I am supposed to get my period this week. I had a tummy ache at first but now I am fine. I just feel cramps like it's my period. Am I pregnant
No. You probably just have your period. Sometimes after having sex, if you're due for your period soon, sex will help the period come because your muscles are more stretched. I've had this happen. Sex one day, and my period started the very next day. However, if you are worried, it will not be a bad thing to get a pregnancy test in a few weeks or go to see your doctor.
danau bettakno

Hollywood, FL

#356 Apr 1, 2011
Hello I'm dana I'm 18 years old I have a 1 year old baby gurl already... recently I had unprotected sex on march 14 and my period was late for 3 days... but last month february I had my menstrual on the 17... I am eating a whole lot then its some days I feel sick, I sleep a lot and don't feel like getting up in the morning... my iron is very low...I pee about 3 times every hour... some adominal pain and feel very week can I be pregnant and not kno it becuz every pregnancy is different..

Petawawa, Canada

#357 Apr 3, 2011
I've had many period symptoms, sore breasts, sick to my stomach(all day), heart burn, uncomfortable at night, my period has been late for 9 days, i've had a brownish discharge, nothing in my underpants just when i wiped, and now at 9.40 pm i got my "period", now i haven't took a pregancy test as of yet, but could i still be Pregnant?
lil miss

Reading, UK

#358 Apr 5, 2011
Hi I'm 19 was diagnosed wit cysts on my ovaries a few weeks ago (jus water) I had unprotected sex on 1st of the month an sld have ovulated thn I'm now havin reli bad neausea in mornin stomach cramps headache and loads of discharge and a weird fuzzy feeling in my stomach. When I wiped there was light pink blood on paper :/ I've taken two tests a home test and at docters bt is too early. I have also now gotten a uti could I be pregnant ?
lil miss


#359 Apr 5, 2011
Hi I'm 19 was diagnosed wit cysts on my ovaries a few weeks ago (jus water) I had unprotected sex on 1st of the month an sld have ovulated thn I also had sex the day my period finished. I'm now havin reli bad neausea in mornin stomach cramps headache and loads of discharge and a weird fuzzy feeling in my stomach. When I wiped there was light pink blood on paper :/ I've taken two tests a home test and at docters bt is too early. I have also now gotten a uti and my nipples are quite sore to touch could and I am also havin trouble sleeping at nyt I can't get comfortable or sleep on my stomach wit out it hurting cld I be pregnant ?

Mississauga, Canada

#360 Apr 5, 2011
Yea your pregnant I got pregnant on my period so if I were you I'd take a test or see your doctor right away

Honeoye Falls, NY

#361 Apr 6, 2011
Hi everyone I need help!!!!!!!!!! okay so I had sex with my bf on February 17 got my period on February 23rd like usual,I did not get my period for march n it's now April 6 hn no period yet, haven't had sex since february 17 , I don't have nausea, vomitting or anything like that, can anyone tell me if I could be pregnant since I got my period in February
Erick Rodriguez

Los Angeles, CA

#362 Apr 13, 2011
MY name is Erick rodriguez & I just had sex with my girlfriend a couple of days of go & now shes feeling those symptoms, such as : spotting, urinating frequently, cramps. she thought it was her period but she's getting this a week earlier than her usual period ?.. is she pregnant ? is she on her period ? or dies she have some sort of infection !?.. please I need advice & help
please email :


#363 Apr 13, 2011
Hiya I'm new to dis so don't really understand
It but I wondered if eny1 could help me I've
Been havein a brown discharge 4 2months now
Nd der is now blood in it also I have tender breasts
Nd constipation but I'm tierd nd ave pains in my
Belly I am really scared cause I don't no what it is
I've had a baby boy who is nearly 1 and I also have
Sex without protection since den wat is it please
say u can tell me what's wrong

Weatherford, TX

#364 Apr 17, 2011
Hi, i had sex 6 days ago an it was unprotected. the night we had sex was also the day i ended my period. now, i took plan b but i still have all these symptoms of possible pregnancy. my next period is due next month and im just wondering..could i be pregnant? even tho i took Plan B?

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