Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Sy...

Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are 7309 comments on the BellaOnline story from Jun 23, 2007, titled Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy. In it, BellaOnline reports that:

Looking for early pregnancy symptoms? You've come to the right place. These 12 very early symptoms of pregnancy are the main early pregnancy symptoms. via BellaOnline

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#223 Nov 22, 2008
I just had sex for the first time. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex but used the pull out method. Later on today I started to bleed like it's the begining of my period I am supposed to get my period this week. I had a tummy ache at first but now I am fine. I just feel cramps like it's my period. Am I pregnant





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Eastleigh, UK

#224 Dec 1, 2008
im ont he pill but forget to take it i miss 3days or something, i was ment to come on 27th novemeber but came on saturday (day or two later) but it was very light with brown blood sorta thing, and today 1st decemeber i came off and now im getting light pink when i wipe myself after iv been to the loo. iv been geti weird butterfly feelings in my belly under my boobs and under my belly button area, feeling sick but not actually being sick and feeling really bloated. could i be pregnant? [email protected] please add me and let me know.
Scared Teenager

Port Angeles, WA

#225 Dec 4, 2008
Alright well i had a yeast infection it lasted for about two weeks it was my first one ever while i was having the infection i was spotting and i was still taking birth control. After the infection was gone i noticed that i kept feeling tired and week and my breasts are really sore. I haven't taken a test yet because everytime we have had sex it was always protected but the last time the condom was really dry and it might have broken and at the time i had just changed my birth control. I'm really scared that i might be pregnant, so today i'm going to the doctor to geta test don't because i want to know.... i'm so scared my paretns are going to kill me...

Bedford, UK

#226 Dec 8, 2008
hi im 15 and missed my injection i had unprotected sex and are having realy bad abdominal pains orn ma left side near my hips i fell different and genuinley think im pregnant i was sick once labout 12 days ago am rwaly scare and not sure what to do im always tired and if you push orn my tummy its hard and hurts i toolk a test but it was negative i realy think i am pregnant help !





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Charleston, SC

#227 Dec 9, 2008
As of today I am six days late, however two days ago I had mild brown/pink spotting (only when I wipe) that lasted for about 4 hours. Since then I have had no spotting, horrible headache, nausea, heartburn for about 5 days and sore breasts. I took one test the day after my missed period and it was negative. I'm taking another test tomorrow if it is negative and I do not get my period I will call my doctor. I see a lot of other posts that are similar to mine, however, no one ever responds as to whether or not they ever end up pregnant. I would love to know if anyone has been pregnant with these symptoms. Good luck everyone, I wish this was easier.

Mocksville, NC

#228 Dec 12, 2008
Me and my boyfriend and been having un protected sex for a while now. This month i was late for my period. At the beginning of this week i started getting really nauseated. We even went out to eat and the smell of the food mad me sick. The nausea is on and off. I also have had light cramping...and...GAS!!! Lots of gas. This morning the cramping was more intense and when i went to pee there was brown/pink discharge in my panties. I had a light pink streak when i wiped after peeing. Later this period comes on. Light red in color and its also not very heavy at all. Is there a chance i could be pregnant?

Mocksville, NC

#229 Dec 12, 2008
And i also failed to mention that we took two pregnancy test and they came back negative.

Ann Arbor, MI

#230 Dec 19, 2008
I have exact symptoms as you described. I ovulated around 15 of this month and had sex with my husband! Since then, I have cramps, in lower abdomen, at times in my butt! Sometimes in my legs! I feel sleepy all the time! I have a lot of gas! and feel acidic!

DO you think, I can be pregnent?





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diamond girl

Miami, FL

#231 Dec 30, 2008
Shay wrote:
<quoted text>
ok i have been expierencing most of these symtoms but i also have very bad kidneys and i get bladder infections easily and i have that urge to pee constantly but that goes along with the bladder infections.. but my breasts grew outta now where im very active and now i get exhausted easily. Right before i started bleeding i had an abnormal amount of discharge, no smell and like a creamy milk color. now i started my period the same day i normally would but it lasted a day and now i have jus light brown discharge but not heavy enough to need a pad. i havent taken a pregnancy test because i am not to sure that if i had started bleeding that it counts as missing a period. Now im very confused. And im not sure what to do. Im only 18 and dont have a mom or really anyone close to talk this over with. My boyfriend knows and is also concerned. Please email me at [email protected] with some advice, anyone that could help would be great.
just take an at home pregnancy test just to answer any doubts.
maria fe


#232 Feb 15, 2009
what are the affects of condum?

Sugar Land, TX

#234 Feb 17, 2009
Ok I'm 22years old and I've been pregnant twice..But this time I had unprotected sex and a couple days later my period it was light when i say light like...Hard to explain anyway I've had light headaches,bloating,weird feeling on my lower part of my stomach I sleep all the time..I hungrier than usual...I'm having alot of gas I had trouble with constipation, now it's diarrhea and I have like bubbles in my stomach.My man has been sick lately very tired..But I haven't missed my period yet..what ya'll think could I be pregnant..


#235 Feb 18, 2009
I stopped my pill at the end of dec 08 and started my period the 3rd feb, stopped roughly on the 9th.. or so i thought?! now i have just been stiiting on my sofa when it felt like i had wet knickers, went to the loo and it just look like (not being grose) male jizz with a bit of red blood in it.Just wondering if its because I stopped my pill?! thanks for any help?!

Enfield, UK

#236 Feb 20, 2009
i have been pregnant in the past but didnt really have alot of symptoms- well at the time i didnt think so, my period was normal at 1st then was feeling faint alot of the time and dark bleeding them for a while later. i went o my doctors and they told me i just had an infection. 10 days later i was in agony and fainted on the road and got rushed into hospital. it turned out that i was having an ectopic pregnancy and had emergency surgery hours later. i am trying again for a baby and do think im pregnant but again not having many of the 'common' side effects that come with it. my period 4 weeks ago was normal so think its maybe to early to do a test (took 3 tests when was pregnant last time tho and all where negative until i was roughly 6/7 weeks gone) my temperature went through the roof last week even tho i was feeling cold. im sleeping every chance i get for the last 2weeks and i have a really odd butterfly feeling in my stomach below by belly button. was having a little pain there for about 5 days last week aswel, also on my right side of my stomach. i just need a little advice if any of you have experienced the same symptoms? im not streesed or worried about anything- well nothing more than usual lol so i know its not stress related. please help.....

Houston, TX

#237 Feb 25, 2009
me and boyfriend had sex a day before my came early.this was february 2,2009,and it is now february 25,2009,i have been have really bad pains in the lower part of my stomach,and my breast are so sore..i have been eating and sleeping like crazy..i been having gas and using the bathroom alot to..could i be pregnant,,,please e-mail me at [email protected] can help me

Kirkcaldy, UK

#238 Feb 26, 2009
Im due on my period on Thursday 5th of march my husband and Im have been trying for a baby. The last two days i have been feeling sick, tired, pains every now and then in my breast and a white thick discharge which is'nt smelly. Yesturday i had a few crampy pains. What could this be?

Klamath Falls, OR

#239 Feb 28, 2009
Hello I am 16 an i have already had a baby two years ago and my bf and I had unprotected sex like two weeks ago and for the last three months my periods have been shorter and closer together as in two in one month for the last three months what does this mean I am on birth control and i took three tests and they were negative what is going on any one please

Owensboro, KY

#240 Mar 2, 2009
Got a question. I have had this strange feeling for the past week that I am possibly pregnant. I had a normal period that started Feb 1st and was completely normal. I was due to start 2 days ago and all I've had is just a very (and I mean very) light pink discharge. It's not even enough to use a panty liner. My husband and I do have unprotected sex, but I never experienced any symptoms when I was pregnant with my 2 year old son. How long should I wait to see if my period comes to take a test?
Keysha 143

Stone Mountain, GA

#241 Mar 6, 2009
Hi im in da need of sum advice my cycle hasnt been right since i had my daughter i had a c-section wit her and i also have ovarian cyst but anyway me and my husband ttp i have all the sympthoms of pregnancy so i went to da doc and took a urine test came back neg. maybe cuz i drank 2 much water.2-1-09 i start last my cycle it was heavy on da first day then it was brown 3days i also had white creamy discharge no smell breast hurts omg!headaches here its 3-6-09 i came on light pink only when i wipe but later dat day it was light red but when i got 2 work it was heavy. by the time i gotten home it was brownish do yall think im finally got my wish let me kno wat u think help me asap

Modesto, CA

#242 Mar 9, 2009
hi, I'm very confused, my last period was on january 17th. and on march 4th i started spotting, just pink after i would use the bathroom and i'd wipe, and then light brown. this only lasted for 3 days. i wasn't worried about having my period so late because i rarely ever have my period on the same day every month. after the spotting i had some abdominal cramping. I'm also feeling very tired, bloated, and i have been urinating more frequently than usual. could i be pregnant?

United States

#243 Mar 9, 2009
hey, i've been having constant soreness in my breast and really bad headaches and really gassy for almost four days now... And haven't had a period in 4 months or more... i took a home test a few months ago and it was negative... i'm not so sure that it is pregnancy do you have any idea of what else it can be besides pregnancy... if so plz contact me at [email protected]

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