Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Sy...

Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are 7166 comments on the BellaOnline story from Jun 23, 2007, titled Pregnancy Symptoms - 12 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy. In it, BellaOnline reports that:

Looking for early pregnancy symptoms? You've come to the right place. These 12 very early symptoms of pregnancy are the main early pregnancy symptoms. via BellaOnline

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Chapel Hill, NC

#202 Oct 18, 2008
I have very tender breasts. it has been 1 week scince i have had sex. he thinks the condom broke. i have had realy bad nausea. and cramps. the cramps are not that bad... but still there. i have been exhausted. I had sex around time of ovulation. my face always feels on fire... but i dont feel sick. and my forehead is always burning. im not due to start my period for a week or so... and the suspence is killing me. i am 15 and am not ready for this.... am i pregnant?




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need help

Las Vegas, NV

#203 Oct 19, 2008
i had my 1st depo shot in march or april of 08 im 17 and got pregnant at 15 had my daughter when i was 16 and my babydaddy wanted me to go on the shot so i wouldnt get pregnant again i missed my depo shot in june r july when i was suppose to get it again me and my babydaddy were haven unprotected sex all while i was on the depo shot my period was extremly regular i had it every month for about aweek in august my period never came and i start feeling sick and haven head aches and breast pain in sept my period came but it was brown like discharge and the same happend in october and im still haven pregannacy symptoms i took a pregnancy test a month ago but it came back negative i was wondern if i could still b pregnant


#204 Oct 19, 2008
me and my bf had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in me and it has been about 2 weeks now and now i am feeling very fatigued and cramps and bloated feeling and it is no way near my menestration time and i am having unusual symptoms. shud i go ahead and take a test or wait to see if i will have my period?





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United States

#205 Oct 20, 2008
Me and my bf were playing around 2 days ago. i started bleeding alot he was covered in blood and when i stood up it was pouring from my vagina area it stopped but has started back up but not poring but is accompanied with me being sick to my stomach.. what could it be??? email at m

Stockton, CA

#206 Oct 22, 2008
i was wondering if anyone knew what could possibly be wrong with me. i had my period last month, on time. and this month i am a week late now. My boyfriend left for school two months ago and i have not had sex. there is no way i could be pregnant. i still got the same period symptoms-sore breasts, & some cramps. but i also have been waking up and feeling very sick and dry heaving. could it be stress? what im eating? weight gain? ive only gained 4 pounds since my last period but idont know. someone please help!

Stockton, CA

#207 Oct 22, 2008
Carmen wrote:
me and my bf had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in me and it has been about 2 weeks now and now i am feeling very fatigued and cramps and bloated feeling and it is no way near my menestration time and i am having unusual symptoms. shud i go ahead and take a test or wait to see if i will have my period?
i think you should still wait to see if you get your period. but if its about a week late than you should take a test.

Stockton, CA

#208 Oct 22, 2008
to be honest. i think we ALL need to get off the computer and see a but im scared so i would understand why anyone else is on here. but really we should all be just going straight to a doctor..

Stockton, CA

#209 Oct 22, 2008
Please Help wrote:
I had a normal period from 12-16 Aug. Then I had unprotected sex a few days later and then again on the 24th of August. On the 29th of August I had my annual exam and I told the RN and she had me get a blood test done. It came back negative. I started my period on the 7th of September. It was light and bright red. Then on the 8th is practically stopped and was just spotting and kinda red, kinda brown. This lasted until 11th of September, getting lighter and lighter every day. My breast and nipples are super sensitive and I have been really tired and bloaty and moody. On the 15th I took a HPT around 1pm and it was negative. I did it again on around 11 on the 21st....negative. I started having periods when I was 10 and was on birth control until July. Could I be pregnant?
i think youll be fine. because you got a test from a doctor im sure it was right. maybe you could just go to the doctor and ask about your period but i dont think your pregnant. and the heartburn is nothingg. i have acid reflux disease and im 18. if it gets bad, just take rolaids!!

Clinton, OH

#210 Oct 26, 2008
so. im 8 days late, and ive been peeing alot i mean i got up 4 times the other night, im really tired all the time, and im getting these cramps. and my boobs have been very sore this whole time, this has been going on for a lil over a week now. and well im not sure if i hould take a test because m periods have been out of wack latly, and i didnt no if i was just gona be late again. for the past 3 months i have 2 periods. the first one came 2 weeks late and the next one came a month late..... not sure what to do

Bellevue, WA

#211 Oct 27, 2008
so, i've been getting pregnancy symptoms lately so i finally took a pregnancy test yesterday, but it came out negative. Just about 5 minutes ago i went to pee and when i wiped, there was a really light pink color..... could i be pregnant????

Caroline Springs, Australia

#212 Oct 28, 2008
hi,im 16 and hadnt had sex for around 6 months .. i finished my period on the 24th .. and had sex on the 25th .. he blew in me twice...
just wondering .. if i could be pregnant.. and how early can you start to realise the signs of pregnant if i were pregnant?.. SOME 1 COMMENT ME BACK PLZZZZZZZ ! x
read plz

Caroline Springs, Australia

#213 Oct 29, 2008
i talked to mum and she said she fell pregnant easier after her period ... i have had some advice .. mum said to wait until im next due for my period .. but you no what its like when you stress out and really want to no the answer! >. plz GIVE ME SOME ADVICE ON WHAT U THINK.. any one!

United States

#214 Oct 29, 2008
blondie wrote:
ok so a week and a half before I was suppose to start my period I started out with light abdominal cramps, lower back pain, constipation/dirre, I was tired, needed to pee more than often, got night sweats, had light breast tenderness and seemd to be more hungary than usual.(i never get this before my period, i usually dont get any pms symptoms) Over that week and a half it started out lightly and got worse over time ..I was worried so i stopped taking my BCP's 3days before my "sugar pills". I started my period when i should have but it was a little lighter than usual for 5days and the day after I ended I had a brownish discharge, not much though. I have taken about 6 EPTs and all have been negative. Its been about 5 days since ive been on my period and I still feel a little tired, I get dull abdominal cramps every once in a while and my boobs feel weird~ sometimes i get a sharp pain in them, other times they are just alittle sore. Im not sure if I could be reacting to getting off my birth control or if i may be pregnant. Any one have any ideas what might be going on. I am going to the doctor april 14th but its so hard waiting to find out whats going on.
-i was just wondering what ever came out of your situation, im kinda in the same place right now, feeling abdominal cramps, discharge, diar. and gasy, my tummy feels just bloated or something. i dont know what to think either after taking 5 hpts and all were neg. any advise?

Dallas, TX

#215 Oct 31, 2008
I was suppose to start my period on the 27th of this month but i didn't. My breast started aching around the 29 or 30. I've been having cramps but nothing has happened. I've also noticed mood swings that I've been having. Could this be what i think it is?

Ballarat, Australia

#216 Nov 5, 2008
Im 25 years old i had my tubes tied june of 2007 after the birth of my 5th child! My last 2 periods have been rather weird in september i got it as due but it was much lighter and lasted only 3 1/2 days normal for me is 5-7days (always has been) then i spotted for almost a week!! My last period was due 12th october but never came till 21st ;asted just 3 days was extremly light this time no spotting but, i feel like i did in early stages of pregnancy with my other children nausa, lightheaded, aching back, tummy goes tight and i feel like there is little bubbles exploding inside me also feel a flutter much like early movement if you know what i mean!! Went to doctors tonight did urine preg test result was negative but i feel pregnant!! Could it be because i 'want' it to happen?? should i ask for blood test?? really need help here!
Young And Confused

Renton, WA

#217 Nov 7, 2008
OKay. i Am 16 Years Old. My Boyfriend is 19. I am Sexually Active.And We Have AHd UNrpotected Sex in The PAst Month Since My Last Period. And This Month i Was Suppose To Start My Period on The 4th. or The 5th. And Today its The 7th. Noww i Knoe That that Its Only Like 3 Days Late. But i Have Been Having Really Bad Cramps And Abdominal Pains Since The 5th. But Everytime i Go To The Bathroom No Period. Now Today i Went To The Bathroom And When i Wiped i Got Like A Pinkish Color When i Wiped. But it Isnt Like When i usually Bleed. it Was Only A Little. And Then Everytime i Go Now Thtas All it Does. i Wanna KNow if This Means i Could Be PRegnant? Or Should I Wait A FEww More Days To Really Find Out if i Am Late? i Need Some Sugestions PLeasee. E Mail Me At Thank You!.
help me asap plz

Deerfield, IL

#218 Nov 8, 2008
so i'm also 18. i have no other symptoms other then frequent urination i dont know the exact day or days that i last had sex w/ my bf of 2 years but it is freaking us both out very much i'm not due for my next period for 2 more days and i want 2 know if i show enough symptoms of pregnancy to take a home test. oh also my bf and i made the agreement that if he was ever about 2 cum inside me we would stop (mind u this was his idea and i terrified of getting me pregnant )is it still posible for me to get pregnant ? plz e-mail me back asap at thank you very much for ur time

Pretoria, South Africa

#219 Nov 9, 2008
i just had unprotected sex and i wanna kow what signs will get tomorrow so that i can buy morning after pills
could i be prago

Gatlinburg, TN

#220 Nov 11, 2008
i have had irregular periods well i went to my obgyn n they gave me pikks to take and prenatal pills to also take she said it would help me 1)help me have my period 2)get prago let me remind u this was in august so august and september my period was good me and my husband have sex alot and then october came around it started off as light pink/a little brown then the next day it stopped then the day after that it was like a med pink but was only there when i wiped then it stopped until night time that day then the next day it was light again then after that it completly stopped and after that happended i have had cramps on my lower left side adominal and off/on tender in breast and been peeing alot and eating alot i feel tired all the time i've also been feeling sick to my stomache after i eat and during the day well here it is november it day 3 that i have had light brown spotting and when i sipe its light brown still cramping,and tired and when i kinda lean forward my stomche feels weird like somewhat pressure i've had a little pain in my chest and i've been moody and kinda outgrew some clothes can anyone tell me if i am pragnant without taking a test b/c the last time i got blood work and a test done it came out wrong..please email me at

Lillington, NC

#221 Nov 12, 2008
Hi me and my bf have been living together 4 about a year now and we never use condoms, and my period is always irregular, and now it hasnt came for going on 3 months now and my stomach does seem to be getting bigger but its hard to tell because i have been gaining alot of weight in the past couple of months i took a test awhile back it said negative but now im just really worried tht i mite be pregnant, i have not been having any spotting or nausea or anything its just im gaining weight and my period still hasnt come...i just need some help im scared im going to go take another test this weekend, do u think im pregnant??

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