What does a low blood platelet count ...

What does a low blood platelet count mean?

There are 906 comments on the News Sun story from May 7, 2007, titled What does a low blood platelet count mean?. In it, News Sun reports that:

“My family physician did a blood test.”

"I was told that my blood platelets are low," my 25-year-old Hispanic female patient informed me three years ago. via News Sun

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Suva, Fiji

#865 Sep 15, 2013
nicole richards wrote:
<quoted text>I to just found out my platlets are low 120 and im gonna have another test done next week if still low I to will be seeing a blood specialist funny I get bad headaches as well
is the bad headaches and lighy-headedness due to low platelets? my platelets at my last check a week ago was 92K. and i have been having splitting headaches, usually all at nite and feel light headed day time...
shashi singh

Lucknow, India

#866 Sep 30, 2013
during chemotherapy my platelates comes 86,000 in 3rd cycles[before 4th treatment]what preacaution should taken and what step should be taken to increase platelates count
rajendra Bangalore

Chennai, India

#867 Oct 1, 2013
at what range bleeding will come if the platelet count is reduced

Since: Oct 13

Dublin, Ireland

#868 Oct 2, 2013
hi i was in for a surgery then the doctors found low platelets in my blood test 133, blood test was repeated 128 this time..( surgery postponed) i was referred to a haematologist. The cbc read 121 platelets so i was scheduled for bone marrow biopsy ( it hurt). The results were it was due to 2 reasons- viral infection and possibility of early stages of marrow hypocellularity.( but i had no colds or fever for 9 months) No leukamia, myeloma,lymphoma or secondary deposits. My platelet count was 101. Spleen is normal. So my surgery is postponed for another 2 months, and my dr. wants to repeat testings in 5 weeks. If the platelet count remains low, she will conclude marrow hypoplasia. Does any one know what marrow hypoplasia is? The reason for it and the treatment?

Since: Oct 13

Monroe, LA

#871 Oct 18, 2013
My sister in law has really low platelets, and she always triggers a bunch of red flags when she is pregnant.(She has five kids) This last time they made her see a specialist, but as it turns out, the specialist said that some people just have a lower platelet count, but their platelets themselves are bigger, so it works out somehow.

I know I have worried about a lot of different health issues, and not realized that many blood screening tests can be done without a prescription at sites like PrivateHealthNetwork.net

That was so crazy to me, because I always figured I needed to see a doctor to get a diabetes test (for example) but I totally didn't.

Good luck!

Toronto, Canada

#872 Oct 24, 2013
My mother has been in the hospital for 2 months now..she had bruises all over her body..they diagnosed her with ITP..platelets were at 2 and now after 3 weeks of steriod and IVIG they are at 15...the medication has helped a lot and we are seeing an increase...just give it some time and the medication will make the change.

South El Monte, CA

#874 Nov 3, 2013
Damm well am bearly getting check i had a low platelets count and sligly low wbc i re took a test and my wbc were normal but my platelets were still low the first time wad 118 the next check was at 122 tye doctor had told me to drink or eat alot of spinich so i did and it helped a bit i was reading and got scared cause it said that a low platelet count can be do to hiv so i did an hiv test and it came back negative thank god i hope this last test shows a normal count sorry if i had any bad spelling
Naomi Solomon

United States

#876 Nov 16, 2013
I am 20 weeks pregnant and my CNC showed my platelet count at 36,000. My OB had no reaction but my widwives were very alarmed. They looked up records from the last birth three and 1/2 years earlier (bloodwork done by Kaiser) and saw my count was 70,000 then. They send me to an Herbalist who has apparently healed two other women from the issue. He put me on a liver cleanse: a special diet in addition to Herbs and supplements. I'm only on day 2. Meanwhile I mentioned the test results to my dad, who is a pediatrician and he said I need to get myself to a Hematologist immediately and he is FURIOUS my OB just passed it over. I'll write again after visiting the hematologist.

Mumbai, India

#877 Dec 19, 2013
I am 31 years old and 6 month pregnant. It is found in my blood examination that my hemoglobin level is 10.7gms/100ml and my platelet count has gone to 1,01,000 per c.mm. Is it worrisome? My gynaecologist has told to see a physician. Please guide me.

Oklahoma City, OK

#878 Dec 28, 2013
I had a platelet count the last time I donated blood on 11/23/2013 was 247. Three weeks later, it dropped to 108 while donating at the same facility. I wonder if when they missed the vein, could this have caused a drop in platelets? I don't show any symptoms of anything else.


#879 Dec 29, 2013
My 3 year old daughter had blood tests done because she is so tired all the time all results were normal apart from her platelet count being slightly high 520 the test was repeated after 6 week's and were exactly the same, she is being referred to a pediatrician for more tests. Tests for anemia came back normal.should I be worried and what tests will she have to go through in hospital?

Columbia, SC

#880 Dec 30, 2013
sunita sharma saliana pal wrote:
i just came to know that my platecount has gone to about 10000. i don,t have any problem. this was diagnosed in routine check up. i had a bone marrow also and other all blood related tests but doctor didn,t find any abnormality in tests. they had put me on steroids 60 mg. for the last one month. No improvement has been observed in one month in platecount. Doctor is recommending the same for one more month. He is also recommending for sapleen removal if it does not increase. I know what are the side effects of steroids. what seems to be helpless. Do someone has the same problem and ultimate able to increase his count?
So did ya fix it?

Metairie, LA

#881 Jan 13, 2014
jodi wrote:
My father was just hospitalized for low platelets. His count is 9000. The doctor wants to give him steriods to build it back up and then send him home. I have read alot on this and I feel some test should be ran. Is it normal for a doctor to do this?
what is the answer as to the doctor's treatment of this condition?

Las Vegas, NV

#882 Jan 17, 2014
Kelly wrote:
I hope somebody can help me out. My father has been coming up with low blood platelets (60,000 or so) for over 3 years, but every so often his blood comes back normal. He feels absolutely fine, no blood or anything in urine, etc. He takes blood thinner and plavix, but they don't act like that might be the problem. The doc just wants to go straight to bone marrow...and since my Dad's been on plavix only 3 months when its supposed to be a year, we're not crazy about that idea since they'd have to take him off of it to do the bone marrow. Could his medicine be it? Also, I don't know if anyone knows anything about this but we got Wi-Fi about the same time any glitch in his blood started at all, and he's stayed on the internet progressively longer over that period of time...which seems to coincide with the weird platelet readings.
Your father needs to get of the blood thinners (plavix). Plavix is used to thin the blood and low platelet count is thin blood. He needs to talk to his hematologist or MD who put him on Plavix.

Rapid City, SD

#883 Feb 21, 2014
my daughter was bruising easy ans we wnet to the er for a raised bruise that formed with in an hour.. the doctor ran her blood and her platlet count was 12000 at 8am. the next morning at 8am we were at the pediatrition and they ran it again. this time it was to low to count but best guess that it is around 9000. i have been reading all i can on low platlet count and scared crazy.. hoping someone here can help and give me instances that happened to someone they know and it wsa not as serious as i am thinking.. thank you so much..

North Grafton, MA

#884 Feb 21, 2014
My platelets went down to zero after a flu. I was diagnosed with ITP.
After 3 days in the hospital and 2 IVIG treatment I was released. Within 6 weeks they were back to 236,000 and have stayed there. Miracle stuff!

Elberton, GA

#885 Feb 22, 2014
Shelly.... Im the same way.. my count was at Zero.. at first.. spent 3 wks in the hospital.. took tons of med..had my spleen taking out with a week of discovery of low platelets.. my count is less than 20,000 now.. its been a yr now and my Dr as well dont seem to care that my platelets are stilll so low...

Elberton, GA

#886 Feb 22, 2014
Im reading everyone's of their low platelet count and you all seem worried that ur level is round 100,00 or so... smoe even down to 50,000.. my Dr says 50,000 is good enough for him... Ha !!!
Folks Im at less than 20,000 now and was at 0 a yr ago.. I spent 3 wks in the hospital.. had my spleen taken out .. and months of treatments..and Im yet to see 50,000 count.. Hood luck to all of you
Arthur Brunt

Stourbridge, UK

#887 Mar 5, 2014
Been having blood tests nearly 18 months. My last one was yesterday and the result was 107. Consultant wants to. See e again in 3 months. Also have an enlarged Spleen, I'm 81 years old should I be concerned.

Charleston, WV

#888 Apr 10, 2014
Nancy wrote:
I am not sure what a blood platelet count considered low at 106 means. It has gone down from 119. I have no symptoms whatsoever. I have been told that I am anemic since I was a child. Can someone give me any information on this particular count?
..........my Dr told me my platelets was low to 110 i don't know if he meant 110,000 i don't know i just know he said 110 and i asked him what was it post to be he said 200 and i asked him what would be the dangerous number and he said 10 i don't know much about it either i wish doctors would tell a person more on it so i would know and everyone else to but i am worried i know that .i am hoping nothing is wrong with me i want to live a while longer hope i helped you i have been trying to read on it to the Dr said it can be food you eat but didn't said what kind i looked it up and it said raw food or food that is now cooked good but i never eat anything that isn't well cook or done i don't know.

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