What does a low blood platelet count ...

What does a low blood platelet count mean?

There are 914 comments on the News Sun story from May 7, 2007, titled What does a low blood platelet count mean?. In it, News Sun reports that:

“My family physician did a blood test.”

"I was told that my blood platelets are low," my 25-year-old Hispanic female patient informed me three years ago. via News Sun

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Nurun Nahar


#517 May 24, 2011
My platelet is only 14000, Dr. said MDS, now what sholud i do? Need plt?

Pittsburgh, PA

#518 May 24, 2011
I was told my blood platelets were low> In 2009 they were 185,000 and now in 2011 they were 129,000 but I recently got my blood platelets re-checked and they were up to 153,000. I'm still worried because I know that can be an indication of bone morrow issues as well as other things. My doctor said that my blood platelets being low may be my normal range. I'll see what happens on my next appointment when my blood is checked again.

Cardington, OH

#519 May 26, 2011
My platelet levels were 30,000 when my Dr. admitted me to the hospital. Overnight they dropped to 13,000 (normal range is 150,000-400,000). Steroids and IVIG were administered over the course of 4 days. Platelets were up to 300,000! Near the end of the IVIG treatment (intravenous antibodies) I developed a severe headache. Diagnosed with aseptic meningitis. Two days later, diagnosed with a blood clot in my left arm. Now I'm on blood thinners and my platelet count is 30,000 again and falling. Having a bone marrow biopsy in a week to see what's going on. By the way, I have severe bruising and extreme fatigue. DON'T TRUST DR'S DIAGNOSIS OF ITP (IMMUNE THROMBOCYTOPENIA PURPURA) GET A SECOND OPINION!

Ellensburg, WA

#520 Jun 3, 2011
I was told by my Dr.That my platelets wer't producing enough substance as well?She also told me she is ording you guessed it another lab test.SHe sent the lab after the blood draw so the Patholigist and the Hemotoligist can look under the scope to identify,I was also told that the blood test could get shiped out for another look.My Dr.told me she is concern?Do I start to panic I am only39 years of age a college student for the first time ever and almost on the deans list.I have two kids and a marriage of 20 years.I am not ready to die.

Houston, TX

#521 Jun 4, 2011
i have been diagnosis w/severe reflux and my platelet count is 113 thousand Low, what does this mean?
Priyanka Kumari

Mumbai, India

#522 Jun 5, 2011
My brother has fallens sick thrice in last 6 months.First time it was Dengu then second time it was respiratiry falures , huge patches on chest in Xray was in ICU for 10 days,took time to recover.Third time he fanted & his plalets were again down & he was admitted & given medicine for Maleria by his doc (Blanket Medicine).Now after that too his platelets were down to 50000-60000 in different labs.He is clinically fine.Having no problems as such BUT now doc is suggesting to show to heamatologist & get Bone marrow done.I would like to know what is to be done? Plz. suggest...help...comment

Fulton, MS

#523 Jun 6, 2011
i have had itp since 1980 i was first diagnoised with a count of 4000 and back then the drug of choice was prednisone i was given TONS of it over many years to try to stabilize my counts and all it succeeded in doing was cause me to gain 80 pounds. i ended up having my spleen removed and my counts got even lower. i am 43 years old now and have tried it all.. nothing has helped me
over the years my body has become accustomed to the affects of low platelets and i have to really pay attention to my body and act quickly when i feel them dropping. they usually run no higher than 40,000 on a good day. i only need treatment if i am having a surgical procedure done and then i have to have platelets given to me before..during and after surgery... it sucks but after all these years i don't know any other way.. good luck to you all

Stockbridge, MI

#524 Jun 9, 2011
Mary wrote:
I was told my platelets were at 57. A few weeks later I had another test and they were in the normal range. I had no treatments for the low platelets and am wondering if platelets can go back to normal without any medications.
one month my blood platletts will be low,i go back 4 weeks and its normal again, waited 3 months was normal, went back today almost 2 months later and they are back low again, dont know what happen but they go high then low then high then normal, dont understand it , wasnt on any meds or done any thing different

Lewistown, PA

#525 Jun 10, 2011
khe sd wrote:
My daughter has very low platelets. Her count yesterday before transfusion was only 1000! I am not getting answers from her Dr., only that we have to wait and see if her body can start rebuilding these on it's own. Very scary. Does anybody know how long she might go through this. I'm sorry, I know each case is different. But has anybody gone through this for a period of time with this getting better?
Have your daughter tested for ITP. I have a low blood count and there is not cure. The stereoids are not good. They work temporarely. The IV globolin is not good either. Eventually the blood will keep going down.


#526 Jun 13, 2011
I have had small red pinmarks around my ankles and up my legs for over 6 months now. They do not go away and get worse when shaving. I also bruise very easily and if someone so much presses on my skin a red mark appears. I got a blood test last week and the results have come through saying I have a low platelets count. I do not have any other symptoms though and it does not effect how I feel. Any suggestions?

Austin, TX

#527 Jun 16, 2011
If you have not already done so, you need to get your dad to a hematologist (specialist in blood disorders) immediately! He may need to have a bone marrow biopsy to rule out cancer, such as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It is possible that he has a type of cancer that is chewing up the blood cells &/or platelets almost as fast as they can transfuse him. Recall that all hematologists are oncologists (cancer doctors) but not all oncologists are hematologists (specializing in blood/marrow cancers). I hope this helps you. Best to you and your family.
shilon georgetown KY wrote:
My father has been losing blood for a year now needing and getting transfusions every five days. He recently found his platelets low. He has been losing blood for so long that he now has renal failure and is dialysis. I have went to numbmerous doctors and get little anwsers and less hope for help does any have this condition and what have you had done?

Denver, CO

#528 Jun 23, 2011
Hi Marie, I was just curious as to what the result of the low platelets was? I too had hodgkins, received chemo and radation and have recovered. Radiation treatment ended 6 months ago but my white cells and platelets are still low. The doctor wants to do a blood marrow biopsy next week. Could you please tell me what your experience was? Thank you

Sandown, NH

#529 Jun 29, 2011
My husband went for annual physical on friday, had blood work done his white cells over shadowed all other test..they were at 28,000 they redid on saturday even higher at 25,000 there was no reading on platelets 0 was what they said..my fear is Leukemia...my worst fear is how advanced it is...he is so beside himself..not feeling ill at all then to be told this...i just pray to god...
johnny ruiz

Los Angeles, CA

#530 Jun 29, 2011
Lois wrote:
My husband went for annual physical on friday, had blood work done his white cells over shadowed all other test..they were at 28,000 they redid on saturday even higher at 25,000 there was no reading on platelets 0 was what they said..my fear is Leukemia...my worst fear is how advanced it is...he is so beside himself..not feeling ill at all then to be told this...i just pray to god...
i have 29,000 i will pray for him he will be ok i am 60 yr. old
Steve Shiner

Mountain Ash, UK

#531 Jul 1, 2011
I have to have blood test every six month, due to having a fatty liver my blood counts has been going up and down for years now.

However last month for the first time my blood platelets fell to 70. My doctor contacted me to request a repeat blood test this one came back at 95. My doctor once more request another blood test and that came back 65.

My doctor is now requesting that I see a hematologist for more test

I've been getting blood shot eyes and also bad heads and poor eye sight.

Should I be concerned

Smithtown, NY

#532 Jul 12, 2011
cbc has been between 12.3 12.8 then 13.0 for a long time then 12.3 12.8????? should I worry?

Stafford, UK

#533 Jul 14, 2011
Colin wrote:
3rd blood test in 3 months.Platelets still @ 107 and Doctor is now seeking advice from a specialist as to what to do next. Stopped taking Asprin and Ramipril as he initialy thought it was one of these that had caused the problem to begin with. Still feel crap.
Mmmm I have had odd platelets for about 20-3 years now. This year they went down to 7, then 5 then 2 then ....1!One measley platelet. I am a runner and find this frustrating, but I have kkept runninga nd lostly feel fine. Sometimes tired tho. The docs seem to think its an auto immune reaction kicked off by an infection of bilharzia from a tropical snail.....
Well this is not a helpful message but I thought it might make you smile.
Today I have 84 platelets and the nurse seems happy with that! I will try not to fall off the bike on my way home from work!
johnny ruiz

Los Angeles, CA

#534 Jul 14, 2011
i am happy for you karen , iam 60 and have 29000,hang in there keep living your life because there nothing they can do .they say they have no clue how we get it . your friend johnny

Duluth, GA

#536 Jul 15, 2011
I was detected with ITP last year and was given Immunoglobulins. My counts jumped from 5K to 416K within 20 days and sustained within range for about a year.
About 2 weeks back I started feeling numb on my feet and had a bit of a cold. Doctor suggested me to do a b12, d3 and CBC..... b12 was in range, d3 insufficeint and platelet was down to 128K..... it was nothing to fear. I however did a follow up test next day and the count was 57K and by the time I drove down to the hospital it was 37K.
My doc is not at all keen on giving me any steriod becuase I had Hodgkins disease like 9 years ago and he is scared that steroids may just flare up my nodes again.... anyways again he gave immunoglobulins post which my counts moved from 37K to 57K to 96K and finally 124K before dropping again to 101K yesterday. However in this entire relapse episode my RBC and HGB also have been marginally lower (though my haemo is least bothered about it. I went for a second opinion and the other doc wants to do a Bone Marrow biopsy again.
I am not sure if I want to do this because I find BM very painful.

United States

#537 Jul 16, 2011

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