What does a low blood platelet count ...

What does a low blood platelet count mean?

There are 901 comments on the News Sun story from May 7, 2007, titled What does a low blood platelet count mean?. In it, News Sun reports that:

“My family physician did a blood test.”

"I was told that my blood platelets are low," my 25-year-old Hispanic female patient informed me three years ago. via News Sun

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David-Lexington SC

Lexington, SC

#432 Sep 16, 2010
my platelets were at 19 this morning and I've been experiencing a change in my vision ... has anyone else had this happen
Mercades Nuccio

Denham Springs, LA

#433 Sep 22, 2010
Well, I'm 18 and I have had low blood platelets for a few years now but never as bad as it is now. I went to the doctor yesterday because my blood vesules have been busting for no reason. I am a senior at Springfield High in Louisiana and I passed out in class 6th hour Monday. At the doctor office the ran a few test and told me to come back next wednesday to see if it's cancer because of how bad its getting. I don't understand how this could happen. Yea, it run's in my family but they only get it when they are oldder. I was pregnate but thanks to this I lost my baby. This has been my second miscarriage this year. You would think that doctors would check more into these things to try and help people but they don't.
Mercades Nuccio

Denham Springs, LA

#434 Sep 22, 2010
I've had it happen a few times. Mostly everything goes black and I can't see.

Rochester, NH

#435 Sep 24, 2010
My platelet count just came back at 115 again, i am on Enbrel and have Psoriatic Arthritis....I am confused on this forum when I see the numbers 20,000 platelets, 45,000? What does mean 115 mean? Thank you for any help.....Diana

Los Angeles, CA

#436 Sep 24, 2010
David-Lexington SC wrote:
my platelets were at 19 this morning and I've been experiencing a change in my vision ... has anyo ne else had this happen


#437 Sep 27, 2010
When does a drop in plateletes become concerning. A friend has been running 20-30 points low for 2-3 months. Alot of fatique, then near blackout spells, then irregular heart rythums. any connection?

Los Angeles, CA

#438 Sep 27, 2010
i had 29000 then i been taking b-12 also vitamin -k now my count is 39000 maybe that will help some one down the line .

Rochester, NH

#439 Sep 27, 2010

I am confused with the way they meausure the levels of the platelets, mine are at 115.......what does this mean, I started taking a vit with K in it , is that enough or should I find just straight K? Diana Thank you
lynne Where London

Hartlepool, UK

#442 Oct 6, 2010
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Austin, TX

#443 Oct 6, 2010
I have just been told that my platelet count is 98,000 and I should worry about internal bleeding to death if I even bump my head. They said go right to the ER. I see here the conversation talks about much lower counts than mine. I have few symptoms, sometimes little red spots on arms or legs. when I cut myself it scabs over but the scab stays a long time. Has anyone had experience with this level, 98,000? I have a possible autoimmune disease, Krohn's. I also have Hep C. Does anyone know any connection. The docs have told me little. I've had a spleen scan and it is "unremarkable". I have a liver biopsy next week. I drink some, but not much and the docs seem to focus on this totally. Anyone else know anything else?

La Mirada, CA

#444 Oct 10, 2010
what does it means for a 86 year old man to have 1million count blood platelets?


#445 Oct 11, 2010
I got a fever and now admitted in a hospital. Through blood test, it came to know that count of platelets in my blood is 80,000. And normal should be 2lakh. Is there anything serious in my condition. What is the critical count of platelets. And what should be its after effects?

United States

#446 Oct 12, 2010
My daughter has Mayhegglin disorder which is a rare blood disorder that causes your platelets to all be abnormally large. Her blood count usually ranges between 70 and 80 thousand, but last week her count was 19 and today they are 14 thousand the doctors are going to run more test on her but I am very worried because my dad died when I was seven with Aplastic Anemia, and she is only 15, has anyone had similar problems that happened this fast?

Columbus, GA

#447 Oct 13, 2010
my sister platlets is very low they said it is 2 right now she is in the hospital recovering from e coli do any body no if it will raies

Tampa, FL

#448 Oct 13, 2010
Kim wrote:
<quoted text>
My daughter also got very sick. We took her to the ER her platelets were 8 (thousand) she started having nose bleeds that couldn't be controlled, eye bruising, and brusies all over. She had just turned 18. They diagnoised her with ITP, anemia. She had to have two infusions 5 bags total of platelets. The ITP came on suddenly, no reason. They first thought it was due to antibiotic but that wasn't it. No cure for this blood disease either. Five months later and she is doing good. No relapse as of yet. She does get tired and I noticed that she gets sick more often. She is doing well, I hope your daughter gets the treatment she needs and all is well! My prayers are with you!
My daughter 18 went through same thing first time in hospital her platelets where 7000 . They said she had itp and let her go home at 9000 platelet count which was really stupid . she couldn't hardly talk was in so much pain second day home called dr.Had to wheel chair her in she couldn't sit up had to find a bed for her did blood work and wanted to send her home and do out patient therapy . I said no put in in hospital started a chemo drug that made her have a grandma seizure. she was in a coma for 5 days her platelet count was 3000. 1ST day in ICU they did blood test and found she had ttp. They didn't expect her to live . But she came out of the coma and spent 2 and half weeks in ICU. I didn't sleep first 5 days until she came out of the coma . The hosptial gave us a cot to sleep on me and my x stay lived in the ICU. this was the second time she was in hospital. Second day in ICU they started PLASMA PHERESIS treatment think she had 25 of them that is what saved her life ...

Cleveland, OH

#449 Oct 19, 2010
yeah i kno how u feel i have low blood platlets and im 19 they have no clue whats goin on!:(
False platelet count

H√łnefoss, Norway

#450 Oct 26, 2010
I had a CBC and the platelet count was 89000. After ten days i had an other CBC with a small increasing up to 97000. Dr kept an eye on the low platelet count and my third test which i took one month after showed "too low platelets to be counted" it means the blood was clumping something called platelet aggregation. So i had to take a test in an other tube called citrate tube. This time the platelet count was 228000 which is very normal. In fact about 15% of people with thrombocytopenia have false platelet count called pseodutrombocytopenia which means false platelet count. And thats due to some antibodies in the blood which reacts with EDTA in the ordinary blood tubes. Pretty stupid but its true. So do not stress if you have low platelet count and ask your dr to do a test with citrate tube.

Midway, GA

#451 Oct 28, 2010
My 2 year old daughter had blood tests yesterday and they found her platelet level to be low, so they ordered a retest. Well today I took her back in and they drew some more, retested came back lower than the previous and so the drew some more and once again it was low. I took her to the doc origionally for 4 toenails that are coming off the nailbed and so this is what I got now. We go to a pediatric hematologists tomarrow and was curious if anyone has any idea what this may be and what the doctor will do tomarrow. She is otherwise pretty healthy, doesn't bruise easily, doesn't bleed longer than normal for a scrape. Only wierd thing is no reaction to shots or blood draws, now crying no real sense of pain experienced by other kids.
False platelet count

H√łnefoss, Norway

#452 Oct 29, 2010
Joy: im not a dr but what i have learned about the low thrombocytes is caused by many different reasons and it does not indicate a serious illness necessarly. If your child is healthy and has no symptoms i guess the low platelet count can be caused by an immunological situation. An ear infection or even a simple viral infection can cause low platelet count by increased destruction of platelets by the white blood cells and the spleen. This is what causes low platelet count specially with children in many cases. This is not a big concern although the dr will follow the platelet count continiously with afew weeks of break in between. You did not mention her platelet count but children are exposed to low platelet count more than adults and the count will increase as soon as the underlying issue has been solved. I do not think you have to worry at all. Some believe that green leafy vegetables and b12 rich foods like lamb liver can help the body to produce more platelets, this is not documented though. I hope all test will come back clear this time.

Milwaukee, WI

#453 Nov 1, 2010
marie wrote:
i had hodgkins. recieved chemo and radiaton and recovered. i finished tratments in 2006. my followups every 3 mos. included blood samples,pet/cat scans. seemed to be doing pretty well but my dr. told me today that my platelets are low and i have anemia. do you think that it is damage done from the chemo treatment over a year ago? can i try medication to build up the platelet number?
Hello Marie,

I Had chemo also in 2006 and my platlets are low now, but I feel okay. Have your platelets come back since 2007 when you said they were low? Did chemo damage your blood/platelet making bone marrow?

I would like to know how you are doing and what you found out.


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