What does a low blood platelet count ...

What does a low blood platelet count mean?

There are 906 comments on the News Sun story from May 7, 2007, titled What does a low blood platelet count mean?. In it, News Sun reports that:

“My family physician did a blood test.”

"I was told that my blood platelets are low," my 25-year-old Hispanic female patient informed me three years ago. via News Sun

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Fort Myers Beach, FL

#267 Sep 29, 2009
Jen wrote:
I was told I had a low platelet count when I was in labor with my son last year so they did not give me the epidural. I also had a blood transfusion about 7 years prior bc my hemogloban was at 2. All my doctors have told me after that was to eat well and take my vitamins. Ever since I was 12 I would get sick and vomit everytime I had my menstrual cycle and go through one over night pad in one hour(sorry if its too much info), I would sometimes lose 10lbs in one week from so much vomiting. I am now 25 with 2 kids and am without insurance but can not receive medicaid. I am always tired, as pail as a ghost, and bruise very easily. It have never crossed my mind that all these problems I have had in the past 13 years had anything to do with each other till now. Has anyone gone through anything similiar
Jen, read post #263, & 264. Unfortunately, I too had very heavy periods. And this might be part of the answer you are looking for. Do you get migraines also? And when you where younger did you have sore throats, or get sick very easily, and run fevers?
Kanwal Nalwa

Singapore, Singapore

#268 Sep 29, 2009
The juice of papaya leaf is very effective...I am undergoing chemotherapy and my platelets fall...on Thursday they were 23000 and on monday they were 1 lakh 94 thousand...just two tbsps of juice a day..must monitor with blood test because above 4 lakhs is dangerous too..the juice of bittergourd is also good...both are very bitter so mix some honey...take care

Peoria, AZ

#269 Sep 29, 2009
jaye wrote:
my daugter has just been told her platelets are 9 they should be 150 400 i dont understand why and what things it could be to cause it the doctors say they are doing lots of test she brusies easy and always having periods that last 3weeks can anyone help me understand what it could
Jaye, your daughter needs to be seen by a hematologist asap. 9 is very low. I do not mean to scare you but I too have had low platelet scores of less than 10. She needs to have treatment and they need to find out why her platelets are that low. Please let keep me posted I will be thinking of you and your daughter

Peoria, AZ

#270 Sep 29, 2009
Ysenia wrote:
<quoted text>
I am writing about my son who is 12 yrs old. He had Pneumonia in Jan. and they did bloodwork his CBC showed low platelets at 64000 so they sent us to a hematologist. At that visit he was 54000 and they took 14 viles of blood to check for all these different diseases. Thank God they all came back negative. But we are coming on 8 months and the highest they have gotten was 101000, which was good but the last time we went they had went back down to 75000. I am getting more worried. They checked both me and my husband and our platelets were normal. Once his platelets go back past 100000 they want to send us to an immunologists. They don't know whats going on and it scares me that they don't know. I wish you luck. Remember to ask alot of questions, and about every test that they want to do. Anyone out there ever been through this?
Has your son had a bone marrow biopsy yet? That may or may not give you the reason why he has low platelets but if he is being by a hematologist, I would have thought he would have done the biopsy already.

Nashville, TN

#271 Oct 2, 2009
Actually I see my oncologist Dec. 15, 2009. When my platelets show a higher return I will tell my Oncologist what I did to bring them back up. I will do it in a respectful way, but will also tell him what I did to bring them back up. I will tell him then that he doesn't need to do transfusions to bring them back up.
I don't sell anything.
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Doctors don't cure anything. They only diagnose and treat the symptoms. The only thing that cures you is your immune system. I won't destroy mine with chemo. I would never tell you or anyone else to not do chemo, but I thank God that I didn't do it.

United States

#272 Oct 8, 2009
My fiance is in a very similar situation to yours with petechiae and a platelet count of 120. I was just hoping you could let me know what you have found out to this point from the specialists. I just want to have a better grasp on what is possible.
KSue wrote:
Hi Christine,
Thank you for your well wishes and I hope this finds you doing better. My heart goes out to you and the many others on here who have much worse situations than mine. Hopefully the problem I'm having is related to the NSAID pain reliever and nothing more serious. Time and that upcoming appointment will tell. Since this is the second time this has happened, my doctor (which is my obgyn) wants me to see a specialist. I will let everyone know the outcome. I pray it will be good news, not just for me, but so it will help others feel better about getting low platelet results and offer some hope. In the mean time, you and the other posters with much lower platelets and the various causes for it are in my continued prayers. May God bless you all and give you strength.
<quoted text>

United States

#273 Oct 8, 2009
oops....I meant Karen. sorry KSUE


#274 Oct 9, 2009
Ok the only thing I know about the blood platelets are:#1 When they drop there is a reason,,,the first thing they should do is rule out cancer, that is the number one symptom of lymphoma and leukemia is your blood platelets dropping, or another type of cancer,,,once they rule out cancer,,,it can be any auto immune disease (not aids don't let that confuse you) once they rule out cancer they diaganose you with thrombocytopenia,,blood platelet disorder yes it can be serious,,they should test you every 3 months to see if they rebuild on their own,,,if they don't then they will have to do something they don't like to do anything about it unless they hit below 100,000 then they do a bone marrow biopsy to see why they are dropping or why they are not rebuiding on their own! Everyone on here sounds like they have a wrong doctor,,,someone mentioned on here about someone having a bp count of 1000????? well they don't have long unless they give them a transplant what the hell are these doctors doing????? i hope i could answer a few questions for somebody,,,but yes blood platelets are serious! I have a auto immune disease sle lupus which could cause the bp disorder and now mine is 80,000 the blood specialist wants to see me this week and I will let you all know what he said take care


#275 Oct 9, 2009
Heather,,,if they diagnosed you having thrombocytophenia that is a auto immune disease,,,did they tell you that? it can be serious because that is what i have,,, research it,,under auto immune diseases,,then thrombocytopenia I have sle lupus which is a auto immune disease,,since then I developed the blood platelet disorder,sugar, gatropiresis,,,auto immune diseases are aweful!!! slowly deteriates your body!
Heather wrote:
I have had a condition called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia since 1999. At diagnosis my platlet counts were 30000 and i too was sent to the ER. Idiopathic is just a fancy term for they have no idea why. I was treated with mass amounts of prednisone which was horrible. They have gone up and down over the years with no real rhyme or reason. Its a very frustrating condition with no real symptoms. You can have an extremly low count with no bleeding or pettichia. I currently have no health insurance so from day to day i have no idea what my counts are. My only advice is if you are experiences anyting abnormal and you have been told you have platlet disorder, go to the hospital. this condiditon CAN be very dangerous. See a hemotologist regulary, if you can. And take charge of your care. Have things explained to you so that you can understand what is going on inside your body!
Kimberley Swartz

Little River, SC

#276 Oct 13, 2009
There is nothing we can do to increase our platelets except receive transfusions. In a percentage of cases, after a transfusion, your body will begin to produce the platelets again on its own, in others, repeated transfusions will be required.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#277 Oct 13, 2009
I have a sister who platelet is low and her haemoglobin is under 4. She was given a blood transfusion and is still feeling week. The doctor two years ago diagnose her with acute fibroysis leukemia now I am worried because most likely she many need a bone marrow transplant. Any suggestion would greatly appreciated.

New Orleans, LA

#278 Oct 15, 2009
My husband has low platlets.They were 83000 then 63000 then 6000 we had to go to hospital they put him on predizone. 180 m everyday for about a week and it got them up to 413000 now they are slowly lowering them. he gets blood taken 2 a week. he platlet count is now 168000 so he will be on this medication for probably the rest of his life.he is now taking 60 m of predizone. Its a wait and see game. Drives you crazy. Get a oncoligist they are a blood specialist. All of his white and red bloods cells are fine. They may do a bone marrrow test they are just waiting to see if the medicine will keep them up. Our Dr. explains everything so get a different Dr. you need a oncoligist.

Springboro, OH

#279 Oct 23, 2009
This forum is so helpful. Thanks for the posts- it's very helpful.

I just went to a routine OBGYN appointment and she called me at work to let me know I needed to see an Oncologist/Hematologist as soon as possible. I'm 29 and overall pretty healthy. I have an appointment set for three days with a Hematologist and am having quite a bit of anxiety. Can anyone let me know what to expect?

Last year my OBGYN said my levels were 139,000. She said they were on the lower side, but not too concerning. She said it could be that I was fighting an oncoming virus, had a bad breakfast, etc. She said to have it checked, but I lost my insurance three weeks later so I didn't. Now I have insurance and went back and my levels are 116,000.

I feel fatigue, but don't bruise really at all. Is it possible that the test is incorrect or maybe I had a bad breakfast, etc or is 116,000 too low for that type of explanation?

I'm doing the worst thing ever and researching this online and quickly spiraling. hahah...

Nashville, TN

#280 Oct 24, 2009
Kimberley Swartz wrote:
There is nothing we can do to increase our platelets except receive transfusions. In a percentage of cases, after a transfusion, your body will begin to produce the platelets again on its own, in others, repeated transfusions will be required.
Hi Kimberly: I hope that you are wrong in saying there is nothing you can do for low platelets.
A woman who I regard as one of the top Naturopath's in the world, who also has a Masters in Macrobiology has suggested to me to take Beet Root capsules and a whole green food called GFS 2000. I had made my Oncologist mad when I told him in June 2009 that I would bring my platelets back up in 6 months. He wanted to know just how I was going to do that. When I see him in December and my platelets are back up I will have these two empty canisters in a brown paper sack and I will "respectfully" show them to him and tell him he doesn't have to do blood transfusions to increase plateles.
I am in my 6th year Stage IV Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma. I did not do Chemo as he suggested. I am 65 years old. Still work 40 hour weeks and still at this point take no medication of any kind.
Doctors only Diagnose and treat the symptoms. They don't cure anything. Only your Immune System cures you. I cut out 95% of sweets and I drink Essiac Tea. I have not had a Cola of any kind in almost 6 years. I am doing something right. If interested please go to my website "NO ADVERTISEMENTS ON MY WEBSITE". 4th page tells you what I am doing to combat my Cancer and All diseases. The 1st 3 pages tell you about my life. I think you will find it interesting and will encourage any of you folks in your battle. I am back to eating some meats and cooked foods, but I take digestive enzymes when I do. www.dhamilton.ws

concerned Dad

Rochester, MN

#281 Oct 28, 2009
My 12 year old daughter came out positive for the H1N1 Flu. 2 CBC's have been done and they have both came out in the 50's. Is this a reaction from the H1N1 or is their another concern there? The doctor's have us a little worried, but keep saying to come back and get rechecked.
Concerned Grandaughter

Enid, OK

#282 Oct 29, 2009
My Granny is in the hospital. She had petechia on her legs and chest (it looks like a rash, it is tiny blood specs under the skin). It is caused by low platelet count.

Platelets make your blood clot. When your body isn't making platelets or is attacking the platelets then your body can't clot it's own blood. The capillaries (blood vessels) in your skin start to bleed causing the tiny blood specs under the skin. At least that is what I understand from the research I have done.

Now for the hard part... my granny's platelet count dropped to 2,000... they started her on a steroid to see if it was caused by a blood borne bacteria. No luck there. The platelets went up to 9,000 and then back down. Yesterday they did a bone marrow biopsy. We are waiting for the results to determine what we are dealing with.

In the meantime we are trying to get her platelet count up...without a transfusion... I appreciate the suggestion of the beetroot. I am going to the health food store tomorrow on the way to see her.

Wishing you all the best!

Hemet, CA

#283 Oct 29, 2009
i have gotten two blood test done and both have resulted in low platelets , could this be linked to diabetes

West Hartford, CT

#284 Oct 30, 2009
My husbands Dr called today to tell my husband to go to the hospital. He has Thrombocytopenia. His plalete count is 42,000. He is having a CT Scan of his abdomin and pelvis. And needs to meet with a hemotologist. This is all new to me and very sudden. What should I expect? What's going on?
sandra zgheib

Beirut, Lebanon

#285 Nov 2, 2009
hey i am a patient that was diagnosed 15 years ago with low platelet counts but now my case had deteriorated and i am now faced with a bone marrow failure disease and that means that i dont have enough cells in my bone marrow whether red blood, white blood or platelets. luckily i am not suffering from any symptoms but i just wanted to say that dont take ur blood results for granted and if u discover any mutation with ur blood counts immediately check a doctor and dont stop until u find a treatement

Birmingham, UK

#286 Nov 2, 2009
sandra zgheib wrote:
hey i am a patient that was diagnosed 15 years ago with low platelet counts but now my case had deteriorated and i am now faced with a bone marrow failure disease and that means that i dont have enough cells in my bone marrow whether red blood, white blood or platelets. luckily i am not suffering from any symptoms but i just wanted to say that dont take ur blood results for granted and if u discover any mutation with ur blood counts immediately check a doctor and dont stop until u find a treatement
Do you feel very tired, and do you have blood transfusions

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