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Holmen, WI

#1 Jun 28, 2011
i'm as sick of hearing about sleep apnea as i am about fibromialgia,for better than 95% of the people 'diagnosed' with sleep apnea it is a scam to get you to spend money you don't have on CRAP you don't need.
most of the 'symptoms' of this 'horrible disease' can be traced to our own lifestyles.
tired a lot? well do you get your 8 hours of sleep every night?i bet not,most of us don't.other things that cause us to be drawn out are mostly eating habits...drink a lot of soda? sugar and caffeine will mimic symptoms of what they call sleep apnea as well as fatty foods putting undue stress on our fairly fragile bodies.the u.s. has the safest yet unhealthiest food available for it's people that's why we are the FATTEST country in the world,no one poisons there population more than we do,and that all adds up to sleep loss and FALSE symptoms.
can't fall asleep? did you eat just before bed,nothing like an energy boost before bedtime!bet you wake up with gut rot and have a tendency to gag in the mornings to.are you stressed out about the day's events and can't get it out of your head,naw that can't be it...can it?lets not talk about 'legal crank' in the form of energy drinks that we all THINK we need just to get through the day,we all need our '5 hour energy 'when it's probably because you only get 5 hours of sleep,even after the boost wears off it's still there helping you stay awake.
putting a fan in your bedroom to move air or leaving a window open at night keeps fresh air(and oxygen) coming in and it's a damn sight cheaper than $189 a month for CRAP gear.

Since: Feb 08

Holmen, WI

#2 Jun 28, 2011
depression as a symptom?????well why not ?as they have been telling us for years we are ALL depressed,take a little pill like they tell you to so you don't realize that getting depressed is part of life that normal people just shrug off as a bad day....until the doctor says it's not normal!sorry but if 80% of the population is depressed....that is normal! couldn't have anything to do with the state of events we are going through,we should all be overjoyed about high taxes and higher gas prices along with pay cuts to help us out with increasing prices on EVERYTHING ! just take another pill cause nothing says happy like a double dose of FUCITOL !
morning headaches,Memory difficulties,Personality changes,Poor concentration all related to not getting enough sleep i the first i said most of us don't get 8 hours of sleep a night ,were lucky to get 5 and not because we CAN'T sleep it's because we don't give ourselves the time.
Restless and fitful sleep,well covered that,change your eating habits and leave the day behind when it's time to sleep (i know that's a hard one)
Frequent waking up during the night to urinate,how did you answer the soda question?

they group EVERYTHING in with sleep apnea,snoring is sleep apnea,change positions or try loosing some weight or maybe one of those spring loaded band-aids to open your nasal passages so you can breath better,again a lot cheaper than the machine and oxygen bottles.

when you sleep you normally breath deeper to increase o2 levels,if you rely on o2 tanks soon your body will get used to having that and won't function properly without it,and yes even if you don't have any of the symptoms but use this
crap gear and 02 you will sleep better and when you try to sleep without it you'll have a harder time sleeping as well as feeling drawn out in the morning from breathing just air,so the equipment can actually INCREASE the symptoms,or create them .

now i am not saying that there aren't people out there with this,if you stop breathing for 5 seconds or more repeatedly then you have a problem (quit smoking!) but if your test shows you stopped breathing 20 times a minute for 4 milliseconds that's just normal breathing transition from inhale to exhale,check yourself i bet that you stop breathing for 1-2 seconds WHEN YOUR AWAKE.
of course snoring stops you breathing for a millisecond or two,snoring is from an obstruction in the airway of loose or relaxed muscles in your sinus' and throat,again change positions or loose some weight....spring loaded band-aid.
AL in Baltimore

Middle River, MD

#4 Apr 18, 2012
Yes, I realize now that doctors are making a lot of money from this Sleep Apnea thing. Medicare is taking a beating with everyone over 65 being diagnosed with having it.
I recently tried the CRAP device and each morning my eyes were very swollen, my sinuses were plugged up and was always tired attempting to stop the noise (it kept my wife awake also)from air leaking around my mask. I found a device on E-Bay that stopped my snoring since it fits in my mouth after making it fit me.

Albuquerque, NM

#5 Dec 12, 2012
wow scarecrow you are scary. You should really do some research before you decide things all on your own. Sleep apnea is a real problem that really exists. If you could watch the videos and exam the studies you would change your mind. I have OSA and I don't just snore I make a squeaking sound trying to breathe. I'm not fat and I have a skinny neck???

Also every person that has a sleep disorder either has or has had a vitamin D deficiency.

Now think about that. How long has the developed world been staying inside? How long has sleep apnea been around. Guess what, people who live in countries where they are still outside the majority of the time have a very low rate of sleep apnea and other diseases that we have in developed countries.

Did you know that most people with OSA sleep more than 8 to 10 hours and are still tired?

I really hate when people make up their minds about something without having any real knowledge on an issues.

OSA contributes to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Sure glad your not a doctor.

Peoria, IL

#6 Mar 10, 2013
Lisacalisa wrote:
Sure glad your not a doctor.
But I bet you are or at least you profit from this greed scam!!!!

Kirkland, WA

#8 Aug 7, 2013
Sleep Apnea study centers have become a booming business for Doctors and Device makers just like back in the day when the was booming for IT professionals. Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying there are not people out there that genuinely do suffer from Apnea. Because there are, but in my opinion, I feel doctors need to be doing a much better job at identifying the root cause, instead of being so quick at referring their patients to sleep study labs. The sleep study laps are just overly too excited to get referrals. Go figure’s…Dollar signs. In my case, I strongly believe I do not have sleep Apnea. Yet that is what the Doctor at the Sleep Center diagnosed me after a sleepover at their center. I already know the reasons why I do not get much sleep, and always feeling tired. I go to bed very late around 11:-11:30pm and wake up every morning at 4:00am. In addition, I do have a very stressful job, which sometimes does contributes to my lack of sleep. I am not overweight so we can rule out weight. To me these are some of the key factors for my sleep-deprived issues. My doctor was well aware that I slept very little due to having to wake up early for work. Therefore, to this day I do not understand why I was sent (tagged)for a sleep study and prescribed a machine to use.

I tried using the machine, and on a few occasions, it woke me up grasping for air as I felt it was interfering with my breathing. The machine made no difference for me. The remedy for my sleep issues/tiredness is for me to go to bed early and work on my stress level. Unfortunately, the huge bill does not help contain my stress level it in fact increased my stress level. My insurance cover’s 80% of the sleep study the rest is out of my pocket. Sleep study’s may work well for others, but it did nothing for me, except hurt me financially.

My advices to anyone planning to take a sleep study test, is do your homework, ask many questions and Contact your insurance prior to undergoing the sleep study to find out how much insurance covers. Ask the sleep study lab ahead of time for the total cost of the sleepover test. They will try dancing around this question, but insist of getting them to give you a breakdown of cost upfront. It is your right to know how much it costs. That way with cost information, you obtained from your insurance. You know exactly how much your out of pocket cost is going to be. Therefore, you can budget accordingly instead of being caught off guard with a huge bill.

Turtle Lake, WI

#9 Aug 17, 2013
sleep apnea is caused by restricted blood flow to the brain.One of the biggest causes of this are upper neck adjustments by your chiropractor that dissect the 4 arteries in the upper neck causing them to 'hour-glass'the big problem here is that plak will build up on that hour glass and then break loose to hit the brain causing a stroke.
the doctor that invented sleep apnea and the machines has been found as a fraud in his own country but because of the money behind it the American medical association welcomes it....welcom to a capitalist country where even doctors can make money just by KEEPING you sick.

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