B-12 and Lipotropic Injections for We...

Tampa, FL

#1395 Sep 26, 2007
does anybody know a doctor in daytona beach florida?

Los Angeles, CA

#1396 Sep 26, 2007
Dr. Kerendian was the nicest Dr. I have seen in years. I finally saw him today. I actually was worked in the same day. I was so happy. I actually have to lose only 10 lbs and I probably know many of you think I am crazy and have bigger weight issues. I really have felt down, and Dr. Kerendian gave me hope, I actually was amazed that he would not put me on appetite supressants. He declined to do so, and stated that he would never do that to me, but encouraged to be more restricitive with my diet. He did give me a combination of injections which included Amino Acids, three different kinds of them. He also mixed it in with B-1, B-6 and B-Complex and he put lidocaine in it, so It would not hurt. I have a photo shoot in 20 days and I have seen this combination work with other models that I work with. Dr. K is doctor for us and anyone that needs a doctor that will listen to him
Mrs Hernandez


#1397 Sep 27, 2007
I was very skeptical on seeing him, I usually do not jump the gun when people tell me about weight loss doctors or clinics, because they are usually pill pushers. I was so wrong about thinking this of Dr. Kerendian and his staff at Delight Medical. They were all so kind, especially Yvette, she is so sweet and cute, to bad she is married because I would of wished my son would of married her. They are the best, reading this blog is quite amusing, because of this blog, I saw Dr. Kerendian.

Lexington, KY

#1398 Sep 27, 2007
I also order phentermine and they sent me phenter np and said my order was denied and sent me these pills that i cannot return. Why would they take my money for the original and then send me something else it it's place for the same amount of money. I have no idea about this other product-need your help. thanks!

Jacksonville, FL

#1399 Sep 27, 2007
is he in Los angeles ? please give me his number my email [email protected]

Jacksonville, FL

#1400 Sep 27, 2007
where is this Dr. can you email at [email protected] I need to lose 35 lbs

Clearwater, FL

#1401 Sep 28, 2007
Angela----------Alabama wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Nancy.......
One diet does NOT fit all!! While low carb and protein diets may work for some people they will NOT work for everyone. I personally need more protein in my diet because I have thyroid disease and I tend to plataeu with my weight loss alot. Now that I have added an additional natural source of protein, I no longer have this problem. Everyones body is different and their bodies needs are different as well.
The best thing anyone can do is eat healthy and exercise!! No junk food, no processed food, no additives, artificial sugars....etc.
I know that eating healthy all the time is next to impossible.....I am guilty myself:( But I know how to get the toxins that are embedded into my fat cells flushed from my body that alot of the junk food, processed foods, additives...etc. contribute, which give me my weight loss results.
I use a line of products//program that is all natural, organic, has more than 242 nutrients, all of which is easier for our bodies to process than these synthetic injections. B-12 for instance is better absorbed into the body if they are in the natural form and not a man-made form.
"Got Toxic Fat"
[email protected]
My research has shown that there is no evidence that people that have thyroid disease can lose more weight by increasing their portein. The main reason why they do not lose weight is because they have a lower metabolism. I am also very leary of any product that claims to have increase potency because they have a large number of "nutrients" in them. By the way,a low carb and protein based diet is the best way to lose weight because it controls your insulin levels(a pivotal hormone)in the body that causes you to lose weight and more importantly lose body fat.

United States

#1403 Sep 28, 2007
I cannot find the address to Dr. Kang anywhere. I live in the Baytown area. Is there a way I can find out some info from people who have been to him and his address / phone number if possible?

Alpharetta, GA

#1404 Sep 28, 2007
Shirley wrote:
Hi I am interested in the Lipo shot and B12. Can someone give me a name of doctor close to my city Mc Donough, GA that gives these?
For all of you looking for a dr that gives these shots in the ATLANTA metro area, call Dr. Smiths Get Thin program @ 770-get-thin. He has 4 locations.

Lady Lake, FL

#1405 Sep 29, 2007
i have been taking hcg injections as well as appitite surpressants since 7-10-07. I have lost a total of 26 lbs(3 pants sizes ) I love it. I have been off of the shots for 2 weeks now and Ihavent gained any weight back. i have become use to the eating regimen and it doesn't bother me at all.


#1406 Sep 29, 2007
I tried Dr. Payam Kerendian weight loss program. I found it to be a combination of every medical base diet, such Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, Etc. I have struggled with weight loss all my life and I can personally say, I have tried every program available and only to lose a few pounds and gain it back. I have lived that up and down diet.

Dr. Kerendian first acknowledged my problem and explain to me that there was no magic pill for weight loss and that he was only a coach with the right tools to help me, but if I did not want to win, then it was best that I went to another program. He stated that he first had to resolve my health issues, in which I had several, from Sleep Apnea, high blood pressure, Insomnia , metabolic syndrome, depression and migraines and of course being morbid obese. Many physicians had told me that nothing could be done for me. My only resolution was that I have gastric bypass. I was scared to think about having surgery, but then I thought how depressed and hard it was me to feel good and breath with out shortness of breath.

His evaluation was very extensive, he measured my resting metabolic rate, did sleep study on me, echo, EKG, and Ultrasound with an extensive blood. Of course after I had all these , I found out that I had obstructive sleep apnea, had three gall stones, and enlarged heart all related to my weight. My question to Dr. Kerendian, was the same question, I have asked every doctor, including my internist, family practice, cardiologist and psychologist , What should I do to lost weight? And of course I was received the same answer, just diet. If, it was that simple, I would of not seen all those specialist. He reassured me and explain to me, that his job as a physician was to help me in all matters, which he stated, was to resolve, my sleeping disorders, in which this was one of the causes why I was so fatigued and being so fatigued I had no energy to even try a weight loss program. He stated he would also handle my general health, cardiac and any issue in regards to my health, he would be my nutritionist, trainer and better yet a friend that understands me. This is what my diet was for six months, which included weekly visits, blood test, measurements of my metabolism, blood pressure checks, weekly injections, of amino acids, B-1, B-6, B-12 and B-Complex.

For three months I was on a 900 calorie diet, in which I drank for shakes, 1 bar, and 1 pudding , took some medications, which included metformin and natural appetite surpressants and weekly injection. I also had acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation treatments for pain in my knees and back, in which were some of my problems of my sleeping disorders. I followed a low cardio exercise program, during this time I lost 75 lbs, after words he decreased my shakes every two weeks and included me to add food, and prescription of narcotic pills. Never the less, I was being taught how to control my eating habits as he resolved all my health issues during this time. I have lost more than 140 lbs, yes I feel great and probably do need a tummy tuck now, but what I love best is that Dr. Kerendian, never pressured me, even listen to me and explained to me about his program and made changes as I requested or modification of foods and medications. He said that all medical weight loss programs are developed for someone but sometimes we need to do what is best for us, and that it is okay to try everything as long as you have the patience. Obesity is a disease and the medical field needs to start treating it as one. Within time the medical community will realize the importance of this disease.

United States

#1407 Sep 29, 2007
Danielle wrote:
Does anyone know of a Dr. in the Phoenix, AZ area?
I go to Medshape weight loss clinic for hcg injections. They are ikn Mesa and I am doing great so far.


#1408 Sep 30, 2007
Dr. K also helped me, he is the best, he actually did mesotherapy on me, It really worked.

Rehoboth, MA

#1409 Sep 30, 2007
I am trying to find a Dr. in Massachusetts for my husband to join this weight loss program. He has talked about having the bypass surgery, but I think this will help him. Can anyone suggest a Dr or tell me how I can go about finding one in my area? Thanks!

Cerrillos, NM

#1410 Sep 30, 2007
Ruth wrote:
<quoted text>
Would it help just to take B12 orally?
I just found this thread.

I think B12 does a lot. I've lost ten inches.(I can't bear to weigh myself because I get obsessed.) It's taken a year, and I have another ten to go.

I also walked a bit when I could. I've been laid up because I got tetanus, and no moving made me gain sooooo much. By "walked a bit" I mean around my small garden a few times.

And I switched to brown rice, which because of my tendency to low B12 was healthy to do on a lot of levels. I have a page about what I did.

One of the hardest things for me was to believe I could get any smaller. I was twice the size I used to think was fat. And being that big, losing five pounds didn't make a very noticeable difference. So I had to keep telling myself it was going to work, and I looked at pictures of how I imagined I'd be, and I also took barren parts of my garden and planted things so that I could see something change, grow over time, and those things really helped me stay on track.


The thing is, though, if you have ridges on your fingernails, then you may be short of B12. It doesn't sound very serious, but I was experiencing some really bad symptoms when mine was low. I'm pretty old, in my sixties, so about ten years ago when I could hardly remember anything there was a tendency to think it was "normal" for my age. But then I started having B12 replacement therapy and the change was ... It was like I was given a whole new life. So after I tried to get my doctors to do B12 eduction and they wouldn't, I started my web site to tell people how it worked for me. But it was still years before I discovered (when I had tetanus) that a lot of B12 made my peripheral neuropathy pain go away. I had not thought that was possible. I'd been living with it for years.

So if you have ridges on your fingernails, or if you're losing the moonss on your fingernails, then check a good list of symptoms of low B12, and if you've got those, then get the Methylcobalamin form because it works a lot better for nerve regeneration.

West Palm Beach, FL

#1411 Sep 30, 2007
I live in Palm beach County fl and I am interested in getting the B12 and Lipo shots for weight loss. Does anyone know of a doctor who gives these shots in my area?

Denver, CO

#1412 Sep 30, 2007
HI katina,

i was wondering if you could pass along the dr.'s information,phone number and address.
I live in atlanta and have been struggling so with my weight and need to drop about 50 pounds. I would so appreciate your help. thank you,

Denver, CO

#1413 Sep 30, 2007
hey katina,

I am visiting denver right now. I live in smyrna.. My e-mail is [email protected] thank you

Tuscaloosa, AL

#1414 Oct 1, 2007
How can I get this Dr Lessa's phone number for the Tuscaloosa, AL clinic. Do you have it?

Washington, DC

#1415 Oct 1, 2007
Does anyone know of Dr. Yussuf in Bowie MD and how is this Doctors plan?

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