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Q: I'm a person with peripheral neuropathy. I have tolerated the condition for two years, but now I have a hard time walking without pain. Read more
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Sam Schwartz

Corona, CA

#1 Oct 6, 2009
The New NATURAL PAIN RELIEF CREAM by Masada health@Beauty Corp.
with ALPHA LIPOIC ACID,is very helpfull for temporary pain relief due to Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia
Elaine Hernvall


#2 Oct 6, 2009
I have shooting (stabbing pain). It begins very subtle, then gradually grows in intensity and closer together. I may have them in one part of my body, then they skip to another part, such as they be behind one ear, then perhaps skip to a foot, the groin, leg, etc. I have had these stabbing pains for as long as 17 days straight with no let up with the exception when I have taken enough ibuprofen to dull them. I have found no prescription medecine that helps. I may go for days, even a month without pain, then out of the blue they will start. They will stop just as fast. They have started during the night and woke me from a dead sleep. My mother, grandmother, daughter and son and 3 cousins that all have CMT. Some experience this type of pain, others have body achs or other. Is there anything out there that can actually ease this type of pain. If there is I have never found it.
If I Can Help

Muscotah, KS

#3 Oct 6, 2009
My doctor recently got me on a combination of meds,(cymbalta and lyrica).
Seperately, they are not too effective, but together they seem to help somewhat. Try it. I do, however, take oxycontone along with the two.
jeanne panichella

New Bern, NC

#4 Oct 6, 2009
i've had p neuropathy for 7 years. it started in feet. then and in hands. i keep getting tested by different Dr's and use 3 of the meds listed. things feel different and can hardly use left hand at all. wondering where it all ends. very scary.
Peg Delnegro

Quincy, MA

#5 Oct 6, 2009
Lyrica and elavil are effective medications for me to treat peripheral neuropathy. Alpha Lipoic Acid, a supplement, is an effective assistant to provide mobility. Having this desease for more than twelve years, I have tried many combinations of medications, some with better effects than others. Taking a 300 mg of the alpha lipoic acid twice a day at breakfast and dinner has allowed me to walk further and become less exhausted.
In the past the shocking and stabbing pains up the legs were very challenging. Taking three 75 mg of the Lyrica and 50 mgs of elavil going to bed and 1000 mg of B12 in the am has given me the best coverage for pain.
Hope this is helpful.
The Lyrica is

Gilbert, AZ

#6 Oct 6, 2009
Medication given to me for neuropathy has no helped. What else is available to relieve the burning and aches. Metanex seemed to help a little. Any ideas?

Boston, MA

#7 Oct 6, 2009
Like many others, I have tried a variety of medications, including anti-convulsants, over the 12 years since I developed PN. Unfortunately,neither neurontin or anything else except for a combination of Dilaudid and Oxycontin have provided any relief for me, although I welcome the possibility that someone could develop a medication designed specifically to treat PN tht did not involve heavy doses of pain killers!
Richard Weingarten

Magnolia, TX

#8 Oct 6, 2009
I've had peripheral neuropothy for 20 years. About a year ago I began to limp. The limp became steadily worse until about six weeks ago when I began taking large doses of vitamin B-1(not B-12). Since then my limp has decreased dramatically, I have more strength in my legs and hands, and the numbness in my hands, feet, arms, and legs has also been reduced. The doctors in the past
never tested me for B-1 deficiency which can lead to beri beri which
can cause peripheral neuropothy. If indeed a vitamin B-1 deficiency
was the cause my neuropothy, then shame on my doctors.

Houston, TX

#9 Oct 6, 2009
Early in 2009 I began to have pain in my feet and legs. The pain was stinging, burning and pin sticking type pain in the feet and leg cramps/aching at night in the legs. That has progressed to severe pain in my feet which ranges from the stinging and burning to spikes and stabbing of severe pain surging through the feet and legs. My ankles and feet hurt so badly, it is severe pain to touch them, to stretch them and walking is a severe pain almost to the point of not being able to walk. Exercise is recommended as a cure but it's impossible to do that when one can't stand or walk. I'm continually told we don't know much about this illness so medication is sort of experimented with to see if that helps. Neurontin (Gabapentin generic) didn't do any good. Lyrica caused severe tiredness and sleepiness to the point of being lethargic and bad headaches. The pain medication tramadol does nothing at all and hydrocodone has other side effects but does ease the severe pain some. Any creams or external salve is very expensive and really doesn't work well at all. I'm posting to see if "anyone" has any results or has anything that works well enough to try and recover some sort of normal lilfe and not having to stop doing all the things we normally do to have a good life; I'm not ready to become a paralyzed, crippled person from this illness and believe surely there is something that can provide some relief. The pain is very severe and it's relentless, 24/7/365....... it will wear you down causing sleepness nights and pain filled days. Any help/suggestions are well received. Thank you.
Bob Murray


#10 Oct 6, 2009
I was told that a drug called Metanx which is a combo of B 6 and B 12
high dose. It is supposed to ease up Neuropothy. Can you comment on this ?

Missoula, MT

#11 Oct 6, 2009
My aunt and I have inherited Poly Peripheral Neuropathy
we began our symptoms in our mid-fifties. I haven't
found a medicine that controls the pain,so I just wait it
out. The thing that really wears me out trying to keep
from screaming are spasms,or muscle cramps,they go on
and on. This pain is horrendous,it goes on for hours and
my muscle relaxer (flexeril) doesn't do any good. I do
hate being drugged stupid but there must be some help
some where.

Spearfish, SD

#12 Oct 6, 2009
I sympathize with that person for one thing.

Because I have a burning type pain in both feet on the top areas and the bottom & a little bit of numbness around my toes. But i use: Capsaicin Cream. If I don't use this twice a day; I can barely walk; because my feet hurt so bad!




Gilbert, AZ

#13 Oct 6, 2009
Bob Murray wrote:
I was told that a drug called Metanx which is a combo of B 6 and B 12
high dose. It is supposed to ease up Neuropothy. Can you comment on this ?
I am on it now and it helps just a bit! I have on it for 3 months. 1 pill a day.

Any one tried ALA and at what dosage is it effective.
james contarino sr

Lake Mary, FL

#14 Oct 6, 2009
i've had problems with pain and numbness of my feet legs arme and hands.sometimes the pain is excrusiating.i'm now on a medacine for it.they are saying i have periphael nueropothy from the diabetes type2 that i have.i was in vietnam when in the i think thats where all this stems from due to agent orange.does anyone know much about this disease
Peter Chiaccio

Philadelphia, PA

#15 Oct 6, 2009
I have had the problem for about 15 years,Ithought it was my knees I had both replaced 11/02 hoping that would solve the problem.I soon found out I still had the problem which is I walk about 100ft. and my legs get weak and clumsy,I must sit or lean on something to prevent falling.I had a back operation(stenosis)again no help.I started researching and testing and deducted it was motor neuropthy,I went through the time when I had the shooting pain,I guess that is when the nerves were being damaged.I had the EMG it showed no response.I have Diabetes and sensory neuropthy in my feet(Mild)I do not suffer any pain,I am just frustrated and dont know how to handle this problem. Thank You Peter Chiaccio
Alan Wallace

Edmonton, Canada

#16 Oct 6, 2009
When the Neurontin/Gabapentin, 300 mg four times daily is inadequate (usually when going to bed) I rub on a liquid, tradename Neurogen. Its publicity says it works for about 70 of the people who use it - and I am one of the lucky ones who finds it very good.
Alan Wallace Edmonton AB

Edmonton, Canada

#17 Oct 6, 2009
OOPS - I meant 70%- revised version:
When the Neurontin/Gabapentin, 300 mg four times daily is inadequate (usually when going to bed) I rub on a liquid, tradename Neurogen. Its publicity says it works for about 70% of the people who use it - and I am one of the lucky ones who finds it very good.
JJ Macko

Ansonia, CT

#18 Oct 6, 2009
I do not suffer neuropathic pain - but my balance is terrible causing many falls.
And in addition, I have periods when I feel like I "want to jump out of my skin".
How can I help this.
Paula Morton

Inverness, FL

#19 Oct 6, 2009
I was diagnosed with PN due to pernicious anemia, which was perscription induced around 3 years ago. Weekly B-12 injections have greatly helped my balance and some of the pain, but if I could give any advice, please have a competent medical professional x-ray your feet, and have a podiatrist check you out for foot problems like callouses, bunions, Morton's neuroma, etc. The answer to your pain causes is not always just one thing. Turns out I had stress fractures in both my feet and debilitating callouses on the soles of my feet making walking difficult. PN clouded my ability to judge my problems, and one of my fractures was misdiagnosed as drop foot for one year. Now that I am being treated for these fractures, and the callouses have been removed, my foot pain while walking has been greatly reduced. Don't let your PN blind the doctors to any other problems you might have. You MUST be your own advocate! Yes, I still have burning feet, electrical shocks occasionally, and leg cramps usually at night, but thank goodness some of my pain was able to be relieved by regrowing my bone fractures with a bone stimulator. I am still able to work and lead a fairly normal life.

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Oct 6, 2009
I enjoy reading all the articles, but I find that they all expect some sort of pain in the category of neuropathy. I have not what I call pain ,but a stiffness in the feet and back of calves. I don't find anywhere that states stiffness as neuropathy. I have been through the gamut of medications and have had no relief. It only bothers my side to side motion which sometimes I can't keep the correct balance. Any help would be appreciated.

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