Accutane Side Effects Exposed: Side E...

Accutane Side Effects Exposed: Side Effects of the Miracle Drug...

There are 2557 comments on the story from Feb 15, 2007, titled Accutane Side Effects Exposed: Side Effects of the Miracle Drug.... In it, reports that:

If you suffer from severe case of acne that has failed to respond to conventional treatments such as antibiotics, then your dermatologist may recommend the use of the popular Accutane or Isotretinoin.

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Singapore, Singapore

#2761 Jun 8, 2013
I am sixteen and my acne aren't bad. I started taking Roaccutane two weeks ago and now i am suffering from insomnia. I couldn't sleep at night and i also couldn't sleep at day. I feel my heart beats faster than usual when i am lying in the bed at night. I have dry skin and lips now, but not serious.
After reading this, i decided to stop taking Roaccutane and wait for my doctor to come back from holiday and ask him about the side effects. He actually promised me that there isn't any side effects at all!!
I really need my sleep, taking sleeping pills doesn't help at all.

Telford, UK

#2762 Jun 10, 2013
My son took a course for 8 weeks last summer and hasnt been the same since... deep deep depression anger sadness complains his brain is mashed. just after christmas we thought he was getting a bit back to his usual self but no. two weeks ago it has returned even worse. he doesnt want to be with paeople or around them and is fast withdrawing in to himself. has anything you have taken or done over the years helped you at all??
Dis Abled wrote:
Please stay away from acutane. It is an incredibly harsh drug that is almost always overkill for treating acne.
I took acutane when I was 13 and after only two months on the drug I developed severe and permanent side affects. The whole list would take too long to write down but the important ones were:
-Severe Depression (to the point of suicidal)
-Damaged Joints and Muscles (I wound up in physical therapy for half a year just to be able to walk down stairs again)
-Undiagnosable gastrointestinal issues (to the tune of hospitalization and 30+ pounds of weight lost. Rinse and repeat every five or so years)
Please stay away from this drug, I am 25 now and still dealing with all of these issues. As much as I try to look on the bright side two months on this drug has effectively ruined my life.

Since: Jun 13

Pekin, IL

#2763 Jun 10, 2013
I am 54 started taking accutane a 53 because of acne I have suffered with for years. Severe cystic acne. I worked over 25 years in the medical field. I had TB of the spine when I was 5, had surgery and many years of therapy. Spent a little over a year in a childrens hospital. I then started having problems with a knee would go in for fluid removal, wore a full leg brace for a couple years. Still have problems when weather changes. Had a very severe broken leg at the same time I found out I was diabetic, used insulin for awhile, and then was told I could have MS. Have suffered with spastic colon. Oh and I am not overweight.

I went on disability because of my back and some other things. I was on the accutane for almost 3 months but had to stop because my cholesterol went up so high. That w as 8 months ago. Going t see my doctor this week to try to get back on it. Going on a low dose, might take longer.

What I am getting at is the medical things that happened when I was a child we had no family history. Dont think they had Accutane around in the 60s So none of those things I can blame on drugs. The only thing my Mom gave me was multiple vitamins. It was the cards I was dealt.

Oh one more thing when I was taking Accutane it did not make my back hurt worse or my legs hurt worse.

London, UK

#2765 Jun 12, 2013
I have taken Accutnae twice and its been great! It cleared my skin completley after already 1 month and! Side effects I had were dry lips and after the second course i had heart racing although I am not too sure if this was caued by the medication. All in all it was a great experience and to be honest all medication even jsut painkillers can be dangerous! What I would like to knwo is if anyone can recommnmed a good spf for the face?


#2766 Jul 2, 2013
what could happen if u took 5 tablets of Roaccutane???

Preston, Australia

#2767 Jul 15, 2013
This drug messed me up so bad. I took it for 6mnths in 2005 and i am still suffering chronic health problems. I strongly believe that i should never have been allowed to take this poison as i only had mild acne. I deeply regret taking this medication. And as for all the fuckwits who say "how do you know accutane caused your problems" well they started towards the end off treatment have never gone away. Unless you have very severe acne DO NOT consider accutane for a second!!!!!

Chicago, IL

#2768 Jul 31, 2013
This drug cleared my skin but i still have side affects. Im 16 and I took it for 9 months, I had very dry lips and skin. My lips would be in pain if i did not use chapstick, and my skin would flake off or sometimes sting if i didnt moisturize it plus I'm a boy so it was hard to hide all the moisturizers and chapstick. I also could not fall asleep at night in the first few months but then i later could. I had really sensitive nose and got bloody noses a lot. I had slight depression towards the end but I dont think it was from the drug it was just that people didnt want to touch my dry skin, The worst thing though was my sweating. In the winter my pits would be wet all the time and when i went to gym i started full out sweating in the first few minutes. I felt like complete sh*t. In the summer now I dont wear anything else than tank tops and shorts. I still sweat a lot and ive been done with this drug since May. After any movement I feel my body like overheating and then sweating already while other kids can do a lot more and not even a drop of sweat. My acne for the most part is gone i just get occasional spots but my dermatologist says its normal. I asked about the sweating she said its not from the drug... My parents laugh at it and say its normal to sweat but i am wet 24/7 and dont want people touching me. I spray a lot of deodorant and cologne just so im sure i atleast smell nice. anyone know anything about the sweating?

Noida, India

#2769 Aug 1, 2013
If you fell that any medicine has side effect for you , than change the medicine.


#2774 Aug 6, 2013
Hi. My doctor gave me his drug not for acne, but for something called R.R.P
I dont have acne at all. Insted he gave me this drug

Brisbane, Australia

#2777 Aug 21, 2013
Well where do I begin with side effects.... Dry penis (always a fun 1) dry lips dry skin, sore joints, faster muscle fatigue. Seriously do not bite your nails while On this drug cause it hurts and they don't grow back at a normal pace but rather slower. Mood swings and bouts of bitter depression are most alarming though. I have found my self angry to crying to laughing and joking all before lunch time some days. There are also those days in which you just feel the worst and are looking floor the easy way out even though you know you'd never do it. I have been On roacutane/oratane 40mg for 4 months now. My skin is better but I hope I can be drug free soon.

Clermont, FL

#2778 Aug 29, 2013
I use to do the same thing but then my Dermatologist told me I could take it at once which for me is so much easier because I would forget too! And supposably it has more effect that way :)

Woodstock, GA

#2780 Sep 15, 2013
I have been off acutane for about 8 months now and I am STILL having side affects. It made my skin amazing! But while on acutane my hair started falling out ALOT I lost about 23lbs because of the lack of appetite. And now 8 months later my hair is still sooo thin and falls out frequently and i can't seem to gain my weight back.

Quezon City, Philippines

#2782 Sep 19, 2013
Michael wrote:
Just passing this board on my personal accutane-crusade.
I took the drug for like 7 months and yes it cleared my acne but at a TERRIBLE pricetag.
I started taking the drug when I was like 19 years old. My dermatoligist didn't even warn me about any serious side-effects. Because if I would have known them, I wouldn't have taken the drug at all. The acne didnot interfere with my life whatsoever. Until that point, I was a headstrong person; had everything sorted out. I was quite a popular guy despite my acne at highschool. While on the drug, I experienced the regular symptoms like bloodnoses, dry lips. Those werenot really big problems. The real BAD-ASS side-effects came months later. Starting to feel emotionally unstable (just like Erika experienced) which was certainly not me. I was known to be headstrong. But this drug really messes up your brains. It induces a depression. It isnot a depression in the sense that it is caused because of external emotional problems(like girlfriend is breaking up). No it is really something beyond your control. The drug causes it biochemically.@those who think those suicides are caused because acne-people were already depressed due to being insecure: WRONG!!! What you, people think is largely a fairy tale to make yourselves feel good; to keep the reputation of this drug high. But trust me on this one: accutane CAN cause suicide thoughts. So I amnot surprised at all suicides are linked to this drug.
This wasn't the only problem I got the deal with. I got "awarded" with a few others as well. First is the hair loss. Luckily that is almost gone now. Second, I sweat like a pig. I mean it. Up till a few months ago, I couldn't figure it out. When I went to parties, my T-shirts were all soaked up. When I was sporting, the same story. This was weird because normally before taking the drug, I never ever experienced such things. Accutane is known to mess with your oil glands. Third but not least: I got serious memory problems now. Difficulty with concentrating, memorising stuff, especially recalling things. I have got to deal with them and it ain't bloody easy.
Summarized if you even plan on taking this drug, be WARNED cuz there is a chance, albeit a small one, you get a fuckin "nice" list of side-effects.
I ain't pulling this out of my ass. Just my own experiences.
Hi there. How did you regain your hair?
#2785 Sep 23, 2013
I have ordered 2 times from this website PILLSMEDSHOP. COM . I called yesterday the customer care and asked for a discount as i was about to order twice the regular amount.


#2787 Sep 26, 2013
I started on Accutane from MOREPILL .COM on 2nd March and I'm now coming up to finishing my treatment with only 3 weeks left. I genuinely can't express enough how effective Accutane is. My acne was moderate and rather than lesions, etc. I had lots of small spots all over my chin and forehead and beginning to reach out to my cheeks. I went on Duac then oxytetracycline and enthromycin, none of them worked for me! I saw results from Accutane in the first month! My skin did get dry and my lips chapped and flaked badly but if you keep applying E45 and Burts Bees it will keep the flakiness at bay! Honestly I am thankful to Accutane for my new found confidence and I now happily leave the house with no make-up!


#2788 Sep 27, 2013
Accutane is the best medication on the market in my opinion. Not only am I a pharmacist, but I have taken this medication myself from MOREPILL .COM It WORKS... Before taking Accutane I had the most oily skin. You could literally fry a chicken on my forehead during a hot summer day. By approximately month four my skin had never looked better. Everyone who is struggling with acne should highly consider this medication.

Modesto, CA

#2790 Oct 12, 2013
I never had any side effects but it worked good for me. I bought it online if you're curious without a prescription here hope this helps you guys

Edmonton, Canada

#2791 Nov 1, 2013
I am soon to be put on accutane. My dermatologist did say that I will likely get very, very sad and my skin will get unusually dry.
Reading these comments makes me very nervous because I am in my teenage years and hair loss is not what I would want to deal with. Depression is common for teens but how bad is the depression? Is all my hair going to fall off? Will I experience memory loss? Will I sweat like a pig in class for no reason?

I really do want my acne to clear up and never return. But is it worth it?
clear skin

Needham, MA

#2792 Nov 4, 2013
I took accutane in my late 20's and it was a miracle!! I had cystic acne for years, nothing helped. I took accutane for 4 months, had no side effects except for dry skin and now my complexion is clear. Sometimes the suggesstion of the side effects is powerful and you might think you have them. Focus on your clear skin and the other positve things in your life.

Rose Hill, Mauritius

#2793 Dec 6, 2013
I hve been taking acnetane for nearly 4 months now and my lips has become all red...i hve lost my smile

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