Hypothyroidism: Does it cause joint p...

Hypothyroidism: Does it cause joint pain?

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Can hypothyroidism cause joint pain? I have hypothyroidism and have been experiencing severe arthritis-like pain in my shoulders and hips.

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San Jose, CA

#112 Dec 8, 2011
There are people who have been experiencing hypothyroidism and have been experiencing severe arthritis-like pain in their shoulders and hips. http://www.depuypinnaclelawsuit.com/recall

Bentley, Australia

#114 Jan 29, 2012
I aso suffer from hypothyroidism from my 18 years and have been taking the thyroid replacement.Eventhough my hormones are with in limits,i suffer from the above sympoms.When ever i say about this no one understand the exact kinds of feelings vr going thro.Many times i heard comments from others that she is too lazy or she is a kind of attension seeking ..Now adays i have a radiating pain from my left head down to my feets..did anyone had those kind of pain?????

Kansas City, KS

#115 Feb 14, 2012
I just statrted to have all those symstoms, so one has been able to help me. My fingers, toes,muscles, joints, etc hurts. This is the 2nd time after my cycle I'm experiencing this. What's really frustrating is no one being able to tell you anything. I've been told it's all in my head but that's not the cause. I was healthy and all of a sudden, I've been sick for 2 months straight.

United States

#116 Feb 26, 2012
I am on the naturthroid,one grain,and my joint pin has suddenly gone off the charts help [email protected] plz I work with a great naturpath and my levels are petfect,not the high ones cosdeted"normal"

Toronto, Canada

#117 Feb 27, 2012
is anybody taking SYNTHROID and have excessive sweating problems?

London, UK

#118 Mar 15, 2012
Hi i'm 19 and have recently been diagnosed with quite bad Hypothyroidism. The doctor said that my thyroid hormons were very low! It appears i have suffered from this since i was a child and never really realized there was somthing that wrong - i just thought it was the way i was! It turns out after going to the doctors for muscle cramps and tension and having to regester at an alturnate surgery as i am a student and studying dance and performing arts away from home and having to have a blood test that this was noticed. I have been suffering with so many of the symptoms and so much of my life has seemed so difficult. I just thought it was the way i was or somthing else. I have a very chubby face, am only 4 foot eleven, have never had regular periods, have very dry skin and thin hair that falls out really easily, i'm almost always cold especially my hands and feet, my joints and muscles ache often (but i assumed this was down to lots of dancing), i suffer often with constipation and i also have an extemly terrible memory, am ofen confuzed and don't understand things and have very slow memory processing. I'm releaved in some ways that the doctor has found that there is somthing wrong with me and hope that maybe some of these simptoms i have been suffering from will go away and ease a bit so i can feel a bit more like a "normal" person what ever that is and fit in a little more and not want to be asleap for days on end!


#119 Apr 27, 2012
I have been having upper back pain,left and right scapular pain dat makes me go nut! Ringing ears, base skull pain,intolerance to cold ,neck and base skull cracking loud with vibration with. Goose bumps,scaly skin,general weakness and many more.I am really fustrated it has really changed my whole life. I went for mri,cat scan,and it all came out normal,was only diagnosed of throid enlargement could dat be the source of all this pain ,I can't sleep @ nite & I wake up with pain•i am tired of living like this•

United States

#120 Aug 12, 2012
majeral512 wrote:
WOW .. I only found out a year ago I need thyroid meds (65) I had a thyroid surgery 42 years ago and no one has ever checked it since. Not until i ended up in hospital totally exhusted could not stand only wanted to sleep. MY heart Doc found it. My diabetic DOc has not been as aggesive as I would like. After reading stopthethyroidmadness I am going to a new Doc who waslisted on the site. I need help I am 5ft tall and 246pounds no matter what I do nothing helps tired, week muscles , bones ach, brain fog,,,
Be careful to take thyroid meds correctly, mine were not much help for 3 yrs till Dr told me may as well flush them down toilet if taking with food. So u must wait ONE HOUR befour eating, drinking morning coffee or taking other medications. Or if u forget, wait 3 hours after eating. Also I always drink the required 8oz of water with mine. I never bothered to adhere to directions before and ended up in wheelchair when outside of my home due to foot, ankle, knee, hip and muscle pain. After 30 days of proper use, my joint and muscle pain deminished. I thought had Rhumatoid Arthritis, but now I am pain free, and can walk to parking lots, the mall, etc. If I had only known how important interactions were sooner. Also u cannot use rolaids, etc within 3 hrs of thyroid dose. Good Luck

United States

#121 Oct 12, 2012
Katy wrote:
I was diagnosed with hypo a few months ago. I am sure I had it for at least 20 years before then but unfortunately all the docs I saw up to then just wouldn't listen!
I had horrible shoulder, neck and hip pain, as well as on and off foot/ankle pain, as well as many other symptoms. I was told and have read that muscle pain is common with hypo. I used to deal with my shoulder and neck pain by getting massages regularly. To think of how much money I spent on massages...
My doc put me on a combination of Armour (natural) and Synthroid (synthetic) hormones and now I am completely pain free for the first time in my life!
It is also possible that the pain is caused by swelling of the tissues which is caused by the lack of thyroid hormones. I had a mild case of this. The official term for the condition is myxedema but the substance which is actually accumulating in the tissues (causing swelling) is mucin. Since I've been on natural hormones, the swelling has DRAMATICALLY reduced and I will soon be back to my old self.
how long did it take for your symptoms to subside?

Sarnia, Canada

#123 Oct 24, 2012
I can Identify with all complaints regarding Hypothyroid. It is an awful illness. My doctor fired me because I was developing so may side effects up to and including dementia, panic attacks, carpel tunnel and aches and pains all over. The list was endless and I am only 55 years old. Yet the doctor wanted to up my dosage of Synthroid and he wanted to put me on all kinds of drugs. I felt like I was about to die.
The solution and research that I did confirmed that my system had a electrolyte imbalance.
My immune system was compromised long with the hypothyroid. I needed a solution fast and here it is.
I prepped my body two weeks prior.
I went to a Naturathic Doctor and got 3 mega doses of intravenous vitamin C treatments as well as Vitamin B12 injections. I went to the grocery and bought Black Strap Molasses so as to insure I get the trace minerals copper, iron.(two teaspoons on flat Bread) every other day. The last part of the equation was Magnesium. Magnesium can upset a lot body processes and interacts with a lot of medications. So talk to your naturatath about it. I used magnesium oil. I rubbed it all over my body and absorbed it through the skin.
I stopped the Synthroid cold turkey and had the best night sleep in two years. I woke full of energy and no more brain fog (dementia) aches or pains. The severe depression was gone and best of all I could converse with people again without fumbling for words or thoughts.
Electrolytes balanced and I can smile again.
I didn't mention calcium because we get too much from our diets.
The other major issue is the over consumption of fluids or lack of fluids. Drink when your thirsty and prevent Electrolyte imbalance.
I truly thought I was at deaths door. From what I experienced and from what I read this one little pill is wrecking the lives of thousands of people.
If you are HYPO-thyroid and on T4 therapy long enough you are on a lot of other drugs as well or you soon will be.
I hope this information helps. Talk to your doctor or your Naturapath about other options.
Google Vitamin C therapy and research the benefits.
You will be amazed.
Google Magnesium oil and research this as well.
As for the term trace minerals and how much the body needs the best I could discover is Black Strap Molasses for copper and iron.
I am no doctor and no scientist and God forbid this information is not researched for your own health concerns first. As for me I agree with Oprah and Suzanne Summers. Most of all I put my trust in God First.
Now my body, mind and soul are once again connected and on the road to a good life.

Since: Nov 12

Mount Pleasant, TX

#126 Nov 11, 2012
I have taken the generic Synthoid (levothy??)m 100 for the past 3 months. My hometown doctor found the thyroid problem,(hypo) and put me on 75, so I went to Dallas to an internist, for a 2nd opinion. The Internist listened to my complaints, took more blood tests, and upped my dosage to the 100, saying I would have more energy. I don't.
I went back to Dallas this past week for a follow-up, hoping he would put me on the Armour drug if I hadn't made improvements. I was expecting my blood work to be "not much better" because my symptoms haven't improved!! He said he would happily consider the Armour if I wasn't better. I had to wait 24 hours for the blood work, so I drove the 2.5 hours back home and waited for the news from the doctor. His nurse called me and said that my thyroid was fine now!! IMPOSSIBLE, because I don't feel any better!! So now his advice was to continue on the Levo as I have in the past 3 months!!
HELP! Please someone give me some advice! Does anyone know an endocrinologist in Dallas, TX, Tyler, TX, or that area? I am still as sick as I was 3 months ago,........ no matter what my blood tests said.
I called my Dallas internest's office and requested my blood report be sent to me, because I know they did T3 and T4, also, so I want the info for future comparison!
I need help now, not next week! I need advice. I've bought 4 books from Amazon and it sounds like I need to see an endocrinologist, to find out the real problems!!
I still get minor scalp infections around the hairline, have air hunger, and feel like a limp wet rag,...... PLUS all of the other symptoms!! I have every single symptom listed on the charts except that I have hot flashes instead of being cold. I am MISERABLE,.......and it's affecting my 4 grown children, spouses, my grandchildren, and my ability to interact with them.
I am open to all suggestion!! I'm about to order the Samos books from Amazon right now!!
Thanks for any immediate ideas!! I really need HELP!!! I don't want to live the rest of my life like this, and I don't want my doctor to assume I'm cured. All advice appreciated!! Becky
It is a battle

Columbus, OH

#127 Nov 15, 2012
sophi wrote:
The following is probably one of the most concise list of possible symptoms of hypothyroid ever...(OR, maybe it just feels that way because I've been researching everything I can get my hands on FOR WEEKS now.) POSSIBLE (COMMON AND RARE)SYMPTOMS OF HYPOTHYROIDISM: unexplained fatigue or lethargy, difficulty losing weight, weight gain, depression, paranoia (rare), anxiety, decreased libido (sex drive), cold intolerance or feeling cold when others around you don't, water retention/swelling/edema of the hands, legs, or face - specifically eyelids, dry skin, eczema, acne, no relief from treatments aimed at chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, diffuse hair loss, constipation, poor memory, memory loss, poor concentration, poor motivation, confusion, "brain fog," dementia (severe cases), generalized weakness, slowness to react, slowed reflexes, dysglycemias or problems with blood sugar, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, PMS, mood swings, heavy menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual flow, irregular menses, arthralgias (joint pains), muscle aches and/or stiffness, slow wound healing, decreased basal body temp, G.I. upset - especially after consuming fats or oils, chronic or recurrent infections, increased incidence of yeast infections, post nasal drip, allergies, parasthesia (tingling or "pins & needles" of feet and/or hands), enlarged thyroid gland or goiter (which can cause a "lump in the throat" or difficulty swallowing, headaches. Did I forget anything?:)
Sounds about right!

Richmond, VA

#130 Feb 10, 2013
Have anyone had the radiation treatment

Staunton, IL

#131 Feb 10, 2013
Susan wrote:
I am on the naturthroid,one grain,and my joint pin has suddenly gone off the charts help [email protected] plz I work with a great naturpath and my levels are petfect,not the high ones cosdeted"normal"

I was wondering if you take anything else like levothyroxine, etc. with the naturethroid? I was treated for ra for over a year with low dose chemo and 5 different biologic shots and was so ill. I started taking myself off of the meds and resarching the thyroid issue again. I do not have a thyroid and I read it can cause inflamation and pain in hips, shoulders, feet, ankles, tendonitis also. I am on levothyroxine .125 and I am looking for help! God Bless

Since: Mar 13

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#132 Mar 8, 2013
Joanne wrote:
<quoted text>
I was wondering if you take anything else like levothyroxine, etc. with the naturethroid? I was treated for ra for over a year with low dose chemo and 5 different biologic shots and was so ill. I started taking myself off of the meds and resarching the thyroid issue again. I do not have a thyroid and I read it can cause inflamation and pain in hips, shoulders, feet, ankles, tendonitis also. I am on levothyroxine .125 and I am looking for help! God Bless
After years of suffering with various, changing symptoms, I finally learned I had Hashimoto's disease and then I learned I had papillary thyroid cancer. 2 yrs. ago I had total thryoidectomy and was told that Synthroid would cure all of my symptoms. I was trapped in hy home for 8 months while on Synthroid. My doc upped my dose and still no relief. I couldn't sleep, I gain weight and had no life. She set up an appointment with and endocrinologist and I had high hopes that he'd fix everything. I was completely let down. I went to my appointment prepared, with 2 pages of notes and question. He totally blew my off and ignored most of my questions. After listening to my symptoms his advice was, upping my dose of Synthroid significantly, and since it caused heart palpitations, he said I needed heart meds, and because the heart meds would mess with my blood pressure, I would need meds for that. He also suggested I take something for arthritis even though technically, I didn't have arthritis, and so that I didn't become a burden to my family, he prescribed antidepressants! I was only depressed because I couldn't function. I dropped him and found a nurse practitioner who was willing to prescribe desiccated thyroid. It takes time and a little effort, but I was willing to try. I also put myself on a gluten free diet. No more pain! I've been on Armour thyroid for a year now and I've lost nearly 20 lbs., my heart palps are minimal unless I over do it or stress out. I take fish oil, and a prescription vitamin for immune health as well as calcium. I lost 2 parathyroids and the remaining 2 were damaged in surgery. So I now deal with hypoparathyroid issues. I still have Hashi's antibodies, but the symptoms are greatly reduced now that I am gluten free. I am learning that I may never get back to where I was before I became ill, but I have adapted and I'm overcoming many of the obstacles that this disease has given me.
research nurse

Springfield, MO

#133 Mar 19, 2013
Egrimberg wrote:
<quoted text>
I am on Synthroid and I still feel all these symptoms. I just got my Thyroid level checked and she said it was normal. Does anyone recommend seeing an endocrinologist?
Its the same story with endocrinologists...they too still use the same medications and TSH for guidance..after seeing my own doctor and a
specialist....they are still stuck on treating us with Synthroid out of lack of knowledge in treating hypothyroidism with regards to using natural Armour Thyroid that provides more T3 and some T4. T4 is supposed to convert in to t3 when it gets metabolized in our body...what, happens when you are dx'd with a thyroid problem..your muscles are not metabolising hormones well to begin with...so conversion techniques are already disturbed...and without enough t3 already in body... The t4 conversion to make more T3 won't happen easily.. So symptoms continue on causing more bodily functions to break down,immunity issues and more bone and muscle symptoms ..impaired glucose...and then the train wreck.."diabetes" ,osteoporosis and further added diagnoses...and all because of a physicians choice to try only Synthroid and not natural Armour Thyroid just to see if it might make a difference in patient symptoms. In the older days doctors did not have a TSH test and went only by patient symptoms and people did just fine as 1 your thyroid is out of whack you display new or further symptoms and patience would relate that to the doctor and once again they would try to titrait the dose until THE PATIENT experienced release of those symptoms. I think because of the high malpractice rates...they choose our demise for us. I have experienced this for years with my doctors and went to see a nurse practitioner who was willing to give me a trial of natural Armour Thyroid or Westhroid...which is a combo of t3/t4. due to insurance companies reimbursement, the nurse practitioner could no longer see me as a patient unless I paid cash. There in big and my decline when my doctor wanted to decrease the dose of Westhroid because a tsh was low at 0.1 with no knowledge of what my active hormone (t3)systemically was showing...now I have increased muscle and bone pain especially in neck and shoulders and feet and air hunger. You sit there and kind of feel alone about what to do because insurance will pay for me to see a doctor who may not be treating me as optimally as I could be by the nurse practitioner who is willing to try something different and choose the whole throid panel and also a thyroid perioxodase level...it all sucks...but does keep the Dr visits coming because of a new melody arising out of an under treated thyroid condition...to me that is blatant Medical malpractice and nothing else, yet where are we to turn as consumers in finding AND getting relief from this life stealing condition? Why does the AMA make the Dr so hesitant to find out more treatment options.. Its a guarantee they will have a patient income for life.. so to speak...and death...a slow one at that!? We need more choices and say. The Dr is NOT always right.

Monroe, NC

#134 Mar 19, 2013
Mary wrote:
diagnosed today with hypo...all the symptoms...could hardly walk my feet hurt so badly,terrible neck pain, arms and hands in pain constantly...had to quit my job and quit my passion of dance...sadly, I read only one positive response to Levothyroxine in the discussion...does anyone else feel better on this? I heard you actually loose weight on this...I don't care, I just want to feel better!
I had thyroid removed due to cancer and since then I am on levothyroxine. It helps some but my joints hurt and I am tired all the time. I have had my second pacemaker recently and it is hard for the doctors to decide if symptoms are the result of heart or thyroid meds. People don't understand the low energy levels or the pain. I am recovering from pacemaker surgery now and sadly so far I am still very much in pain without energy. Could someone advise what to do next?

Since: Mar 13

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#135 Mar 20, 2013
To everyone who is experiecing levo problems...forget the endo! I had to find a nurse practitioner who was willing to give Armour a shot. I also put myself on a gluten free diet for joint pain. The Armour worked...the diet worked. As for fatigue, you will need to change your daily routine & take supplements to combat it. It varies from person to person. It took me 8 months to get off my couch. It has taken 2 yrs to get myself to a point where I can sometimes have a sense of normalcy. Drs did not tell me it would be like this. Ghey said levo would fix it all. Levo caused heart problems...Armour stopped that. Endo eanted to increase levo despite heart racing...then add meds for high blood pressure & arthritis & depression & anxiety! I take Armour & xanax (at bedtime) & supplements. Call until u find someone willing to prescribe a desiccated thyroid med. I live in La. & there are docs here who will help.

Since: Mar 13

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#136 Mar 20, 2013
My endo flat out lied to me claiming that Armour would cause heart problems, weight gain, depression, etc. Tell your dr to stop lying & start listening. Get the book Stop the Thyroid Madness. It will enlighten yoi & your dr. I lost 20 lbs, stopped losing hair & heart palps are gone. Read everything u can. Levo is a synthetic & Armour is natural. Tell your dr. that u are a biological creature not a synthetic one! Do not let them convince u otherwise. They get special incentives to push levo from the manufacturers. They're not supposed to but they do.

Since: Mar 13

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#137 Mar 20, 2013
An important sidenote: the AMA won't do anything to help us because in the past 20+ yrs. there has been no increase in funding of research for thyroid diseases and thyroid related illnesses. And with the current healthcare reform we will not see any new funding in the future. Our only hope is to stand up, when we have the energy, and fight back. The last time I saw my endo I walked out of his office and sat in my car and cried. He'd tried to convince me that I was depressed and it had nothing what-so-ever to do with the Hashi's or the loss of my thyroid to cancer. It was just me becomming a burden to my family! My daughter-in-law comforted me and assured me I was not a burden to them. I went home, and although my endo had ordered me to NOT READ ANYTHING, I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. I stayed on the internet seeking help. One of the websites I found was inspire.com . Some of the info there is helpful, but beware of the levo-ites. They will rip you a new one. For those who are convinced by their dr. that levo is the ONLY medication, I doubt some of them will ever change their minds. And there are those folks who truly believe that copious amounts of medicine is the answer. I hate taking medication if I don't have to. A word of caution, take into account other medications that you may be on. I NEVER had a heart condition or high blood pressure, yet my endo insisted I take more and more levo until I developed these conditions. Thank God it was short lived. I also discovered, well after the fact, that I only have 2 of the 4 parathyroids left. One was biopsied during my total thyroidectomy, 1 was destroyed and the remaining 2 are damaged. So I now suffer from hypoparathyroidism/hypocalcemi a. It has had a huge impact on my body's ability to control calcium and I've had to up my calcium intake. I also have to supplement electrolyte intake. Before my Hashi's and cancer diagnosis I was experiencing a vast array of symptoms including, fatigue, confusion, dementia, depression, heaviness in legs, all-over body pain, headaches, hypersensitive teeth, rash, extremely brittle hair, falling down periodically, lack of focus, and the list goes on and on. Many of these problems have gone away and a few that still remain are greatly reduced. If you cannot find a reliable dr., read and research as much as possible. Make a list of your symptoms, even those that seem very remote are important. Think back to when you had symptoms that may have gone away and then returned. Several yrs. ago I suddenly developed allergies to synthetic fabrics and avacado! I still cannot eat avacado or wear synthetics. I recently found out that people with autoimmune diseases (like Hashimoto's) are more likely to have allergies to avacado. Look at adding probiotics to your daily regimine. READ, READ, READ. Reading and research saved my life. I'd all but given up hope of ever being normal again. And don't take no for an answer when dealing with stubborn drs.

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