I have plenty of Zans looking for legit and regular buyers. I am a legit seller and we can start out small to earn trust and then do some business. I have footballs and bars. I already have 3 buyers I ship to in MN, NJ, FL, and I also have local buyers. I am looking to move alot. Contact me at c0128j1980k@yahoo.com if you are interested. I know they're area alot of scammers out there thats why I would start small to show you I am legit. I also have another profile on here called zanman and zanshere. I just wanted to post and change profiles this will be my profile for good. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I ship all around the country. Shipping is done flat rate US to US. I will not ship outside the US to many if's getting through customs. I will also take calls if you would like my number. You can block your number because restricted calls the numbers are not saved or recorded through the carrier. I am just looking for solid legit weekly buyers. I can do from 50-500 at a time. I can actually do as many as you want. I take moneypak, moneygram, western union, and wire bank transfers. Great pricing. The more you buy the cheaper they are. Feel free to contact me wioth any questions. I am new to Topix but I can get buyers to send you an email to show you I am legit. Everyone be careful they're are alot of scammers out there trust me I have been taken and finally found a great reliable supplier.