Forum Post: "Shortness of Breath Due ...

Forum Post: "Shortness of Breath Due to Hiatal Hernia"

There are 259 comments on the story from Sep 20, 2007, titled Forum Post: "Shortness of Breath Due to Hiatal Hernia". In it, reports that: Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by our Medical Review Board Forum Post: " Shortness of Breath Due to Hiatal Hernia " "I wanted to know if there are other people like me out there ... via

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chris in tx

United States

#189 Dec 22, 2012
Same here guys. Sitting is murder. Walking for long periods, murder. Someone said it is like a spear, well yes it is. Right through the back into my stomach, under my left ribs. Had all the heart tests and that was fine. A relief if nothing else, but I'm a schwans man, whoch is nothing but driving walking and lifting. So something has to give. I have another appointment with a gastro specialist in jan. Went back in August and they took my galbladder out because it was defective. That didn't help. I'll post I'm here what they say. Btw, I was scoped and didn't find anything back in August.

Since: Jan 13

Ernakulam, India

#190 Jan 1, 2013
It is better to get a clear idea about what is causing the breathing problem. If you doubt hernia could be the cause, consult a specialist. If you can consult a doctor at Shouldice Hospital, you will get a clear picture whether the hernia should be treated.
James UK

Edinburgh, UK

#191 Jan 4, 2013
Hi folks, I haven't been diagnosed as yet but after reading this I'm pretty certain this is what I have! And what a relief!! Like many of you, I felt like it was my heart or lungs or anxiety but I'm only 29, always been in good health and I excercise 3-5 times a week so I'm fairly confident it's not my heart or lungs. I recently lost a lot of weight for my wedding and it really really helped - I guess it takes some of the pressure off your organs?? Anyway, I really feel everyone's pain and hope you can all do something about it. Its horrible thinking you are going to die and the overall sense of poor well being is enough to make anyone anxious but take some positivity from all these comments and when you feel a struggle coming on, just relax and take slow deep breaths (i find sticking my stomach out as far as i can helps!). The most important thing to know is you are not going to die! just ride it out. I personally will be going to see my GP and explaining what my symptoms are and what I think it is. Fortunately after reading this, I don't have to go through the hell some of you have been through to get my answer. Ill keep everyone up to date with how I get on. All the best to you all and take care, James x

Halifax, Canada

#192 Jan 7, 2013
Hi!I have ahd a hiatal hernia for about 15 years now ... my doctor proscribed me nerv pils caled alprozalame it has help alot.. But lately its been comming back and I too get pain in the back that comes around to my chest and under my ribcage. i'm a carpenter and its starting to bother me again so i dubled my meds,,, I get shortness of breath all the time.. I wake up at night with shortness of breath... I've had 2 stress test on the tredmill and all kinds of ecg's they never find anything just wonderring if it is opperateble... I'm a very nerves personne and the nerve pils help that also... and having acid reflux dos'nt help eather...


Sarnia, Canada

#193 Jan 10, 2013
I have same symptoms after pregnancy too. Three years later I am going crazy from longterm pain and
change of lifesyle makes me depressed. Not able to lay in a bath, jog, do dishes, sit in a car, Cant even enjoy holding or taking care of my child. Hope no one has to feel this way. Best wishes to everyone and quick recovery to this injury. Does surgury work???

Sarnia, Canada

#194 Jan 10, 2013
thank you to all who posted on this site. It has been helpful for me to know that the pain I experience is same as all of your symptoms, mine came after gaining too much weight during pregnancy (71 lbs) on a small frame body guess my organs had to go somewhere with a 9 lb 2 oz baby girl: serious pain under left rib, pain thru to back like a spear stabbing, crushing feeling in solar plexis when lifting,sitting,housework, brushing teeth
shortness breath follows with rapid HR after those basic activities. Especially if I have to lean forward, repetitive bending . Sometimes when i sleep in a tight ball when cold I wake up in pain in chest which makes day hard to start out positive. I Pain level increases at menstration time(uterus must move organs up even more)
Some foods create heartburn adding increased pressure but if I watch that I can beat the heartburn but the physical pain is hard to ignore. Doctors wasting my time with referrals and tests I want this fixed in surgery. Manual massage somewhat changed my organs around but with sliding hiatus hernia goes back up whenever I eat something or move around. My weight is now 75 lbs less than my last days of pregnancy and I feel like I am never going to feel normal. Im 36 yrs old I miss my hobbies and my old actitvies and hope that surgery will give me my optimism for life back so I can enjoy being a mom for my little girl. If anyone has any advice regarding surgery and recovery times please post me back thank you in advance.-Christine

Ellensburg, WA

#195 Jan 17, 2013
This site has some amazing natural techniques to try. Always remember that there are alternatives to medication and surgery!
Lizard wrote:
I just turned 20 and I've been having tests/surgeries since I was 14. When I was 14, they did the endoscopy and discovered ulcers and the hiatal hernia. I was put on Nexium for (I think it was) half a year and given a strict diet. They also told me I have GERD and IBS, which would make sense. The doctor told me it was uncommon for a 14 year old to have a hernia and that I was probably born with it. He even asked if I had bad cases of colic as a baby (which I did) and told me the hernia was the cause.
It seemed that most of the pain and symptoms of the hernia went away for a few years but when I was 18 it acted up again. I had another endoscopy and quite some other testing done, but nothing other than the (now inflamed) hernia were found. I was put on Zegred this time, which had no affect, and then they gave me Nexium, which had a medium affect, but even now I still suffer. There was a lull for a period of about 5 months and now it's back full swing. I was given a good amount of Hyomax, which is a prescription tablet taken under the tongue as needed. It doesn't work towards healing inflammation or damage at all; it's a simple numbing agent. I have seen several GI's (the first of which had me on Zegred, Nexium, Hyomax; the second of which told me I needed a psychiatrist- what?!) and have not been pleased with any result. I don't believe it's stress (i.e. needed a psych) because I honestly don't have a stressful life and do not worry so much about things. And I am unsatisfied with the pills, pills, pills treatments.
I feel out of breath very easily as everyone has said, and sometimes the hernia pains me so badly I am doubled over and can't eat/get up. Advice?

Glasgow, UK

#196 Jan 26, 2013
Why don't doctors listen! My life is a nightmare, constant cough,spit,breathing,no sleeping as it kicks off when I lie down I am exhausted constantly and. Always I say it!s my hiatus hernia it!s also causing me sinus problems by the give me anti-biotics again and again..... But I!m going to go back and demand another. Endoscope to see if it has got bigger and I want it treated ... It is taking over my life my neighbours know me by my cough across the gardens...

Hattiesburg, MS

#197 Jan 27, 2013
I would like to hear from someone who had had the surgery. My hyena hernia is making me so miserable.

Winter Springs, FL

#198 Jan 30, 2013
i suffer from hiata hernia i used to walk 1 hour everyday now nothing i cant do strain exercise i give out of breath. i can only lay on my right side. i really want to be back normal again. polease help me with some advise. thankyou

Winter Springs, FL

#199 Jan 30, 2013
with this hiata hernia i can only sit in the recliner chair. no real soft chair i can only eat soft food. when i eat solid food i pay for it later. i neeed help i want to be normal

Kitwanga, Canada

#200 Feb 3, 2013
I had a CT scan and was diagnosed with a very large hiata hernia a few years ago. It's never bothered me until the last year. I don't suffer from heartburn, but I have shortness of breath allot, some pain in my chest and left shoulder. I only suffer from pain if i eat too much, this also varies. I cannot burp. In the last year i've had 2 bouts where i have to do a liquid diet as nothing will go down. As well as a general feeling of unwellness. These can be very dangerious. If your sure you have one tell the doctor you want a CT scan. You will know for sure.

Atoka, TN

#201 Feb 9, 2013
I have all the symptoms. I am in a "flare up" right now that I believe started with back to back antibiotics. That irritated the and gave me esophageal spasms. That is some kind of pain! It hurts worse than any heart pain I've had, and I've had considerable. The gas problem is very evident, and there is much of it, it is pushing up into my chest, crowding everything and causing chest pain too. When my stomach gets too empty, I get the chest pain, but when I eat, the gas starts. Whatever I treat at the moment, aggravates something else. I am overweight but have so many health problems I can't exercise and it seems that I can only lose a few pounds by dieting, without exercise. I have one other symptom nobody has mentioned here. When I walk across the floor, I get chest pain. I'm not sure what's causing that but I am sure it's part of it. I've had this before, from time to time, but NEVER this bad. It has been horrible! I read that mustard helped someone with the gas and someone else said it was because it has turmeric in it, so I am taking that as of today. There are other natural supplements recommended. I drank a cup of warm chamomile and mint tea and it helped more than anything. Some people get relief from the esophagus spasms by drinking cold water but if I drink cold water, it makes the hernia hurt. I have an appointment with my GI doctor in a couple of weeks. I want to hold off until I can see him if possible, because the ER is a crap shoot - a lot of doctors don't know anything about problem, at least not enough to do anything except give you Prilosec, which I already take twice a day. I pray that we all get relief!!!!

Tallahassee, FL

#202 Feb 14, 2013
Been going through this for a few months now and starting to have more good than bad days. I dropped some weight and that helped, but I have acid reflux and that's my biggest issue. I take prilosec once a day. Doc gave me prednisone because my ears and nasal canals were constantly swollen so I hope that doesn't aggravate it. Only time I'm short of breath is when I'm driving sometimes or if I'm driving a cold car, but once my car warms up I'm fine

East Liverpool, OH

#203 Feb 17, 2013
After several trips to er and Dr I went to gastrointernologist upper gi confirmed hiatal hernia was put on dexilant I can breathe fine now except after doing excellent for 2 1/2 years my insurance will no longer cover it back to drawing board but for me heartburn meds did the trick hope this helps.

Detroit, MI

#204 Feb 23, 2013
Iam 66 years old have left chest pain down to my Arm.I have had 2 hiatal surgerys since 2009. Have another small hiatal. I go to a cardiologist. I have had nuclear stress test and ekgs. They say it is not cardio. I go 4 miles on thread mill everyday with no problem or shortness of breath in less than 1 hour. Can someone please give me some advice what to do. Also have been back to gastro dr. cant find anythingelse.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#205 Feb 25, 2013
roni wrote:
i suffer from hiata hernia i used to walk 1 hour everyday now nothing i cant do strain exercise i give out of breath. i can only lay on my right side. i really want to be back normal again. polease help me with some advise. thankyou
I run out of breathe alot...especially with stairs and taking showers. I take walks, but have to stop every 100 yards to catch my breathe, otherwise the gulping for air is just too much....i have COPD and have had some type of hernia from weight gain, by stopping smoking....So, i understand that part of the breathing problems, but wonder if a hernia might also be a cause? Wonder if anyone else here has had this combo of experiences?????
dottie- Hutchinson island

Stuart, FL

#206 Apr 4, 2013
I have had hiatal hernia problems for years,
it was getting so bad, I couldn't catch my breath , after the slightest bet of
exertion. Walking , going up and down stairs, even normal housework.
i had a horrible wheeze , and gurgling sounds. My family commented on how loud it was.
I also felt like I swallowed a basket ball , after each meal.
I visited may doctors, including pulmany , heart specialist, and my gastroenterologist .
After a upper Gi scoping , it was discovered My entlire stomach had slipped through the hialtal, and was resting on my esophagus, and lower left lung lobe.
I had no choice but to get surgery. Which I did have in July, 2012.
i must say first, that i can breath well now, and can walk for miles with no problems.(even for this 80 year old lady)
But there has been many side effects.
I'm afraid t eat sometimes., and have to keep meals small and more often.
Terrible gas, cramping, on and off bowel problems, and soreness where the repair was done. Also a pain in my left shoulder, when I do eat. I suppose a nerve is being effected.
My life is not the same , but i was told, "i must live with it"
I do feel, I could not have gone on with the way it was before.
And breathing seems to be more important than eating very much :-)
i never had acid reflex before, but i do now. Especially in bed at night
I tried buying a wedge pillow, and it was horrible. Like sleeping on a tombstone.
I wake up quite often and take a few sips of water or some gas relief meds.
I suppose one must just go with the flow.
The surgery is a trade off.
i can burp, and that means the surgery was a success.
Has anyone else gone through a paraesohgageal herrnia , with fundoplication?
What are your thoughts, and how are you coping?

Winter Springs, FL

#207 Apr 11, 2013
i have hiata hernia it bother me I cant sit down in soft cushon chair or sofa evey thing push up in my chest icant exercise like I use to I get short of breath could someone give me advise on what to do about my situation.

United States

#208 Apr 21, 2013
I have an hiata hernia it a small one but ut hurts I get short of breath when I walk when I eat a lot it interrupt my life please help/ especially when I have gas on my stomach it really put on the extra pressure on my stomach , hel[p me what can I do

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