PTSD Causes Early Death from Heart Di...

PTSD Causes Early Death from Heart Disease

There are 12 comments on the News Max story from Aug 8, 2008, titled PTSD Causes Early Death from Heart Disease. In it, News Max reports that:

Posttraumatic stress disorder significantly raises the risk of premature death from heart disease, according to results of a long-term study of Vietnam veterans.

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Scottsville, KY

#1 Aug 8, 2008
This is absolute bull-sh-itttttttt.I know so many guys with ptsd from my time in service and even now. hOW OLD DO YOU THINK VIETNAM VETS ARE NOW. in their 60s and 70s.........whoever wrote this piece of propaganda should be shot.

Scottsville, KY

#2 Aug 8, 2008
no mention of sucide rates among ptsd veterans.......this is a hot topic for me........the nannies are even trying to use any potential of a veteran in a combat situation as a means to deny them the right to own a gun.........looks to me like the heart association is taking their turn to throw out PROPAGANDA this week.


Since: Jun 08

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Aug 8, 2008
harleyrider1978 wrote:
whoever wrote this piece of propaganda should be shot.
I know it's a Reuters piece, but it was posted on Newsmax, and you can't get much more right-wing than that. Don't know what to tell you.

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El Paso, Texas

#4 Aug 8, 2008
If anything is effecting the heart conditions of Vietnam veterans more, it's Agent Orange exposure! Yet, the Dept of VA continuelly refuses to address that issue in effecting the heart.

Mental health does in fact effect the physical body just as the physical problems effect the brain and nervous system. But, it's not black and white as many would want to believe.

Weclome Home Brothers
Dave Halsey

Albemarle, NC

#5 Oct 19, 2009
I don't know about the higher probability of heart disease from PTSD, but I sure know that persons suffering from PTSD are far more stressed than the average by a long shot. Many of us self-medicate through drinking and substances to put that "stuff" in a fog. Many of us are tense and
pissed off and can't get a full night's sleep because of early morning waking. The "stuff"
messes mightily with our relationships. PTSD
is on top of the suck list.

One thing that bothers me off are those people
who say PTSD is untreatable. My own experience
with exposure-desensitization for severe vehicular
PTSD tells me this stuff is treatable. Same with what my buds from Vietnam. Many overcame their
PTSD and flashbacks with different forms of exposure and desensitization sure tells me PTSD is treatable. Sure it's tough to face--but that's sure alot better than facing years of PTSD troubling after effects.

I used a PTSD written exposure method Emo Reviewer
and a vagus nerve relaxation method called the Dive Reflex
to stop flight-fight overwhelm during exposure-desensitzation. I don't get woken up anymore, get flashbacks, sudden anxiety and hyper-vigilence. I had to reexperience the crap, but it was worth it.
Here's some material on the written exposure
method the Emo Reviewer:

Here's another good site on PTSD and traumas
David Baldwin's Trauma pages:

If you are a vet go down to the VA and ask them if they have any exposure type programs for PTSD.
Get demanding about it if they brush you off.
Ask an old head who knows the ins and outs. It works. It's basically going over and over the details of traumatic memories until they are desensitized. Sometimes you have to relax at first
so you won't be overwhelmed. Get a shrink to work with you or find a brother who was paraprofessionally trained in exposure and desensitization. Sometimes there just are not enough programs out there. The stuff is treatable.


High Springs, FL

#6 May 18, 2013
An article of pure horse manure. The mental health industry should be dissolved and all government money removed
Old Guy

New Carlisle, OH

#7 May 18, 2013
HumanSpirit wrote:
An article of pure horse manure.
How would you know? The article is from 2008, and long gone. So you are responding to a one line summary. Here's a more recent article on the same topic, describing the specifics of a large study:

"The largest, involving 207,954 veterans in California and Nevada ages 46 to 74, compared those with PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, to those without it. They were free of major heart disease and diabetes when researchers checked their records from 2009 and 2010.

Checked again about two years later, 35 percent of those with PTSD but only 19 percent of those without it had developed insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes and hardening of the arteries.

Doctors also saw higher rates of metabolic syndrome - a collection of heart disease risk factors that include high body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. About 53 percent of veterans with PTSD but only 37 percent of those without it had several of these symptoms."

High Springs, FL

#9 May 18, 2013
Psychiatry: An industry of death

&fe ature=youtube_gdata_player

Psychiatry No Science

High Springs, FL

#10 May 18, 2013
APA Admits there is no test for "chemical imbalance"

American Psychiatric Association admitted it lied to the American Public

Biopsychiatry Illuminated


29 September 2003 Issue 61

This week, a few representative excerpts from an article that I discovered on my internet travels only a matter of days ago, concerning the area in which biopsychiatry has, it seems to me, most comprehensively misled the world at large.

Please go to the website linked to below the excerpts and read the complete article. Then you will not be bamboozled should a doctor, teacher, journalist, ad man, politician, family member, friend, some bloke in your local pub, or whoever, start waffling on at you about 'mental illness' being caused by 'chemical imbalances' in the brain. You will know better!

There Are No "Chemical Imbalances"

"The hypothetical disturbances of neurochemical function that are said to underlie "mental illness" are just that: hypothetical. No experiment has ever shown that anyone has an "imbalance" of any neurotransmitters or any other brain chemicals. Nor could any conceivable experiment demonstrate the existence of a "chemical imbalance," simply because no one, least of all the biopsychiatrists, has the slightest idea what a proper and healthy chemical "balance" would look like."

"...the views and beliefs of biopsychiatry have nothing to do with the answers to scientific questions in any case: the hunt for biological "causes" of "mental illness" is an entirely fallacious enterprise in the first place; the non- existence of data to support its assertions is quite beside the point."

"The latest edition of one pharmacology text has this to say about the status of depression as a disease: "Despite extensive efforts, attempts to document the metabolic changes in human subjects predicted by these [biological] hypotheses have not, on balance, provided consistent or compelling corroboration." This is a long-winded way of admitting that not even a scrap of evidence supports the idea that depression results from a "chemical imbalance." Yet patients are told every day - by their doctors, by the media, and by drug company advertising - that it is a proven scientific fact that depression has a known biochemical origin. It follows directly that millions of Americans are being lied to by their doctors; and people surely can't give informed consent for drug treatment when what they're being "informed" by is a fraud.... To sum up: there is no evidence whatsoever to support the view that "mental illness" is biochemical in origin; in other words, things like "Unipolar Disorder" and "Attention Deficit Disorder" simply do not exist."

Read the complete article, There Are No "Chemical Imbalances" by Eaton T. Fores, at the Eaton T. Fores Research Center:

High Springs, FL

#11 May 18, 2013
Without a test for chemical imbalance the mental health, the "psychiatric diagnosis" is limited in the ancillary tests of medicine like an EKG, EEG, blood work or other tests in the diagnoses of a patient. They aren't really needed in Psychiatry.

I think you can see, and probably know, as a student, that the psychiatric diagnosis is made on the basis of behavior or spoken words or the hearsay from a neighor, friend, estranged husband/wife who may very well be making a false allegation or creating a position in a court of law for their advantage. I am sure that Medicare or Disability and insurances play a large part in the diagnoses. Basically you are making a diagnoses on the physiological differences between the so called "mentally ill" and the "normal" without knowing what a proper and healthy chemical "balance" look like?" There is no test.

If we respect metabolic changes based on daily dietary habits, weight gain / loss , terms of the survival of the organisms as a person age along with physical conditioning, physical illness, electrolyte level, gender differences , body temperature, I don't see where the Mental Health and Counseling Industry could conform to any consistency in data with consideration to the above to state a person has a mental disease or illness based on chemical imbalance. Beside that, the mental health psychiatric diagnoses isn't even part of standard medical procedure known as the medical model in which all doctors are trained and is the only branch of medicine operating completely on political decisions.

So, on the basis of a 10 minute exchange between doctor & patient, a diagnosis of atypical schizophrenia (others) can be made and what is disturbing is that with the aid of a 2nd physician, the patient can be involuntarily hospitalized without any due process of law.. There is no other branch of medicine that permits this sort of thing.

If an orthopedic surgeon operated on a patient without the aid of an X-ray, he would be working at the car wash the next day.

High Springs, FL

#12 May 18, 2013
NIMH Delivers A Kill Shot To DSM-5

The National Institute of Mental Health is distancing itself from the the American Psychiatric Association and its upcoming Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders .

High Springs, FL

#13 May 18, 2013
New US manual for diagnosing mental disorders published

No doubt that the DSM-5 has political overtones . 2954

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