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Mandaluyong City, Philippines

#107 Jun 15, 2014
Tara wrote:
My esophageal spasms seem to be related to my hormones. I got the spasms once a month (all night long), for 4 years, then they gradually went away for 3 years, and now they are back again. I'm so upset about this. I don't have any cures, but as soon as they start, I pace around the house. I can not lay down, or even sit sometimes. It makes it worse. I try drinking lots of water. They even hurt more if I try to talk, and right after I swallow. I usually wake up with them in the middle of the night, after having really restless sleep, and feeling anxious and having insomnia. I know they're coming because I get like a pressure and burning sensation in my jaw area.
That is really interesting, Tara. Mine hit me like a Mack truck. It is all I can do to just stand there, bent over, and breathe. After I adjust to the pain in my chest all the way up to my ears, I can find the nearest chair.

Jenison, MI

#108 Jun 21, 2014
does a hot water bottle help at all during episodes

Jenison, MI

#109 Jun 21, 2014
does a hot water bottle help during episodes?

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

#110 Jun 23, 2014
jacki wrote:
does a hot water bottle help during episodes?
I don't think it would, Jacki, but I would never think of trying. The problem is inside. It's a matter of trying to get the inside to relax.

Goshen, IN

#111 Jun 26, 2014
Hi, I just wanted to comment that i had 4 bypass heart surgery 5 weeks ago, and believe I am now having these esophagus spasms. I went to the ER for chest pain, and my heart checked out ok. Went to the GI doctor and had ct scans done for pulmonary issues. All checked out ok. Now GI doctor thinks it might be spasms. I think he is correct as all my symptoms match what everyone else on here has. I tried several medicines but no relief. I found that the nitros do help quickly, but probably not good to use them to often. Thanks for the information here and hopefully my dr can get it resolved because the pain is to intense and very dispruptive to my life. I get bad chest pain, hard to breathe, numbness and tingling in my arms hands and feet and break out in sweats.

Hannibal, MO

#112 Jul 9, 2014
I am pretty sure that drinking a beer and other alcohol before eating made mine worse, and I did read on one of the medical sites that it can, as it relaxes it and somehow makes it worse. Drinking really cold ice water with meals has seemed to help too

Spencerport, NY

#115 Jul 16, 2014
I'm finding that drinking the water like everyone has said but I use ice in the water ! 99% of the time it works.

Old Hickory, TN

#116 Jul 25, 2014
can you get disabilty with this condition

Signal Hill, CA

#117 Jul 25, 2014
bill wrote:
can you get disabilty with this condition
7-25: Dear Bill, I'm tending to think that it depends on the frequency you have these spasms, and, the length of time your esophagus is in spasm.-I wish you all the best.-Esther

Signal Hill, CA

#118 Jul 25, 2014
7-25: Dear All, Today, a gastroenterologist looked down my throat, and found a...hiatal hernia, causing transient cramping/difficulty swallowing. Biopsies were taken.
Wow - I didn't expect that diagnosis. But, I'm happy to finally learn what's causing my distress! He wants me on some med and see him in his office, in a month. Meanwhile, I'm going to read up on hiatal hernia.

All the best to all of you,
choking maneuver

Sparta, TN

#119 Jul 29, 2014
Julie Howe wrote:
One trick I have discovered is as soon as you first start feeling the spasms, and if your home or near a shower, also If you have a hand held shower head with different settings, I get in the shower put the setting on the hardest straight beam of water, the hotter the better, and aim it between your breast. The hardness of the water massages the esophagus muscle and the heat soothes it. I have been lucky enough that I haven't had too many episodes where I am not at home where it happens, but if it does I will be sure to try the water trick..
When I have an Esophageal Spasm with food that won't go down I start beating my chest (breast bone), and if anyone is available have someone to beat me on the back between shoulder blades...(this reminds me of how we were done as young children when we were choking on food). It helps me. That kind of reminds me of your post with the hard water massage.

Nantucket, MA

#121 Aug 6, 2014
Christine wrote:
Oh Don, thank you, I am going to try that the next time I get an attack. Luckily I haven't had any for a few days so I may be getting relief. Tai Chi sounds fun and very relaxing, but I think I will go the Yoga path for myself. We don't really have a good class for tai chi where I live but lots of yoga groups. Thanks again for the tip.
I am seeing my surgeon on the 22nd, so maybe there may be something he can do, but if you didn't have success that way, then I may be a bit optimistic. But it is nice to know another person who has had the same operation is getting the same thing.
stopping esophgus spasms sucessfully with taking peppermint oil or even altoids . the strong mint stops the spasms in alot of cases . the peppermint oil is mostly found at health food stores or online and one must bite the capsule to release the oil into the mouth and throat . amazing how it works .

Waterloo, IA

#122 Aug 6, 2014
I have been dealing with these attacks since 2008. Swore many times I was having a heart attack. A year ago when the pain started I felt really thirsty and took a huge drink of water despite the pain. It WORKED....immediately! I get at least one attack a week. Tried searching for answers online for the last year as to what the pain is caused from and why water took it away so fast. Today I finally found this forum. I've been to the ER countless times, overnight hospital stays and doctors shoving anti anxiety meds at me telling me they were panic/anxiety attacks even though I told them over and over again this just wasn't the case. I just stopped going to the doc as soon as I learned on my own that water is the answer. Glad I'm not the only one who knows about this

Easley, SC

#123 Aug 8, 2014
With my first attack I was worried at first it was my heart but my cardiologist told me it wasn't. I had a heart cath about 6 months ago and was fine. What I was wondering is if anyone has back pain with theirs. When I have mine I have pressure in my chest but I feel like an alien is going to explode thru my back. My pain is like a 12-15 on the pain scale. I feel like if I could just belch on good time it would be fine. At times when I drink it is like my esophagus is a test tube it feels up and the drink comes right out. My food has done the same thing or just gets stuck. It takes me an hour to est dinner at times because I chew everything so many times then I stop eating to let things go down. If I don't then I feel like I have eaten a whole hog and it is sitting at the bottom of my esophagus. I have had the test done on my esophagus and the bottom part does not work. Sorry for going on and main question was does anyone else have horrible upper back pain with theirs?

Easley, SC

#124 Aug 8, 2014
I myself have esophagus spasms. My pain is like 12-15 on the pain scale. Instead of going into a long drawn out detail of all the test etc....I am going to get to the point. When I have my spasms I hurt in my chest and back. I feel like an alien is trying to explode out of my back ( not that I have ever had that happen before) but does anyone else have this horrible back pain with theirs?

Pensacola, FL

#125 Aug 8, 2014
I am 57 and have just had a major attack, before tonight they were all mild. I am so happy to have found so much info on this condition. I have noticed that my abdomen becomes bloated before I get one of these attacks and I also have watery bowel movements. I have tried everything suggested and so far the Altoids are helping least for right now. Thanks to everyone for posting here. I don't feel so all alone now.

Chicago, IL

#126 Aug 17, 2014
I never knew this page existed. I'm having one now and tried the water trick and it seemed to lessen, but then comes back. Will keep up with the water. I know that massaging the chest area while walking around the house also seems to help. I am way overweight and wondering if this could contribute to the problem.

Signal Hill, CA

#127 Aug 17, 2014
AnnieH wrote:
I never knew this page existed. I'm having one now and tried the water trick and it seemed to lessen, but then comes back. Will keep up with the water. I know that massaging the chest area while walking around the house also seems to help. I am way overweight and wondering if this could contribute to the problem.
8-17: Dear AnnieH, My best friend, Selma, was way overweight, and she had told me that her doctor was encouraging her to lose some weight, as, among other things, she had a hiatal hernia along with her esophageal spasms (like me, though too much weight hasn't been my issue). Her doctor was concerned as the weight typically brings other issues: diabetes, etc. I wish you all the best as you research how to tackle your weight issue - with friendly support. It just may lessen/stop your spasming (my fingers are crossed). Warmly, Esther.

Chicago, IL

#128 Aug 19, 2014
Thank you, Esther. That was very nice.

Covington, GA

#129 Aug 23, 2014
I waited 3 weeks to post this to make sure I had no episodes and I havent !!! My secret is breathing, breath through your nose when eating and drinking. I'm not saying this will work for everyone but its worked for me!!! I would like to get some feedback whether it works for you or not

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