Many men are having trouble admitting that they are going through such as stage in their life like menopause.

Andropause is a term used for men going through menopause, even though this is not really considered a fully correct term, it is used to define a drop in male hormone levels compared to the hormone disorders women go through during this stage.

For women, it is quite clear and easy to tell when menopause is starting due to certain symptoms such as cessation of menstruation. However, for men, this is a lot more difficult to tell when he is hitting the second part of his life, and can be misdiagnosed.

Usually, around the age of 30 is when men can start having a drop in their testosterone levels, which is entering the stage known as andropause.

Symptoms of male menopause would include:
- depression
- loss of muscle mass
- genital hair loss
- sexual difficulties
- sleep disturbances
- decreased libido
- irritability
- sweating