Bisphosphonate Side Effects: Cause Fo...

Bisphosphonate Side Effects: Cause For Growing Concern

There are 53 comments on the Press Release News From 24-7 Press Release story from Sep 26, 2006, titled Bisphosphonate Side Effects: Cause For Growing Concern. In it, Press Release News From 24-7 Press Release reports that:

They may be among the most-prescribed drugs in America, but bisphosphonates such as Fosamax, Zometa and others presribed to prevent bone loss in women and men with osteoporosis may actually cause bone death in ...

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Scared by big Pharm

Spencer, MA

#1 Sep 28, 2006
Can't people see the handwriting on the wall? How many more Vioxx incidents do we need? Drs. are obviously paid off big time to let these drugs continue to be used and damage people.

Hmm, a drug that has a main component that was used in soaps and fertilizer and it can HARM PEOPLE. Go figure!!
Wake up people. We need more class action suits to shake up the FDA and Big Pharm.
It's sickening. Is there a magic wonder drug for that sick this makes me feel? and angry!!
oh yeah, Paxal!!

United States

#2 Oct 5, 2006
This is getting to be a real thorn in my side. I have two doctors telling me to take this drug. I quit taking it over a year ago and have been afraid to take it after all I have heard. Is it true that doctors get a portion of the money from this drug?
Scared by big Pharm

Spencer, MA

#3 Oct 10, 2006
I don't know if they get cash, but somehow they get kickbacks (trips, goods, etc.) My cousin was a nurse in hosptial for years. When she went to a private practice whe was SHOCKED at how much influence the Pharm reps had OVER the drs.!!! Lunches, trips, golf, etc. All for just using their wonder drugs....You'd think with malpractice they'd be scared, but who knows, maybe they pay the insurance for them now too!
Do research....calcium, magnesium and vitamin d along with exercise are what you need.
New articles are saying the FARCAMAX (my pet name for this horrible drug) CAUSES micro fractures of the skeletal system in the first year!!! Then, after 4 years the bones are denser (fatter!!) but not stronger, EVEN WEAKER and more likely to break!
Go to the library and get the book "THE MYTH OF OSTEOPEROSIS" by Gillain Sanson. It is such an eye opener!! And I think she has a website and newsletter.
Good luck!! Don't take this drug.....
Oh and Merck funded tests, funded machines that supposedly measure bone density, etc. It's all a big scam!!!
My sister takes...for about 2 1/2 years the same time she starts, develops Chrohns Disease...coencidence?? I don't think so!
Can't get my 83 year old mom to stop taking it even after mailing her articles about all the issues with it. She still feels achy and sore and is very cranky lately( not sure if that has to do with drug). Just had a tooth extracted...holding my breath that doesn't become an issue. Dr. didn't ask her about if she was taking it, to my knowledge.
She asked her MD about articles I sent her...his wonderful answer...don't worry, I am on top of it!
Will he be there if jaw gets diseased? Will he be going over and feeding her through a straw?
Good luck....keep doing research and you'll see you made right decision to quit this drug...

Zurich, Switzerland

#4 Oct 10, 2006
It gets even funnier! Fosamax causes DNA damage!!!

"But O'Brien says there's more than jaw necrosis for Fosamax users to consider. He directed me to a study, published last February in the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, which concluded that Fosamax caused "significant" DNA damage in white blood cells in 32 postmenopausal women over a 12-month period. White blood cells are key components of the body's immune system. The long-term implications of the study's findings are unclear, but even the possibility of such a side effect is troubling."
Scared by big Pharm

Spencer, MA

#5 Oct 10, 2006

My mom has been on for a couple of months now. She seems to be getting more and more cranky/depressed. Could this be from these stupid pills?

When will FDA wake up and admit these need to come off the shelves? What is wrong with these Drs.
Scared by big Pharm

Spencer, MA

#6 Oct 10, 2006
O.K., last thought. If this drug can damage the jaw and it is noticed during minor mouth surgery, what IS it doing to hip bones, elbows, etc?
So when are hip replacment patients going to start not healing? Why does is just seem to be the jaw bone?

Any thoughts+?

United States

#7 Oct 14, 2006
If you or anyone you know has been hurt by this drug, please contact me through email at I may be able to help.
Scared by big Pharm

Spencer, MA

#8 Nov 21, 2006
Bayram M, Soyer C, Kadioglu E, Sardas S.
Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Faculty of Medicine, Kirikkale University, Kirikkale, Turkey.

OBJECTIVE: The following study was designed to examine possible DNA damage levels in peripheral blood leukocytes, using the alkaline Comet assay, isolated from postmenopausal women undergoing osteoporosis treatment. STUDY DESIGN: Thirty-two postmenopausal women were randomized into two groups of 16. A dosage of 2.5 mg/day of tibolone (Livial) and 10mg/day of alendronate sodium (Fosamax) were administered to Group 1 over a 12-month period while Group 2 took 10 mg/day of alendronate alone over the same period. The control group consisted of 16 postmenopausal women who did not receive any treatment. Genotoxicity was assessed by the standard method of alkaline Comet assay. RESULTS: When the results of the study groups were compared with those of the control group, significant differences in terms of DNA damage levels were found (p<0.05). However, no difference was detected between Groups 1 and 2 (p>0.05). CONCLUSION: Although, no statistical difference in terms of DNA damage levels between tibolone plus alendronate as opposed to alendronate alone was found, an increase in DNA damage levels was observed in Groups 1 and 2 compared with the control group. Consequently, it can be asserted that the frequency of DNA damage in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis increases under alendronate treatment with or without tibolone

O.K., so let me ask you this...with all these new wonder drugs causing so much damage to people..WHO THE HECK WOULD VOLUNTEER FOR ONE OF THESE STUDIES???
Do you get paid a boat-load of money..or free medical care (to treat the ONJ, etc.) for the rest of your life.
I won't even take these crappy pills after FDA (which is a joke!) approval, never mind in a clinical study.
Imagine if this women develop the jaw issue? How horrible.
These companies are NOT out to help the health of people...they are out to make the stockholders happy, earn their bonuses and big paychecks and go on to the next big money-maker...And our Drs. have sold out right along with them.
Scary stuff....
Scared by big Pharm

Spencer, MA

#9 Feb 12, 2007
If reading the news about Vioxx and other drug recalls is not enough to convince you that pharmaceutical companies have their bottom line at heart, not the publicís interest, consider this quote from FDA employee and whistleblower Dr. David Graham:

But, when there are unsafe drugs, the FDA is very likely to err on the side of industry. Rarely will they keep a drug from being marketed or pull a drug off the marketÖ Thereís no incentive for the companies to do things right. The clinical trials that are done are too small, and as a result itís very unusual to find a serious safety problem in these clinical trials. Safety flaws are discovered after the drug gets on the market.

He ends with the simple fact that in order for a drug to get FDA approval, it only needs to be more effective than a sugar pill.


#10 Feb 12, 2007
I called my dr today and asked him to write me a script because i want to join a therapeutic gym for
ostoporosis management. If I have a script it would be $20 less a month, and they design a program for osteoporosis. This is a very good place and many women have joined. Well, this is
the kicker. I told him I wasnt taking any Fosamax or Actenol, therefore, he said he would not approve
the script because he did not want to be responsible if I fracture something. BUT HE IS
floored and cried after I hung up. I called back
and told the nurse I will be seeking ANOTHER DR
WHEN I MAKE THE APPT. And i have been seeing this
TO MY OSTEOPOROSIS, OTHER THAN USING DRUGS. Just confirms that he does get kickbacks from the
drug companies, MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!
Scared by big Pharm

Spencer, MA

#11 Feb 13, 2007

WoW. That is scary. I have heard people say that if you refuse to take a drug, your Dr. can refuse treatment.
Apparetnly after becoming drs. they can no longer read, except glossy flyers handed to them by pharm reps. If they did any reading at all, they'd see how scary this stuff is and realize they have had the wool pulled over their eyes.
A friend was telling me that the BIG PHARM companies actually recruit at college games...they try to get the cheerleaders...figure they are cute, buxom, etc..and will make good sales.
Isn't that sickening?
Good luck with finding another Dr. Check out any naturopathic drs. in your area.
Also on there is a GREAT article on osteoperosis and how wrong these drugs are for us. Some good tips too on diet, exercise and vitamins.
The only thing I don't agree with in their tips is getting bone density tests done every couple of years. Unless you have had past history of unusual breaks, I can't see going for these tests and just depressing yourself over the amount of loss.
One book I read states that each machine can be calibrated differently, so the results can vary from machine to machine. One test subject went for 6 tests and results were different in each.
So why should we stress ourselves out over something we really can't do any more about, other than the regimens of exercise, diet, supplements (not poision drugs!). Unfortunately nature is supposed to make our bones get less dense as we age. All we can do is try to make sure they are the best bone they can be for the AGE we are!
Good luck.


#12 Feb 13, 2007
thanks for encouraging words. I am joining the
therapeutic health center despite getting a script.
Met with them and they are certain I can keep bone density the same, and maybe increase it. Helll with the DR!!!!! I agree about bone density tests.
I have had three and all different readings, doesnt
make sense to me at all. Sometimes I think the
machines are RIGGED!!!!!! And your right, will not stress myself out, as I did read that stress
can cause bone loss. Thanks for replying
Scared by big Pharm

Spencer, MA

#13 Feb 13, 2007

Just got back from visiting my 84 year old mom. After one year of me presenting evidence, articles, etc. to her about Fosamax dangers, she decided to go off. Started having problems with her eyes. Up to now no eye issues so that scared her. And the fact that her sister in law needed dental work and the dentist refused to treat her as she was on the darn poision too.
I went to GNC and got her a good multi-vitamin geared toward bone health. My mom walks and rides a stationary bike, so not much else she can do at her age.
But you are on the right track. Check out the article and you'll be doing all you can.
Good luck.
My chiropractor was telling me about a woman he is trying to help that got all crippled up from this stuff.
It is frightening. I used to trust Drs., now I have to trust my best judgement, after doing research.
I should be inspired by you and join a gym like that!
Dennis Harrison

Kerhonkson, NY

#14 Mar 5, 2007
Both Fosamax and Vioxx allegedly appear to inhibit (and prevent) adequate bone healing. Allegedly, you should not take either if you want to heal a bone. Vioxx is off the market, but there are other Cox-2's (and incredibly some new ones are trying to enter the market allegedly without addressing the issue!).
At least in Cox-2 drugs one can just NOT use them when undergoing healing. Unfortunately, it seems no cox-2 inhibitor manufacturer will tell you that, so if you are or were like me, you may have had very significant damage as a result. It is allegedly a problem, besides the very well known heart/CV issue(s) that has a lot of information on the Internet on it, and that information CERTAINLY looks credible!!!!!!!!!!
HOWEVER, WITH FOSAMAX since it stays in your body, up to 15 years or more - once it takes hold enough in your body, it would appear that you would ALWAYS HAVE THS ISSUE OF BONE (AND POSSIBLY SPINE)healing. This is allegedly just an absolute bomb awaiting to explode, without perhaps millions in a situation of having bone and/or spine healing problems.
My gosh, this is not brain surgery. You cannot convince me it is a problem (allegedly I must say) that is just being ignored by the drug companies and the FDA. AND THIS IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW. I would now also blame some media companies. Many of them have been warned by various sources and it is easy to find info on, yet they won't apparently report it. I certainly hope that even the media is avoiding it for fear of Merck's wrath. My God!
Dennis Harrison
Catskill, NY
Scared by big Pharm

Worcester, MA

#16 Mar 5, 2007

I sent a letter to the editor of Reader's Digest and Guideposts magazines complaining about how many pages were wasted with ads from these scary drugs.
I said in my letter that these books will not do anything about it though as the revenue they are getting for these 3-5 page ads is way too much to lose
That is why the media won't do negative are right. They have too much at stake and don't want to lose the revenue. So in effect, it is like another legal form of bribery.
Imagine how many millions (billions) these companies spend every year on advertising.
People are blind-sided by the ads and then these useless drs. ad to the the mix by not researching these drugs thoroughly enough.
Get the book "Overdosed America" from your library and read about some of these "wonder" drugs.
Your jaw will drop! It is sickening and we are being taken for a ride and made fools of.
My question is how many younger folks will be nursing home bound in the next 10-15 years (or sooner) due to the horrible life altering side effects of all these bad drugs?
Who is going to foot the bill for all these years of medical care? Merck? Pfizier? Our wonderful Drs.?
I doubt it.
When will someone in the government wake up and get the ball rolling on drug reform? This is as bad a problem as illegal drugs...Our drs. are drug pushers now, but they wear lab coats and have a license to poision and addict us (anti-depressants, sleep aids)...
It is sad.
Merck was tyring to make a newer version of Lipitor/crestor type drug and had to stop because too many people had already died in the trials...DUH...
Most of these drugs we don't need anyway.
My mom was shocked when I told her how long her year on FARCEAMAX could affect her. She didn't understand how Drs. could prescribe this knowing how dangerous it could be and that it doesn't just flush out of your system in a few days like some meds.
Why aren't people being totally informed up front about EXACTLY how FARCEAMAX works...oh yeah, because then anyone with their wits about them would realize that this drug CAN NOT possibly make NEW bone OR STRONGER bone...but we are only shown little bullet points on a glossy flyer that tell us how great these pills are..through carefully chosen words and catch phrases.
It make me so mad when I see these ads on tv....I want to scream...
Good luck to all...Don't take this drug!!
Shirley_ B

Kirkland, WA

#17 Mar 23, 2007
Corey wrote:
If you or anyone you know has been hurt by this drug, please contact me through email at I may be able to help.
Hi Corey:
I hope this isn't too late (5 months after your post), but I want to run this one by you. My husband is 56 years old. He has been taking Fosamax for approx. 4 years because he was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. In Dec. of 2005 he was involved in a serious auto accident. His truck was slammed on the drivers side and then the truck slammed into a steel pole. Ultimately, in 2006, he had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff on his left shoulder, a core decompression to try to relieve the pressure in his left hip because he developed AVN (avascular necrosis), and finally a full hip replacement on his left side. My question is, all the doctors insist that the accident couldn't have been the cause of the AVN because he didn't dislocate or fracture the hip. I've beem trying to make the connection. I think he had some fracturing of the hip (small fractures) that went undetected because the doctors took a wait and see attitude about the pain he started experiencing almost immediately after the accident (he was in shock in the ER, but he did tell the attending doc that he was feeling pain in his hip). It wasn't until March that they finally did the MRI and told him he had developed AVN. They are trying to say it must have developed because of his alcohol consumption (yes he is a social drinker, but he owns his own successful business), but my contention is he didn't have any pain or problems with the hip until after the accident. This is going to be very hard to prove for insurance purposes and we are trying to explore every avenue. I think his use of Fosamax might have contributed to this but I think it will be an uphill battle to get the doc's to even consider this. I don't know what you do, but if you have any ideas, your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Shirley
Scared by big Pharm

Worcester, MA

#19 Apr 12, 2007
The scary thing with VIOXX is that 60,000 people DIED and another 40,000 (that is reported) are permanently damaged from it. So given those numbers I don't think it is a safe pain reliever. Risk factor is far too high.
My question, as always, do we go about getting all these dangerous drugs off the market?
What will it take? When did medicine become nothing more than good wall-street marketing? Meds are now pushed the same way cigarettes were in the 50's and 60's..You can't open a magazine or newspaper without seeing an ad for these drugs.
AND the marketing techniques are working.
I was talking to someone just yesterday who had been on 2 statin drugs and had bad side effects....liver problems. He is now on statin number 3 and crossing his fingers!! HELLO..last time I checked the liver was a pretty important organ. I think that given the fact the key components in all the statin drugs is the have a pretty good chance of having the same reactions! I think I'd rather take my chances with my cholesterol than losing my liver!
AND, if you do research and lots of reading, you will see the cholesterol thing is as big a scam as this stupid bone density thing! It's absolutely sickening.
All due to slick marketing. I have friends who say, well if your cholesterol is high you have no choice....YES you do..
our grandparents and great grandparent ate far more high cholesterol foods than we do...granted they got more exercise..but most did not die of clogged arteries, heart issues etc.
Now new articles say the statins probably aren't doing anything to change the risk for clogged arteries either. So why take them. And the bad number gets lower and lower all the time.
These drug companies have brainwashed the american public into thinking that there is, or can be a pill for everything! Sorry, not buying it.
Drug companies should not be allowed to advertise. Just like you can no longer advertise cigarettes and alcohol ads are limited. DRS should KNOW which drugs, if any, you need. You shouldn't be "asking your dr. if zipitdo is right for you".
After having my mom have eye issues from FARCEAMAX and my mother in law damage her short term memory from statins, I want to scream when I hear these stupid ads. Now the maker of the artificle heart is being paid off to sell Lipitor. Gee it's win win...take lipitor and damage your heart but not to worry you can get a Jarvix one!
I will say again...where there is BIG money involved, people will die (or get serisouly hurt). These drug companies have far too much power. The FDA is NOT a watchdog for the people any more...they are the rubber stampers for BIG PHARM.
When I saw the first FARCEAMAX ad many years ago I said to my husband, this will end badly. This CAN'T be good...Why can't you take this wonder drug and not lie down afterwards? hmmmmm, now we know. But even those who take it correctly have big problems. My sister has mysteriously developed chrohns (spell?) disease shortly after starting her wonder drug. You'd think brilliant dr. would see the tie in..
Check out these great drugs on and

Also visit Dr. Mercolas site.(google Dr. Mercola) and

All of these people can't be making these stories up!

Good luck...

Charlotte, NC

#20 Apr 27, 2007
somehow stumbled across this page while looking for something totally unrelated but glad i did! wow!! just when i think i am a conspiracy theorist, someone else comes along with valid info that supports what i believe. i do not have personal experience with these drugs (i don't take any prescriptions)but i do have a general mistrust of the pharmacutical industry and medical practitioners. i'm going to check out several things that were mentioned on here -'the myth of osteoporosis' and ' '. will be checking back to see what else has been added!


#21 May 12, 2007

Palm Harbor, FL

#22 Jun 24, 2007
I stopped phosomax after taking one, once a week pill.. I felt like I was having a heart attack, along with the stomach upset. body and joint pain and continue to have swollen ankles two weeks later.

My husband took a statin drug for three years and he could not walk, dress or feed himself and has never fully recovered ..during the second year, he thought it was arthritis bothering him.
Muscle myopathy is what he got instead.

Ask yourself, are these drugs such as phosomax and statins worth the risk of being a painful cripple?

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