Early Pregnancy Symptom - How To Dete...

Early Pregnancy Symptom - How To Detect Pregnancy By Yourself

There are 394 comments on the American Chronicle story from Jun 27, 2007, titled Early Pregnancy Symptom - How To Detect Pregnancy By Yourself. In it, American Chronicle reports that:

Pregnancy calls for one of the most beautiful phase in a woman's life being accompanied by each early pregnancy symptom. via American Chronicle

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Oklahoma City, OK

#327 Mar 30, 2013
I had sex on the 20th of of September and it was unpretected. I took the pill with in 24 hours I started spotting brown . Then bright red for couple of days . Now it was time for my period in March I had a hevy two day period and before that I was having stomic pain then week before my hevy my cramps came then the hevy period came. Do u think this is iP bleeding its Sunday morning no bleeding . But my vegina was soft and high. With little blood on my finger. I thought the bleeding was my period now I know it's not. I'm going to wait couple days before I take a Home pregnancy test. This will be my baby number two lol but I didn't bleed this much before it was brown spotting then it turned pink. Mine now is completely different.

Oklahoma City, OK

#328 Mar 30, 2013
I meant February not September lol

Huron, OH

#330 Apr 29, 2013
My first day of my last period was April 2nd. My boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex on the 9th, 10th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 22nd and 24th...could there be any chance that I am pregnant? Sometimes I get hot flashes, really bad cramps off and on. My boobs are tender. Weird cravings for food. I thought maybe those are just signs of my period starting? I was just wondering like what are the chances I could be? I'm not sure when like ovulation and stuff like that is? I'm using this app called 'my days' and it says my ovulation started the 12th and the last day was the 17th. I just don't know how accurate those are? It has been 99.8% accurate with when I should start my periods and end them though.
mrs dillon

Houston, TX

#332 May 20, 2013
I got pg after a year of trying. I didn't notice any symptoms except my boobs were sore & was not going away after a day or two as usual. My mom suggested taking a hpt. Sure enough I was pg and so happy. Couple days later I had light bleeding and cramping. Husband to me to Er & they thought it was tubal so I went in for emergency surgery. Came out said I was still pg that I had a bunch of scar tissue for having my appendix removed yrs ago. 1 week after surgery had ultra sound & hcg done. Could not find baby and hcg already dropping. So early February I had mexotrexate shots to kill pregnancy. Worst time of my life. By March 21 I had a cycle then again April 19 right on time. I then had Blood work to make everything was back to normal. So, had my period from april 19th-24. I went in for an ultra sound. Saw my eggs and all looked great. 2 days later I went in for an exploratory hysteroscopy in which doc said I looked healthy. Cleared us for sex in 7 days. Right at fertile time!á Fetile time being may 1st in which we started having sex right then every other day until the 9th to be sure. Ovulation day was the 4th. I started cramping the evening of the 4th & 1st 2nd 3rd & 4th dpo not bad just continuously.. 5th dpo I felt two very quick pinches in left ovary. No more cramping. 6th dpo sore bum like constipation but was not. 7 dpo hemorids for no reason. 8 dpo anxious irritable hungry, sharp 1 second shoot pains left side ovary area. pooing alot. 9 dpo couple tingles in each breast. Super oily face, acid reflux. 10dpo Mild cramps here and there. face is still oily all over. took pg test today- negative slight pinch right ovary area. 11dpo light cramps and few twinges left side of uterus. Feel wet. 12dpo about 4am big twinge pain left side uterus. pg test neg. woke up stomache hurting. from 10:40am throughout the day I feel nothing else. 13dpo pee turned cloudy, mild headache but lingering. Hpt. Bfn. 14th dpo af due but never showed. Mild cramping. Temp 99f. Hpt neg. 15th dpo af still no shown. About 6:45pm i got a little weak and shaky for about 45 minutes then it faded. Mild cramping. One twing on left side of uterus. temp 99.3. Temped again at 11pm 99.5. Today 5 hours into the new day and still no af so far. Not time to record temp yet. Very mild off and on cramping and little periodic stings in boobs and they itch on the sides but not sore. Its like am I freaking pregnant or what!!! What are yalls thoughts? Sorry so long btw.

Wellington, New Zealand

#333 May 23, 2013
I am not quite due for my period but I have had constant period pains on and off for about over a a week and have had heaps of white milky discharge and had a little bit of pinky brown blood the other day im very tired and feel dizzy often could I be pregnant


#334 May 27, 2013
i missed my periods but i m not revealing any kind of symptoms of pregnancy how to confirm by any home remedy

Highlandville, MO

#335 Jul 10, 2013
Hopefully I can get some answers, I am 37 I have had 3 kids. Six years ago when I had my last kid via c-section, I had my tubes tied, thinking I was done having kids that was back in 2006, well I got a divorce and got married to another man in 2011, we were together in 2010. Be advised the next stuff I am going to tell you might be a shocker, my husband smoked weed for pain control well he was caught with it and he was put on probation so stopped smoking weed June 6, 2013 we were sexually active. June 11, 2013 I had a regular period, then June 25 and 26th I very nauseous. I was supposed to start my period on Monday July 8, 2013 and so far nothing been really tired. I am never late, and never nauseous unless I'm pregnant any advise? Cause in the whole three years I have been with my new husband and he quits smoking weed I get nauseous and miss my period. Coincidence?
jamie -lee

Hull, UK

#336 Sep 21, 2013
im irregular with periods it would be my 30 day (main cycle) today no sign of period i took a hpt few days ago wich would of been 28day cycle as didnt come on i thought i seen a faint line the urine made like a purple line as if hormones had been detected but then dissapeared feel sick and my cervix is very high ((to the point were even sqauting it was hard to reach) cervix had small openin felt really sick today my partner cooked me a sausage sarni and the smell made me bork. pls help

Kolkata, India

#337 Oct 2, 2013
My due is on 1st october. But I missed my periods for two days till today..but today i feel very tired... What wiil it be ...whether im going to get my periods or any pisitive results


#339 Oct 7, 2013
hi, I think im pregnant but want some other opinions, I have sex almost once every day, about 4-5 weeks ago I missed some pills and for the last week and a half - 2 weeks ive been having cramping, cravings for chocolate every day, feeling nausea and my sense of smell is crazy, I tested a week ago and it was negative so im testing again in a couple of days just wanted to see what you thought?
Bfp 10dpo

Newport, AR

#340 Nov 12, 2013
I would like to start off saying everyone is different. I got my bfp at 10dpo and before that I had listed my symptoms and many people thought I was not pregnant. My symptoms were af type of cramps a week before my period was due. Which is not normal for me. On 10dpo I got so upset with my husband over something that was ridiculous , we had a fight and I apologize . After our fight I asked him to go to the dollar store to get a pregnancy test. I took the first one and a instant positive showed. I thought it was an evap line so I took another and another positive showed. This was at night and after going to get the clear blue digital I finally accepted I was pregnant!!! I had my first dr appointment last week and I was 7 weeks, so I found out at 3 weeks pregnant . Nausea and fatigue and cervical mucus changes didn't happen until 6 weeks . My breast are just now starting to hurt and morning sickness is no fun. But so blessed and excited.

Fairfield, CA

#345 Nov 24, 2013
I am 10 days late and my cervix is nowhere to be felt. My boyfriend and I just had sex and when he was deep I didn't feel him hit my cervix like normal and he didn't feel it either. I have taken a pregnancy test and all .dm. We are TTC but I had PiD from my IUD earlier this year and surgery for gallbladder removal from the PID . Long story. But Dr says ovaries and all are healthy but might have a hard time TTC depending if scar tissue is present.

I have slightly sore boobs and nipples in which have small bumps on my nipples. I feel sick periodically. Never thrown up. Not much more tired than the norm. And I am moody. People are getting a piece of my mind.

With being so sick earlier this year I lost 50 pounds. I am 5"3 105pounds. So I know me being underweight can be an issue. All cycles have been 30 days apart. Currently sitting here at 41 days late. Anyone have an idea? I'm losing hope. But I still am thinking about it because of the subtle changes. Thanks for any kind words!

Since: Dec 13

United States

#348 Dec 13, 2013
Hello Everyone ,
Im 20yrs old & have been sexually active since 15. My fiancÚ & i have been ttc for almost 2 yrs now & have had no luck. So i finally just gave up(thinking it was never going to happen) We used to have sex every day but now its just whenever we feel like it. Lol my last period was 11/12/13 & lasted about 5-7 days. We had sex on my last day & a few days later. About a wk n a half later i had some light pink discharge & i took a hpt & it instantly turned blue but not like the test showed it would , the whole thing turned blue instead of the two lines(as shown) then it faded n became just a neg blue line.(I only urinated on it as directed; 5seconds) Since then i have experienced many changes , fuller breasts & occasional sore nipples(as if glass were inside) some cramping in my abdomen & in the middle of my back(feels like pms but pms cramps are lower) i have vomited about 7 times & feel nauseated everyday. On thanksgiving i normally love the smell of everything cooking & the smell of turkey & stuffing just turned my stomach. I normally can't stand drinking milk alone but lately its tasted delicious , along with other foods i normally hate. Ive had the butterflies in my stomach feeling a few times & some pinching feelings in my abs&uterus(mostly on left side). Ive had some extremely odd cravings as well , the other night i ate a whole bag of buffalo ranch hot wing Doritos mixed with chocolate icing we had left over from a cake i baked for my soon to be brother in law (sounds nasty but surprisingly delicious!) & a few days ago i had some red spots on my underwear(only 2-3 dots that were barely noticeable) i eat a lot more often , 2-3 times an hour(full meals lol) & i urinate a lot but I've always had that problem bc I'm so skinny n have a small bladder(110pounds 5ft 2 1/2in) my bbt is normally in the 97 range but has been in the 99 range for about 3wks now. anyways , just thought id take some advice from people & see what they thought about all this.(: could i be pregnant?(Taking another test 2moro & again in 2weeks just to be safe!)

United States

#349 Dec 14, 2013
I have had several miscarriages. I am 4weeks . My cervix is very high an soft im not having any cramping but some brown discoloration when i wipe. Am i miscarrying again? My boobs have been crazy swollen an sore my lower back has also been really bugging me. Can anyone help?

Plymouth, UK

#350 Dec 20, 2013
I had a 4 day period (VERY un-normal for me as I'm usually always 7 days on the dot) after I was getting spotting for 2/3 days (brownish colour) now I'm getting very bad cramping like I would be due my peroid but iv still got another 2 weeks until I'm due.. Iv been sick, tried all the time, off my food, not wanting to smoke, dizzy and moody..

(Sorry for TMI) I'm also getting a jelly like discharge that iv never had before.

Iv been trying to have a baby with my boyfriend for a year now.

Portsmouth, UK

#351 Dec 30, 2013
Hey im 13 and i have had unprotected sex with my bf lost of times and my period has come but i have a little blood and then it went and now i just have a really really light brown fischarge what is wrong with me someone plz help xx

Portsmouth, UK

#352 Dec 30, 2013
Yasmin wrote:
Hey im 13 and i have had unprotected sex with my bf lost of times and my period has come but i have a little blood and then it went and now i just have a really really light brown discharge what is wrong with me someone plz help xx

Ringgold, GA

#353 Jan 22, 2014
I have low, hard cervix... And discharge is more like lotion like... I'm 2 days late.. What does it supposed to mean? Am I preg or? I will take a peg test in a week. I don't know.. I feel queasy by talking about it.:(

United States

#355 Mar 6, 2014
I am nine days late my cervix is high and soft. been cramping off and on thinking that my period was goin to come but it hasn't . took a test yesterday but it was negative. I have been very tire and hungry.could I still be pregnant?

Thunder Bay, Canada

#357 Mar 17, 2014
Has anyone seen the pregnancy miracle video http://remedieshealth.com/pregnancy ? Is this for real?

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