Has parallels with what happened to me with Botox as a result of a glass jar of sandwich fish paste with the botox as an addition.

I was remarkably difficult to throw up the bulk of the sandwiches, which eventually happened when I was awake enough to do so.

It took all the wrinkles out of my gut, and effectively shut down practically all of my digestive system for a fair chunk of time.

The bit that went through was also noticeable in the remarkable constipation & the difficulty of eventually squeezing out the diarrhoea. The result was a surprisingly large amount of weight loss, and a considerable lack of vigour for the duration, and several week after.
The really interesting bit was the loss of a fair number of species from my gut flora of the time which caused further weight loss as a result of inability to digest the food from that time on.

I still regard Botox as overrated despite lots of hype.

Have a nice day: Ag