Antidepressants, Depression and Suicide

Antidepressants, Depression and Suicide

There are 162 comments on the story from May 5, 2006, titled Antidepressants, Depression and Suicide. In it, reports that:

Suicidal thoughts and depression can and have worsen in adults, children and adolescent while taking antidepressants.

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Houston, TX

#158 Aug 31, 2011
beverly wrote:
I am a 52 year old women that has been taking effexor for depression, 2 month's ago i tried to commit suicide, and almost suceeded. I could not figure out why i tried to do that. Now i know, it had to be the effects of the effexor.
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San Jose, CA

#159 Nov 2, 2011
Antidepressants like Paxil bring a handful of side effects, such as experiencing sudden mood change, irritability, agitation, hostility, outbursts and in extreme cases, suicide. It is important to know the risks and complication brought by this drug. Useful and credible websites like explains the reported harmful side effects, risks and complications of taking Paxil.

Chicago, IL

#160 Nov 14, 2011
Antidepressants may have suicidal thinking as part of its side effects. Like for Paxil, people under 24 years old taking it may experience having suicidal thoughts so it would be best to frequently contact a counselor or psychiatrist about this problem. To know all about it you can check out .
iminlalaland4eve r

Dallas, TX

#161 Nov 14, 2011
I don't think antidepressants should even be in the market if there's even a slight chance that the medication leaves the patient worse off than before
Gerolt Mathiasen

Bogense, Denmark

#162 Nov 18, 2011
Depression and suicide are severe side effects of antidepressants like Paxil. Suicide is a big possibility for Paxil users under 24 years old, so its best to monitor while they are taking this drug. You ma check this site for additional info about Paxil.


#163 Nov 18, 2011
Whoa, whoa, whats all this about side effects and lawsuits? The FDA and CDC gave their blessings for these products, so there. Now just let us count our profits and pretend it never happened.


#164 Nov 18, 2011
Hey Big P here. Whats all this about side effects and lawsuits? The FDA and CDC and our army of well trained and well paid lawyers say we are not responsible. So lets agree to disagree so we can get back to reaping obscene profits from the flock of sheeple.
Jamie Alicea

Chicago, IL

#165 Jan 10, 2012
Certain antidepressant drugs, especially of the so-called SSRI variety like Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro, and Luvox are mandated by FDA to carry a label warning that these drugs may increase the risk of suicidal thinking in adolescents and adults.

New Kensington, PA

#166 Feb 4, 2012
I have been on Lexapro for several years. My life is so much better now. I had suffered from untreated depression since my teens. I thought constantly of suicide and became obsessive compulsive about numbers. Before I couldn't hold down a job because I was so depressed that I could not get up out of bed. When I did work, I had so little confidence that I couldn't function and cried every time I made mistake. I constantly did math problems in my head and couldn't leave any place until I had counted everything in sight. Since lexapro, I've earned a master's degree and have worked for the same employer for 3 years. I know I must always stay on the drugs. So what! I can now function. Not everyone can handle life without the medications. It only took me until age 45 to finally figure that out. I wish I had gone for help a lot sooner.

Scarborough, Canada

#167 Feb 5, 2012
have you watched this video ...
this video is for cymbalta could just as easily be effexor

Scarborough, Canada

#168 Feb 5, 2012
Effexor Petition
We the individuals listed below have electronically signed this petition for the purpose of making it known that consumers treated with the SSNRI antidepressant Effexor have or are experiencing "often ignored" serious side effects of this medication. And that thousands of patients in the US and worldwide are unable to discontinue Effexor or even reduce dosage due to the rapid onset of severe withdrawal-like symptoms which often initiates before a patient begins dose reduction due to the short half-life of Effexor. Documentation of which the manufacturer, Wyeth-Ayerst has gradually disclosed now some 8 years after this drug was first licensed, being aware of these problems all along but failing to communicate this knowledge to the public and the medical community.
Wyeth-Ayerst misleadingly advertises through its Effexor labeling that only drug abusers are at risk of physical and psychological dependence, and withdrawal problems when tapering back or abruptly discontinuing Effexor usage. Wyeth-Ayerst knows such representations are false, and that all patients, including patients not having a history of drug abuse, are susceptible to withdrawal problems after tapering back or abruptly discontinuing Effexor.
Effexor as prescribed to us by our doctors resulted in anxiety and agitation, sexual dysfunction, hypomania, weight gain, and many other debilitating adverse reactions such as insomnia and bizarre vivid nightmares, deterioration in eyesight, high blood pressure, dehydrating night sweats, memory problems, thyroid disorders which can cause the very depression this medication was first prescribed to treat, among other serious side effects. These iatrogenic (medication induced) effects were ignored or underplayed by its manufacturer, which resulted in our overall inability to function normally for lengthy periods of time during usage and attempted dose reduction. Nor had proper disclosure been made that benzodiazepines had been co-prescribed during clinical trial in order to minimize the agitation that the manufacturer had recognized this medication could cause. Effexor in many cases is not the "stand alone" remedy that it has been advertised to be. Patient in accepting treatment with Effexor are not being forewarned that by their use of Effexor -- sleeping medication, blood pressure medication, and anti-anxiety medication might become a concurrent necessity. Thus the mis-informed consumer totally unexpectedly finds themselves being prescribed many more drugs than they ever anticipated needing.

Los Angeles, CA

#170 Mar 13, 2012
Don't know when you wrote this post but I wanted to thank you. Your story sounds exactly the same as mine. I've read a lot of posts and never posted anything before. I started paxil at 12 and was on effexor for 8 years after that. drank a lot, partied a lot, had the blackouts and was never completely healthy and balanced and sane even ON the meds. I've been off effexor a year and am 33 now. I'm obsessed with getting better or doing something because i feel awkward and sad a lot and don't feel like all brain cells are working anymore. i cry all the time too. anyways, i don't want to go back to popping pills so i'll keep trying. Hope you are doing well since writing this and did not have the nervous breakdown you were teetering on.

Lextastic wrote:
I came off Lexapro six months ago. Actually I've been completely off about three, it took a long time for me to taper off.(Interesting hearing the comedown effects described as "electric shocks." I thought it was like being drowned, dizzy, nauseau of the brain, like my brain was being knocked around in my head. Shocks is a great way to think of it though.) I'd been on Lexapro about five years, Effexor for six years before that. I'm 26 now, I was started on the drugs when I was 15.
I guess I wanted to know if I was really depressed. I've always doubted things I don't personally know to be true, so I guess I had to test out whether I really needed to be medicated.
Little side note here: I hadn't been exactly healthy and balanced and sane since I'd been ON the meds. I started drinking pretty heavily pretty young, partying, etc., I'd quit periodically, but I drank for the most part of those ten years--still do--and quit largely because of the blackouts I had started having when I drank on the Lexapro.
So I go off the meds, lay off the partying, and discover I'm a textbook depressive. I feel completely hopeless, I have a really hard time finding anything worth living for in the world. More than just my thoughts though (there are times when I think my depression is just extreme self-obsession & selfishness), it's physical. I'm exhausted, I feel quite literally weighed down, awkward. I cry constantly. I'm always teetering on the edge of a breakdown. Everything is sad and indicative of all that's wrong with the world.
For a while I just thought: I'm really sensitive, I see things differently, but that's ok. I'm a tortured genius, it's a gift as well as a curse. Riiiight...
I'm realizing that a) I need to stop drinking (& the other recreational drugs I use on occasion), and b) I'm depressed, people don't normally feel like this, this is not right, and if there's something I can do (take the right medication[s]) to make myself feel better I should.
Well at this point I'm rambling, I thought it was really ironic to stumble onto this blog today. I feel like I should contribute something worthwhile...
I believe we all owe it to ourselves and each other to be the best and most honest people we can be, and we should try to do good things. I personally felt like I couldn't pursue that belief and be medicated. I hate that we live in a country where we're all about taking drugs to make ourselves feel really really good, then we start to feel bad, then we take other drugs to make ourselves feel better again. Our world is pretty sh**ty right now--can't we do something about it, rather than ignoring it and popping pills to put the smiles back on our faces?
But here I am in my living room, feeling crappy, hoping with everything that I am that if I take one of those pills every morning again it'll make this feeling, this weight, go away.
Somehow I just don't think it will.

National Whistleblower


Since: Sep 10


#171 Mar 13, 2012
Accomplishing the National Goal in Executive Order 12871 reduce government (we the people) and government spending (steal from the people / misappropriate). There is no such thing as PTSD or TBI only anxious mood disorder ask Major Nidal Malik Hasan. To think otherwise and receive a check from the US Treasury in the American Holocaust will have you sent to the front line if you are in the military and soup line if you are a civilian. The members of the Death Panel says chock it up as another “isolated incident”. Murderbyproxy no blame the victim (Death fix it / deficit). Economics over justice equals terrorism. bing Targeting-the-Disabled-in-the- American-Holocaust

Whitby, Canada

#172 Mar 13, 2012
kindred wrote:
Don't know when you wrote this post but I wanted to thank you. Your story sounds exactly the same as mine. I've read a lot of posts and never posted anything before. I started paxil at 12 and was on effexor for 8 years after that. drank a lot, partied a lot, had the blackouts and was never completely healthy and balanced and sane even ON the meds. I've been off effexor a year and am 33 now. I'm obsessed with getting better or doing something because i feel awkward and sad a lot and don't feel like all brain cells are working anymore. i cry all the time too. anyways, i don't want to go back to popping pills so i'll keep trying. Hope you are doing well since writing this and did not have the nervous breakdown you were teetering on.
<quoted text>
For both of you.
Being drugged at an early age is a complicated thing to start with. Second there are long term withdrawal effects withdrawal includes depression anxiety ocd as symptoms there are many many more symptoms of withdrawal... withdrawal can be protracted. There is much for you to learn about this situation that will help you understand there are many books prozac backlash- your drug may be your problem... search google you will find a ton of books to help you understand.
online you can read or join and talk to people there. Good luck to you.

Phoenix, AZ

#174 Sep 7, 2012
It is true that there is a link between antidepressants and suicide because there are several studies that looked into it. It was seen that those who are younger than 24 are at risk of suicide. Thus, doctors would advise guardians and family member to be extra careful during the first two months of therapy.

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#175 Dec 28, 2012
As early as 1990, people reported that antidepressants caused increased suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The FDA considered the issue, but it did nothing more. It became clear that antidepressants could adversely affect children and teenagers, making them hostile, irrational, violent, or suicidal. In 2006, the FDA analyzed the results of 372 studies of antidepressants, finding that even young adults (ages 18-25) were also afflicted with behavioral changes. As a result, the FDA ordered antidepressant manufacturers to include added warnings to consumers.
You can read it at of the Rottenstein Law Group,

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

#179 May 27, 2013
I have used for about 3 years and find their products to be reliable and speedily delivered. The Support team are very promt and helpful in solving any issues that arise,caused by my errors not the company's. I was a little sceptical initially about buying generic products rather than brand names. However, the Mens' Health products I have bought have been equally as efficatious as the brand names at a fraction of the cost.

Since: Feb 13

New Delhi, India

#180 May 27, 2013
Depression if left uncured can be fatal. So one must take the depression symptoms seriously and consult an expert early. However, most of the medicinal anti-depressants are harmful in long run. That's why going for the natural anti-depressants are beneficial for your wellness. Lemon oil is widely used for this cause. The pleasant aroma of this oil can sooth your mind and body making you relaxed and positive.


#184 Aug 16, 2013
Naturally, I am skeptical of everything online. is legitimate. I placed my first order for the smallest amount possible. It arrived sooner than expected. I didn't pay the extra money for speedy air mail. I placed another order that was much larger and it came right on time. I will definitely use this company again for even larger orders now that I trust them. They also give you discounts every time you place an order which is cool. One thing to keep in mind is if you place a larger order, they will send half in one shipment, and then the other half after that to avoid customs scrutinizing your package. I am very happy, I no longer need to pay tons of money to see a doctor and therapist (and have them tell me a bunch of stuff I already know) in order to get my medication.
#186 Sep 24, 2013
I have ordered 2 times from this website PILLSMEDSHOP. COM . I called yesterday the customer care and asked for a discount as i was about to order twice the regular amount.

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