The political harassment of Kwame Mccoy was evident today as he appeared in court on false allegations against him by two of APNU’s supporters.
Basil Williams, James Bond and Lurlene Nestor were leading a large band of APNU’s protesters along with Mark Benschop provoking and intimidating Kwame Mccoy in the precincts at the court.
What does Benschop means when he said to Kwame Mccoy “this is just the beginning,”“we gon get you busy”
The PNCR now APNU has had a tradition of perpetrating political harassment against individuals. Mr. Mccoy has been the subject of the PNCR/APNU wicked and devious plans.
Mr. Mccoy exhibit great Maturity by ignoring the APNU antagonists and went swiftly about his business with his attorney senior counsel Bernard De Santos.
Mr. Mccoy said he has confidence in the legal system and that it was just a matter of time before the Guyanese nation See the changes are a respect of false allegations assigned to target him who is outspoken against the opposition.