The opposition has succeeded in derailing yet another major investment venture with the announcement by Muri Brasil Ventures Inc on Saturday that it will no longer pursue its geographical and geophysical survey. This follows a campaign waged by both the APNU and AFC along with their various extension organizations and affiliates which discredited the way in which the Brazilian company obtained its survey license.

In explaining its decision the company in a release said that although the process was legal and transparent; the decision was due to the misinformation, prejudice and hostility to this proposed survey by persons and agencies fostering an adverse investment climate in Guyana.

The opposition since 2011 continues to use the current parliamentary dispensation together with two hostile anti-PPP media houses to attack, often derailing several investment projects, the most prominent being the Amaila Falls Hydro Project.

With respect to the Mursi issue it criticized the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry following the disclosure of a permit the company received to conduct Geological and Geophysical Survey (PGGS) in South East Berbice for several types of minerals. The public was then led to believe that the company had in fact been granted permission for mining in the said area and though this was proven to be yet another lie the Kaieteur and Stabroek News persisted in painting a cloud over the entire arrangement.