Kimber America (I'm disgusted)

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#21 Aug 27, 2007
Kimber will fall by the way of Colt.
I bought a Target Stainles in 1996 I think and they {kimber} were the 1911 to buy then. Now how ever I can't get a straight answer from anyone there. Goodby Kimber

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#22 Aug 27, 2007
Kimber will follow the of Colt.

Virginia Beach, VA

#23 Sep 1, 2007
Speaking of Kimber, does anyone know what's going on with them getting the new KPD 40 S&W out for sale? It's been advertised for months and months but according to Kimber they are not shipping any. The latest answer I received on the phone with Kimber was "we hope to start shipping by the end of the year.

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#24 Sep 2, 2007
Have a Kimber Ultra Ten II and it even jams with ball. Needless to say I tried Ball when she choked on virtually everything else, and it's not limp wristing.

Seems like 'limp wristing' is a term abused about as much as 'stopping power'.

Anyway, if anyone has a decent Ultra Tenn I that one might consider to be relaible at least half the time could you let me know?

Since: Jun 07


#25 Sep 2, 2007
Chevgeek wrote:
Have a Kimber Ultra Ten II and it even jams with ball. Needless to say I tried Ball when she choked on virtually everything else, and it's not limp wristing.
Seems like 'limp wristing' is a term abused about as much as 'stopping power'.
Anyway, if anyone has a decent Ultra Tenn I that one might consider to be relaible at least half the time could you let me know?
How exactly is it jamming?
Are the rounds even being budged out of the magazine? If not, you might consider getting replacement mag springs. I did that with an Ultra Carry II, and it improved the reliability, although it still isn't spectacular. If you do decide to change the mag springs, I can't recommend Wolff brand springs highly enough. You may also consider changing the recoil spring.

New Ipswich, NH

#26 Oct 10, 2007
I'm a complete Kimber convert. I now own 6, the last being a Pro Raptor II. I have had no problems with any of them, and have found the good people of Kimber pleasant, and the custom shop was great when I needed some one off work done for my CCW. I plan on a rifle with the Kimber label in the near future.

Canton, OH

#27 Oct 28, 2007
I purchased a Target Match and it had a 5.5# trigger. Told the store to send it back, then I called Kimber. A rep called Steve told me "what do you expect, us to never make mistakes? Are you perfect, etc? Been waiting a month with no news. After having excellent experiences with a Gold Match II, I will never buy any Kimber again. Snotty kids representing $1200 pistols, and saying that they make 80K guns a year, of course they let out some bad stuff. Then he let me know 5.5# seems ok -- for competitive Bulls-Eye. Wrote a letter to the president, which was never answered. Too good of luck with S&W and Ruger to ever consider Kimber again.
Conservative Jim

Melrose Park, IL

#28 Oct 28, 2007
I traded a Kimber Gold Match II in on a Wilson Protector. Pricey, but worth it, as it is in a whole different class. My opinion only, as I don't want to start a manufacturer's war. I just felt that I was qualified to comment, having been there, done that!

Portland, OR

#29 Nov 12, 2007
In regards to Kimber customer service:
I purchased an 8400 Classic this year and could not get it to group better that 2.75 inches. I own several cheaper rifles that group much better right out of the box, so I was concerned. When I called Kimber the gentleman that helped me was very rude and claimed that "these are not sniper rifles" and "they are only designed to shoot 2" groups". Thanks for advertising that! Then he proceeded to tell me that it must be my load. When I conviced him that I had tried several handloads as well as factory loads he blamed it on the scope. I use a Leupold VXIII that I mounted. He then, in a very rude manner, told me that I should have had a professional mount it. I am a professional, and have been mounting scopes for over 15 years. I have had no resolve, I like the rifle but a 2.75" group is unacceptable for a rifle of this price.

Warren, OH

#31 Nov 30, 2007
Bought a new Match Target Kimber with a 5.5# trigger. Steve (at the custom shop) said send it in (after telling me no one is perfect -- Kimber makes 80K guns a year, do you expect us to be perfect?- then ask me if I was perfect - talk about a crappy attitude).
Unfortunately I bought it and had the dealer send it to the custom shop. It came back with a 4.6# trigger (I was told it would be 3.5-4.0) with more creep than any trigger I ever pulled, plus it had 3 steps of creep. Our range instructor said it was the worst trigger he has ever seen; absolutely unusable as a target pistol.
Well my Gold Match has been a great pistol, but I had to have a trigger job on it when new, now another $75 trigger job to make up for the crap Kimber Custom Shop sent me. As several shooters told you learned. Kimber produces lousy triggers and does not care about the customers.
Kimber, never again........will go for the Custom
Shop Springfield. Any one but Kimber lousy triggers and poor customer attitude.
Shame on you Kimber. I have delt with many gun manufactures, and give every one an A+. You Kimber get an F.

Raleigh, NC

#32 Dec 6, 2007
I own three Kimber pistols, a Custom TLE / RL, A Pro Raptor II, and one of their original Custom pistols based on the Series 70 design. I replaced the springs in the original after 5000 rounds and have experienced no problems whatsoever.

I had the triggers on the Raptor and TLE smoothed and lightened by a local smith who does excellent 1911 work. While not nearly as nice as the original Custom, they both have a good feel and break cleanly at 3.5lbs and 3lbs. The TLE has proved to be 100% reliable and shoots better than I can.

Today was my first, and likely my last, experience with Kimber’s customer ‘service’ department. From the time of purchase my Raptor has had a failure to return to battery problem that does not have any discernable pattern. A quick push of my thumb returns the pistol to battery but needless to say I cannot use this piece for what it was purchased for, concealed carry. I have put nearly 1000 rounds through the Raptor hoping that it would loosen up a bit and the problem would resolve itself. No such luck. When I called Kimber I was informed by a gentleman that I was to replace the recoil spring every 800 rounds. He also explained that I need to keep the gun clean and well lubricated. He stated that the break – in period for this pistol is 200 rounds. This made sense to me. However, when I asked him why the pistol continued to have this problem after the break – in period with a recoil spring that, according to him, should still have 600 rounds of life in it, He became very short with me and told me that until I tried a new recoil spring he couldn’t do anything.

I never received an answer to why the pistol had this problem using 2 different brands of high quality magazines while it was ‘within spec.’ I use Shooting Star and Wilson mags in this gun. These mags function fine all the other 1911’s I own so I have a hard time believing it is the mags.

Despite my poor experience with their service department I am overall pleased with the quality of the Kimber’s that I own. I ordered several recoil springs of varying power which will hopefully resolve the problem. If not I will consult my local smith who is very knowledgeable and also polite.
Kimber Man

Kyle, TX

#33 Jan 13, 2008
Its too bad they said "NO"

Try to get ahold of a supervisor or higher up.

Since: Jul 07

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#34 Jan 17, 2008
That is weird, your greater Topix gun community link goes to a Norwegian ski slope site. I think someone is messing with you...
Jack Burton wrote:
Hey guys... while you're kicking around Kimber's pros and cons I'd like to invite you to join the greater Topix gun community at
We could certianly use your experience and wisdom in the daily combatting of the gun bigots and banners who infest the board.

Kapolei, HI

#35 Mar 11, 2008
I have a 3 1/2 yr old Kimber Raptor II. Daily wear, thousands of rounds, no problems. Maybe the fll-sived, steel frames are more reliable.

Gloucester, VA

#36 Apr 4, 2008
A month ago next Monday I bought my first Kimber Pro Eclipse II looking for another 4" variant of the 1911. It had sat in a dealers case for over a year, was built in 2006 and sold to me as the new model.
I shot 50 rounds and the front site FELL OFF, meprolites don't like to be dropped.
I took it back downstairs from the range and almost threw it at them since they had been hounding me for years about how eat Kimbers are against my Colts, Wilsons, LB's, Remington, Ithaca... Anyway, they broke me down and I plunked enough down to buy another Colt and a spare wheel gun.
Turns out Kimber is OUT of Eclipse Pro's and they had to build them to replace my returned weapon citing that the front dovetail was screwed up bad. I said either cash back or new gun, they choose not to screw over a range member and collector grabbing at least 12 HG's from them a year.
However, try to find out when you're getting a new gun from Kimber is like shooting yourself in the foot!
When I finally do receive this Kimber it will be traded for another 1911 I haven't added yet, Sig.... NEVER with my soon to be 18 Sig's have I had a problem, NEVER have I returned one to the factory. I call needing a spring and they send one fast, no charge.

WHAT is so great about a company that only made 200,000 in reported revenue last year? Kimber SUCKS!

Xenia, OH

#37 Dec 31, 2008
wdcarter wrote:
been trying to find a good cc coat with kimber logo, but no such luck.only found glocks. the only kimber logo clothing found in full grown men sizes was a shooting hat. lets get with it kimber.there are a lot of your customers out here that are diehards. look forward to seeing some new products that fit larger people. thanks for letting me vent.
To wdcarter..........Why would you want to advertise the fact that you are carrying? As an instructor, I tell my students that they want to be as unassuming as possible. Please don't make yourself a target.

Albuquerque, NM

#38 Feb 24, 2009
You must he a Kimber rep. What a joke.
john wallace wrote:
Kimber, have not had a problem with them. The service dept. has been most helpful. Wanted to change to the Mepro adjustable night sights. Kimber quoted me a price that was very reasonable, and it included an initial sight in by actual firing. Could the problem have been your attitude?


#39 Mar 2, 2009
Does anyone know where I can get 9mm magazines for my Kimber Custom Shop Ultra cdp II. They are out of stock at Kimber.

San Bruno, CA

#40 Apr 28, 2009
I think people have to consider what dealers sources they are getting their guns from. Jamming and maintanence should only occur after a number of rounds and uses put through any guns. All guns require maintanence and adjusting but you all seem to blame the makers rather than the fact of nature. =/

Dallas, TX

#41 Apr 29, 2009
I like Kimber. There customer service for me has been great. I have a CDP II and sent it in for minor repair. The service was the best. I love Kimber guns!

Sorry to here some are having problems but I own a Raptor II and the CDP and I look forward to my next Kimber.

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