Ruger P944 Accuracy
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#22 Oct 28, 2010
It's probably the ammo and not the gun the key word is cheap

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#23 Oct 31, 2010
Ruger was a sock puppet for antigunners in the 90's. They sent lobbiests to washington to lobby for the assault weapons ban. Ruger can eat a FAT COCK

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#24 Nov 22, 2010
Found my way to this thread while searching for "p94 40 cal sight issues", I've had my p94 since 1998, but not a lot of time shooting it. I wanted to comment on the ammo situation as well. I bought 6 boxes of Fiocchi, FMJFN 180gr. 4 boxes were blue, and the loads inside the were more of the rounded lead, smooth rounded head on the lead that came down to the straight part of the lead near where they come into the case (the lead was goldish colored), no issues at all (except the off site that others are mentioning, grouped fine and tight at 7yrds, but all off center by quite a bit (low 2" and left 4"), anyways 2 of the boxes were goldish but the rounds were different, they were the 170 Fiocchi, FMJFN and if you looked at them they were flat across the top with more of a 50degree angle to the case, the entire 100 of them jammed feeding into the chamber. eject the clip and pull the slide back to allow the round to come out (takes some wiggle cause it gets jammed in by the slide trying to pick it up). Same with the next round, and the next, until the clip has 5 or 6 in it, and then it loads just fine. I have 8 clips, all 8 failed to chamber and of these rounds when more than 6 were in the clip. Really weird, but consistently happened. Went to the range's store and bought 2 boxes of american eagle 180gr, no issues at all.

Between the three different ammo's. I had different results on aiming, the stuff that wouldn't chamber right, constantly all over the place.

I left feeling like I must have really lost the ability to shoot, I did notice that my grouping was semi tight, but just never where I expected it to go.

So, has anyone tried getting the sights upgraded? I find it very hard to aim, the dots confuse my eye, and the harder I try, the worse my shot is. I hear people talking about putting tape over the dots to help or black ink, but I cant imagine that you need to do that, just line up the 3 dots and right above the center dot is where its aimed too, mine isn't thats for sure..:)

thought this post might help. would like to know about aftermarket p94 and p944 sights.

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#25 Nov 22, 2010
Throw it away and buy a sig
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#26 Jan 21, 2011
having used the mod 1911 in the army, the Beretta 96 in security and now the Ruger P944 for personal use, I have never had a failure with the Ruger. The feel is comparable to the Beretta (my favorite) The Beretta is much simpler to disassemble and clean, but I never liked the Beretta combat sights. I've never had a feed failure with either one, but I use quality ammo.

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#27 Jan 30, 2011
I just ordered my P944 just to have a .40 s&w pistol. I chose the P944 bc it uses the same magazines as my Ruger PC40 carbine. I also have a MK III 22/45 and a GP100 in .357 mag. Also have 2 10/22s and have never had a problem with any of my Rugers.
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#28 Feb 2, 2011
ive owned and shot thousands of rounds threw my p944 weapon ive had nothing but luck as i use it at mid range 50 to 75 meters it has performed as well as my glocks 1911 and this will blow your mind it out performs most officers carry weapons ive shot with this will sound mean but you must own your mistakes to correct them my email is [email protected] perhaps combat shooting is something you should train at before you go for the title blame ammo wind sun and rain ive trained with that weapon at minus 10 degrees no gloves to simulate zone black conditons with wild sucess i prefer a welther p99AS as it is a machine built for special curcumstances also close quarters glock 29 10mm is king the shockwave alone scares most into thinking they've been shot and submit striaght away remember shooting is a skill you know george st peirre trains 6 hrs a day 6 days a week for his amazing skill its called work to be good train good to be awsome train awsome train the way you want to perform stop the cry baby i shot ten rounds and im not the glock girl yet crap man up and sharpen your skill abe said if he had 8 hrs to cut a tree he would spend the first 4 hrs sharpening his axe go sharpen your axe and quit tryin to pow wow the weak into tellin you your great and ruger sucks ill teach you the same as i have many others the foundations to shooting sucess but you still have to build your own house nancy
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#29 Apr 16, 2011
I have owned my p944 40 cal for a couple months now very clean gun somewhat accurate I'm just a beginner though don't know much but I have had mine miss feed one time maybe just the bullet other than that very pleased I will see about getting a 9mm from ruger 40 to big for conceal carry

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#30 Dec 2, 2011
For all those who had a "failure to feed" or "failur to eject", try lubricating the slide. mor often than not that fixes the broblem before you even start shooting. proper clean and care is the way to go.
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#31 Dec 3, 2011
I've now put well over a 1K round through my P944 with out problem. Recently put 500 rounds of the BVA through only 1 misfeed. Gun works great. I don't even clean the gun after every use and it still works fine. As far as accuracy goes, my instructor fired it and found it was fine out of the case.

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#32 Feb 16, 2012
I have a P944 its never jamed or missfired its very accurate up to about 25 yards after that they might spray all over the place as ANY 40 cal. would do. My complaint is a pain to break down to clean. Would buy it again.
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#33 Feb 16, 2012
If you are looking for additional places to buy a Ruger, check out which is an online penny auction where you can name your own price for these and many more items.
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#34 May 13, 2012
Right now, there is a Ruger 10/22 availble for bids at . Right now the bid isn't very high and since it is a penny auction, you can bid low to obtain the win!

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#35 Aug 17, 2012
I have had P944 for about 18 years. I have over 5000 rounds through it and I have NEVER had a FTF/FTE with it. Even with my wife or daughter shooting it with a slightly limp wristed style, it still has never malfunctioned. At 25 yards I can place 5 rounds within a 6 inch circle, which in my book, with a .40 cal round, will knock you on your ass and keep you there. It by far is the most dependable weapon that I own. I cant really say anything bad about it. After I decided to start to carry concealed (God Bless Virginia), I bought a Taurus 24/7 Pro .40 because the P944 is a little large. With the same ammo (Winchester) the 24/7 has a FTF on just about all of the 15 round magazines, but none on the 9.

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#36 Aug 19, 2012
My P95 is heavy but very reliable...

Ruger is a good mfg

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#37 Dec 3, 2012
I agree 100% with the sharpen your skills post. Snipers are not snipers because they bought a great gun. They are so because they became a great shot. If you get 6" groups with an otb 4" barrel hand gun at 25 yrds you are a great shot. Do the math concerning sight radius and distance and see how little pull it takes to screw a shot up. Practice is the only thing that fixes your mistakes during trigger pull. After nearly 30 years I still can't just pick up a new gun and shoot it well without practice.

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#38 May 13, 2013
I have owned a P944 for several years. Put alot of ammo through it. When dirty with cheap ammo it will jam the ejected shell. With good ammo it will work without flaw even when filthy. Buy good ammo for when it counts no matter what gun you carry. Use the cheap stuff for what it is meant for (at the range).

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#39 Jul 5, 2013
sean wrote:
its the sights most likely i am a pistol exspert in the corps and had trouble getting use to my p944 found it to be hard to get a good sight picture on a black target switch to shooting a white target and picl the front sight up slightly higher than norm
Ditto. You and I are not the only ones who have to hold a bit higher than with our other handguns (though I'm far, far short of your expertise). But the other comment, too -- that of difficult to shoot dark targets in low light -- also my experience with my P944 DAO. I was on right now looking for other sights to buy for it.

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#41 Jul 6, 2013
I make my targets; not neccessarily to see them downrange, but to help see where the rounds are hitting the target. On the sunniest day, outside,(the most light) it may be difficult to see the holes.

Start with white paper (duh) and just draw circles with a black marker. Or use dark paper (8.5"X11"). Or use flourescent targets. Depending on the light or lack of light, each different target will make it easy to see the holes (where the rounds are hitting).

Point: otherwise, even with binoculars it may be difficult to see the holes. But, while shooting, you still want to see where the rounds are hitting (without binoculars) so you can adjust your aim.

You would think the color is important so you can see and hit the target, but that's not the most important reason, because in a real stuation you will never have perfect lighting conditions.

That's why the color of target is important (to make it easy to see where the rounds are hitting).

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#42 Mar 1, 2014
I own one I got in 99 and its dead on as far as accuracy...Im a better shot with it than my sig p220.i would highly recomended 1.

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