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#23 Mar 2, 2011
I have a kahr p40.It is really a nice firearm.It is accurate and conceals nicely.I have shot several thousand rounds through it.It has never jammed or failed to feed.I also have several glocks.They are all nice firearms.If you do your part they will do theirs.

Victorville, CA

#24 Jun 28, 2011
headbangerJD wrote:
The Kahr p40 is by far my favoritegun. Nothing conceals better, and it has performed flawlessly since day 1.
That can not be true! I have owned two Kahr pistols, a pm40 and a p4o! Both have had extreme problems feeding! I have tried a lot of different ammo with no luck! I would not recommend to anyone that I like, to carry a Kahr 40!
Gun man

Crossville, TN

#25 Jul 1, 2011
Tueckcast wrote:
I own both guns. I wish I'd bought the G23 first.
After I get raped by the Kahr repair shop I'll be looking to sell the P40 cheap. I put 300+ rounds through it before I had problems. First it broke the magazine followers on both mags and simultaneously started to have feed failures. It hangs up every 3 or 4 rounds even after replacing the followers. The Kahr shop will only accept the gun if it's sent overnight($65) and I have to pay return shipping($25)
and a minimum $60 service fee. All due to a factory defect! If you google "Kahr p40 problems" you'll get a site that will show that this has been going on for 3 yrs! Kahr is a shameless outfit that doesn't care about their customers and certainly doesn't care about quality. It may be an accurate and easily concealed gun but if you can't count on it to fire every time it's useless.
I call Bull on this post as Kahr has a lifetime warranty. A friend runs a gun shop and he has even sent Kahr back to have work on them that have been abused, was on its third owner at no cost..You must not be sending it to Kahr for the work..
Gun man

Crossville, TN

#26 Jul 1, 2011
I acutually own 2 K40s and 2 Glocks, both are nice, the Glocks are not known to be real accuarate shooting guns but are very reliable. Kahr on the other hand are very accuarate and I have had no problems with the jamming. Most police depts I know are moving to Sig. and S&W they have issues with some of the Glocks too. Its a personal choice as to what feels better. I know two female friends of mine who carry Kahr 40s they love the way they shoot and can shoot the center out of the targets at the range....

Williamsburg, OH

#27 Jan 14, 2012
Pistolsmith wrote:
To the guy who said Kahr is junk, you're a moron. You may have only been speaking of the P series (and really...if you're going to get a polymer-framed gun go with Glock...they've just about perfected them), but if you're speaking of Kahr as a whole, then yes, you're a moron. I've owned the K9 and I currently own and carry the K40 off duty. Phenomenally accurate, reliable, concealable, and comfortable to shoot. Much more comfortable in the hand than any Glock I've ever owned (and I've owned all of them except the full-auto version), and more accurate to boot. I was consistently hitting a floating can with mine at 114 yards! I know that's impractical for real-world use, but it does give me an idea of what the gun is capable of if I do my part. In addition, the fit and finish is superior to any Glock I've owned. My comments only apply if, again, you were only speaking of the polymer Kahrs. I have no experience with them, but with the steel-framed ones, I honestly don't think I've ever shot a better gun. Their customer service is right shite, but so is what I've experienced from most other firearms companies.
Funny, my wife and I just used a police officer's .40 Kahr at range today. It jammed twice. I will keep my 23C anyway.

Milan, MI

#28 Apr 4, 2012
I carry the Glock 27 every day. I have shot the kahr k40 nice gun I would purchase it. However I baught the Glock first dependable ,accurate,almost indestructible. The Glock 27 is second to none. The K40 is nice though it's all about what fits you the best.

United States

#29 Apr 15, 2012
I have fired six rounds through my Kahr P40, and I am going to sell it for scrap. I've been disassembling and reassembling semiautomatic handguns for 50 years. The Kahr is the only one I have ever owned that requires tools to disassemble it. You can't field strip it with your fingers. One might argue that a tool is needed to remove the recoil spring plunger on a 1911, but I just use my fingers. I fired three rounds of Sellier and Bellot ammo and had a misfire on the fourth round. The primer was heavily dented. I went in the house, retrieved a box of Winchester Ranger LE ammo. On the fourth round, again, the pistol misfired, but with a heavily dented primer. The dents were not in the center of the primers, but way off to the side strangely. Additionally, Kahr has a disassembly video where they discuss making sure the "spring" is located above a part on the slide release when reassembling. The video does not show what they are talking about. So after field stripping my Kahr after six rounds and two misfires, I failed to properly orient the "spring," and I put the pistol back together. It will currently not function, nor can I get the slide release back out with a hammer. I have a Glock 27. I never should have bought the Kahr. And to some dimwit above, of course a metal frame Kahr is a different story. That's not what this topic is about.
Jeff Y

Yakima, WA

#30 Nov 17, 2012
sandmann wrote:
I already own the Glock 23 and was thinking about purchasing the P40 for a little more effective CCW. I've recently read some pretty disturbing reviews on the Kahr P-series and now I'm wondering. Would love to get some feed back on this.
I have carried a P40 now for over 10 years, after getting rid of a Glock 27, due to it's stubby, double stack grip (I have small hands), which, as others have said, makes concealment all the more difficult, too. The P40 has been flawless through thousands of rounds, my only complaint is that it is difficult to field strip, but it shoots just fine a little dirty (not a dainty gun the P40, mind you), so I don't break it down often. Mine is now Magna-Ported to reduce recoil and sports a Crimson Trace laser, for a practically perfect concealed defense gun. You should also note that it has the same, superior paragonal rifling as the Glocks. There is no other single stack DAO .40 on the market without an external safety (wouldn't ever own one of these) to my knowledge, so this is it for me. Hope this helps you make your decision.

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United States

#31 Nov 20, 2012
I prefer the Glock b/c of its superior firepower and its legendary reliability. Cool accessories also from glockstorecom.

“"Stand and Fight"”

Since: Sep 10

United States

#32 Nov 20, 2012
Correction: glockstore.com

Waynesville, NC

#33 Jan 5, 2014
I have a P-40. It was a little iffy for the first 100 rounds, but the manufacturer specifically says that you need to fire 200 rounds before you should consider it to be dependable. I noticed it getting smoother on my third box, and after 200 rounds it is really a sweet pistol, great carry and very dependable.

Cerritos, CA

#34 Mar 25, 2014
shit, i just spent 700 on a kahr p90

Pocatello, ID

#36 Apr 11, 2014
wetland wrote:
I have the Kahr P40. At the range it shoots straight and true. Problem is the magazine keeps falling out and the slide goes forward chambering a round before you touch the slide release. I sent it back to the company and am waiting for them to repair. I'll post the results.
I have the khar P40 as well and the reason the mag keeps slidding out when you fire it is because of the mag release button, while firing you sometimes push the button on accident and the mag pops out, annoying yet but i dont beleave its broken just somewhat poorly designed

San Jose, CA

#37 Mar 11, 2017
You loosers should get a real gun, like a Jennings 380

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