School Shooting: Grief mixes with imp...

School Shooting: Grief mixes with impatience in shattered Newtown

There are 109 comments on the The Daily Times story from Dec 19, 2012, titled School Shooting: Grief mixes with impatience in shattered Newtown. In it, The Daily Times reports that:

Mourners overlapped at back-to-back services as funerals began in earnest in a Connecticut town that lost 20 of its children and seven adults to a gunman, with emotions and tempers in tatters amid a global crush of media attention to a community once known mostly for its bucolic atmosphere and sterling school system.

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Erwin Rommel

Oscoda, MI

#97 Dec 21, 2012
rider wrote:
Trust but Verify----------Mind Control fromt the nazis to the CIA
by DeaD-SouL May 16th, 2006, 4:47 pm
Here's a video to check out: ... 2701149098
Project MK Ultra
Project MKULTRA (also known as MK-ULTRA) was the code name for a CIA mind-control research program that began in the 1950s[1], and continued until the late 1960s[2]. There is much published evidence that the project involved not only the use of drugs to manipulate persons, but also the use of electronic signals to alter brain functioning.[3]
It was first brought to wide public attention by the U.S. Congress (in the form of the Church Committee) and a presidential commission (known as the Rockefeller Commission)(see Revelation below) and also to the U.S. Senate.
On the Senate floor, Senator Ted Kennedy said:
"The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over 30 universities and institutions were involved in an 'extensive testing and experimentation' program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens 'at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.' Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to 'unwitting subjects in social situations.' At least one death, that of Dr. Olson, resulted from these activities. The Agency itself acknowledged that these tests made little scientific sense. The agents doing the monitoring were not qualified scientific observers."
You see typo on the post above? Yes the 5hrs north 23 and the 45th was meant for you! Are you a molester transplant? maybe a loser drug addict who got shipped up here on the taxpayers dimes and is making a career out of it? Anyway lay off the DOPe, your real DADDY needs to slap you like My Bush Sr NEEDS to slap JR for being a Moron and lying us into a war and putting 2 wars on credit cards!! You need to stay there or go back 10HRS SOUTH with dumber! All the people i have met over the 35yrs of coming up and living in and around the 45TH are good people of the both blue and red, most retired from the big 3, kept 2 houses, Every downstaters dream now. Everyone remembers the money and jobs and cheap fuel, good housing days, When everyone used to cruise Telegragh in their toys, yes Mr Clinton was At the healm and it really is no ones BISS who is giving who head, as long as the job gets done. Hell as bad as Reagan and Bush screwed us, give the "Brother" another 4, he will not be the one who tries to pull a Red Star on The USA, ie our 2nd, He don't want go down in history like that, If the house could get along and say screw the rich and pay up we may have a chance///?? Anyway this Behngazi and fast and furious deal stinks of the ultra rich of the iran contra thing, but oh well is all one can say really, Right????? May all suffering over this in Newton find peace somehow, truly sorry if i offened any of you.

Omaha, NE

#98 Dec 21, 2012
Makes sense wrote:
Let me guess, you child-killing police-hating gun lovers all voted for Rmoney and believed the Republican math. You're on the wrong side of history, AGAIN, when it comes to the gun laws.
We the People are in charge.
Let me guess, you child-killing, criminal enabling gun bigtos all voted for Obama and believed the Democrat math. You're on the wrong side of history, AGAIN, when it comes to the gun laws.
Anthony trollsten

Jasper, AL

#99 Feb 7, 2013
The kids should have manned up and defended themselves
John Trollston

Jasper, AL

#100 Feb 7, 2013
All the kids wanted was some new books, but they got a couple of magazines
John Trollston

Jasper, AL

#101 Feb 7, 2013
I couldn't agree more anthony, I'm thinking there a bunch of babies I bet the teachers were all in the teachers lounge whiel this was going on! The day that happened the kids just wanted to watch a movie, but all they got was a couple of clips
John Trollston

Jasper, AL

#102 Feb 7, 2013
Who thinks pedobear was there to help the kids?
Anthony trollsten

Jasper, AL

#103 Feb 7, 2013
Lanza just saved them from the pedo bear
John Trollston

Jasper, AL

#104 Feb 7, 2013
Yes he was saving those poor children from pedobear, I think he's a hero
Anthony trollsten

Jasper, AL

#105 Feb 7, 2013
I can't help but notice you're from jasper Alabama. Are you related to the fountains up in navoo.....they a re famous for making meth.
John Trollston

Jasper, AL

#106 Feb 7, 2013
Yes I do believe I'm related to them, good stuff up there, I noticed your from jasper as well, we should meet up and make a deal

United States

#107 Feb 7, 2013
carey529 wrote:
here's a thought...
get the bloodsucking media OUT OF THERE and let these people deal with their tragedy with some peace and dignity
......... Now it looks like a tragedy custom made for the blood-sucking media.

Gwinn, MI

#108 Feb 7, 2013

Omaha, NE

#109 Feb 7, 2013
rider wrote: he_Covenant,_The_Sword,_and_th e_Arm_of_the_Lord
Why did you kill Troy Boner?

Gwinn, MI

#110 Feb 7, 2013
Besara wrote:
<quoted text>Why did you kill Troy Boner?

Shawn did it!

Gwinn, MI

#111 Feb 7, 2013

Gwinn, MI

#112 Feb 7, 2013

United States

#113 Feb 7, 2013
If you recall some of the Occupy arguments, it was being claimed for awhile that the entire movement was based on anti-semitism. They defended and said the crooks that are doing this , just happen to be jewish. Look at the names of the anti-gunners, Feinstein, Blumenthal, Schumer and a few others. Talk about manipulation. Notice the vote about allowing Palestine into the U.N.? 138 for and 9 against. The U.S. and Israel were 2 of the 9. I don't know how to spell out international bully any better. Now that Palestine is in , it means they have to play by the war "rules". Stuff like the Geneva Convention. As far as the economy and some jews? Here in Ct. Blumenthal as our A.G. gave his ex law partner 1/4 billion$$ in no bid contracts, a guy named Golub out of Greenwich. Seems there are a few Golubs working in UBS as well. Could that be why Blumenthal directed prosecution away from UBS for mortgage fraud? How is this not televised? Why is such a big story about corruption out of the hands of the media? Because Blumenthals father-in-law Malkin, same guy who owns the Empire State Building, also owns a ton of the media. That's just a small circle of crap these people pull. Malkin wants to sell shares, have an IPO, of the Empire State Building. Who ever heard of a landlord that wants to share the rent he collects with you? Gee, it comes at a time when the entire building could use a facelift as well. Could it be he wants to sell shares of his building so you can pay the maintainence bill? This bunch is already buying out and parading the twenty victims families around to push their political agenda, what makes you think they won't lie to you to steal some more?.........So is the next thing we will hear out of Blumenthal and Co. that these 26 victims are heroes for getting the Democratic Agenda Machine rolling? I don't think he will ever say it, would only show that monsters true colors.

Monroe, GA

#114 Feb 7, 2013
The whole Sandy Hook investigation is secret. How does anyone know any real facts? No one is allowed into the school to view the bullet holes if there are any. The stories changed over and over again.

No reason has been provided for Lanza to even have been at the school if he indeed was at the school.

The comments of the so called medical examiner were a joke. He appeared to be on dope himself.

How does anyone really know what really transpired at Sandy Hook? Those who believe the official tale are the biggest dupes on the planet. It would have been impossible for an individual like Lanza to have committed all the damage claimed. Even one professional killer would have had trouble.

Everything is secret just like Nazi, Germany. Why no pictures of the crime scene even without the dead bodies? Why no security footage? Why all the secrecy? Obviously the authorities are hiding something, likely the truth whatever it may be. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth.

How does anyone really know what happened at Sandy Hook almost two months ago? All you know is the many lies you have been told.

"Advertisements remain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper" Thomas Jefferson

"The great masses of the people... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than a small one"

Adolph Hitler

If this tragedy was really not a hit by the Mossad as Veterans Today has claimed and made a good case for, any single individual who did this was likely on dangerous psychotic drugs as has been mentioned above. These dangerous drugs remove you conscience. No sane person could have done this other than a military squad as a military action by another country. If gun control is the answer, how about removing guns from the Secret Service agents guarding BO 24/7 and the other former presidents for life? That would save some money to go toward the 17 trillion dollar debt which is bankrupting the country.
Amused Slew

Minneapolis, MN

#115 Feb 7, 2013
Understood why there are NO crime scene photos.

The Government is keeping the crime silent because they feared the rifle used may have been a "Fast and Furious" rifle. Can you imagine if the rifle used by Adam Lanza was one provided by the Obama Administration?

Notice the replacement school for Sandy Hook students is protected by armed guards, like the NRA suggested.

Signs don't stop a criminal or mentally deranged person. Schools need secure facilities and some defensive weapons.

Gwinn, MI

#117 Feb 7, 2013
At the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama meditated on the role of faith and humility in leadership. National Prayer Breakfast-------The Fellowship, also known as the Family,[1][2][3] is a U.S.-based religious and political organization founded in 1935 by Abraham Vereide. The stated purpose of the Fellowship is to provide a fellowship forum for decision makers to share in Bible studies, prayer meetings, worship experiences and to experience spiritual affirmation and support.[4][5]

The organization has been described as one of the most politically well-connected ministries in the United States. The Fellowship shuns publicity and its members share a vow of secrecy.[6] The Fellowship's leader Doug Coe and others have explained the organization's desire for secrecy by citing biblical admonitions against public displays of good works, insisting they would not be able to tackle diplomatically sensitive missions if they drew public attention.[6]

Although the organization is secretive, it holds one regular public event each year, the National Prayer Breakfast held in Washington, D.C. Every sitting United States president since President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Christian_organization)

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