Perhaps it's me but it seems Doug Ferguson is more interested in writing reports that are negative towards Tiger Woods than following intelligent journalism skills. Tiger Woods shot the same score as Phil Michelson but reading Ferguson's article one would think that Woods played terribly. How many bogeys did Phil have, Mr. Ferguson?

On the hole that he wrote on Tiger's ball being suspended in a clump of grass; Mahan was nearly in the same spot but with less success in advancing his shot.

Perhaps Mr. Ferguson has forgotten the objective in the game of golf; to put the ball in the hole with the least number of strokes. Mr. Woods did that and in a remarkable fashion, as usual.

With all the terrible golf, described by Ferguson, Tiger still had only one bogey and that was due to a bad bounce.

There were others that put their shots in the water (i.e., Kenny Perry). Ferguson also failed to mention the near birdie Woods shot at 17 after a brilliant tee shot.

Is Ferguson a sports writer or a Tiger Woods critic. If it's the latter he won't last long as a critic and it's questionable if has the ability to be a good sports writer.